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Grab your headphones and join Dave Newick – CEO of estate planning software specialist, – as he explores matters affecting the estate planning industry, while sharing his best recommendations on how to build a consistent growth engine for your business. With special guests representing a wide range of sectors, each episode will provide tangible takeaways for businesses of all sizes.
8 Episodes
At Arken, our industry research has uncovered three ways in which we believe the Great Wealth Transfer will impact the estate planning market. These are: The rise of digital competitors Tomorrow’s clients – a new target audience Digital transformation  Listen to our team run through the findings and discuss each challenge in detail.
In this podcast host David Opie (TWP) is joined by CEO Dave Newick. A “technologist” in an industry where technology adoption has traditionally been slow, Dave shares his thoughts on whether the private client  is ready for a technology revolution, or whether it will be more of an evolution.Add in to the mix a host of wider demographic and economic considerations includingthe generational change occurring in legal services as long standing baby-boomers and Gen-X solicitors retirelaw firm consolidationa period of slower economic growth with a focus on process efficiency where research has shown up to 50% of a solicitors time can be spent re-keying datathe largest transfer of wealth in history with $38.8tn transferring from baby-boomers and Gen-X to Millennials and Gen-Z before 2060and the industry is ripe for change.Dave discusses his thoughts on the changing dynamics of the industry, the way technology adoption is being driven by younger members of the profession, and how important being “technology-enabled” is as a recruitment tool for law firms.
In this episode, Dave Newick, CEO of estate planning software specialist,, is joined by founder and CEO, Nick Cousins from Exizent -  a cloud-based platform aiming to connect the data and services used by legal services firms, institutions, and executors to make managing the probate process easier.Nick begins by explaining his background and giving the reasons as to why he decided to build Exizent. They discuss how and Exizent’s partnership can help create some synergy and therefore solve some of the problems in the industry, also explaining why partnerships of this sort are so important and what value this could bring to practitioners. Nick explains the process he adopted to build Exizent, including some of the problems that he discovered whilst going through this process. They then explore how financial services organisations are affected by estate administration and the potential to help improve this. The episode ends by Dave and Nick discussing where they believe the industry is heading over the next 3 to 5 years. 
In this episode, Dave Newick, CEO of estate planning software specialist,, is joined by CEO, Jonathan Barrett, and Clinical Director, Tim Farmer from Comentis – A Cognitive Assessment Engine. Dave and Tim begin by discussing matters effecting the estate planning industry, including trends happening in the mental capacity space; the move towards online assessments as a result of COVID-19 and trends in memory capacity in relation to demographics. They also examine where the industry is heading.Dave and Jonathan move on to review the Comentis app – what does it do and how does it work with the problems being addressed? Again, they conclude by examining where this will go in the future. 
For 2021 Remember a Charity Week, Dave Newick interviews Rob Cope from Remember A Charity.  Dave and Rob discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the charity sector and the perfect storm it has created as well as the role of Remember A Charity,  the enormous amount of legacy giving in the UK, and what the future might look like in this area.  They also discuss the opportunity that technology is playing and might play to assist with future legacy giving and how you can broach the subject with your clients of leaving money to charity in their Will.'s Business Broadcasts explores business success and innovation in the estate planning sector. Episode 3:In this episode Dave speaks with Charlotte Lockhart,  founder and CEO of 4 Day Week Global. A non for profit established by Charlotte Lockhart and Andrew Barnes to provide a platform for like-minded people who are interested in supporting the idea of the 4 day week as a part of the future of work. Charlotte is a business advocate, investor and philanthropist with more than 25 years’ experience in multiple industries locally and overseas.In this episode Charlotte and Dave discuss the 4 day week, which have recently made a formal policy, exploring the concept, and how it can improve productivity in your business.'s Business Broadcasts explores business success and innovation in the estate planning sector. Episode 2:Dave Newick, CEO of estate planning software specialist,, is joined by Samson Consulting's Nick Jervis. Nick is a former solicitor, but since 2003 has worked full time with legal service providers to grow their business’ fast. He is the author of the Amazon best selling book, The Law Firm Growth Formula, in which he shares his formula for growing a legal services business. Nick serves clients across the globe and is renowned for increasing the turnover and profits of more legal services business than any other marketing consultant in the sector. During this episode Dave and Nick discuss marketing in the legal services industry, exploring common mistakes, and some successful strategies you can put in place.'s Business Broadcasts explores business success and innovation in the estate planning sector. Episode 1: Dave Newick, CEO of estate planning software specialist,, is joined by Operations Director, Ian Peace, and Legal Services Director, Helen Claydon, from Simpler Law – one of the largest providers of private client legal services in the UK. During this first episode, Helen and Ian share with listeners how putting the client journey first during its first five years has led to exponential growth – including selecting the right technology partners to meet changing client demand.
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