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Lisa makes an exciting announcement about joining the Off the Leash Podcasts team along with Dominic Dyer, who you've heard on this podcast before, and Charlie Moores. Off the Leash is a weekly podcast from environmental and animal welfare campaigners, Dominic and Charlie, where they raise the inconvenient truths, hold the decision-makers to account and generate enough anger & concern to get us off our sofas and standing up for this precious planet we all call home. But that's not all Off the Leash have planned, and the announcement features a short audio recording from Charlie Moores about their shortcasts and future big ambitions. Off the Leash is available on your favourite podcast provider, as well as their website, and to help us grow please give us a like on twitter @OTLPodcasts and instagram @OTLpods.This will not stop the production of Crimes Against Nature, and you can expect more episodes coming soon. 
In this episode, host Lisa Marley speaks to farmer, nature conservationist and author of 'Bringing Back the Beaver' Derek Gow about the beaver's return to the UK. The journey of its reintroduction - which initially happened under somewhat murky circumstances - has created an ongoing and divisive debate over their legal protection. Despite the fact the beaver is well and truly back, the controversy over their presence has undoubtedly put a target on the species.  Original music by Henry Mitton. Shownotes: 
Operation Wingspan is a year long campaign to combat wildlife crime in Scotland. Host Lisa Marley speaks to Detective Sergeant William Telford, National Wildlife Crime Coordinator for Police Scotland, about how the police are involved with investigating and preventing wildlife crime, what kinds of crime they deal with, what they still need to work on and how they think this campaign might help #endwildlifecrime in Scotland. Original music by Henry Mitton. Shownotes: 
Host Lisa Marley talks to Dominic Dyer, author of 'Badgered to Death: The People and Politics of the Badger Cull', about badger persecution in the UK. For decades the debate around the cull has continued in England, meanwhile badgers have remained targets for illegal killings around the country. Original music by Henry Mitton. Shownotes: 
In the first episode of Crimes Against Nature, host Lisa Marley talks to Andrea Goddard about the Ross-shire red kite massacre, one of the largest mass poisonings of birds of prey in the UK.  Original music by Henry Mitton. Sources: 
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