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Author: Jon Almada

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SoulStream Radio is a weekly paranormal-themed broadcast that provides a platform for sharing UFO, Paranormal, Cryptid and the Strange and Unusual with our audience as well as on-air demonstrations of mediumship and electronic voice phenomena.
7 Episodes
We are interviewing author Marie D. Jones about her and Larry Flaxman's book "The Grid". What is the Grid? In a nutshell, the Grid is the Universe, all we see and cannot see, all we know and cannot know. The Grid is a structure we live within and despite our human limitations, allows us to access parts of the "building" we live within through various means, sometimes purposefully and other times, quite by accident. Mainstream science argues that if something can't be touched, measured, quantified, and duplicated in a laboratory, then it doesn't exist! According to this worldview, reality is an unconscious, non-personal mass of matter, which leaves no room for the existence of spiritual or unexplained phenomenon.Within the "skyscraper" that is the Grid lie different levels of existence. Some we can access in our 3-dimensional world and others are realms where . matter, spirits, angels, ghosts, extraterrestrials, quantum physics, biology, neuroscience, religion and metaphysics lie, just waiting for us to "take the elevator" to the floors these reside within!Join us for a great interview about the Grid, UFOs, Spirits, the Universe and much more!Marie is the best-selling author of over 26 non-fiction books on disaster preparedness, the paranormal, ancient knowledge, unknown mysteries, UFOs and alien technology, surveillance and technology, conspiracy theories, metaphysics, human potential, spirituality, and cutting-edge science, including “PSIence: How Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena,” “Destiny VS. Choice,” ” “The Déjà vu Enigma,” “The Disaster Survival Guide,” and “The Power of Archetypes.” She co-wrote “Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event that Changed the Course of Human History” with her late father, geophysicist Dr. John Savino. Her current books include: “Disinformation and You: Identify Propaganda,” and “Toxin Nation: The Systematic Poisoning of Our Air, Water, Food, and Bodies.”Marie is also a novelist, including a novel series written with her son, making her one of the few writers to have ever had published books written with her father and her son. As a screenwriter, she has sold and optioned several projects, including a romantic comedy and an eco-thriller. She recently ventured into indie films, having written and co-produced two short films on the festival circuit, including one based on a Stephen King short story. She has also written for dozens of magazines and publications, and has appeared on television, at major speaking events, and on over 2,000 radio shows and podcasts all over the world.She is an avid horse racing enthusiast and owns shares in a number of currently racing horses, and blogs on horse racing for “Sports As Told By a Girl” website and social media. She is also a fully-trained CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) disaster “second” responder trained through FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Red Cross. And she did it all as a single mom to one amazing son, whom she cherishes. She lives in San Diego, California.Marie's web site is at
 Can this really happen? A giant flare of solar plasma hitting the ground here on Earth and nearly wiping out all life? It has happened before and can happen again. In 1859 Carrington Event,  the largest geomagnetic storm in recent history, struck the Earth, the recently implemented global telegraph system erupted into chaos as telegraph stations across the world caught fire, technicians were electrocuted, and widespread communications outages ensued.  Pre-history indications are now showing up that much worse happened to our ancestors and to potentially other great civilizations that were wiped off the map as plasma storms rained fire down upon the Earth and burned everything in sight. Only those people who took shelter underground survived to restart Human civilization once again.  Listen in as Jon shares how it happened and what humanity did to survive these events more than once here on the good Earth!  
 What are these strange voices that are heard on everything from telephones to consumer voice recorders and even YouTube videos and streams on the Internet? Are they Spirits, Extra dimensional beings or even our own subconscious minds interacting with our electronics? We will explore this in depth on SoulStream Radio!  
In this second episode of the UFOs in America series, we celebrate overcoming some studio difficulties from last week's show and then dive right into the latest news of the UFO topic in America. My own unique encounters are discussed here in this podcast and this is the show where I feel we are hitting our stride. I know you'll enjoy what you hear! Join us for this very special episode of SoulStream!
 With recent revelations from the Trump administration that these vehicles have been routinely seen by our government in our skies and the personal experiences of millions, including your host who will describe his sightings, we explore this ongoing phenomena in detail. Callers will be encouraged to call in to share their stories. 
 Heard all over the world are strange sounds ranging from Trumpet-like blasts to explosive sounds and hums that mystify ordinary people. Ranging from deep in the woods to city neighborhoods, the recordings and videos of these sounds leave people baffled and government agencies to try to explain away these unusual sounds to residents who call in for answers. 
Jon shares the haunted ranch stories and experiences he has lived and experienced for over  40 years here at the ranch/broadcast studio. Yes… Living on a haunted ranch is not for the faint of heart! From the moment we started clearing the land and developing the site, we began to experience strange feelings of being watched, doors opening and closing, apparitions and voices and much more, including EVPs captured on and near the property. Join us for our tour through the Broken Tree Ranch.
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