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A philosophy, conspirituality & infotainment podcast. I want to sit down with the most open minds and full hearts, in the game. We will have real conversations about the state of our world, our own awakenings, personal stories, and all the other things that make you the black sheep of family gatherings.I hope to give you another look, at all your favorite weird, esoteric, quantum, mind-blowing topics. And, a fuller view of the people who are bringing you all these censored truths.

62 Episodes
It's been awhile, lets hang out and chat about where I have been for the last few months.For all things Project Chaney, go to ProjectChaney.comOr, or follow me: @chaney_in_wonderland & @project_chaney on InstagramFind Project Chaney on Telegram & Twitter
On this episode, I finally get Juan on Juan, with Juan, on Project Chaney. I pick his brain on the homunculus, magic, monsters and anything else that came up. Juan shows me the quick tour of his mind palace. He gives me a few tips on how to create my own. We also  theorize the idea of someone creating such a thing in real life. Do you believe in Atlantis? Is everything an allegory? Is there a true power in the symbols? Could there be a sorcery that creates an actual being? Have you Florida Man'd? Do you even Occultis Mundi?Episodes starts at 47 seconds in. So weird.Esoterica or bust!Season 2 Episode 3For ALL things Juan, go to TheJuanonJuanPodcast.comAlso, follow on Youtube and Instagram @thejuanonjuanpodcast
On my 2nd video episode of Project Chaney, I sit with Mystic Mark from My Family Thinks I’m Crazy. He goes over some of his findings and research on The Beast, Aleister Crowley.What cults, religions and teachings did Aleister follow or create? Are any of the stories of him true, or myth and folklore? Are his writings just low level smut, or is there some resonance in Crowley’s philosophies? Is Aleister  just a wannabe Merlin or could he have been a powerful enough magician to open portals to other worldly dimensions? Are you ready to find out what one may do to disguise a Forrest Gump-type superspy? Could Crowley have been a serial killer? Is he related to Barbara Bush? Do what thou wilt.Season 2. Episode 2.For all things Mystic Mark, go to MyFamilyThinksImCrazy.comLike, Subscribe, Tell a Fren.
On this, my 1st video episode of Project Chaney, I sit with Paranoid American. He goes over some of the work he has been researching on one of the taboo topics of conspiracy, Adrenochrome. When and where did this word enter our lexicon? Is it real or just some  vampiric folklore? If one were to order some off the darkweb, what would it look like? Can I find it mentioned by anyone other then Hunter S. Thompson?Is this just another endless psyop to add to the confusions of gated pizza parlors? Or, is there a very real history of people becoming oracles from the substance?Are you ready to find out what Balenciaga has to do with the weather? Could Britney Spears be a real life Sookie Stackhouse? Does fear do something to the quality of the meat? Is there a real reason for the skyrocketing price of EpiPen?Follow the white rabbit.Season 2. Episode 1. For all things Paranoid American, go to ParanoidAmerican.comLike, Subscribe, Tell a Fren.
 The virgin and the whore? The Immaculate conception? The Queen of Scots? Mary, Maria, Mario, Mar, Mer, Moor.. the sea, the see?Have you every questioned Virgin(ia) and Mary(land) placement?Have you ever looked up what MAGA(dalene) in Latin? Mary-Louis Parker. Mary-Kate Olsen. Mary Tyler Moore. Mary Elizabeth Masterantonio. Mary Steenburgen. Meryl Streep, Mary J. Blige...Mary Poppins. Bloody Mary. Mary Kathrine Gallagher. Peter, Paul & Mary. What about the little lamb? Why was she so contrary? Why does she wanna dress in black and go watch the elephants jump fences?The Good Guys will have their newest initiate, into the Secret Society. We are excited to have Marisa Acocella join us, to get into "the Mary of it all."Mer ya soon. For all things Marisa, go to 
Is time really on your side? Can you get lost in it? Does the oldest clock control the timeline? Does Cronos? What's the deal with Saturn? Could you win Super Market Sweep?Why sands through and hour glass? Can we travel space and time?Have you heard about the 10,000 year clock? Did you watch the TV Show Heroes? Don't be late for this very important date. Fall down the rabbit hole and join us for our tea party... SUGAR!!! WE NEED MORE SUGAR!!!
Are you ready to be hit, one more time, with all things Britney?We will walk you through esoteric Hollywood, while following the time line of a young, Jean Spears. From her start on Star Search (We will Ed Mandella) to The New Mickey Mouse Club (We will get into Club 33 and Walt). We will go from Ryan Gosling to Justin Timberlake to her handler Sam, and maybe a few relationships you didn't know about.I am sure Madonna will come up, as well as a specific Virgin Island and Paris Hilton. We will probably chat a little about Brittney Murphy and Super Bowl Rituals, as well.Are you no longer a girl, but not yet a woman? Do you feel Toxic? Or, are you about to say sorry for doing it again? If so, "oops" isn't an apology. Just saying.Meet us at the "Crossroads" Friday at 12:02 am
Is there a monster under your bed? Is there a monster in your closet? What about in the woods behind your childhood home?Have you ever wondered why we all have this innate fear? Is it innate, or have we all been brainwashed by the movies?Do you believe in Mothman or Big Foot? What about El Cacui or Aileen Wuornos?Are we going full reptilian, or will we werewolf just for kicks? If Fred Savage isn't available, or The Monster Squad is booked, we are a better option.Join us this week, as we induct our newest member into the SSGG, @doenutfactory ! And, if you don't already, give this guy a follow. His content is dope and his mind is rad! 
We are get into all things blood, gore and grotesque. Serial killers, cereal, Freddy Kruger, Freddy Mercury. Who knows were this episode will go.Michelle from Healing Homes will join us to chat about the reality and the Hollywood of all the killers that scare us.Killer bees? Killer clowns? Mr. Brightside, I digress.Bring that killer vibe or booty of yours and let's hang out.Join us LIVE on Youtube, Friday Nights @ Midnight
Don't mind our lisps and drool, we are all trying to speak through Vampire Teeth. We also had a few enchanting problems with the wind, but we figure it out.On this episode of SSGG, we get bloody. We chat about the lore of vampires and being a virgin. We question blood types and blood magic. If you have the sand, we might even start right off with menstration.Blood diamond, blood sacrifice, melamine, thrill oxide (adr3n0chr0m3), blood poisoning, bloody valentine...If you are ready for October and feeling thirsty, join Abbie, Layla, Gordy, Thomas and myself, as we get extra tinny.Join us EVERY Friday Night at MIDNIGHT on Youtube.If you have show ideas or wanna come and play... hit me up.
On episode 2 of The Secret Society of Good Guys, we get into all things APPLE.The forbidden fruit? Keeping Dr.s away? Are you really the apple of someone's eye? Why would Gwyneth name her daughter that? Have you ever heard of the Golden Apple?Join, Gordy 2 Shoes, GodPill Angel 333, Abbie The Dream Weaver, Paranoid American and myself, as we discuss the symbolism and history of the apple.We are LIVE every FRIDAY NIGHT @ MIDNIGHT on YouTube. Come and hang!For any show or guest ideas, and they can stay up late, email me: 
Black cubes, black ops, black eyes...Join, God Pill Angel 333, Gordy 2 Shoes, Paranoid American and myself, as we discuss all things black.Black face, black cube of Saturn, black balled, black book, Frank Black, I digress.LIVE every FRIDAY night at Midnight EST.
Ministry of Truth

Ministry of Truth


On this episode of Project Chaney, I get into my thoughts of Elon Musk. How everyone is worshipping him, what I think his connections to Kanye might be and his character in this silly movie we are all watching. I discuss a little about Ye's battle against those that cannot be named and the long game-plan I see them using him for.You standing in your front yard with a hammer, screaming about Nancy Pelosi? Are you all tied up with the Scorpion Bloodmoon Eclipse on the horizon? Maybe you are celebrating Guy Fawkes with a joint and cute mask? Or, just maybe you are rolling around a red carpet dressed like a parasite? If any of this rings "true", then this might be just the episode for you.For alllllll things Project Chaney, go to or hit me up on Instagram @chaney_in_wonderland
Free Solo

Free Solo


On this episode of Project Chaney, I recap being an incubator baby, the gift of finding the words to healing and even take my shots at Santa Claus and "The Brilliant Idiot," Andrew Schultz. You wanna know what happens when a lesbian daydreams of being Mormon? Want to talk about "soaking" and walking on water? Did I miss my calling as the MVP sister wife?If you think circumcision is as barbaric as UFC 280, then this might be just the episode for you. 



Description soon to follow...
Did you wake up in the wrong simulation this morning? When Morpheus offered you pills, were you hoping for something with less commitment? Do you find yourself questioning "The Architects" more than trusting "The Plan"? Has synchronicity become a conundrum  of time travel? Then, this might be just the conversation you were meant to find.On this episode, I sit down with everyone's favorite, not-so-anonymous attorney, MyMaria. We recap some of the last 474 days of her existence. We, of course, chat up the number 47. We get candid about being doxxed by people she once called frens. We discuss time travel, magic, ritual, Trump, Q, The 8 levels of the internet, quantum, Tyler the super computer ... I even make MyMaria give this lesbian a little lesson in penis. For ALL things MyMaria777 go or find her on Twitter or Instagram by searching for @TheOracle333 or @MyMaria777
Free Gas

Free Gas


Here we are, together in June, surviving the New World Order like a bunch of faacking furrfessionals. Gas is going up 25 cents a day and we laugh in the face of recession talk. Big pharma is knocking at our door with a new virus and it doesn't even phase us. On this episode, I go through my journal and lack segue ways  between topics. I talk about eating colors, the magic and the poison. I talk about the alchemy of pure fabrics on our skin. Chit chat about the recent false flags. Hate on Elon and Tom. Maybe even talk shit about "The Southern Man."Does it feel like your Mercury is permanently in retrograde? Have you mourned the you that you used to be? Are you aware that you have been born into ritual abuse? Who is Kyle Richards? For all things Project Chaney: put "Project Chaney" in your search or go to ProjectChaney.comFollow me @ Chaney on Truth or @project_chaney or @chaney_in_wonderland on Instagram
I Get Out

I Get Out


Are you an emotional cutter just looking to feel something? Do you walk through your day thinking about how to kill a vampire? Is your love language to yourself being silenced by you? If any of this strikes your fancy, this might be just the episode for you.I go into the mafia and the value of our trash. I talk about Lauryn Hill and some of the controversy that used to surround her. I question the morality of what we hang from our keyring. And, I let you guys in on all of the "never agains" my ego eats.You want a little adrenochrome convo? You need some Church of Hollywood shenanigans? Do you think Kobe Bryant was murdered? Well, me too. But, I don't talk about that this episode.For ALL things PROJECT CHANEY go to orFind me: @chaney_in_wonderland & @project_chaney on Instagram                      chaneyproject or projectchaney on twitter. Chaney on TRUTH.                      
Trash Tuesday

Trash Tuesday


You want to bumba? You wanna chill with the big boys...Welcome back to another episode of Project Chaney. I am just touching base with a small rant. Want to know where I have been hiding? Want to know about Johnny Depp, Elon Musk or Tigerbelly? Welp, you are in the right place. I vent a little about the Hollywood Podcast drama, talk shyt about Amber Heard, Antifa and go off on any MFer trying to play a guitar around my firepit. It's not the cleanest cut. In fact, it's a little trashy. Let's get into it.For ALL things Project Chaney, go to Find me @chaney_in_wonderland or @project_chaney on Instagram.Or CHANEY on TruthSocial
On this episode, I finally sit down with Bella, Red Pill Babe. We get crisscross applesauce, roll a joint and chat about life under "The New World Order." She discusses her family’s  journey from Cuba, her local battles with Miami politics, a stolen American election, Governor DeSantis, Jesus, Trump, salvation and her brand new podcast.Are we really in a world where you beg for a Russian invasion of Washington DC? Has the weight of words like communism, Nazi and Antifa lost their meaning? Did you learn about what a Constitutional Republic was in school? Do you realize you are a Prisoner of War? If any or all of these thoughts enter your brain, this might be just the episode for you.For ALL things Red Pill Babe go to:@ redpillbabe on TRUTHsocial@redpillbabe_ (don't forget the underscore) on InstagramAlso, check out her NEW podcast, Mostly Peaceful Latinas, everywhere you get your podcast. Or, follow them on Instagram @mostlypeacefulatinas
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