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There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
880 Episodes
(Segments 1-2) Virginia Hall: The True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy, (3-4) What Shamu Taught Me About Love Life And Marriage, (5) Chicken Soup: The Cat No One Wanted, (6-8) What Kind of General Runs the Biggest Airlift in History?
(Segments 1-2) Fade to Black: the Death of My Father, (3-4) Traveling Wilburys: Billion Dollar Quintet, (5-8) Tony Mandarich Was NFLs Biggest Bust, Then He Rebuilt His Life
(Segments 1-3) The Back Story of Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, (4) The Scooby-Doo Story!, (5-8) What Does "For Better Or Worse" Really Mean?
(Segment 1) How Barbed Wire Transformed America, (2-4) The Private Citizen Who Repairs Our National Treasures, (5) She Was Attacked For Running The Boston Marathon!
(Segments 1-4) Exposing The Media's Makeover Of Martin Luther King Jr., (5-8) Stephen Ambrose: The Transcontinental Railroad
(Segment 1) The Great Oregon Whale Explosion, (2) President Eisenhowers Final Public Speech, (3) Final Thoughts: Baptism In The ICU?, (4) Ambrose: The Unlikely WWII B-24 Combat Pilot-Hero, George McGovern, (5-8) The Husband and Wife Doctors Who Risked Their Careers to Prevent Alzheimers
Cello Rock Star and Ruger

Cello Rock Star and Ruger


(Segment 1) The Unexpected Moment Of Happiness In The Hospital With My 89-Year-Old Father, (2-4) The Cello Rock Star Who Doesnt Follow The Rules, (5-6) A Brief History of Nikola Tesla, (7-8) Sturm, Ruger and Co.
Meeting My Absent Father

Meeting My Absent Father


(Segment 1) The 11'8" Bridge the "Can Opener", (2-3) A Family-Focused BIG Business, (4) The Story Of Super Bowl I, (5-6) The Hearing Aids That Call 9-1-1 and Make You Smarter, (7-8) Meeting My Absent Father
(Segments 1-2) Gold Rush Queen: Nellie Cashman, (3) I Shall Not Fail Those With Whom I Serve, (4) Benedict Arnold: The Greatest of Heroes, The Darkest of Villains (b 1741), (5-6) The Man Who Defined American Fashion, (7-8) He Knew Hed Work for the Pittsburgh Pirates Since He Was 7
(Segment 1) The Cremation of Sam McGee, (2-3) Stay-at-Home Mom Becomes Houston's Oldest Rookie Cop, (4) Walt Whitman Served the Union... And the Confederate!, (5-8) Candymaker Milton Hershey
Bob Ross and Samuel Colt

Bob Ross and Samuel Colt


(Segments 1-3) Samuel Colt: The Birth Of The Revolver (Colt d. 1862), (4) Why We Love Bob Ross, (5-7) How a Refugee Went from Janitor to President, (8) McLalan Files: A Divorced Father Living with His Marine Son
(Segments 1-2) Magic Side Show Becomes Full-Time Job, (3) Uncle Nearest: The Ex-Slave Who Taught Jack Daniel About Whiskey, (4) The Day Steve Jobs Reinvented The Telephone, (5-7) An Ordinary WWII Soldiers Story: Angelo Constantine, (8) Making "Dumb and Dumber"
(Segments 1-3) "That $40 Saved Our Marriage": On the Brink of Divorce, a Couple Finds Hope and Healing, (4) Caring For My Dying Husband Made Life Worth Living, (5) My Daughter, Out There... On The Beam, (6-8) "I Played The White Guy": From Star of 70s Hit TV Show "The Mod Squad" to Redemption
(Segment 1) Ralph Cox: Last Guy Cut from 1980 U.S. Olympic "Miracle" Hockey Team, (2) One Mans Mobile Homeless Gig, (3) Citation Nation: When Local Govts Become Dependent on Fines and Fees, (4) Dr. Bob: Men and Women Are Very Different!, (5-6) Lt. Col. Bill Hollowell and Wife Return to Run Music Ranch, (7-8) The Time America Put Its National Treasures on a Cross-Country Train
(Segments 1-4) "We are All Jews Here": The Remarkable Story of an American Officer Who Saved 200 Lives, (5-7) Square Pizza Rockstar, (8) The Gladys Gonzalez Story: A Tale of Redemption Only Possible in the U.S.
(Segment 1) The Bailey's Story: A Daughter, a Drug Dealer, and a Miracle, (2-3) The Story (and Family) Behind Yuengling, America's Oldest Brewery, (4) Bomb Casing Scrap Collector vs. The U.S. Govt, (5) I Picked Up "Tex" Watson Hitchhiking AFTER the Manson Murders, (6-8) The Outsiders: House of Pain Rapper Restores House from Coppola's Movie
(Segment 1) Story of a Song: Wailin' Jennys' "Long Time Traveller", (2-4) Orville Rogers: Flying A-Bombs, Capturing World Records, and Growing Bolder, (5-7) My Dad Was A Political Prisoner of Fidel Castro, (8) What Im Gonna Tell You Is Gonna Make You Cry
"Story of a Song" Special!

"Story of a Song" Special!


(Segment 1) Story Of A Song: Rolling Stone's "Gimme Shelter" with Merry Clayton, (2) "Light My Fire" Hits #1, (3) Story of a Song: Georgia on My Mind, (4) Story of a Song: "There Goes My Life", (5) "Leader Of The Band": Dan Fogelberg's Love Letter To His Father, (6) Story of a Song: Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel", (7) Story of a Song: The Keeper, (8) Story Of A Song: "Riders On The Storm"
(Segment 1) How My Dad's Cancer Saved Our Relationship, (2-4) MLB Star Mike Matheny Loves Coaching More Than Playing, (5-6) "Either I Release Him Or He Jerks His Hand Out of Mine", (7) Nursing Home Grants A Christmas Wish, (8) Invisible People: Homeless Family Finds Support in Tent City
(Segment 1) Imagine If...You Were Known For Your Kindness, (2-3) Making "It's A Wonderful Life", (4) How a Fake Doctor Ran Carnival Sideshows and Saved Thousands of Infants and Cha
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Kirk Melissa Schooley

I can't get these episodes to open.

Jun 28th
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