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Informatics is about finding human meaning in a world of data. Join us in the Informatics Café as an eclectic variety of experts have coffee with our host to discuss topics across communication, business, technology and science from their unique perspectives. We come to you from the campus of Northern Kentucky University, on a hilltop overlooking the skyline of Cincinnati.
9 Episodes
The coffee you drink passes through 18 different sets of hands before it arrives in yours. It was likely planted, picked, and processed by women who account for the majority of coffee workers, in an industry controlled, managed and monetized by men.Join professor Sara Drabik as she recounts her work with the International Women's Coffee Alliance and her forthcoming documentary film that will help people understand how coffee impacts international communities, people, and the environment through the lens of women in coffee. In her lively conversation with host Mike Nitardy, she discusses the experiential learning opportunities that students in NKU's Electronic Media and Broadcasting program have, including working on the documentary on location in Guatemala.Discover your passion in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting program at NKU.
NKU professor Wei Hao discusses cloud computing, providing an overview of what it is, why its important, the reasons businesses continue to transition to it, and the kinds of career opportunities that exist in this rapidly expanding field.You can learn more about cloud computing with a Computer Information Technology degree from NKU. 
Students in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting program in the College of Informatics at NKU gain valuable field experience working on shows like Science Around Cincy, and independent production sharing the stories of the people who work in science in the Cincinnati area. Each episode features a different scientist, their work, and their passion.Our Mike Nitardy gets the scoop from the show's host Chris Anderson and NKU's John Gibson.Check out Science Around Cincy at https://sciencearoundcincy.comDiscover yourself in the Electronic Media and Broadcasting program at NKU.
How do you build knowledge and hone skills that can insure someone can gain the healthcare that they need, by navigating our complex and varied healthcare systems? How do you build community around different ideas related to heath care? And how do you determine what those ideas are at the community level.Dr. Whitney Darnell of the College of Informatics Communication Department discusses these questions, and provides insight into how Health Communication students learn these very important concepts and skills.Learn more about the Health Communication Program.
Find out how you can dip your toe into the world of IoT with $4 and a smidgen of curiosity, and then go further with formal instruction. Duke Energy's Director of Emerging Technology Steve Hinkel shares his experience outfitting his house with homemade IoT devices, and discusses how the spread of low-cost network connected computers is literally changing the world.
Sports rivalries are an important and fun part of being a fan. Whether it's the Bengals v. Steelers, Reds v. Cardinals, or FC Cincinnati v. Columbus Crew, the recipe for rivalry has consistent ingredients, but also some unique qualities.NKU Professors Joe Cobbs and Marius Truta discuss their work studying sports rivalries, and how NKU students are assisting them with data capture, cleaning and analysis in support of this important international study that focuses on the question: What makes a rival a rival?Share your opinions on your favorite team's rivals,  and learn more about their study at
The opportunities are not just restricted to those that build AI, but the future also belongs to those individuals that can employ it.Host Mike Nitardy and guest Todd James from Fidelity Investments have a wide-ranging conversation about the transformative nature of artificial intelligence, discussing what AI is and what it isn’t, and how AI is changing the world around us.Artificial intelligence, AI, deep learning, prediction, computer vision, machine learning
What's needed to launch a successful career in IT? Emily Taylor chats with host Mike Nitardy, providing insight into information technology as a career field. Emily is a lecturer at Northern Kentucky University's College of Informatics.
What is informatics?

What is informatics?


What is informatics, and how does it relate to modern life? Host Mike Nitardy chats with Kevin Kirby, Dean of the College of Informatics at Northern Kentucky University.
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