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The Power Within Us is a podcast series aimed at educating and informing people on how they can take control of their health, more specifically through optimising their immune function. Each week Sunna van Kampen, the founder of Tonic Health, sits down with an expert in the health and wellness space to give great and useful insight on unlocking our great potential. Because the power is within us.
22 Episodes
Why does 74% of the UK have suboptimal immune health?Resident Tonic nutritionist Emma Mckie and Sunna have a discussion on why this statistic is so shocking. So find out if you're part of that statistic and have a listen.
In this episode, we have Emma Kenny join us. We are so grateful to have Emma Kenny as she is a huge name here in the UK. Emma is a psychologist, TV presenter, writer and recognised as one of the UK's leading TV psychological experts and best known for her role as resident therapist and agony aunt on ITV's This Morning.Emma and Sunna have an in-depth conversation on one of the hottest topics in the past couple of years... the global pandemic. Everyone has different opinions and approaches to the pandemic but whatever they are, the opposing views are putting a huge psychological burden on the population. And on this podcast, Emma and Sunna discuss the common ground and the humanity that underpins it all.
Our guest today is the amazing Udo Erasmus, founder of Udo's Choice supplements and author of the book 'Fats that heal, fats that kill' which has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. Udo, also known as the 'Father of Fats' has a background in a range of topics that include biochemistry, genetics, biology, nutrition and has a masters degree in psychology so you can imagine the fascinating discussion he and Sunna have. Udo linksInstagram:
Raewyn Guerrero is a functional medicine health coach, CBT hypnotherapist and corporate wellness consultant.  After going through her own health struggles that include years of antibiotic overuse, chronic upper respiratory tract infections, eczema, poor sleep, low-fat diets, IBS and hormonal imbalances, she now helps other people become the CEO of their own health. Listen to this fascinating discussion Raewyn and Sunna have that covers a broad range of health topics, including immune health.Raewyns linksInstagram: @functionalraewynFacebook: Well Works WorldWebsite:
Brenda and Tommy are certified life coaches and have revolutionised their life from working cooperate careers to now living their life to the fullest with happiness and purpose.Life coaching and yoga have become huge influences in how they managed to change their life for the better.Brenda and Tommys links
The answer to detoxing your body doesn't lie in detox teas or fad diets.Dr Jenny Goodman, medical doctor, member of the British Society of Ecological Medicine and author of the insightful book 'Staying alive in toxic times: A seasonal guide to lifelong health', talks to Sunna about how now more than ever, we need to educate ourselves on all the toxins we are exposed to and that enter our body and learn to detox through 7 powerful methods that are discussed in this episode.There is so much useful and eye-opening information on this episode, so it's one you don't want to miss!You can get Dr Jenny's book on Amazon.
Author of the book 'Fuelled, Fit and Fired up', David Rogers talks about practical methods on how you can unleash the power of a healthy life.After going through his own health journey and being part of a community over lockdown where he helped people with their health journey too, David goes through techniques that will enhance your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.You can purchase David's book on Amazon
With ⅓ of the UK saying they struggle with sleep every week, we called on the help of international sleep specialist, author and speaker Alison Francis also known as Anandi the sleep guru. She talks about how you can improve your sleep through natural methods such as yoga, breathwork and ayurvedic medicine in combination with our circadian rhythm. Alison's website:
Kristian Lofts joins us from down under! Kristian is on a mission with his brand "My Health Motivator" to live their best lives by utilising the power of their body by maximising their health. In this episode, Sunna and Kristian discuss the power of fasting and how it can dramatically change your health and wellbeing.
In this episode of The Power Is Within Us, Sunna sits down with Laura Martin, a certified IBS nutrition consultant and the founder of Healing to Happy which points out the importance of psychology in healing. Laura had battled with IBS, hypothyroidism, anxiety, hormonal imbalances, and skin issues for years and found she had an unhealthy relationship with food. After many failed attempts and lessons learned, she managed to come up with an effective method that radically changed her life by putting her symptoms into remission without restrictive diets or fancy regimes.Laura's linksInstagram: @healingtohappyWebsite:
This week we have Emily Johnson joining us. She is the author of 'Beat Arthritis Naturally', the book that aims to supercharge your health with recipes and lifestyle tips.Emily has been living with Arthritis since she was 20 years old and her approach to testing, learning and trying all different kinds of remedies and natural solutions is inspiring.  She shares her wisdom on the podcast today and in her book and blog Arthritis Foodie so have a listen!
In this episode, we have Emma Henderson who is the CEO and co-founder of the Project Wingman foundation. Emma set up this charity after her industry, the airline industry, got shut down due to the pandemic. Only after 2 weeks of this happening, she was already helping our incredible doctors and nurses across the country deal with the stresses and the burdens of the pandemic. Her amazing work led to her being awarded an MBE. Sunna and Emma discuss the mental perseverance and resistance she had to keep going whilst her life was turned upside down.Project Wingman website:
Dr. Andrew Myers is a naturopathic physician, with a unique ability to take complex health issues and simplify them. Dr. Myers is considered one of the world's experts in the formulation of dietary supplements and their scientific substantiation. Acting as coordinator for numerous clinical trials, he has evaluated the effectiveness of natural products in the treatment of obesity, prostate disease, and cardiovascular concerns. Dr. Myers talks about the value of taking simple health measures to promote wellness and inspires people to apply it to their daily lives.
Today's guest is Lee Chambers, a psychologist, entrepreneur, radio host and life coach. After going through difficulties in his own life he now helps people overcome various difficult challenges life throws at them. One morning Lee woke up and was unable to walk. Despite the odds, Lee spent a year of his life whilst having a young kid and a newborn, teaching himself to walk again. Listen to this episode to hear how he overcame such adversity when putting his mind to it.
In this episode we have Karla Man Giroux joining us who has a truly inspiring story. After not just surviving but thriving through having cancer twice, she is now a holistic coach and inspirational speaker who helps people in the same situation she was. She shares some of her tops tips to radically reform your health so you don't want to miss it!Karla's linksEmail:
In this episode, Sunna is joined by David Medansky who is the author of two incredible weight loss books. He started his weight loss journey after gaining 50 pounds and subsequently managed to lose it all after his doctor gave him a warning. Listen to their discussion on why the topic of weight loss shouldn't be a taboo subject and how weight management is so important for overall health. 
Tim Wiggins is an endurance cyclist from the Isle of Wight who travels thousands and thousands of kilometres on his trusty bicycle. Tim talks about physical and mental toughness as well as the importance of nutrition and how to fuel your body with the right nutrients for optimal performance.Tim's linksBlog: tim_wiggins1
In this episode, we have Laura Fullerton who is the Co-founder of Sketch Labs, a health and wellness-focused office specialist and is also a self-proclaimed biohacker. Sunna and Laurs discuss all things environment and what surrounds us really impacts our bodily functions, health and sleep.Laura's LinksInstagram:
Dr Stephanie Tindall is a GP who did her degree and worked as a doctor in Birmingham. She is an advocate for keeping fit, especially through running. Listen to how her experience through running has helped her with her physical fitness as well as bettering her mental health.Dr Stephanie's LinksInstagram @runningwithdrsteph
In this episode, Sunna talks to Melissa Cohen who is a nutritional therapist and a functional medicine practitioner. They talk about how to use food and your environment to feel better and be the healthier version of yourself. Melissa is trained in neuro-linguistic programming, a pseudoscientific approach to persona development that she applies to her clients who are, for example, trying to lose weight. Looking to maximise your health through food? Or struggling to lose weight? Melissa offers free 15 minute consultations so head to her website to book yours.Melissa Cohens Links:Website https// @melissacohennutritionFacebook @melissanutri
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