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There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
931 Episodes
(Segment 1) "Leader Of The Band": Dan Fogelberg's Love Letter To His Father, (2) Diamondbacks' Owner on COVID-19: There Are Legal and Moral Obligations... Taking Care of Our Workers is a Moral One, (3-4) Aaron Burr, The Opportunistic Patriot, (5-8) The Man Who Caught the Storm: The Life of Legendary Tornado Chaser Tim Samaras
(Segments 1-2) Virginia Hall: The True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy , (3) The "Boys" of Iwo Jima, (4) The Woman Who's Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry, (5) The Story of Song: The Ballad Billy Joel Wrote For His Little Girl, (6-7) Jack Marucci To His Son: You're Not Going to Be A Baseball Player, So Be A Better Person, (8) One Small Business Saves A Small Town!
(Segment 1) How A 17-Year-Old Designed the Current US Flag for a School Project And Got a B-, (2-4) The Unlikely Relationship Between Two of NYC's Finest, (5-7) "Fearless Freddie" Warder, (8) Concrete: Shaping Our World Since the Roman Times
(Segments 1-2) Whiskey Is In Their Blood, (3-4) My Parents Saying "Yes" Changed My Life. They Adopted Me, (5-8) Slavery Slayer: The Story of William Wilberforce
(Segments 1-3) The Legend of Indian Agent/Mountain Man, Tom "Broken Hand" Fitzpatrick, (4) "I Was Forced To Cut Employee Benefits, And Their Response...Choked Me Up", (5-6) The Michael Vick Story, (7) Story of a Song: Pink's "Let's Get The Party Started", (8) Tiny Tim: "The Only Real Person Bob Dylan Ever Met"
(Segment 1) "Pray for Us!": Father Receives Daughter's Text during Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, (2) Rule of Law: The Misdemeanor System, (3-4) Rawhide Down: The Day President Ronald Reagan Was Shot, and Lived to tell the Tale , (5-8) Crude Blessings: An American Oilman's Story
(Segment 1-3) After 50 Years of Silence, Korean War Pilot Shares His Top-Secret Mission, (4) The Great Jerry Maguire Pyramid, (5-8) He Made A Wood Bat For His Son, And It Accidentally Overtook Louisville Slugger!
(Segment 1) The Mauricio Ferrazza Halftime Story, (2-3) From Battlefield to Business, (4) Invisible People: Homeless Mother of 4 with 3 Part-Time Jobs, (5-8) What Makes the World's Greatest Sports Teams?
(Segments 1-3) "I'm The Dentist In The Wheelchair", (4) 54 Things I Learned in 54 Years, (5) MIT's Basketball Coach: "Those Nerds Can Only Handle One Play", (6-7) The Powerful Story of How One Man Grieved His Grandchild's Death, (8) Bob Munden: The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived
(Segments 1-2) The Best Thing Happened: We Had To Push $500k Of Our Products Into The Dumpster, (3) Story of a Song: "Lady" by Kenny Rogers (Written/Produced by Lionel Richie), (4) Dixie Lee's Marker, (5-8) Making "The Godfather" Trilogy
(Segments 1-2) "Either I Release Him Or He Jerks His Hand Out of Mine", (3) The Story Behind Chick-fil-As My Pleasure , (4) The Deadpan Comedy of Steven Wright, (5-6) The Silver Kings and the "Big Bonanza", (7-8) 155 Tries To Find His Perfect Job
(Segments 1-4) Bill Daniels: The Father of Cable TV, (5-8) The Heart of Kobe Bryant's Memorial Service
(Segment 1-3) WWII Vet Recalls Storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, (4) Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Separated Throughout 4 Foster Homes!, (5-8) The Missionary of Wall Street
(Segment 1-3) Hedy Lamarr: The 40s "Bombshell" Mind Behind Secure WiFi, GPS And Bluetooth, (4) Story of a Song: "My Sharona", (5-6) Wolfman Jack , (7-8) The Toilet: An Unspoken Story
(Segment 1) Dancing with a Demon, (2-3) A Brief History of St. Patrick's Day, (4) Invisible People: Homeless Family with 6 Children, (5-8) Jorge Valds: The Redemptive True Story of a Cocaine Drug Lord
(Segment 1) Imagine If...You Were Known For Your Kindness, (2-4) The Outsiders: House of Pain Rapper Restores House from Coppola's Movie, (5-8) Feeling Unsatisfied In Your 40s?
(Segment 1) A Father's Love: Capone's Lawyer "Easy" Eddie and WWII Ace "Butch" O'Hare, (2-4) The Pistol-Packin' Railroad Conductor: Harriet "Moses" Tubman, (5-8) One Of The Greatest Actors You Know..But Don't Know: John Cazale (Died 1978)
(Segment 1) Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice It's All Right" (Story of a Song), (2-3) Mike Judge's Beavis and Butthead: A Story for Lovers AND Haters, (4) Meeting the Mother of My Foster Child Changed My Life, (5-8) The Manhattan Project: The Story of a Place, a Photographer, and a Time
(Segment 1) Dr. Ely: What I Learned From A Dying Patient, (2) I Was Responsible For Our Hotels #1 Complaint, And I Was Clueless, (3-4) Iowa's Long-Lost NBA Team Who Beat the Celtics, (5-7) Instead of Going To "Fat Camp," She Biked Across The Country!, (8) Do NOT Threaten The Staff At The Psych Ward!
(Segment 1) Students Dont Grade Themselves, so Why Do the Police?, (2-3) A Brief History of St. Patrick's Day, (4) Meryl Comer: A Caregivers Account Of Alzheimer's, (5-8) The Story of an Unlikely Hero
Comments (2)

Ivan Terrero

I love to hear the stories they are uplifting and informative thanks for all the work you guys do

Jan 31st

Kirk Melissa Schooley

I can't get these episodes to open.

Jun 28th
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