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Calvary Chapel River Oaks is affiliated with the Calvary Chapel Association. We teach expositionally, verse by verse and chapter by chapter, from the Bible because we believe God's Word is no less relevant today than ever! Join us Sunday mornings at 10:30, and the second and fourth Wednesday evenings at 6:30 at Brookwood Christian Academy. Located at: 4728 Wood st., Acworth, GA 30101
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The last time we saw Esau, he rode in to meet Jacob. His countenance has changed and he and Jacob have amended their relationship. We also saw in our last study that they came together to bury their father Isaac. Now goi
Jacob now appears to have come to the realization that God has been with him all along on this journey, not just since he left Laban, but all of his life. He also has come to the place of realizing the holiness of God an
After all Jacob did to buy favor with his brother, it appears that Esau has had a change of heart without needing all these gifts. Personally, I believe that God changed Esau’s heart. After 20 years, both Jacob and Esa
So the closer Jacob gets to home, the more God reveals things to him. First he had the dream where God told him to leave Laban and go home. Now he sees the angels that God has sent along with him, and soon he will meet t
So we pick up where we left off before, David is on the run from Absalom and he meets up with Ziba the servant of Mephibosheth, Saul’s son who was lame in both feet. At first Ziba’s actions appear honorable. He bring
The Journey Home

The Journey Home


So we find Laban in hot pursuit after Jacob, and after 7 days he catches up to him. Personally I believe that his intentions were to either 1: kill Jacob and take back everything that he feels belongs to him, or 2: take
So now Jacob is ready to go home, but he is still dealing with a shrewd father in law. We will see in the next chapter that Laban can’t be trusted in any arrangement that he makes and changes the deal multiple times. H
Jacob’s Double Trouble

Jacob’s Double Trouble


Leah just wanted to be loved, and every time she bore a son, she had hopes that this would be the turning point, this time he has to love me. The truth is, love cannot be bought, or earned. It has to come from the heart.
Jacob now arrives at his destination, and finds Laban’s family. It’s interesting that we find him at a well. Rebekah met Abrahams’s servant at a well, and Jesus met the Samaritan woman at the well. Good things happ
The Greatest Blessing

The Greatest Blessing


We saw in our last study how Jacob deceived Isaac and received the blessing that should have gone to the first born. Now Isaac gives strict instructions to Jacob before he is sent away. The most important instruction for
If Only

If Only


Isaac is now old and while not knowing when he will die, it appears that he is in the mindset to get his family affairs in order beforehand. Right off the bat, we find Isaac walking in his own will rather than in obedien
What Are You Hungry For?

What Are You Hungry For?


Here we get another clue to who Esau is. We saw earlier that he gave away his birthright for a bowl of stew. Now we see he follows his flesh and marries not one but two Hittite women. We know that later God commands Mose
So now we see Isaac’s journey as he is facing similar struggles that his father faced. There is s famine in the land like there was before with Abraham. But unlike Abraham, God told Isaac not to go to Egypt but to stay
Abraham now takes another wife. Sarah has died and Isaac has his own wife now, Abraham is now alone in his old age. He marries Keturah who according to Matthew Henry, was probably the chief of his maid-servants, born in
In the church we often talk of worship, and most consider worship to be the times of music and singing. We know that worship is much more than that. True worship is the attitude of the heart. It’s not intended to be a
Seeing now that he is the oldest servant and the one most entrusted to rule over all Abraham had, it would appear that this is who this is. Now Abraham makes him swear that he will not take a wife from any foreign land,
So now we see this beautiful chapter of Abraham and Sarah coming to a close. Sarah dies at the age of 127. Notice that she is the only woman in scripture whose age is mentioned when she died. Both she and Abraham’s age
As we discussed last week, all that Abraham had went through up to this point was maturing him and ultimately preparing him for this very moment. Now I know that this story for some is hard to understand. Why would God a
Well if there was any doubt up to now, it’s all put behind them. Everything God said He would do He has now done. All the years of waiting, the miss-steps the doubts and the trying to move God along when they couldn’
His Grace Rains Down

His Grace Rains Down


So after the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham moves toward the south and stays in the city of Gerar. It is unknown as to why he moved. Perhaps because it was painful to look towards Sodom and Gomorrah, knowing
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