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Defending Idaho Podcast

Author: R K

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Defending Idaho foregoes politics in favor of principles. We urge people to think Right and Wrong, not Right and Left! True principles always apply, no matter which "side of the aisle" you are on. We tend to focus on universal principles, and show how they can be applied in your everyday life, whether you live in Idaho, or not!
6 Episodes
How do true principles apply to the discussion of homosexuality? What is a proper attitude? Can we love people and still disagree with them? Do we have to accept the modern narrative of being divisive and hateful? What does this have to with "civil rights"?
Why can't we just make money out of thin air? What are the consequences for doing so? Where did the federal government get the power to tax us? Why should I care?
What are rights, and what do they have to do with the Tenth Amendment? What about my "human rights"? My "Constitutional rights"? Where's my free stuff?!?
What is the First Amendment all about, anyway? Why the heck do we need free speech? Shouldn't we shut everyone up if they say offensive things? But, but… muh feelings!!!
What is the Second Amendment all about? Why do we have it? Did the federal government grant us gun rights that they can take away from us? What is a militia, and why does it matter today?
What is the Constitution? Why was it created? What makes it special? Can the President change it anytime he chooses? Does it establish rulers over the States? Why should I care?
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