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There's no politics at Our American Stories, just stories. Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears.
835 Episodes
(Segment 1) Balloonfest '86, (2) Chicken Soup: (Married Life) For Better Or Worse, (3-4) That Time The Marines Attacked Without Ammo..., (5-8) The REAL Thanksgiving Story: Yesterday And Today
(Segment 1) Invisible People: Eric (Homeless and Working Full-Time), (2-4) Black Bart: Americas Most Successful And Notorious Gentleman Bandit, (5-7) The Man Who Adopted 3,000 People, (8) Midwestern Mother: The First Female On Normandy
(Segment 1) Chicken Soup: The Cat No One Wanted, (2-3) Jack Marucci To His Son: You're Not Going to Be A Baseball Player, So Be A Better Person, (4) Bob Munden: The Fastest Gun Who Ever Lived, (5-7) WWII Vet Recalls Storming Omaha Beach on D-Day, (8) Couple Adopts 7 Siblings Separated Throughout 4 Foster Homes!
(Segment 1) Students Dont Grade Themselves, so Why Do the Police?, (2-4) Nancy Kelsey: California's 1st Female Pioneer Arrives Barefoot and Pregnant and Becomes "Betsy Ross of CA", (5-8) What Makes the World's Greatest Sports Teams?
(Segment 1) Ernest Hemingway's "A Day's Wait", (2-3) The Tire Tycoon Who Gives Convicts a Fresh Start, (4) No. 18: LSU's Men of Character, (5-6) A Mother's Journey after Losing Son to Suicide, (7-8) She's The Daughter Of Chick-fil-A's Founder, But That's Not Who She REALLY IS
(Segments 1-4) Ilene Hall Joined the Army to Find Her Husband in the Middle of WWII, (3) Invisible People: Olivia and Son Alex, Homeless Living in Budget Hotels, (4) Bible Understood: Tim Dunn Explains "Daniel in the Lions' Den", (5) The Man Who Spent $35MM Fighting A $400k Fake Wine Fraud, (6) How to Fine-Tune Your BS Detector, (7-8) My Parents Saying "Yes" Changed My Life. They Adopted Me
(Segments 1-4) The REAL Thanksgiving Story: Yesterday And Today, (5) LA Speed Story, (6-7) Sleep Apnea Destroys More Marriages Than Adultery or Finances...Until Now!, (8) 99 Reasons Why A Typewriter Is Better Than A Computer!!
(Segment 1) "Pray for Us!": Father Receives Daughter's Text during Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre, (2-4) What Kind of General Runs the Biggest Airlift in History?, (5-8) Tony Mandarich Was NFLs Biggest Bust, Then He Rebuilt His Life
(Segments 1-4) Veterans Day: The Green Beret That Other Green Berets Look Up To, (5) Veterans Day: Reconciling Dad The Farmer And Dad the Veteran Pilot, (6-8) Veterans Day: Audie Murphy, America's Most Decorated Soldier
(Segment 1) How My Dad's Cancer Saved Our Relationship, (2) The Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge, (3) The "Boys" Of Iwo Jima, (4) Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea", (5-8) Candymaker Milton Hershey
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Kirk Melissa Schooley

I can't get these episodes to open.

Jun 28th
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