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Author, Can I Ask You?

Author: Joni B. Cole

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Hi there from Joni B. Cole, author of "Good Naked: Reflections on How to Write More, Write Better, and Be Happier." This podcast gives me the chance to ask notable writers a non-writing-related question that lets me (and you!) get to know them just a little bit better as a person. Plus, writers being writers, we can't help but throw in a little conversation about craft and the creative process, just for the fun of it. Eavesdrop along with a new episode every Thursday.

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11 Episodes
Melanie talks life and literature, from the remotest regions of Africa to the raw, rural landscape of northern Vermont.
Marilyn shares how  romance, constructive feedback, and snacks feed her writing life
Alexia unravels the mystery of why her cozy series is a charmer for readers and reviewers (hint: a dogged sleuth and a good-looking ghost)
Kim shares how being Oregon's Poet Laureate fed his own work, and why writing is good medicine for the writer and reader.
JoAnne talks about grace, finding an agent, and four-legged enlightened beings.
Jervey talks motivation, vindication, and desperation, plus the gory details behind one of California's biggest literary festivals.
Betsy’s New York Times  “Modern Love” column wasn’t about her ridiculously adorable dogs…but it could have been.
Jane shares how the protagonist of her 14-book series can still surprise her, and how to avoid one big plotting pitfall.
Jeff explains how a publisher's bad day led to his first book, and why he calls New Jersey home sweet home.
Susan tells why she can so relate to her teenage protagonists, and the communal power of clacking keys.
Casey talks making music, with a few liner notes about his popular Vince Tanzi detective series.
A transplant from Hawaii to New Hampshire, poet and novelist Marjorie Matthews explains her affinity for mud season.
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