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29: Crocs & Bears

29: Crocs & Bears


Sara has finally succumbed to the allure of Crocs. The relentless bad news has Sara considering escaping to the woods, and is drawn to the show Alone as such. Alone brings up the subject of bears, so this is a perfect opportunity to share an interview Sara did with her 5-year-old nephew Henry about his obsession with bears.
Sara and Caitlin cut right to the auntiecore chase: no aunt can ignore the recent flood of shitty SCOTUS decisions, especially the overturning of Roe v Wade. A thoughtful, rage-y, and tearful discussion about the abortion debate, where we go when we die, and ways to help not harm.
27: Thunder & Writing

27: Thunder & Writing


Sara is dogsitting and describes how LA lightning just hits different. A recent trip to Costco scored savings and sweatpants, Caitlin struggles to find pants long enough, and Sara discovered a workout app tailored to her needs. Caitlin once got run over by a minivan in a Taco Bell parking lot, and she is now rehabbing some saws. And finally, a conversation about navigating mean writers' rooms and the memory of a mean English professor.
After letting a previously recorded episode go stale, Sara and Caitlin reunite to discuss a cathartic conversation, a camping trip to Northern Idaho, a harder-than-expected recovery from surgery, and the debut of her new solo show, Going Up. Caitlin discovered a scorpion on the property and envisions her vision for the future of the homestead. And finally, Sara ponders her final wishes.
Recorded last week, Sara and Caitlin share their initial reactions to the shooting in Uvalde, ponder the possibility and power of a general strike, and wonder how many guns someone might need while living on a farm. Then, Sara shares about her health scare and the answers that finally came after surgery.  
24: Angry & Large

24: Angry & Large


Sara recaps her experience working with Arsenio Hall and Caitlin details a grill restoration. Sara's garden is thriving, and they discuss how they manage pests outside vs. inside. The Roe v Wade news is demoralizing, and they ponder how they can keep fighting within the system that exists. Which leads to a discussion of the history of comedy, a comedian's purpose and the impact of one's work on personal relationships.
A lovely little conversation about keeping yourself together while hurtling towards destruction. An update on the garden, Sara's gig with Arsenio Hall, getting back into performing, and finding perspective in the cosmos.
Beloved Schaefer Shakedown announcer and comedy writer Joe Randazzo joins Sara and Caitlin for a chat about the mess that comes with kids, writer's rooms, general meetings, divorce, collecting as a hobby, and saying "I love you."
Sara and Caitlin are wearing auntiecore shirts, so Sara asks Caitlin about her screen printing process. They discuss the necessity of cleaning up after one's self and the rise of Dish Boy. And then a cathartic conversation about a ridiculous Grammy win, performing alongside known creeps, and the bad arguments people make when defending their comedy god. Sorry, we're pulling a thread only to find a sweater made of bees.
Sara talks about rain and drip irrigation in the garden, and her strategies to control pests. Then she discusses the skill of observation, the second slap heard round the world, and the benefits of silence.
Sara went to something called "Tomatomania" and Caitlin has an achy wisdom tooth. Sara recaps a lunch with a new friend which leads to a discussion of the double standards when it comes to legendary women comedians, the way fictional comedians are portrayed on TV, the difficulty of portraying stand up, and the sometimes challenge of enjoying entertainment as someone who works in entertainment. 
Sara recaps her trip to Florida which leads to a discussion about retirement on the homestead. Caitlin details her fruit tree situation, Sara answers a fan question about digitizing old home movies, and the two compare pizza dough recipes. Finally, Sara interviews her sister Cristy Zeller about charcuterie boards.
Sara and Caitlin discuss winter in Joshua Tree, Sara's hobby that's just for her, a church talent show gone wrong and a romantic video. Then, they delve into the topic of hacky transphobic jokes and a legendary comedian who has let them down.
16: Defining Auntiecore

16: Defining Auntiecore


Sara is pleased to announce that Caitlin Gill will be joining the podcast as Vice President. Catching up on their weeks, they discuss base boards, both miniature and regular-sized. They try to define "auntiecore" and the role of the aunt in society. Then, a discussion about Sara's unexpected set at Largo, followed by an unexpected interruption by Sara herself.
Sara reports back about some reading she's been doing and reflects on finding her inner cheetah. Then, a delightful conversation about taking a break from stand up, the desert life, and starting a homestead with comedian and t-shirt maker Caitlin Gill!
Sara thinks about February in a new way, details her seed starting operation, discusses "unexpected emotional breakdown movies," and digs into recent debates over misinformation, censorship, and "doing your own research."
A magical and harrowing couple of weeks left Sara exhausted. To restore balance she turned to tiny crochet. Then, actress and master knitter Annette O'Toole joins to discuss the best places to buy yarn, the boundless benefits of knitting, and what it's like starring in the hit Netflix series "Virgin River."
To begin, Sara takes you on a little adventure in her backyard and completes the task of shredding 40 gallons of dead leaves. Then, she breaks down a bad article about the "new rules" of Hollywood, and ends with a solemn prayer.
11: No Regretsy

11: No Regretsy


It's 2022 and thanks to a week of weird bad luck and pandemic whiplash, Sara's future looks blank. Sara shares her tips for starting an Etsy shop, ponders pandering, and reflects on female comedians and sex jokes. Finally, Sara's friend Kim shares a cautionary tale about angering the Etsy Integrity Team.
Sara is back! After a brief litany of excuses and promises for 2022, Sara delves into the world of holiday gift-making and shares some handmade gifts that listeners have created for loved ones. Then, Sara's sister Ross joins to discuss what it's like being an un-crafty person who is on the receiving side of Sara's neurotic Christmas crafting. 
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