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Ryan found a fan on Twitter. American Idol goes to Bloomington and Peorian's lobby to stop the cutting of baby penises. Netflix is falling like Netbricks. Portugal tells California to go home. brought to you by
Password Hint: Disgusting

Password Hint: Disgusting


We now know what Kate Beckinsale is into. This Jeep put its owner in between a rock and a hard place, but in a completely different way than you are thinking. Ryan was right, but about what? brought to you by
Ryan and Travis talk about road-tripping in a Tesla. Ryan doesn't seem to appreciate Elon Musk as much as Travis does. Madison Cawthorn and the pump and dump. Alec Baldwin's attitude is a bold play. to you by
BSE - Big Season Energy!

BSE - Big Season Energy!


Travis may have withheld a critical perspective on the orgy conversation, and Ryan asks him to spill the tea. Travis invites Ryan out into the real world. Ryan wants to quit podcasting to follow his dream of being a Press Secretary. brought to you by
Ryan rants out his thoughts about tweeters. Ryan brings up the age-old question, "Who is inviting disabled people to orgies?". Ryan remembers the legendary John Daker by describing another youtube video. Travis brings up what is wrong with the creme in Cadbury's Creme Eggs, and then Ryan and Travis try to pinpoint what constitutes porn. Elon seems like a nice guy, but his takeover may turn hostile. brought to you by
Ryan participates in a liquor store robbery, not actively but as an accessory by inaction. Ryan gets blocked. It is World Autism Acceptance Day. Madison Cawthorn lights a match to burn down the GOP. Hunter's laptop is inducted into the archives. Miracle Man dies. What is Don't Say Gay? In the Final Fumes of this episode, Travis and Ryan talk about the Academy of Douchebag Awards and decide who takes home the brought to you by
Where Is Gotham City?

Where Is Gotham City?


Ryan goes beardless for inclusion. Have you ever got caught Twittering yourself? Ted Cruze did. Would male contraception cut down on the Crusen's Opsies? What will become of Pedophile Island? brought to you by
The CTZ gets a sponsor. Ryan celebrates another trip around the sun. Ryan receives hate mail. More oh no's from Chris Cuomo. After Travis attacks CNN, Ryan gets as hot as Hunter Biden's crack pipe. Will Starbucks become the next Casey's? brought to you by 
Ryan talks about the upcoming Best Buddies Friendship Walk and how Travis will go on a Monster Truck ride. These gas prices are insane, but the equation to fix it is even crazier. The Russian Ukrainian War is like watching a squirrel fight a gorilla. First Covid Dick, and now its Covid Brain. Does your life really flash before your eyes when you die? Find out now. @Tee_Platt@IAmRyanLacosse@TheCTZPodcast
In today's episode, Ryan and Travis welcome David Stotz into the studio. David is a Creative Director for a global brand, Master Gardener, and a Culinary Savant, among other things. Ryan talks to Travis and David about disability awareness and the stigmas held towards people with disabilities in honor of Disability Awareness Month. Then, Travis and David go down a rabbit hole of Mental Health. 
From Russia Without Love

From Russia Without Love


Stop calling it a Ukraine Crisis; It's a war, idiot. Sean Penn is on location in Ukraine. It looks like Britany is making trends; Amanda Bynes wants out of her conservatorship. Ukraine isn't the only place under attack, so are Walmarts... 
Why choose one Valentine? This TikToker chose 65 and invited them over. Did China let the skater skate as not to provoke Putin? What's new with Kanye? The Tinder Swindler may have a new enterprise. Should Travis take his career to TV? Civil Action comes at Alec Baldwin. 
We had our first #boycotthectz. Ryan and Travis talk about the Olympics. Ryan pitches a new international dating tactic to Travis. The Meta Verse just became a safe place by following the science, the computer science. Who can start a bigger war, Putin or Kanye? TikTok girl goes down in history as the worst interview since Step Brothers. Travis talks about cyber security, and then Ryan announces Travis' password. New Developments in the Bob Saget Saga. Another Insta Influencer bites the dust. 
Ryan has not been watching the Playboy Documentary #Airquotes. Punishment is getting expensive with these gas prices. Hide your kids hide your wife; Meta got rapey. Ryan goes all out for Harambe. War, what is it good for? Ryan spills some tea on Peoria. No one is fighting over Katie Couric's book, but they are over Golden Corral's steak. 
Travis puts a new spin on throat shots. Ryan goes back to radio. Ryan and Travis try to buy an NFTs for their PFPs. Ryan and Travis both strongly agree on one side of the Spotify Joe Rogan Extortion trend. 
Ryan and Travis clarify their joke with Adam Sandler. The cold has hit level deadly. Walmart is going massive into Meta. Millie Go Lightley's NFTs go live as we speak. SNL decided to be funny again. Another TikTok challenge proves how dumb society is. 



Ryan still hasn't figured out that we started Season 4. United Airlines fired enough employees that no one is left to die. CBD seems to stop COVID in its tracks, but if you aren't into that sort of thing there is a nasal spray. Ryan talks NFTs and Travis brings technology to the table. COVID Dick is the new Whiskey Dick, but much like every sequel, it's worse.
Miley only lost one Kardashian. In a special edition of Tinder Tales With Travis, Travis talks about his guest appearance on Anna Faris Is Unqualified. PBR declares it is the year of the ass. Stephanie Matto's Jars of farts have Ryan propositioning OnlyFans for a sponsorship deal. @okeogheneariama on Twitter is the baller Nigirian artist. Do you PBR is this year's Let's Go Brandon.
All it took was one red blazer for luck to immediately shift to usher in a positive 2022. Is it Seacrest or Snoozecrest? Kanye is getting ready to move, again. Alexa, help me do something stupid. Ryan reads us a
Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? Adele drags Spotify through Twitter.  Will The Elf On The Shelf survive the cancel culture mob? What if Santa fell victim to friendly fire?
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