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This a step-in and step-out sequence designed to catch your brain in its normal alpha state and entrain you into a deep theta state and then step yo back into alpha at the end.   This is a 20-minute track for meditating.
An ancient chant enhanced with isochronic tones to help you drift into sleep.Photo by Prince Kumar from Pexels
Isochronic tuned to ramp you into a trance state to help you fall into an abyss of sleep.  
Pillow Tones an isochronic sleep aid - perfectly tuned isochronic tones to drop your brain into a theta state and induce sleep.
This combines the chanting of Om 108 times with isochronic tones at 2 hz. Chanting om 108 times has long been known to have extremely powerful effects on us, but we found just listening to it with isochronic tones, puts us to sleep fast and reliably. We hope it works for you and if so please let us know in the comments.
A good story to put you to sleep - Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Make sure you are not driving or doing anything that requires you to be awake or paying attention. This white noise and isochronic tones at 2hz track will put you to sleep. If ischronic's and white noise work for you then it will really knock you out quick, so be careful that you are lying down and ready for bed.DO not use headphones. Just play through any stereo speakers, and have a great night's sleep. If this does not work for you, we are really sorry, but these techniques do not work for everyone. We hope you find something that does.
Gentle Ocean Waves crashing to help you crash out and sleep sound
Bedtime Story - Rudyard Kipling - How a Camel got its Hump (isochronic enhanced)
Beyond the golden light - Matthew Sigmon enhanced with a Isochronic Tone at  hz
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