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On today's episode we bring you the stories of how a 19-year old single mother built the largest female-owned trucking company, what happened when a kid sued Pepsi for a Harrier Jet, and when Clark Gable, who was beyond the draft age in WWII, enlisted as a 41 year-old Private.
Today we bring you the stories of when America doubled in size, a salt and pepper museum in Tennessee started by German immigrants, and when Superman fought the Ku Klux Klan
Kristin O'Donnell Tubb tell shares the story of the family that lived in the New York Public Library.
EP6: The Real Stories Behind Our Cherished Christmas Traditions
EP5: Walt Whitman and the Civil War, Most Decorated Soldier of WWII, The Real Rosa Parks
Today we tell the story of Sean Pronger, Liz Faria, and Elias Eliasoff. Sean tells of his dreams of being and playing with Wayne Gretzky. Find out what happens when his dream... meets his hangover. We also tell the story of Liz Faria and how she gets through the holidays without her mother who passed away. And Lastly, the story of Elias Eliasoff, a WWII veteran who recounts his experience fighting in Germany.
EP3: Historian Ted Long tells us the story of the Toledo War: when Michigan and Ohio went to war over a small strip of land; therefore, starting the classic Michigan and Ohio rivalry. Gwen Boyd-Willis committed a minor felony in 2005 but made an effort to be better even while serving her time. When her record kept her from getting ahead, Koch Industries helped her get a second chance. Kimberly McCulloughan adoption and foster momtakes us into the beauty and difficulties of the foster care
EP2: Finding My Husband In the Middle of WWII, Shipwreck, Forgiving My Absent Father
EP1: Today we bring you Carlos Colon, the History Guy, and Madysen Acey. Carlos shares his story of growing up in a gang, leaving prison, and beginning a new life. The History Guy tells us about the 10-cent beer night riot with the Cleveland Indians and Madysen shares her story of becoming a double amputee at 10-years-old.
(Segment 1) Playing Cards in a Dumpster, (2-4) What Makes A Good Boss?, (5) Just One Kind Word...Changed A Man's Entire Life, (6-7) Learning to Drive, (8) Invisible People: Homeless Family with 6 Children
(Segments 1-2) Souping Up Her Subaru Started Her Career, (3-4) The Stories We Tell Matter, (5-8) Brett Favre: Up Close and Personal (Pt. 1 of 5)
(Segment 1) An Army Moves On Its Stomach... And Lots of Coffee, (2-3) Infant Loss: Becoming Better Instead Of Bitter, (4) Healthy Heart Means A Healthy Brain?, (5-8) Theodore Roosevelt: That Damn Cowboy
(Segment 1) The Bad Employee Who Defined Her Whole Bank, (2) Candy Corn, (3) The "Boys" of Iwo Jima, (4) The Ten Cent Beer Night Riot (History Guy), (5-6) Reconnecting With My Absent Father Who Was Presumed Dead, (7-8) Iowa's Long-Lost NBA Team Who Beat the Celtics
(Segments 1-3) Buffalo Bill Cody: A Legend in His Own Time, and in Ours, (4) Dixie Lee's Marker, (5-8) From Pro Jet Skier to Baywatch... to Alabama Obesity Champion
(Segments 1-3) The Transatlantic Cable: A Thread Across the Ocean, (4) The Wreck, (5) I Picked Up "Tex" Watson Hitchhiking AFTER the Manson Murders, (6-7) How a 19-Year-Old Single Mother Built the Largest Female-Owned Trucking Company, (8) Grave Escape
(Segment 1) How My Dad's Cancer Saved Our Relationship, (2-4) Orville Rogers: Flying A-Bombs, Capturing World Records, and Growing Bolder, (5) A Most Valued Gift FROM a Homeless Man, (6) Robert Frohlich, 3, 2, 1, (7-8) Infant Loss: "There Was Nothing I Could Do"
Ike and Wooden

Ike and Wooden


(Segments 1-4) Ambrose on Ike (Ike b. 1890), (5-8) Coach John Wooden: A Lifetime Masterpiece (b. 1910)
(Segment 1) Duck Tape Saves Lives, (2-4) The Cello Rock Star Who Doesnt Follow The Rules, (5-8) Bryan Dawson's Story: From Hell's Highway to the Valley of Vision
(Segment 1) The Atomic Marine, (2-3) Stay-at-Home Mom Becomes Houston's Oldest Rookie Cop, (4) The Life Of Helen Keller, (5-8) Bill Daniels: The Father of Cable TV
(Segments 1-3) The Small-Town West Virginian With a World Series Ring, the Best Card Collection, and a Big Heart, (4) They're One of the Youngest Couples in Their Community and Doing Aerobics... at 90?!, (5-8) Mad Anthony Wayne and The Battle For America
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Ivan Terrero

Nice storu

Jun 26th

Ivan Terrero

Amazing Ms Lamar

Jun 16th

בנימן הגלילי

this is the first hit for conservative alt. to /morning edition/ is there such a show? mix of daily news weather and human interest, well produced, and with different ideología?

Aug 12th

Ivan Terrero

I love to hear the stories they are uplifting and informative thanks for all the work you guys do

Jan 31st

Kirk Melissa Schooley

I can't get these episodes to open.

Jun 28th
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