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Being You

Being You


In this episode, Anisa and Feisal explore the barriers that prevent us from being our authentic selves, and how we can learn to embrace change in today’s unpredictable world. About Anisa Abdoolcarim: As Life Fulfilment Head at Qineticare, Anisa is an intuitive healer who supports individuals and families to live a life of possibility. With openness and compassion, Anisa helps identify and shift underlying beliefs and patterns from the past that drive behavior, bringing about lasting changes in both the conscious and subconscious mind to embody joy and love.  
What does it mean to be aware of the impact we have on others? In this episode, Senthiyl and Feisal will address why mindset matters and how it drives behaviour, the tools needed to develop self awareness, and how to change our mindset for living in a cohesive society.  About Senthiyl SSG: Senthiyl is the Director (Consulting) for Arbinger Singapore/Malaysia, and leads his team in delivering programs with the concerted objective of leading and supporting organisations, families and voluntary organisations in their transformation efforts.
This new pandemic world requires a new kind of "CEO" - a Chief EMPOWERMENT Officer. In this episode, Jonathan shares why a new approach to leadership is necessary in this COVID world, what is the complex role of "CEO", and how to become an inspiring "CEO". About Jonathan Cave: Jonathan is a Coach and Facilitator who helps entrepreneurs, senior executives and their families become more influential, inspiring people who generate growth, well-being and results.  
How has the pandemic, vaccination rollouts, climate change, and political tensions between nations affected your life decisions?In this episode, Mark McMullen gives us some insights into the biggest risks that families are facing, provide some practical wisdom to families, and tell us why he believes in challenging traditional leadership in families.About Mark McMullen: Mark is a Partner and the Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer in Stonehage Fleming Group. He serves as a Key Adviser to a number of high net worth international families. Mark holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from the University of Cape Town, and is a qualified Chartered Accountant having completed his professional training with Deloitte and Touche (now Deloitte) in South Africa and the USA. He is a member of SAICA and STEP.
In this episode, Kim and Feisal explore the stages of human development, understand what happens when we don’t get the support we need to develop, and discover what leading research tells us about effective leadership.About Kim Barta: Kim is an internationally-recognized licensed psychotherapist, coach, spiritual guide, and speaker. His work is founded in an experiential practice that works with many different kinds of cultures and challenges, from severe mental illness and trauma to supporting the fullest expression of one’s humanity. Kim’s expertise now includes integrating developmental theory with the day-to-day work of being an active therapist and healer.
In this episode, Philip, Simon and Feisal will discuss political risk minimization, tax planning, medical care and other lessons that family businesses are learning from the pandemic.About Philip Marcovici: Philip is retired from the practice of law and consults with governments, financial institutions and global families in relation to tax, wealth management and other matters. Philip is the author of “The Destructive Power of Family Wealth: A Guide to Succession Planning, Asset Protection, Taxation and Wealth Management”.About Simon Michaels: Ranked as the only “Eminent Practitioner” by Chambers & Partners in 2018, 2019 and 2020 in Private Wealth Law in Singapore, Simon is a Partner at Mishcon de Reya Singapore and the CEO of MDR Mayfair Singapore. His focus is on advising prominent global high net- worth families, family offices and the institutions that service them, in particular private banks and trust companies.
In this episode, Dominik and Feisal discuss the family as a social system, structure vs. self-organisation, and supporting self-organisation with narratives and culture.About Dominik v. Eynern: Dominik comes from a business family which is now in its 5th generation and he is a founding member of Family Hippocampus. He holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in finance, worked in the international investment banking industry and co-founded a family office. His research on family dynamics is inspired by insights from cognitive neuroscience, behavioural economics, dynamic complex system theory and chaos theory.
In this episode, Christine and Feisal explore the layers of communication, interpretation of non-verbal indicators, and how we can communicate effectively with nonverbal language.About Christine Gagnon: Christine is a synergologist, analyst-profiler, international expert, trainer, consultant and speaker, in the field of applied nonverbal communication. She has intervened in major forums in North America, Central America and Europe. Christine is an author and co-author of several books, a trainer and an e-learning trainer on behavioural analysis techniques for 15 years.
In this episode, Ronald and Feisal will discuss Leadership as an art, how to be a mindful leader, the management of the Self and the Other, and mindfulness and Leadership.About Ronald Alexander: Ronald is a leading Creativity and Communication Coach, International Clinical Trainer, Executive and Leadership Coach, with a private practice in Santa Monica, California. He is the originator of the OpenMind Training® Institute, a leading edge organization that offers personal and professional training programs in mindfulness based mind-body therapies, transformational leadership, and meditation. His unique method combines ancient wisdom teachings with Leadership Coaching and Core Creativity into a comprehensive integrated, behaviorally effective mind-body program. This system combines techniques that support strategies of personal, clinical, and corporate excellence and growth.
In this episode,  Kathleen O'Hara shares 8 human qualities that we should engage in, to thrive in times of uncertainty. She also explains what it means to respond versus react, how to spot opportunities and actions that we can all take to overcome uncertainty. About Kathleen O’Hara: As our Mental & Emotional Wellbeing Head at Qineticare, Kathleen has over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist helping families and individuals to transcend the most complex of life’s challenges. 
In this episode, Peter and Feisal explore the family offices’ philanthropic journey, the emerging trends in philanthropy, and how family offices can be leveraged strategically for the family’s philanthropic activities.About Peter Vogel: Peter is Professor of Family Business and Entrepreneurship and holder of the Debiopharm Chair of Family Philanthropy, Director of IMD Global Family Business Center. Peter works with family- & non-family enterprises on organizational regeneration through intrapreneurship, talent development & succession, strategy, governance, change management, and investment opportunities.
In this episode, Diana and Feisal discuss the importance of having financial EQ, understanding the roots of our relationship with money and how to deal with them, and how to use effective communication as the first and best line of defense in addressing money challenges in relationships.About Diana Chambers: Diana serves a global clientele as a philanthropic advisor and family wealth mentor focused on the human dimensions of wealth and its impact on our relationships. She works at the heart of money with individuals and families to facilitate gracefully the inevitable challenges resulting from significant wealth. Born in the UK, Diana founded The Chambers Group, LLC in 2002 in the US, and The Chambers Group Sàrl in 2014 in Switzerland, where she now resides.
In this episode, Kate and Feisal explore the differences between a proactive versus reactive approach to security, and why a strong emotional support network is key for living a Secure Lifestyle.About Kate Bright: Kate has worked in and with private security for 20 years. She is trained in close protection and worked as a Chief of Staff to international wealthy families in London. Kate is a member of the Worshipful Company of Security Professionals and a Trustee of their Charitable Trust, as well as a member of the Security Institute and RUSI. She was shortlisted as Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year in the Citywealth awards in 2019.
In this episode, Stephanie and Feisal address practical methods to consciously redesign our health blueprint to live a healthier, more wholesome life.About Dr. Stephanie Mines: Dr. Mines is the author of five books that reflect over three decades of research as a neuroscientist. She has investigated shock and trauma as a survivor, a professional, a clinical researcher, and healthcare provider. Her nonprofit The TARA Approach is instrumental in the systemic change she promotes as a Sustainable Health paradigm. Dr. Mines also developed Climate Change & Consciousness to facilitate inner transformation for grounded climate action. Climate Change & Consciousness serves an international and intergenerational community of visionary activists.
In this episode, Barbara and Feisal address why relationships and “radical friends” are vital to our health and wellbeing, and why we need role models in our life.About Barbara Dalle Pezze: Barbara is an internationally established leadership and well-being coach, speaker and author, with over 18 years of global experience. She inspires individuals, entrepreneurs, and leaders to discover their highest purpose, resolve conflicts and bring about positive change and transformation in their lives and in the world.  Barbara is the author of “The Unexpected Gift,” a true-life story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery and renewal after the implosion of her marriage.
In this episode, Ahmed and Feisal discuss how we can transcend life’s challenges, and adopt a multi dimensional approach to health and wellbeing.About Ahmed Husain: Ahmed has spent more than two decades across three continents in capital markets across financial institutions and multiple roles. His expertise is in working across Markets, Technology & Family Offices. His current roles over the last decade have had him working with the largest European Family Offices.
In this episode, Kathleen and Feisal explore what will life be like for us post Covid, what do we see as mental and emotional challenges, and the lessons we learned from this collective experience.About Kathleen O’Hara: Kathleen is the Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Head at Qineticare. She provides innovative strategic solutions for individuals, families and Family Offices facing the complex mental health and well-being challenges. She supports relational issues, couples counselling, co-parenting, anxiety, depression & substance dependency.
In this episode,  Philip and Feisal explore what impacts our state of being.About Philip Marcovici: Philip is retired from the practice of law and consults with governments, financial institutions and global families in relation to tax, wealth management and other matters. Philip is the author of “The Destructive Power of Family Wealth: A Guide to Succession Planning, Asset Protection, Taxation and Wealth Management”.
In this episode, Spring and Feisal explore how we can generate our own cure by becoming aware of the energy flows within our ecosystem.About Spring Cheng: Spring pioneers a paradigm of coaching and leadership development that honors the intelligence of the Earth inherent within each living organism. With a feminine fluidity, she takes great pleasure dancing and weaving among disciplines including coaching, science, holistic healing, philosophy and art. She helps people and organizations develop agency to participate in their own evolution.
In this episode, Feisal and Danette discuss how to communicate effectively during disruption, including how to adopt a positive language and communicate with clarity.About Danette Fenton-Menzies: Danette is an experienced and sought-after executive coach with a gift for helping families and business owners understand themselves and their business better – so they can achieve the best results in both.  
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