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Part 1 of 2 in the FIE Online International Internships podcast series, featuring a panel discussion on virtual online internships for undergraduate students.What are some of the advantages of online internships? Have they been successful at your institution? Are they here to stay? How can other administrators start their journey of exploring online internship opportunities for their students? Panel Contributors: Joy Ruis - Collge of St. Benedict. St. John's UniversityWilson Potts - Loyola Marymount UniversityIngrid Almaguer - CalPoly SLOPanel Moderator:Mark Blakemore - FIELinks for online internships at these institutions - FIE Online Internships CSB/SJULMUCalPoly SLO
Panel discussion about the successes and challenges of online internships from a panel of administrators from Business schools across the US. Kelly Woodfine - University of FloridaAmanda Russell - Southern Illinois University EdwardsvilleLauren Findlow - University of ArizonaUniversity Florida Online InternshipsSIUE Online InternshipsUniversity of Arizona Online Internships
Welcome to the FIE Podcast. We're really excited to present the first of our Student Global Leadership podcast series. As many of you may already know, FIE hosts the Student Global Leadership Conference, or SGLC, every spring in conjunction with our Leadership London program with the goal of inspiring students and giving them the tools to become effective global leaders now and in their future endeavors. This year the conference took a slightly different turn due to COVID-19 as we pivoted online, but as a result, we had our highest turnout ever. With the incredibly appropriate theme of “Leadership for Change in an Uncertain World” as guidance, this year’s speakers and keynotes had a lot of thoughts and insights, so we’re excited to make things even more accessible by continuing to share the conference highlights through this podcast. We’re going to kick off this series the same way we kicked off the conference, with a keynote from Dr. Cath Bishop. Dr. Bishop is an Olympian, former diplomat, and business coach. Cath now works as a business consultant, leadership coach, and author, and teaches on Executive Education programs at the Judge Business School, Cambridge University and is a Visiting Professor at Surrey Business School. If you’re as inspired as we are and want to dive even deeper into this way of thinking then be sure to pick up Cath’s first book ‘The Long Win: the search for a better way to succeed’, which just came out this past October. It can be found on Amazon, and we’ll link it in our show notes. If you still need more, Dr. Bishop has also done a successful Tedx Talk that we’ll link for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of our leadership podcast series, and can’t wait to introduce you to another great speaker next time. 
FIE is back with the second of our Student Global Leadership Conference podcast series. Next up is the incredible Judy Ling Wong who served as a keynote speaker for the second SGLC in a row because she’s just that good! Judy Ling Wong is a painter, poet, and environmentalist best known as the Honorary President of the Black Environment Network. She has an international reputation as the pioneer and creator of the field of multi-cultural participation in the built and natural environment. Judy is always a joy to listen to, encouraging us to think a little differently and motivating us along the way. So sit back and enjoy Judy’s 2021 keynote speech titled Leadership at a time of Crisis in an Uncertain World. BBC 4 Woman's Hour Power List: Our Planet - The Big RevealTEDxPeoplesPlan - Beyond the Climate Crisis Bubble | Judy Ling Wong 
Hello again and welcome to the next episode in the Student Global Leadership podcast series. Today we’ll be switching it up with a panel discussion titled Changing Leadership. Moderated by FIE’s own Dr. Heidi James-Dunbar, this panel was part of our Women’s Super-Saturday at the SGLC 2021 and features Valencia Gabay, Isabella Errigo, and Eve Alcock. Let’s get to it!Hopefully you enjoyed this thought-provoking and insightful conversation as much as the attendees at the conference did. Thank you to our moderator and our three panellists, who also individually presented sessions during the conference. We’ll link the websites and podcasts of Dr. James-Dunbar, Valencia, Isabella, and Eve in the show notes so you can check out their projects and causes. That’s all from us for today - tune in next time for the next episode in FIE’s Student Global Leadership Conference podcast series.Dr. Heidi James-Dunbar - BlogEve Alcock - Rise Up podcastValencia Gabay - LinkedInIsabella Errigo - LinkedIn
Welcome back to the FIE Student Global Leadership podcast series. Today we’ll be hearing from three Drexel University students from the LeBow College of Business with a session from the conference titled ‘Exploring the Power of Consumers Greater Purpose’. Drexel University has been a valued partner of FIE since 1998 so we were thrilled to welcome this student-led presentation from Nicholas, Sophia, and Tram. These students have participated in Global Classroom programs as well as Drexel’s annual Student Conference on Global Challenges, which showcases their interest in global leadership and research. Hopefully, you found some new ways to think about leadership from their presentation. That’s all from us for today - tune in next time for the next episode in FIE’s Student Global Leadership Conference podcast series.
Hello and welcome back to the FIE Student Global Leadership podcast series. Today’s podcast comes to us from Dr. Basil Read. Basil’s background includes a distinguished career in the US Navy, experience as a University Professor, and service as a Professor and Associate Dean for Leadership Development in a US government agency. Dr. Read combines practitioner and academic experience to provide realistic insights into leadership theory and practice. Without further ado, Dr. Basil Read. I hope you find his thoughts on leading and following in today’s challenging times inspiring. We’ll link to previous publications and presentations in our show notes if you’re interested in learning more. That’s all from us for today - tune in next time for the next episode in FIE’s Student Global Leadership Conference podcast series.Dr. Basil Read - Troy University, PublicationsLinkedIn
Hello and welcome to our final episode of the first season in the Student Global Leadership podcast series. Today we're pleased to re-introduce Eve Alcock and her session titled Empowering Women as Leaders. We first met Eve on the Changing Leadership panel in episode 3, but she also presented her own individual presentation which was a conference favorite. A key disclaimer, there are 3 one-minute breaks starting at the 18-minute mark which allowed conference participants to participate in the activities as part of the discussion. If you want to skip ahead or don’t need a whole 60 seconds, just fast forward about 1 minute.  What an interesting and inspiring session, with some key thoughts not just for women but for everyone. Eve hosts her own podcast called  Rise Up which we’ll link to in our show notes if you want to hear more from Eve. And with that, we wrap up the first season of the Student Global Leadership podcast series. Stay tuned for more podcasts from FIE around leadership, study abroad, internships, and best practices. For now, a fond farewell from all us here at FIE.Eve Alcock - Rise Up podcast
2019 SGLC Big Ideas winner Inna Chilik talks to us in detail about her experience at the conference and how it has affected her life since graduating. She has great advice for anyone thinking about the competition and feeling nervous about participating, as well as many takeaways from the conference and her Big Ideas win.You can still register for the 2022 SGLC and pitch your big idea at
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