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SalesProChat is a relaxed conversation between the host, Bill Banham, and sales analysts and influencers.

Bill and guests discuss a wide range of Sales and Tech-related topics including social selling, talent, recruitment, incentivizing and rewards, strategy, branding and prospecting.

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The SalesProChat series is produced and distributed by the Canadian Professional Sales Association. Learn more about the CPSA at

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In this episode, we connect with CPSA Benefits partners at RingCentral and Avega to chat about top considerations and opportunities when implementing a hybrid model that combines virtual and in-person work. As leaders in the cloud-based communications space, our partners provide insight on creating a hybrid workplace that maximizes business continuity, productivity and connectivity to reach your team wherever they function best. CPSA members receive 15%-20% off monthly fees for Rin...
In this CPSA episode, Mario Martinez Jr. will share tips for salespeople looking to gain referrals. Mario is the CEO and Co-founder of Vengreso. He spent 84 consecutive quarters in B2B Sales and Leadership roles growing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue annually. As a renowned digital sales expert, Mario teaches marketing and sales professionals how to develop an engaging personal brand to attract today’s modern buyer - using the digital sales ecosystem.
Every business wants to find the fuel that will accelerate the sales engine. Often, they turn to sales commission as the solution. When done correctly, commissions can be that foot on the gas that your organization needs. However, commission-based sales also create new challenges for organizations, and making changes to existing commission structures can cause dissatisfaction in the team. In this CPSA podcast, we'll consider some top ways to structure commission to ensure that your implementa...
In this episode, we consider new opportunities and trends relating to women in sales. Our guest is Kim Benedict. As the CEO of TalentMinded, the first subscription-based, full-service talent acquisition company in Canada, Kim’s mission is to help companies meet their business goals by improving their approach to acquiring the right talent.
Companies are increasingly finding themselves being judged and scrutinized online and offline. Customers are taking their praise and dissatisfaction to social media channels and the organisations they are talking about, and the salespeople which represent them, are not always aware or proactive in their responses. How can organizations and sales pros navigate this challenging environment? What are best practices for dealing with social media failures and reputation management issues? While yo...
In this episode of SalesProChat, we hear from Toronto-based Shawn Finder about email marketing best practices and tips to stay compliant.Shawn founded ExchangeLeads in 2013 which helps his company build quality lists for outreaching new prospects. This was followed by Autoklose in 2017 that combines both sales engagement and list building all-in-one platform.
In this CPSA podcast ,we'll consider ways to increase sales effectiveness and efficiencies. Our very special guest is Matt Heinz. Prolific author and nationally recognized, award-winning blogger, Matt is President and Founder of Heinz Marketing with 20 years of marketing, business development and sales experience from a variety of organizations and industries. He is a dynamic speaker, memorable not only for his keen insight and humor, but his actionable and motivating takeaways. Matt’s career...
In the March 2019 SalesProChat Bill Banham invites social selling guru Viveka von Rosen back to share more insights on content marketing, making the most of the materials available to sales teams and how to best use it to build new relationships and grow a lead funnel.
In the February episode of the SalesProChat show, we here from Viveka von Rosen about how content marketing and branding go hand-in-hand when looking to attract and engage prospects. Listen to this first in a two-part interview and subscribe to access the second part in March.
In the January SalesProChat podcast, we hear from Gayle Charach, Director at Intelex Technologies about ways to maximize the productivity of your sales team. Gayle is a sales enablement leader with a record of success and extensive experience driving cross-functional collaboration, customer loyalty, and market share by empowering sales teams with the right coaching and training to maximize productivity. She is also Toronto Chapter President at the Sales Enablement Society.
In the December 2018 CPSA SalesProChat podcast, we consider lessons from an awesome recent report on 7 Deadly Sins of Closing - what they are and how to overcome misunderstandings.Our guest this time is James Muir, author of the #1 best-selling book, The Perfect Close.
Our guest on the November 2018 episode is David Johnston, sales compensation expert, speaker and President at Sales Resource Group Inc. The annual CPSA Sales Compensation Reports were recently released so we invited Dave back on the show to share his take on this year's major findings and their implications for sales in Canada over the next 12 months. Produced in partnership with Mercer Canada and presented by Brokerlink, the CPSA Sales Compensation Planning Guide for Sales Management and Sal...
In the October 2018 edition of SalesProChat we hear from sales influencer and best-selling author Lee Bartlett about the levels of influence salespeople can achieve. Listen as Lee takes you through the five tiers of networking and sales success - from ground level sales pros to the 'Jedis' of business.
In the September 2018 episode of the SalesProChat podcast, we consider if your team are really ready to sell. Our guest is Mike Kunkle, a respected sales transformation architect and widely-recognized sales training and sales enablement expert. Listen as Mike shares insights into how more sales can come from training, knowledge sustainment, skill development, skills transfer, coaching to mastery, the strategic use of content, and sound sales management practices.
In the July 2018 SalesProChat we'll consider how to put the science into your sales strategy. Our guest is David Hoffeld, CEO and chief sales trainer at the Hoffeld Group. David has pioneered a revolutionary sales approach based on neuroscience. social psychology and behavioral economics that radically increases sales. He is the author of the groundbreaking book The Science of Selling, published by Penguin Random House.
In the May 2018 episode of the SalesProChat podcast, we hear from Neil Ryland, Chief Revenue Officer at Peakon. Neil shares insights into trends and strategies connected with managing a winning multi-generational sales team.
In part two of the April 2018 SalesProChat interview, we hear from sales expert Colleen Francis. "Many sales leaders and companies make the mistake that a sales team is like a soccer team or a football team", suggests Colleen, "where everyone has to be playing together in order for the organization to grow ... A sales team is more like a gymnastics team where every individual has to excel in their own narrow parameters."
In part one of the April 2018 SalesProChat interview, we hear from sales expert Colleen Francis on ways sales pros can and should work in teams. Colleen considers when it is apt to put the team before the goals of individual sales teams.
In the March 2018 SalesProChat, we talk with Gabe Larsen about the strategies and character needed to be an effective seller. Gabe's factors - which we'll look at in this show - are attempt, media, duration, spacing and content. Gabe is Experience V.P. of Marketing Strategy at InsideSales Labs, the research and best practice arm of Gabe is also host of the #1 Ranked #Playmaker Podcast from InsideSales.
Selling to the c-suite can be the smartest way to gain consensus and momentum for a sale. Top level execs know this. Inevitably, this can mean they are tougher to reach and harder to convince. In the February 2018 episode of SalesProChat, Bill Banham talks with sales expert, speaker and author Jamie Shanks about how to build relationships with, and get buy-in from, the c-suite.