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Who You Callin’ Crazy?!

Author: Juliet Kuehnle

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Welcome to our unique mental health podcast! Licensed therapist, Juliet Kuehnle, uses humor and real talk to dive into the stories of interesting people you (want to) know. Of course there will be therapy tips (because, let's be serious, we all need them!), but mostly these conversations are a glimpse into the vulnerability of the people you might think "have it all together." We want to elevate and normalize the dialogue around mental health and erase the stigma so we can all own our humanness and maybe even proudly claim, "Yep, I go to therapy!" Subscribe and press play today!
28 Episodes
People are pretty darn amazing and too often don’t recognize their own greatness. Lisa Dimino White is on a mission to change that. With over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and event management, Lisa now focuses on her passion — inspiring others to actively seek out and create more joy for themselves, their communities, and all of humankind. She does this through her speaking engagements, coaching programs, her recently released book Bursting with Happiness, and Bursting with Happiness: The Podcast. Also known as The Joy Seeker, @lisadiminowhite joins us on the show to speak about accessing joy and how to meet ourselves right where we are when struggles make it difficult . She also highlights how introducing small bursts of joy into your life can help you to overcome potentially life-limiting and crippling fear. No matter what challenges you're faced with, there's always joy to be found - if you know where to look. Therapy highlight: What is OCD? How not to let extreme cycles of obsessions and compulsions consume one's way of living or get in the way of one's valuesLinks:Sun Counseling and Wellnesshttps://thejoyseeker.comInstagram: yepigototherapy and lisadiminowhite
CW: loss of a childRachel Vindman has become a political activist. She co-hosts The Suburban Women Problem podcast by Red Wine and Blue. Oh, and her husband, Ret. Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, is the one who testified at Trump’s first impeachment hearing about what he heard in the call with the Ukrainian President. Rachel shares how her husband’s actions changed his career path and continues to cause scrutiny in their lives.Rachel talks with us about the good, the bad, and the surprisingly wonderful things that happen with this kind of spotlight. We learn more - beyond the sensationalized facts - about what it truly FELT like to endure this. She talks about how deep grief and loss provides perspective and continues to set the tone for how she lives each day. She credits the American people for propelling her willingness to show up just as she is, particularly over the last couple years. It’s a testament to staying true to one’s values and convictions no matter the cost or who you’re up against. You’ll be inspired by her honesty, fortitude, and positivity.  Therapy highlight: What is a trauma response? What to do when an emotional expression is incongruent from the actual feeling.Links:Sun Counseling and WellnessInstagram: yepigototherapy The Suburban Women ProblemHere, RIght Matters
Lauren Martin is the writer behind the popular Instagram account, Words of Women, which is dedicated to the growth and development of women.  She also wrote a book called The Book of Moods in which she embraces vulnerability and provides observations into her own path to emotional wellness.We talk about finding the right therapist, the validity of feelings, and finding ways to deal with changing moods. We also talk about yearning for more honesty around the loss of female friendships and the power of putting ourselves out there even if it brings discomfort.Therapy highlight: Understanding emotions as data and more discussion on the grief of friendship loss.Links:Instagram: yepigototherapy and whoyoucallincrazypodcast and words_of_womenSun Counseling and WellnessWords of Women
Dr. Jasmine Clark  is an epidemiologist, Lecturer of Microbiology and Human A&P at Emory University School of Nursing and she's the Representative of the GA State House of Representatives in House District 108. She also co-hosts The Suburban Women Problem podcast by Red Wine & Blue. She's  truly leaving her mark on the world!!!We talk about her learning to not internalize things and act like everything is okay as she leaned in to gaining clarity and owning the struggle! Dr. Clark uses one of my favorite analogies I've ever heard for her WHY behind starting therapy. We talk about the intersections of race & gender and the value of having a scientist as part of policy making, being okay with questioning things, and continually making space to care for herself amidst grief, incongruence, and being so busy.Crazy question time includes our shared love for karaoke and Maya Angelou!Therapy highlight: using busy-ness as a coping strategy and avoidance and encouragement for learning how to just BE.
I'm so appreciative of Michelle’s candidness and insight into her own mental health and specifically that of a journalist, particularly over the past two years. There might’ve been a few double entendres that contributed to our lovely and lively discussion around how someone who literally cannot turn off social media or the news (because it’s her JOB!) cares for themselves in a pandemic. There are some great reminders for us all that sometimes it’s okay to not be okay and to just be “hanging in” or seek some escapism.And we most definitely do not talk about dating in a pandemic 😉This episode originally aired as an IGTVLive on March 16, 2021.Therapy highlight: why do we need rest? what are some tips for better sleep and good sleep hygiene?Links:Instagram: yepigototherapy and whoyoucallincrazypodcastSun Counseling and WellnessWCNC Michelle Boudin
CW: substance use, addictionSam has worked in many restaurants, has beaten Bobby Flay, now owns a meal delivery business, and he is the personal chef for the Carolina Panthers' running back, Christian McCaffrey.  Whew! Along with his passion for cooking, he is also very open about substance use. Sam talks about not being able to outrun his addiction until he learned to surrender. We'll learn what he means by each time he went to rehab he was "humbled, but without humility." He talks about what he saw on the streets and being faced with life or death decisions. Therapy highlight: What does it mean to surrender and let go? Does it mean giving up? How do I do this?Links:Instagram: yepigototherapy and whoyoucallincrazypodcast and chefsamdiminichSun Counseling and WellnessYour Farms Your Table 
CW: domestic violenceBrittney tells us her story about being a survivor of domestic violence and shares what it was like when she decided to come forward with her story. We also talk entrepreneurship and learning from failure. Her journey to healing has also included working through issues with body image and self-esteem.And of course we talk about being the daughter of former NBA player, Muggsy Bogues, and how being recognized impacts mental health and self worth.Therapy highlight: I discuss types of abuse, warning signs, and how to help someone who might be a victim.Links:Instagram: @yepigototherapy and @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessBogues GroupDomestic Violence Support
CW: substance abuse, overdoseDon't you want to know how Chef Jamie Lynch got started in the industry (even when he was a picky eater as a kid!) and how he handled the pressure of being on Top Chef?! He gives us lots of insight into this and thoughts on cooking being tied to self worth. Jamie talks with us about being an angsty youth, not learning to communicate about his feelings, and toxic masculinity (in a household of 3 boys)! We talk about his strained relationship with his mom until recent years. You'll be inspired by his openness about the beauty of having honest dialogue as an adult to help with context and healing.Crazy question time includes revealing the meanings behind some of his tattoos and sharing what restaurant he'd love to go and with whom!Therapy highlight: anger as primary/secondary emotion, when a pattern of anger shows up particularly for a kid, & how to increase our emotional intelligence.Links:Sun Counseling and WellnessInstagram: yepigototherapy and whoyoucallincrazypodcastChef Jamie Lynch5 Street Group
Juliet and Brooklyn talk about the ongoing journey around mental health and how to not feel like we're failing at self-care. We explore how to know who offers you the space to expand in this world and how to find your people!  Brooklyn talks about what it's like to be a part of the fashion industry and how she found her voice. We also explore body image and self image. And then we may or may not geek out over our shared unapologetic adoration for Dave Matthews Band.Therapy highlight: I discuss more about how to talk to ourselves and our children about body image. Also, I talk about how to connect to your inner wisdom.Links:Instagram: @yepigototherapy and @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessFollow Brooklyn: @brooklyndecker   Sponsors:Blooming Smiles Pediatric DentistryEating Recovery CentePathlight
Bradley and Juliet talk about the leap for him from their small North Carolina hometown to New York City as a professional actor. We talk about his being a Black and Queer boy raised in the Mormon faith and the journey to find his place. Bradley opens up about how he is now letting himself truly be seen as we talk about how to get out of our own way and recognize when things are so much bigger than us. From waffle fries in the South to being Simba on The Lion King, there is so much good dialogue in this episode. Grateful for Bradley's openness about therapy, coping, and focusing on mental wellness.Therapy highlight: I talk about what code-switching is and the toll it takes on people of color.Instagram: @yepigototherapy and @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessFollow Bradley: @bradgibson13
Molly has been a media journalist and behind the news desk for a long time. We talk about how anchors and journalists have navigated the past several years in particular and the impact it has had on mental health. Molly talks about how aging is a gift and shares how she's still exploring her grief journey after losing both of her parents to cancer. We also discuss the wild story her family endured as her baby was the youngest person diagnosed with COVID in Mecklenburg County...what a journey.Therapy highlight: I dive into more specifics around grief, differentiating between normal and complicated grief, and learning how to carry it differently. More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcast and @yepigototherapyWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessMolly's Website:
Julie and I talk about her "why" behind her pull to serve and root for all humans. We talk about intersections of race, sexuality, and her passion around humans relating to one another. She talks candidly about the bully of internalized oppression that she was able to replace with self-love and the ability to truly see herself in her Blackness. Julie shares her experience with therapy and coaching and the benefit it continues to have in her own life.We also learn more about Julie's sweet love story with her husband as she shares quite possibly the sweetest sentiment said to a partner ever!And, I ask Julie what she'd tell her younger parenting self.Therapy highlight is folded into the end of our conversation around "repatterning" and apologizing!More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessJulie's site: https://www.julielythcotthaims.comJulie's books:
Whitley, of The Queen City Style, shares about insecurities that occur amidst all of the curated images and fancy clothes! We talk about the art of styling clothes and encouraging people to meet themselves where they are. This matters because our self-image is constantly shifting and we tend to be our own worst critics!Therapy highlight: self-expressionEpisode originally aired 12/8/2020More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessWhitley:
Desi, who has played several roles on Broadway and in National Tours (including Jenna in Waitress and Roxie Hart in Chicago), talks about how she found incredible growth while her industry was shut down during the pandemic.She opens up about her father's suicide when she was 19 and how the lines have sometimes been blurred for her between performance and making choices that serve the self she has come to love.I so appreciate our dialogue about her shifting relationship with anxiety and learning to *dismantle urgency.* We share many practical tips for increasing mindfulness and mind/body awareness! I also ask her what role as an actress has been the most emotional and we are all better for hearing her courageous response.Therapy Highlight: How to discern our personal values and allow them to guide us!More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessFollow Desi Oakley on Instagram: @desioakleyWaitress the Musical: https://waitressthemusical.comValues Clarification: Helpline:
Charlitta Hatch founded the Me 3 Project which aims to change the narrative of young black boys in America through positive images, expressive stories, and deliberate advocacy. Her books include Black Boy Joy which she decided to write when she had her son and recognized how media is severely lacking representation. Charlitta opens up about her own struggles with anxiety, postpartum anxiety, seeking out therapy, & prioritizing self. She discusses the narrative we tend to have in our society about black mothers and black sons and the work she’s doing (and that we can ALL do) to rewrite that.Therapy highlight: defining anxiety and panic attacks; practical skills for coping with panic attacks . Originally aired January 5, 2021More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessMe3Project:
This is a unique episode during which a guest shares her personal story around alcohol use and her journey into recovery and sobriety. I then speak with two experts in the substance use and addiction arena. They talk with us about the rise of alcohol use, what makes it so hard to make that first call for help, and how to support someone who might be struggling. More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessSAMHSA: https://www.aa.orgAnuvia: www.anuvia.orgMeck ABC:
Ian gets candid and talks about what it's like to work and make music with his two siblings. We talk about depression and how he's used therapy in his life.He shares great insights into the definition of success and into the vulnerability of songwriting and how authenticity remains at the core of what he does on and off the stage.Trigger warning: some discussion of suicide.Therapy highlight: I share practical techniques you can learn to unhook from unhelpful thoughtsMore Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessDelta Rae:
Matt is a speaker, writer, and creativity consultant who played the keys in his band that opened for REO Speedwagon and began his career producing award-winning professional theater on Broadway.He brings this passion and energy to our discussion around the creative brain and *spoiler alert* how we can ALL tap into our creativity (it's true- embrace it!). We also talk about unlearning toxic masculinity and the beauty of being vulnerable. Therapy highlight: defining vulnerability (and gender stereotypes!) and an encouragement to do something creative this week! More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessFind Matt here: is Creative: Brown's Vulnerability Ted Talk:
Oh, this is anxiety?! TV Lifestyle reporter and host, Mia Atkins, talks about learning to name this in her own life. She discusses having multiple turning points because she's intentional about which version of herself shows up.She also shares about her relationship with her fiancé, Olympic gymnast Sam Mikulak, and how they navigate different coping and communication styles to stay connected, especially while long-distance.Therapy highlight: the impact of both positive and negative stress and the benefits of guided imagery.More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessFollow Mia on Instagram @miaatiknstv
I know y'all think those TV personalities with their polished makeup and their cute outfits are just out there living their best lives! Maybe so, maybe not. Colleen quit her TV career of several decades to become a certified life coach and media coach and she is rocking it, y'all!It is so refreshing to chat with her in this episode about what harmful coping strategies she's used in her life to deal with anxiety and Tourette's syndrome and what our wounded younger selves might need to hear as we continue to step into our authenticity. We also hope we help you hear how your mental health struggles can actually be a superpower!Episode originally aired 2/2/2021More Information and Resources:Instagram: @whoyoucallincrazypodcastWebsite: Sun Counseling and WellnessCheck out Colleen's podcast and media coaching:
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