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My guest today is Executive Director, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Microbio, Doctor Flavia Huygens. Flavia’s 30-year teaching and research career has focused on molecular microbiology, with a particular emphasis on human pathogens.
Ep. 16: Life Sciences in Queensland Podcast - w/ Dr Jason Limnios
Our guest today is Dr Dimity Dornan.Dimity has devoted her life to helping deaf children to listen and speak through Hear and Say, an organisation she established some 30 years ago.Her work is recognised internationally, through Hear and Say worldwide and the establishment of several national and global research collaborations.Dimity is now building Human Bionics Interface, to accelerate the delivery of bionic solutions that will tackle previously untreatable medical conditions. 
Our guest today is Professor Helen Bartlett, Vice-Chancellor and President of the University of the Sunshine Coast.A research specialist in health and aged care, Professor Bartlett’s career includes inaugural Director at the Australasian Centre on Ageing at the University of Queensland; the Oxford Centre for Health Care Research and Development and the Oxford Dementia Centre at Oxford Brookes University.Professor Bartlett has also held various leadership roles in universities across Australia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Malaysia.
Our guest today is Peter O’Neill, the CEO of Brisbane-based medical technology start-up De Motu Cordis.With more than 30 years’ experience within the healthcare, medical devices, pharmaceutical and health insurance fields, Peter has worked in Australia, the United States, Japan and New Zealand.But Peter’s latest management role sees him overseeing the development of what promises to be a game-changer in emergency medicine. 
Today’s podcast guest heads up a – relatively – small but highly effective Brisbane-based manufacturer, Bioproton. Its main competitors, though, are large, multinational companies with deep pockets.  Size, though – says Bioproton’s manager Juhani Von Hellens – isn’t everything when it comes to producing successful, high-quality products that meet market needs … but agility is. 
Substantial experience in medical research, research management and research strategy development have prepared today’s podcast guest, Dr Claudia Giurgiuman for her role as CEO of Wesley Medical Research.With more than two decades in medical research, Claudia has developed executive-level skills in collaborative development, strategic implementation and change facilitation.Since 2019, her diverse role has seen her primarily responsible for delivering the organisation’s strategic goals and providing strong academic and research leadership.Claudia is also steering the development and growth of the Wesley Medical Research’s clinical trials and overseeing its core grant and philanthropic investment portfolio.
Sometimes people who live with chronic conditions find their current pharmaceuticals no longer work as well as they once did.Their doctors may move them on to a new drug regime but it, too, may only work for a few years.What happens when they get to the end of the line, when there are no more drugs to try?Well, a Sunshine Coast-based private company, Servatus, is well advanced in developing solutions to that quandary and your podcast guest today is its executive director and CEO, Dr Wayne Finlayson.
Our podcast guest today makes things happen in the field of life sciences … literally.  More than a venture capitalist, Sarah Meibusch uses her extensive global management and development expertise … plus her entrepreneurial passion … to nurture success in life sciences organisations looking to take their business to the next level.  As a principal at OneVentures, Sarah is an expert in start-ups and specialises in commercialising new technologies as well as in managing significant, successful business transitions. 
Our podcast guest today has spent a lifetime ensuring leading edge-agricultural biotechnology and microbiology are being applied to some of the world’s most intractable food challenges.  That precise, detailed work – along with fostering the careers of hundreds of researchers and postgraduate students – has seen James Dale rise to the position of inaugural Distinguished Professor at QUT’s Centre for Tropical Crops and Bio-commodities. An expert himself in researching, describing and overcoming destructive agricultural diseases, Professor Dale received his Officer of the Order of Australia in 2004 and his work was listed among Time Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions that same year. In 2015, he was honoured with a Queensland Greats Award and was named Queensland’s Senior Australian of the Year in 2019.  The most recent honour for this scientist, researcher, entrepreneur and humanitarian was for his dedication to developing a potentially life-saving food source for some of the poorest people on Earth.
Hear the upcoming stories and insights from season 2 of our podcast series
Joining us today is one of Australia’s best-known manufacturing industry expert, engineering consultant and keynote speaker, Shay Chalmers. Having gained her Bachelor of Engineering followed by a Master of Engineering Management, Shay initially worked overseas … and her global career has spanned a variety of manufacturing environments, from steel to medical devices. Today Shay owns and runs Strategic Engineering Australia. She also contributes her knowledge and expertise to six high-level industry, government and not-for-profit boards, including the prestigious World Economic Forum Expert Network. 
Joining us today is Professor Fabienne Mackay, the Director and CEO of QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Queensland.Professor Mackay studied Medicine and Biomedical Engineering before obtaining her PhD in Molecular Biology and Immunology from Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France, and commencing her international research career.Among her awards is a trophy from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris for outstanding contribution in education and research as an expatriate.
Joining us today is biomedical engineer, inventor, scientist, entrepreneur and business-builder Professor Mark Kendall.Professor Kendall is the founder and CEO of WearOptimo, the company that recently announced it will soon begin manufacturing breakthrough microwearable medical technology in a 30 million dollar project backed by the Australian National University and signed off by the Queensland Government.He is also the ANU Vice-Chancellor's Entrepreneurial Professor.
Joining us today is Advance Queensland’s Deputy Director-General* for Innovation, Sarah Pearson. Across her career, Sarah has had a significant impact on innovation ecosystems in Australia and overseas. She has also led the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to: ·         build start-up ecosystems ·         empower entrepreneurs in the Indo-Pacific region ·         encourage women in STEM ·         engage globally in economic and commercial diplomacy based on innovation.  An innovation powerhouse, Sarah is an experienced board director, advisor & executive, scientist and change agent who revels in driving economic, social, environmental and diversity improvements. *Postion at time of recording.
Joining us today is distinguished molecular virologist Professor Paul Young who heads the University of Queensland’s School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, including the team working on a potential vaccine for COVID-19. Having gained his Bachelor of Science with honours at UQ and his PhD at the University of London, Professor Young has since built a career as a successful researcher, educator and administrator. He is also involved in research that concentrates on several infectious viruses including ·         the dengue virus – a serious mosquito-borne disease that is endemic in many tropical countries ·         and West Nile virus 
Join us on this podcast series as we meet the icons of the biotechnology industry, exploring the current state of innovation in Queensland and what the future holds for our best and brightest. Hosted by Anthony Frangi, each episode will feature a new guest sharing their unique angle on the capabilities of the industry in Queensland.
Joining us for episode one, after a distinguished career in the state public service is former Acting Queensland Chief Scientist, Dr Christine Williams.While in that role, Christine was accountable for the state’s science policy, providing strategic guidance across government departments, and involved in several reviews and enquiries.Christine is currently chair of Life Sciences Queensland, a peak body that brings industry stakeholders together so they can collaborate, grow and create a dynamic, internationally competitive and sustainable life sciences industry.
Our guest today is Dr Tanya Russell, an Australian medical entomologist and ecologist co-leading the Mosquito-Borne Diseases Group at James Cook University.The aim of her research is to stop the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases globally, but with a particular focus on the Asia-Pacific. 
Our  guest today is Dr Tim Evans, Head of Science and Technology at Luina Bio.Based in Brisbane, Luina Bio is a drug development and contract manufacturing organisation serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and veterinary industries.Luina Bio’s business is ‘heavily into science’ which is why multinationals, bio techs and start-ups from all over the world seek their expertise to create the medicines of the future.
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