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Camille talks about her hilarious and heartbreaking poems from a woman in midlife on the edge. A ribald collection that is “all too relatable and unputdownable.”
From promising actor to corporate con man/spy,  Kerbeck's story is a fascinating "you can't make this stuff up" tale of two lives.
Eliza talks about her "Most Anticipated" new novel and the haves and have nots who people it. Follow her on Twitter @EJaneBrazier
Toufah shares the inspiring story of how she found the courage to publicly accuse the former president of her country of rape, and how she established the Toufah Foundation to support other victims of sexual assault.
Kevin talks about his sixth acclaimed book of poetry, inspired by his days as an elite firefighter for the National Forest Service. He also explains why he shies away from the "P" word.
Leslie discusses America's (and her own) obsession with this much-nicknamed body part. Plus, she shares what it's like to have her personal boob story serve as fodder for a potential HBO comedy series.
Wanda (a 2021 "Writer to Watch," according to Publisher's Weekly) discusses her much-touted debut thriller, plus she shares her journey from the "black hole" of querying agents to having her novel go to auction.
Amy cracks the story of brilliant code breaker Elizebeth Smith Friedman, and talks about the life event that changed the course of her writing.
Teri discusses her new essay collection One Heart with Courage, plus her role as the director of the world's best (and friendliest) humor-writing conference. To purchase a copy of Teri's book (all proceeds go to the Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop Endowment Fund), visit:
Jasmin talks about how the legendary photographer Dorothea Lange inspired her acclaimed new novel, and her own " unconventional" path to becoming a writer. 
Short story author  (and NPR fav!) Tim Horvath talks about imaginative possibilities, his collaboration with a cellist,  and the perks of being obsessive. 
Dewaine talks about writing as a bridge from Mogadishu to Montpelier, and why he thinks Tobias Wolfe loves his novel.
With thirteen books to his credit, Joe explains why the founding era is "the big bang in the American political universe."
Emily talks about her genre-jumping novels, world-building, and the craft of writing good sex scenes
Na talks about writing for young adults, non-traditional story structures, and a welcome diversity of voices in the world of publishing.
Danusha talks about her journey from loss to "the luckiest girl in the world."
Acclaimed mystery novelist Sarah Stewart Taylor talks about her newest police procedural, on-ramping her crime-writing career, and what she learned from cartoonists
K.J. talks about her book being picked up by Reese's Book Club, her career path from NYTimes editor to novelist, and the best writing advice she ever got.
Lee discusses her much-acclaimed debut novel, lessons learned from working with literary luminaries, and how she knows when a short story is done.
Gretchen shares stories of growing up with a Pulitzer-Prize-winning father, a houseful of famous poets, and coming to terms with a parent's betrayal.
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