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Did you wake up in the wrong simulation this morning? When Morpheus offered you pills, were you hoping for something with less commitment? Do you find yourself questioning "The Architects" more than trusting "The Plan"? Has synchronicity become a conundrum  of time travel? Then, this might be just the conversation you were meant to find.On this episode, I sit down with everyone's favorite, not-so-anonymous attorney, MyMaria. We recap some of the last 474 days of her existence. We, of course, chat up the number 47. We get candid about being doxxed by people she once called frens. We discuss time travel, magic, ritual, Trump, Q, The 8 levels of the internet, quantum, Tyler the super computer ... I even make MyMaria give this lesbian a little lesson in penis. For ALL things MyMaria777 go or find her on Twitter or Instagram by searching for @TheOracle333 or @MyMaria777
Free Gas

Free Gas


Here we are, together in June, surviving the New World Order like a bunch of faacking furrfessionals. Gas is going up 25 cents a day and we laugh in the face of recession talk. Big pharma is knocking at our door with a new virus and it doesn't even phase us. On this episode, I go through my journal and lack segue ways  between topics. I talk about eating colors, the magic and the poison. I talk about the alchemy of pure fabrics on our skin. Chit chat about the recent false flags. Hate on Elon and Tom. Maybe even talk shit about "The Southern Man."Does it feel like your Mercury is permanently in retrograde? Have you mourned the you that you used to be? Are you aware that you have been born into ritual abuse? Who is Kyle Richards? For all things Project Chaney: put "Project Chaney" in your search or go to ProjectChaney.comFollow me @ Chaney on Truth or @project_chaney or @chaney_in_wonderland on Instagram
I Get Out

I Get Out


Are you an emotional cutter just looking to feel something? Do you walk through your day thinking about how to kill a vampire? Is your love language to yourself being silenced by you? If any of this strikes your fancy, this might be just the episode for you.I go into the mafia and the value of our trash. I talk about Lauryn Hill and some of the controversy that used to surround her. I question the morality of what we hang from our keyring. And, I let you guys in on all of the "never agains" my ego eats.You want a little adrenochrome convo? You need some Church of Hollywood shenanigans? Do you think Kobe Bryant was murdered? Well, me too. But, I don't talk about that this episode.For ALL things PROJECT CHANEY go to orFind me: @chaney_in_wonderland & @project_chaney on Instagram                      chaneyproject or projectchaney on twitter. Chaney on TRUTH.                      
Trash Tuesday

Trash Tuesday


You want to bumba? You wanna chill with the big boys...Welcome back to another episode of Project Chaney. I am just touching base with a small rant. Want to know where I have been hiding? Want to know about Johnny Depp, Elon Musk or Tigerbelly? Welp, you are in the right place. I vent a little about the Hollywood Podcast drama, talk shyt about Amber Heard, Antifa and go off on any MFer trying to play a guitar around my firepit. It's not the cleanest cut. In fact, it's a little trashy. Let's get into it.For ALL things Project Chaney, go to Find me @chaney_in_wonderland or @project_chaney on Instagram.Or CHANEY on TruthSocial
On this episode, I finally sit down with Bella, Red Pill Babe. We get crisscross applesauce, roll a joint and chat about life under "The New World Order." She discusses her family’s  journey from Cuba, her local battles with Miami politics, a stolen American election, Governor DeSantis, Jesus, Trump, salvation and her brand new podcast.Are we really in a world where you beg for a Russian invasion of Washington DC? Has the weight of words like communism, Nazi and Antifa lost their meaning? Did you learn about what a Constitutional Republic was in school? Do you realize you are a Prisoner of War? If any or all of these thoughts enter your brain, this might be just the episode for you.For ALL things Red Pill Babe go to:@ redpillbabe on TRUTHsocial@redpillbabe_ (don't forget the underscore) on InstagramAlso, check out her NEW podcast, Mostly Peaceful Latinas, everywhere you get your podcast. Or, follow them on Instagram @mostlypeacefulatinas
Do you recall learning about Pizzagate, Disney or The United States Border and just assuming everything was a conspiracy? Did you learn of the Clinton Foundation’s crimes in Haiti and believe it was all just right-wing rhetoric? Are things like organ harvesting, adrenochrome and dark rituals, just too much for your brain to comprehend? If you are new to The Mickey Mouse façade or an old school researcher of Epstein Island, then this might be just the episode for you.This time, I sit with Natly Denise. She educates me on the real issues at the border. We discuss the epidemic that is happening all over the world, the horrors of child pornography, the worsening of the digital age, and some scripture that help Natly find peace.Are you sick of sitting on your hands? Have you or your friends survived an internet bullying campaign? Are you looking for a better Bible study? Do you not think one person can change the world?For all things Natly Denise go to: her on Instagram: @natly.deniseFor The Counter Trafficking Alliance:countertraffickingalliance.comFor The Daily or @thedailytraffick on Instagram
Are you almost unable to watch anything without wanting to decode it all? Has the fleeting news cycle left you hollow? Do the world's mysteries seems right at you finger tips, but you are still looking for a keystone kernel to expand your school of thought? Well, then this might be just the episode for you.I touch base with Chance from The Innerverse Podcast. We discuss the symbolism of the placenta, chat about the etymology of a few names, go into a little about the Cosmic Egg and, maybe even dance with dragons.You curious about Mary, Diana, Luna or Selena? Does the "mar" and "mer" stand out to you, as much as it provokes us? Are you intrigued by sound healing or harmonics? Ever wondered who Abraxas is? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this might be just the episode for you.For ALL things Innerverse go to InnerversePodcast.comOr, find Chance on Rokfin.comFollow @innerversepodcast on InstagramTelegram:
Are you tired of beating yourself up? Has staring in the mirror and hating your own flesh gotten you nowhere? Is finding your place among the angels feeling like a chore? Are you ready to hug your inner beast? On this episode of Project Chaney, I sit down with one of my spiritual sanseis, Lindsey Scharmyn. We discuss loving your own darkness, get into a little of the trucker convoy, talk about meeting your spirit guides and philosophize Yahweh. Are you sick and tired of this weak-ass New World Order? Are you exhausted from telling the world, "I told you so?" Are you sitting in a freezing cold semi-truck wondering how you are going to afford gas to get home from Ottawa? Or, are you chilling on a beach, treating your demon to a little rest and relaxation? For ALL things Lindsey Scharmyn go to RogueWays.orgor, follow her @rogueways or @apotropaicsoul on Instagram
Have you been caught in the web of the internet? Have conspiracy and looming despair become your new hobbies? Have you ended up so deep in the rabbit hole, you’ve forgotten what you went down there for? If the past few years have seemed bleak, but you are feeling an energetic shift, this might be just the episode for you.On this episode of Project Chaney, I sit down with everyone's favorite truth seeker, Sam Tripoli. We talk about Joe Rogan and the trucker convoy. We get into how much having children changes you. We chat about Hollywood, DC and the psyop they have been running on us for eons. We discuss diving into conspiracy and the inevitable spirituality you will find. Have you watched your favorite people be silenced and banned? You been taken down off social media platforms for stating the truth? Are you able to disagree with your friends and still remain "a gentleman"? Or, are you so over fake plandemics, you’re ready to just start eating ass? If any of these are true, this might be just the episode for you.For all things Sam
Kill Your Idols

Kill Your Idols


Have the last 700 plus days taken its toll? Are you sad, lonely or starting to feel helpless and lost? Well, it is always darkest before the dawn, right? On this solo episode of Project Chaney, I talk about the loss of someone to suicide, touch nerves with the Rogan/Young drama and maybe leave you with a little hope and something we can all do to support our local "freedom factions'. You contemplating being a vampire? Did you think the hippie movement was authentic? Were you doxed by an online group of amphibians? Or, are you having a really rough day and need to shed a tear? If any of these things are true, this might be just the sit down you need.For all things Project Chaney: 
Episode #37Infinite Playtime with John Paul RiceDo you feel like the realities of your existence are more outlandish than a movie? Have the traumas you survived become your armor or your sword? Can you pinpoint the experience that your childhood ended? When was the last time you played? If you are desperately trying to reconnect with your inner-child, this might be just the episode for you.The week on Project Chaney, I finally get the pleasure of sitting down with film maker, trauma survivor and all around amazing being, John Paul Rice. We discuss growing up in not so pleasant situations and the work it takes to heal from your childhood. We talk about the Church of Hollywood and the propaganda and brainwashing of Tinseltown. We share our personal experiences in DC on January 6th. We get into the divinity and light that exist in all of us and some of the ways we need to start being kids again.Go Check out GAMEDAY on Vimeo.(Also on Amazon) @norestrictionsTelegram: All other links of out convo, I am going to drop them in Project Chaney Telegram:
Are you fed up with date prediction and timestamps? Has your Instagram feed turned into a who's-who of armature Nostradamus, trying to predict the falling sky? Have you been so busy looking for answers, you forgot what the question was? This might be just what you need.On this episode of PC, I sit down with HV. Human Vibration joins me to discuss everything from seeing like the computer to the etymology behind the words you say everyday. We discuss loosh and the simulation, the silver-lining of sadness and the walking miracle that humans actually are.Sick and tired of describing yourself as sick and tired? Questioning the reality of your reality? Are you starting to feel like history is an illusion? Do you believe your own eyes? How powerful are words and symbols? What is power?For ALL things Human Vibration go to: @humanvibration on Twitter@humanvibration_instaListen to, find Real Eyes Radio, anywhere you get your podcasts
Has the New World Order pushed you out of your career? Has communism and control made you UHaul your entire existence to a new frontier? Is the idea of living "off grid" intriguing, but you can't even cook a meal without the microwave? Then this just might be the episode for you.This week on Project Chaney, I sit down with half of the False Realty Check Podcast, Buffalo. We don't just discuss inflation, desperation and looming despair, we discuss what we are actually going to do about it. Are you trying to survive? Or are you here to thrive?Put your black pill away and just lean in to the idea of true love and soul mates. What if the rails of life aren't meant for you anymore? What if you have a partner in crime? Maybe we all have a higher calling and maybe this podcast will inspire you to find yours.For all things False Reality Check got to FalseRealityCheck.comSupport and subscribe on Rokfin.comAnd, follow them @FRCpod on Instagram and Twitter
When you hear the word Patriot, does it make your skin crawl? Do you imagine a redneck, backward-thinking, racist SOB from the middle of somewhere entitled? Or, does the word evoke an entirely different idea? Could the word conjure up a green-haired liberal girl from half way across the world?Are you tired of agendas being built in your name? Is not being able to question anything becoming exhausting? Have you been ostracized from your peers, based on your political ideology? How many of us are vaxxxxx'd injured?If you are under a mistletoe alone, in a house full of NPCs or enjoying your eggnog by a perfect fire... this might be just the episode for you. For ALL things Matty Rey: @itsmattrey on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter
Is the New World Order getting you down? Has being locked away without freedom or travel taken a toll on your spirit? Do you long for a more simple, silly time? Then this is just the episode for you.The man of many talents and names sits down with me this week to discuss becoming our most authentic selves. What hobbies did we love, but stopped, because of trauma or embarrassment? What is our body trying to tell us, but we aren't paying attention? Has Owen ever been in a fist fight?Bootsy and I did dress the same, in hopes of avoiding a cocaine-fueled argument. Did it pay off? I guess you will have to come and hang out  with us to discover the answer.For ALL things Owen Hunt (Bootsy Greenwood) got to BootsyGreenwood.comOr find him on Instagram @bootsygreenwood
Chickenpox Party

Chickenpox Party


Ya'll this timeline is fucking with me and I just had to get a few things off my chest.Wanna hear a little about Ghislaine Maxwell and her father Robert? Well, don't get too excited. I can barely keep my thoughts together. But, I try.I am a little mad, a little sad and finding my inner bad(die). Put earmuffs on your gummy bears for this one.
They Live

They Live


Are Rittenhouse, Aubrey and Floyd all becoming part of the same storyboard in your brain?  It's meant to. You are meant to regurgitate exactly what they want. Eat the grass and regurgitate the cud. Are you being looshed? Yes!Wanna talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Are you holding yourself on some kind of pedestal thinking your "News" is better? Did you just mentally judge my RHOBH, but then self-validate that "The News" isn't "garbage entertainment?” Then this might be just the episode for you.With Scorpio Season in the can and another Birthday in the books, I just wanna hang out with you "bunnies." Let's get gummy, let's get cute, let's get extra weird. Shit, let’s talk some Taxicab Confessions and Real Sex. Too far? Let's be contrarian to ourselves.
Ever think there is more to human history than the winners are telling us about? Think there is more to Mary, than just being a Virgin or a whore? Do you theorize about Isis and wonder about Malala? Have you ever heard the concept of Pope Joan? If you feel like the divine female has been "Holy Ghosted" out of history, are questioning the narrative of the last few years or are just wanting a completely other perspective, then this is just the episode for you.I sit down with New York Times bestselling author, cartoonist and incredible artist, Marisa Acocella. We go through her book, "The Big She-Bang - The Herstory of The Universe According to God the Mother.” She blows my mind with "her" story of our realm and how we came to be. Get your pen and paper ready, we’ve got some rabbit holes in this one.For ALL things Marisa Acocella go to: MarisaAcocella.comOr, find her on Instagram @marisaacocella
Welcome to The End Game. You rolling up your sleeve for the Fauci Facade? Or, are you about to walk away from a job that you love? If your answer is closer to the latter, you are going to like this episode.I sit with half of False Reality Check and get down to all the real puzzling questions of this lifetime. Like, how far is a government allowed to push before you pick up and go? What is it like being married to your soulmate? Or, would you rather hook up with Kamala "The Neck" Harris, or Lori "Beetlejuice" Lightfoot? I may take Leggs a little off the rails, but I think you will like the outcome.For all things False Reality Check: go to on Instagram, @frcpod on Twitter or show support on
Chances Are

Chances Are


I am trying an impromptu show, just cuzz. Let's see how this rolls.On this episode, I chat a little about the super computer in Tyler, Texas, that may or may not run our entire simulation. Who's to say? I lose my train of thought more than once, eat bullets for breakfast and try not to murder my effing dog.Have you ever heard of The Gullah? Do you speak in palindrome? Are you kinda glad the Twin Towers are gone? Welp, this is the show for you. "Chances are” we will fall onto something.For all things Project Chaney:Instagram: @projectchaney & @chaney_in_wonderland
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