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There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
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(Segment 1) My Parents Are Gone, But Their Traditions Aren't, (2-4) The Pistol-Packin' Railroad Conductor: Harriet "Moses" Tubman, (5-8) Eric Motley: Madison Park, A Place of Hope
(Segment 1) The Only Car Ever Made To Honor God, (2-4) The Unlikely Medal of Honor Recipient... A Catholic Priest, (5-6) Love in the Ashes, (7) History Guy: The WWII Tank Duel at St. Vith, (8) This Jewelry Store Provides More Value Than Just Rings
(Segment 1) Invisible People: Dennis (Homeless in Los Angeles), (2-4) The Boy Who Was Laughed At For Wanting to Work At A Hotel... Until He Founded, The Ritz Carlton, (5-6) Ilene Hall Joined the Army to Find Her Husband in the Middle of WWII, (7-8) Playing Video Games Paid For My College
(Segments 1-2) One Law Professor, One Traffic Ticket, and a Whole Lotta Antics, (3-4) Ben Craddock: Life Can Either Break You Down... And Build You Up, (5-8) Oliver Halle: Swift Boat Vietnam Vet with a "Life Changing" Family Secret
(Segments 1-2) The Best Thing Happened: We Had To Push $500k Of Our Products Into The Dumpster, (3-4) Whiskey Distillery Goes from Serving Drinks to Serving Community, (5-8) My Fathers Super-Secret Double Life as a Nuclear Missile Savant
TR Saved Football, Mitch Hedberg, Text During Synagogue Massacre
(Segment 1) Company Benefits Include $35K For Your Bucket List!, (2) Dog Food CEO Eats Only Kibble for 30 Days to Prove It's Good for Dogs, (3-4) Oil Saved The Whales and Lifted The World Out of Poverty, (5-6) Coming Clean: Growing Up In A Hoarding Home, (7-8) 3 White Jews...Greatest Rap Group, Ever!
(Segment 1) Dr. Ely: What I Learned From A Dying Patient, (2-3) From Exploitation to Exultation: Escaping the Sex Industry, (4) Why We Love Bob Ross, (5-8) The Manhattan Project: The Story of a Place, a Photographer, and a Time
(Segment 1) Dog Becomes Best Medicine Through Woman's Cancer Treatments, (2-4) What Kind of General Runs the Biggest Airlift in History?, (5-8) Henry Ford: The Father of the Automobile (b. 1863)
Levi Strauss: The Jewish Immigrant Who Gave Blue Jeans to the World
(Segment 1-3) Fawn Weaver: Discovering Nearest, (4) Concrete: Shaping Our World Since the Roman Times, (5-8) He Made A Wood Bat For His Son, And It Accidentally Overtook Louisville Slugger!
(Segment 1) The Unexpected Moment Of Happiness In The Hospital With My 89-Year-Old Father, (2) Letters to My Son: The Meaning of Strength, (3-4) Belinda Mulrooney: The Richest, Toughest Woman of the Klondike Gold Rush, (5-8) Jorge Valds: The Redemptive True Story of a Cocaine Drug Lord
(Segments 1-3) The Man Who Hung Out With Astronauts: Craig Sumner, NASA Engineer, (4) Tom Dreesen Meets Frank Sinatra, (5-8) The REAL Sue Thomas F.B.Eye: Nothing But the Truth
(Segment 1) I Picked Up "Tex" Watson Hitchhiking AFTER the Manson Murders, (2) The Day a Soviet Nuclear Attack Submarine Rammed an American Aircraft Carrier (History Guy), (3-4) The Government Wouldn't Let Paula Smith Sell Her House For Over A Decade, (5-7) The Story Of Benjamin Franklin's Longest Lasting Persona: Poor Richard's Almanack , (8) Mississippi's 1st Craft Brewery!
(Segments 1-3) A Most Valued Gift FROM a Homeless Man, (2-4) The Untold Story of Red Cloud, an American Legend, (5) The Bad Employee Who Defined Her Whole Bank, (6-7) The Story (and Family) Behind Yuengling, America's Oldest Brewery, (8) Meeting the Mother of My Foster Child Changed My Life
(Segments 1-3) The Story of Frances Jones, "Feed the Children" Founder, (4) The Violinist Of The Venezuelan Uprising, (5) The Mysterious Senate Candy Desk, (6-7) The Great Chicago Fire, and the Even Greater Recovery, (8) This Teacher Took Down a Shooter with His Bare Hands
(Segment 1) Great Molasses Flood, (2-3) The Family that Podcasts Together, Stays Together, (4) Benedict Arnold: Both the Greatest of Heroes and the Darkest of Villains, (5-8) Coach John Wooden: A Lifetime Masterpiece
(Segments 1-2) The Silver Kings and the "Big Bonanza", (3-4) The 57 Basketball Legend, (5-8) Yes, but He Played His Part Too
(Segments 1) Paul Revere's Ride, (2-3) Beauty in Brokenness: A Couple that Rebuilt their Marriage... and Cities, (4) A Billion Dollar Corporation... That's CLEANING Water?, (5-8) Mexican Immigrant Aron Marquez: "When I Hear The Star-Spangled Banner, I Want to Cry"
(Segments 1-3) The Man Who Invented Aerobics, (4) Invisible People: Homeless Family with 6 Children, (5) He Bought A Sub Shop At 17 Jersey Mikes Now Has 1,686 Locations!
Comments (2)

Ivan Terrero

I love to hear the stories they are uplifting and informative thanks for all the work you guys do

Jan 31st

Kirk Melissa Schooley

I can't get these episodes to open.

Jun 28th
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