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Destroy The Hairdresser is an industry podcast dedicated to helping salon owners and stylists salon differently.
67 Episodes
Cyd and David talk about the power of giving and charity. This episode gets deep, powerful, and practical. Learn how to line your business up with the power of giving!
You don’t want to miss this episode! Cyd and David discuss a powerful new approach to the future of commission salons. Forget what you thought you knew, and join the conversation!
Cyd and David are finally back in the studio! In this episode they share some knowledge on how to fill your books! Stay safe and productive during these tough times with these 8 modern tools.
David and Cyd sit down with Kristy Ramos, also known as @sunflowerandscissors, and talk all things hair and systematic racism, sexism, Instagram, the industry, and more! Check it out!
Cyd and David get to spend an hour with Keya Neil and discuss all things race in the beauty industry. Gear up for a great episode y’all.
Sonia Yarkhani talks all things elevation with Cyd and David! Burnout, passion, and how to find that balance is the topics of today’s episode.
What does energy have to do with hair color? According to Roxie Darling, everything!
David and Cyd are having a blast with April Kayganich in their latest episode! April, also know as @_thehafrican on Instagram, shares her stories and her laughs with us. Tune in to join the conversation.
What do Hair Camp and High Five Salon have in common? His name is Sam Hills! Cyd and David sit with Sam to discuss Hair Camp, how it started, and what it looks like in the future.
Meet Tatum Neill, the creator of Elevate Hair! Tune in to hear how it started, how to get involved, and what the future holds for this rule break event.
Cyd and David got the chance to chat with Jayne Matthews, owner of Edo Salon, and hear her story. They discuss all things San Fran, shags, and Victorian mullets! 
Cyd Charisse and David Bosscher talk safe spaces, affirmative pricing, and all things queer with Kristin Rankin from The Dress Code Project!
Cyd & David talk business growth with Garrett Markenson, owner of Reverie. This trio talks about surviving in a time of crisis and cultivating creativity for the future. Enjoy!
The pandemic is here and has David and Cyd quarantined in their apartments. Have no fear, our zoom podcast is here! Tune in to get your tune up with these two quarenteenies.
Cyd and David get some Skype time with Roxie Jane Hunt. Listen in as they discuss the creative process, carving out space in the industry, and the power of brushing your hair. If you listen to the end there may be a gift waiting for you! 🎁 
Cyd and David set out to have a “silly” podcast and end up embarking on a deeper conversations regarding leadership and income. Tune in for some salon consciousness and funny stories. 
Freedoms means taking control of your career. Whether you’re an independent stylist, commission hairdresser, or a salon owner. David and Cyd discuss some stories, tools, and ideas about freedom in our industry.
Cyd and David spend 30 minutes breaking down the important of boundaries and consistency. Did you hear what Buzzfeed suggested for clients? Tune in to hear it all. 💛
It’s the end of another year and we do so with our 50th episode. All of us here at Destroy The Hairdresser are so thankful for our fans and listeners. We will continue to bring you even better episodes in 2020. Happy New Year to everyone!
Rated the "most fun" David and Cyd have ever had on a podcast, meet the lovely Jikaiah! A hairdresser on mission to help empower women in the hair industry. Tune in and get woke.
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