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dealing with change

dealing with change


hello friends and welcome back to another pod epi. this week is what i like to call a 'serious' episode, featuring a case study on the life of yours truly and how I've dealt with changes in my life. i spend this episode talking for 20 minutes being super candid, and i share some tips/advice on how to deal with changes in your life to not make the same mistakes I did. a big sister episode if you will:) hope you enjoy to this quick tune in.IG: @reneephan & @ltlpod
happy tuesday! thanks for tuning in again. this week's episode features a very special guest... my dad. but this isn't a typical parent-child interview. we cover a variety of topics, including anti-Asian hate, growing up in the '80s, dad's funny college lessons, and wrapping up with the most embarrassing story about yours truly to ever be published on the internet. be warned! you'll probably laugh from time to time. to dad: thank you for everything, I love you, and happy father's day.  [insta: @ltlpod @reneephan] 
two thousand downloads and two and a half years later, it's about time for a new trailer and a preview of what's to come. exciting stuff! please stick around, press the follow button, and search @ltlpod on instagram for some cool visual content. glad to be back, and thank you so much for your support. 
exactly what the title says! i'm back for good. here's a mini - short episode - update on what to expect for this next chapter. so welcome, or welcome back. it's great to have you here <3IG: @reneephan & @ltlpod
happy international women's month! I thought that this would be the perfect time to share an interview I did last December with my amazing friend Saanya Melwani, who currently lives in Jakarta. she currently works with the service club called code red at her school, and works with UNICEF Indonesia to provide menstrual supplies and education to girls in her community. we touch base on several taboos we hear about people who have menstrual cycles, and how to improve accessibility to supplies. I hope that you can take away some lessons from Saanya's interview, and work to empower women beyond just this month. much love, renee
what day is it?

what day is it?


we are officially back! what is up? how's it been? I got pretty deep talking about time in this one. kudos to my school's English class department for teaching me how to analyze poems to get meaning. I tease some fun stuff coming, share how I almost deleted this podcast, and talk about taxes for a hot minute. thanks for tuning in!don't forget to join the LTL family on Instagram @ltlpod. see you next week:)
why we serve others

why we serve others


service has been a big part of my life. it's shaped me into who i am today and continues to be in the future. because of the kindness of strangers, and my experiences, my life journey has been shaped by community service. in this episode, i go into detail about why people serve, why i serve, and why you should - but for the right reasons and beliefs behind it. shape your own service philosophy. that way, service can allow for you to really achieve meaningful change and put out all the good in the world you can.IG: @ltlpod
life lately

life lately


woah. it's really been a while. nonetheless, welcome welcome! this episode is more of a segue episode, leading to the next chapter. i talk about where i've been, what i've learned, being present, and my lesson to detach from social media as well as being in friendships with people. this one has been a long time coming after the highs and lows of junior year, so i very much look forward to where this podcast goes next! thank you for all your support as always, and be sure to let me know anything on @ltlpod on Instagram <3
TW! this week's episode is a guest episode - and is a little different. we talk about true crime cases both in the news lately and ones we know. ghe topics we cover are incredibly sensitive, and listener discretion is advised. in the end, we also touch base on friendship and what we value in friends, so covering a lot in this week's episode. a huge thanks to sara and olivia who came on as guests this week, and for their perspective on all the topics we cover. see you next time. IG: @ltlpod
all things school

all things school


i cover a lot in this week's epi. so welcome, or welcome back. i hope you enjoy tuning in to this one because it's been highly requested and one of my favorite solo episodes to make. i share my take on the competitive academic environment, standardized testing, extracurricular involvement, friend groups, dating, and other random lessons I've learned over the years as a student. the biggest takeaway? there's more to life than just school.much love!IG: @ltlpod @reneephan



a little late, but welcome to this week's episode! this one is all about adapting to situations that come your way out of the blue, and why it's important to have the skill to adapt to the unexpected. i also give a mini science lesson and rant about some frustrations as of late. i hope you enjoy this one! it'll definitely get you reflecting on the world and how it works, especially if you're going into the workforce soon. as always, give a follow and share this pod with a friend! see you next week.IG: @ltlpod
we are back! missed me? after a two-week break, this week's episode is all about resetting different aspects of our life. i cover a mini-update on school, lessons i've learned when i was gone from the pod, and how taking time off to reflect can really do wonders for your mental health. i'm not an expert, i'm in the same boat as you! also, we cover random polls i put on my Instagram @ltlpod.  see you next week. 
i can't believe another week has passed. here's an episode i recorded with one of my closest friends sydney whom i've known for the longest time (since the 4th grade to be exact). we chat about random things and have a good laugh over funny memories. topics covered include junior year/time, global issues, mental health, funny memories, and looking ahead. thanks for tuning in as always - school starts next week so things may slow down for the pod. IG: @ltlpod
hello hello! sticking to uploading every Tuesday without fail so far -  just barely making the cut by publishing this episode late at night after a day's work of editing. this week, I got two of my friends Gaurav and Ryan who I've gotten to know better over the past year on the pod. together, we talk about fitting in at school, our stress levels, Kanye's new album, childhood books, and more. this episode is full of good vibes and laughs so trust me when i say tuning in to this will make your day. a huge thank you to Gaurav and Ryan for their time and stories, especially since they organized recording high quality audio on their own from their end. hope you enjoy! 
late night thoughts

late night thoughts


celebrating 2 months of LTLpod! this one is a little different. recorded this late at night (well at least late for me) where my brain is not working and i spent 30 minutes ranting out some random thoughts ranging from the current news topics to existential questions. i also reflect on a mindfulness seminar i took and shared some of my takeaways. enjoy this little solo episode, will have not one, but two special guests on the podcast next week:) Much love always xxInstagram: @ltlpod @reneephan
hey there and welcome back to another week of the pod! this week's episode may just be my favorite of all time so far because my chicago bestie brandon black and i sat down on a call to talk about a variety of topics that mean a lot to us. brandon is one amazing person to get to know, and i'm incredibly lucky to get to be able to help you get to know him from our conversations on this episode (and to have him in my life!) as an overview, we chatted about meeting in a summer program at Cambridge University, our celebrity encounters, and his high school. we also touch base on race, our concerns as global citizens, and service to others - a must listen! enjoy this extra-long episode.follow me on Instagram @reneephan & @ltlpod for more updates each week <3
welcome back to week six of the podcast!! this week's episode is what i like to call a 'filler episode' before the start of some really fun content coming along with some very special guests. we talk about the difference between past and present me, and see where i hope to go in the future (among some other life updates). it'll be the last episode of me just talking/rambling on about myself for a while - so stay tuned! as always, instas are @ltlpod and @reneephan:)) see ya next week for a great one. xx
happy 5th episode! we're back at it with another pod - this time on mental health and likeability. i'm just sharing my thoughts with this one, so hopefully, you can relate. it's a very real, raw, and honest unedited episode, so excuse my filler words and tangents. let me know what you think, and give a follow to @ltlpod on Instagram + @reneephan. have a great week, thanks for tuning in <3
another week, another pod epi! this week, i'm sharing some tips on how to survive for two months with no school and a whole lot of summer days to fill (and ending with answering some questions from the game We're Not Really Strangers). previewing for next week, we'll be chatting about mental health, so if you want to be a part of that episode, head over to @ltlpod to answer some questions on my insta story.catch you then!
hello hello! in this week's episode, i'll be sharing my experience as a high schooler living in the pandemic, some lessons i learned, and introducing to you a book i read about the problems coming out of this time (The Pandemic Pivot by John Feffer). i kept this episode as concise as possible at 20 mins for a quick listen ~ i hope i make sense.  Don't forget to give a follow on the 'gram @ltlpod  and my personal @reneephan for more frequent updates and behind the scenes on each episode:)
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