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Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: PASTOR JAMES COATES, co-author, God vs. Government Persecution, imprisonment, and murder of Christians is nothing new. The gospels recount the crucifixion of Christ and the book of Acts chronicles the threats, beatings, jailings, and stonings of first century Christians. Today is no different for believers in Communist China or [...]
Printer-friendly transcript GUEST: SOEREN KERN, geopolitical analyst, Gatestone Institute Apparently Russian president Vladimir Putin didn’t get the memo about the “New World Order” where mankind lives in “peace and security”. Instead, as the world watched in disbelief, Putin ordered a massive military assault against Ukraine, a large sovereign nation in eastern Europe bordering [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: ANDREW DeBARTOLO, pastor and project manager, Liberty Coalition Canada The world is watching Canada in the midst of a tense standoff. Truckers and others protesting the government’s Covid injection mandates and other restrictions have literally parked in the capital city of Ottawa (and other cities) demanding that individual liberties be [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUESTS: James Macpherson, columnist, The Spectator Australia Megan Basham, reporter, The Daily Wire Over the last year, reports have been coming out of Australia that the country formerly known for its happy-go-lucky “G’day, mate!” disposition has slid into authoritarian beast mode in its response to Covid. The government’s heavy-handed mask [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: JON HARRIS, author, Social Justice Goes to Church In the previous two programs, we have been examining the pervasive and pernicious nature of the social justice movement into Evangelicalism. Once-trusted pastors, churches, denominations, para-organizations, colleges, and seminaries have been taken captive by what Paul described in Galatians 1:6-7, [...]
Printer-friendly transcript GUEST: MICHAEL O'FALLON, Founder, Sovereign Nations Everywhere you look—government, education, media, entertainment, corporate America, and yes, the evangelical church—a toxic ideology has seeped in and overtaken the country. Called “critical theory” or “social justice” or “woke-ism”, the ideology casts whites, males, Christians, and heterosexuals as oppressors and their opposites [...]
printer-friendly transcript GUEST: CARY GORDON, Pastor and Executive Producer, Enemies Within The Church As first century churches were established by followers of Christ, it didn’t take long for false teachings to creep in through people with persuasive personalities and ideologies. In response, Paul and others needed to constantly point out to [...]
printer-friendly transcript GUEST: ANDREW DeBARTOLO, Pastor and Project Manager for Liberty Coalition Canada When Daniel and his friends faced King Nebuchadnezzar’s ultimatum that they fall down and worship the king’s golden idol or be thrown into a blazing furnace, this was their reply: “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to give [...]
printer-friendly transcript GUEST: PAUL TWISS, Instructor of Bible Exposition, The Master’s Seminary Many Christians begin a new year with the goal of reading through the entire Bible. It is an excellent and attainable endeavor, one that will help the believer better understand God and His purposes. Since “all Scripture is inspired by [...]
** Rebroadcast of previously aired program 05/01/2021 ** GUEST: Ken Ham, author, Founder and President, Answers in Genesis Last week in part 1 of an interview with Ken Ham, founder and president of Answers in Genesis, we discussed a large segment of the American populous that has become aggressive in its [...]
** Rebroadcast of previously aired program 06/19/2021 ** GUESTS: Bruce and Mary Jane Wheaton (David’s parents) Our country has long commemorated one Sunday in May and in June to honor mothers and fathers. Sadly and tragically, in our day and age of social and familial transformation, mothers are now called “birthing people” [...]
printer-friendly transcript Last week in part 1 of our series on the Bible, we heard some sound bites from a sermon by pastor Alistair Begg, addressing important questions about the Bible, such as: How exactly is the Bible the “inspired of God”? Does the Bible have the central place in our lives [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript On The Christian Worldview radio program, we often use terms like “think Biblically” or “the Bible says” or “Scripture is the basis for truth” or “Jesus Christ and His Word are the same yesterday and today and forever”. In other words, the Bible, God’s Word, Holy Scripture is [...]
Printer-friendly transcript GUEST: CAL BEISNER, author, Biblical Foundations for Economics The government printing and spending trillions of dollars on social programs or paying able-bodied people to not work or taxing the income-producing to fund all manner of “entitlements”—food, health care, housing, education, child care, retirement—have become commonplace in American society. Three [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: DR. JERRY NEWCOMBE, producer, The Pilgrims documentary A small group of biblical Christians known as the the Pilgrims are widely considered to be “the founders of America”. Numbering only about 400-500 souls, they had fled religious persecution in England to settle in Holland. But after ten years there, [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: PATRICK MILLER, pastor and co-author, How to Prepare for the Metaverse When Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, one of the most valuable and powerful companies in the world, makes a recent announcement that they are changing their name to “Meta”, one is led to ask “Now, what is that [...]
Printer-Friendly Transcript GUEST: CAL BEISNER, author, Biblical Foundations for Economics Morality is the judgment between what is right and what is wrong and economics is how money, goods, and services are used and exchanged. While morality and economics seem unrelated, they are actually linked. When moral judgments are made about any given [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: MIKE GENDRON, founder/evangelist, Proclaiming the Gospel We know the darkness the world celebrates each year on October 31 but it’s disconcerting that the day passes with most Protestant churches, generally, and Evangelical churches, specifically, devoting little or no time commemorating and teaching about something far more momentous which took [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript GUEST: MAT STAVER, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel It would be one thing if the impact of COVID-19 was limited to our personal health and health care. But dealing with sickness from contracting the virus—as serious as that can be, even death in rare cases—has been overshadowed by the loss [...]
Printer-friendly Transcript Whether in private or public places of work, the military and elsewhere, deadlines are looming (or already passed) mandating that employees get the COVID injection or be terminated. Yes, America has descended to a new authoritarian low—inject a substance into your body or else lose your ability to support yourself [...]
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