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The Derek Loudermilk Show (The Art of Adventure)

Author: Derek Loudermilk: Bestselling Author, Professional Adventurer, High Performance Business Coach, and Founder of AdventureQuest

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The Derek Loudermilk show is your home for: Adventure, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Science, and Peak Performance! This podcast is designed to bring you to a world class understanding and take you in-depth on these topics so you can expand your consciousness, transform your life, and get to the cutting edge. Derek Loudermilk is a professional adventurer, bestselling author, business strategist, and digital nomad. If you want to learn how to be a professional adventurer, listen to the interviews with Johan Ernst Nilson, Chase Boerhringer, Mike Spencer Bown, Antesa Jensen, and Sean Conway. If you want to learn about running a location independent business, listen to interviews with David Wood, John Abbot, Danny Flood, Estela Kun, Fabian Dittrich, and Jackie Nourse. If you want to learn about optimizing human potential, listen to episodes with Chris McDougall, Jeff Shapiro, Rick Hanson, Ron Malhotra, and Melissa Stangl.
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Today's guest, Dr. James V. Hardt, is the Founder of The Biocybernaut Institute and an expert in training with biofeedback. He has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins and other high-powered executives to elevate states of intelligence and consciousness for over 40-years.Dr. Hardt is the president and founder of Biocybernaut Institute, Inc. The Institute has centers located in the United States, Canada and Germany. Biocybernaut offers 7 day intensive brainwave training programs.Dr. Hardt has devoted his life to the study of the electrophysiological basis of advanced spiritual states. He has traveled the globe in pursuit of his research, and to India especially to study advanced Yogis, withhis technology. From Zen masters to Christian prayer, Dr. Hardt has continued his relentless pursuit of advanced brainwave and meditation connections that allow people to become the best form of themselves that they can be including such positive results as:• reducing limitations and addictions• experiencing more joy, less anxiety• improving health and awareness• developing more meaningful relationships Dr. Hardt is a celebrated research scientist with an established history of over 40 years in the study and research of biofeedback. Hardt has authored or co-authored countless scientific research papers on the subject and he currently has more than 30 patents for the core technology, headset, training methodology and brain-centered portion of various virtual reality applications. His findings have been published in numerous scholarly journals such as Science, Psychophysiology, and the Journal of Experimental Psychology, just to name a few. Dr. Hardt has also spoken in front of the United Nations. Dr. Hardt received a Bachelor of Science degree in physics from Carnegie Institute of Technology, as well as a master’s degree, and Ph.D., in psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University. What you’ll learn in this episode: How it is possible to use brainwaves to remotely assassinate someoneHow he measured the first ever Kundalini AwakeningHow consciousness interacts with the brainHow your personality is a function of brainwavesThe brainwaves of creativity Quotes "I'm motivated to help people to raise consciousness and usher in a golden age for all humanity." - Dr. James Hardt "Brainwaves rule!" - Dr. James Hardt "Your personality is a function of the brainwaves you are running" - Dr. James Hardt "A lot of people tried to stop me from doing this work." - Dr. James Hardt "Psychologists have physics envy because physics have formulas, psychology doesn't." - Dr. James Hardt "People who are having an active sexual relationship are a tuned to each other's brainwaves" - Dr. James Hardt "Delta wave, in my experience, are the most powerful waves." - Dr. James Hardt "In 1988, I was privileged to record, for the first time in science, the brain waves of kundalini." - Dr. James Hardt Continue the Adventure: James Hardt's website Instagram: Other Episodes You Will Love: Ashley Wiegand | Using Neurofeedback for Peak Performance Robert Waggoner | The Wild World of Lucid Dreaming
In this episode, Nik Wood and I have a friendly conversation about global goals and the direction for humanity. What it would take to heal collective trauma in order to move to a place where people can be resourced enough to create a vision of the future together. I lived with Nik for a year in Bali and as we recorded this episode he had moved from Bali for the first time in year. Little did I know - after we recorded this that he was going to come visit me for Christmas this year! Nik is the host of Life Athletics, and this episode was featured on both of our shows. What you’ll learn in this episode: How Nik recovered from his Traumatic Head injuryThe process that Nik put himself though for healing childhood healingHow to change your outlook from "What is wrong and whose fault is it?" To, "What do I want and How do I get it?" Quotes "As a species we are operating as a person with trauma and no clear goals"- Nik Wood "Leaders have gone from sharing a dream to avoiding a nightmare"- Nik Wood "What would a healthy global human society look like?- Nik Wood "Disagreements are normal"- Nik Wood "The things that you think you need to work on, aren't the things you need to work on. Things that you've been ignoring are the things you need to work on." - Nik Wood "It took me until I recovered from the skull fracture to know that my inner-game is not the same as before." - Nik Wood "One of the great gifts is waking up with gratitude." - Nik Wood Continue the Adventure: Nik Wood's Podcast Nik Wood's Facebook Nik Wood on Instagram Ido Portal - Movement Culture John Gottman - Relationship expert Other Episodes You Will Love: AOA 139 | Nik Wood | The Life Athletics Level Up Sprint Is Your Own Nervous System Keeping You Trapped? With Antesa Jensen Michael Thornhill | Founder of Casa Galactica, Ayahuasca Retreat Center, on Healing Trauma and Channeling Interdimensional Beings
Today's Guest is Jason Garner, who I connected with immediately because of his authenticity, insight, and passion about the state of the world. Lots of people have been calling on Jason for guidance, and you will see why in this interview. Jason is a husband and father, he spent the first 37 years of his life working his way up from flea market parking attendant to former executive CEO of Global Music at Live Nation —never taking a breath in the belief that to be loved he had to be the best. He has worked with rock stars and sports legends and was twice named to Fortune magazine’s list of the top 20 highest-paid executives under 40. A series of events centering on the sudden death of his mother from cancer caused him to re-evaluate what really mattered in life…and to finally breathe. He has spent thousands of hours sitting cross-legged at the feet of timeless Masters of mind, body and spirit including learning from the monks at the Shaolin Temple in China.  What you’ll learn in this episode: The special powers of the musical artist to sense the collectiveHow the death of his mother changed his life trajectoryHow and why he achieved his business success early in lifeA special story about Enrique Iglesias Quotes "Most of us will not wake up without being shaken up" - Jason Garner "It's time to write when something punches me in the heart and I know I have to share it" - Jason Garner "I was at the Shaolin Temple and couldn't figure out how I got there"- Jason Garner "I wish that somewhere along the line someone had told me that 'You're making a human'. Because that's much different than 'making my kid'. There's selfishness in 'making my kid' and there's a service in 'making a human." - Jason Garner "It's okay to miss the little version of [your children], while also being supportive and proud of what they are growing in to." - Jason Garner "If everyday we focus on moving the ball down the field into some degree, you wake up at the end of the year pretty proud of what you accomplished." - Jason Garner "I have scored a lot of points; I don't think of hitting homeruns very much because the striking-out in the real world is a very painful and costly experience" - Jason Garner "Life just keeps pulling the rag from underneath you." - Jason Garner "The miracle is not walking on water. It's walking on the earth." - Jason Garner "Artists are really attuned. And they are also very attuned to pain because what is being expressed through art is a way of asking 'Do you love me now?'" - Jason Garner "Some people say 'We're on the same boat', that's not true. Some of us have bigger, nicer boats. Some people have no boats. We are in this ocean together."- Jason Garner "Feels to me that the most important thing that has to be addressed is our own hearts. All of us." - Jason Garner "Meditation is a practice of intimacy, not this violent doing that we try 'I need to clear my mind' or 'I need to experience emptiness'. " - Jason Garner "Listening is important but we need to train ourselves to get quiet enough to know what you're listening to." - Jason Garner Continue the Adventure Jason Garner's Website Jason Garner on Facebook Jason Garner on Twitter
The 5 Topics we will explore in this Episode: What is Holographic Reality? What it really means.Does Race really exist? A look at genetic diversity among Kenya and Norwegian endurance runnersThe 'Adjacent Possible' and my short career betting on Horse RacingWhat I learned about marketing from the local homeless populationGravel Race Report from a bike race in the Ozarks I did this summer
Stefan Grafstein is a coach, speaker, author, and adventurer. He's the founder of Live Ignited, facilitating human potential through adventure, ceremony, and mindfulness. Stefan has been leading retreats and workshops to create more freedom, success, and meaning in life since 1999. Stefan is a big wave surfer, backcountry snowboarder, class 5 river guide, kite surfer, and backcountry snow kiter. He is also an award-winning cognitive neuroscience researcher, and has an MA in spiritual psychology and be in developmental psychology. What you’ll learn in this episode: The 6 stages of riskUnderstanding risk through adventure sportsHow to approach risk in and what that means to creating an expanded version of yourselfHow to understand and harness the "No Mind" state Quotes: "The most powerful transformation I have found are Vision Quests"-Stefan Grafstein"the worlds needs more people who can hold multiple conflicting views simultaneously" -Stefan Grafstein"When you sit at the top of a mountain its like looking into infinity" -Stefan Grafstein"Awe can bring us into the inner-knowing." -Stefan Grafstein"I love being an adventurer. Is it really right to be in offices 8 or 6 hours a day?" -Stefan Grafstein"Adventure sports are a path to wisdom, a spiritual practice." -Stefan Grafstein"Do what is yours to do, and do that which you cannot not do." -Stefan Grafstein Continue the Adventure Stefan Grafstein's website Stefan Grafstein on Facebook Stefan Grafstein on Instagram Stefan Grafstein's YouTube Channel
When I encountered a statue of Alexander von Humboldt in my local park and the plaque read "In honor of the most accomplished traveller of this or any other age", I knew I had to learn more about his life Humboldt statue in Tower Grove Park It turns out, there is a fantastic, award winning book about Humboldt: The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt's New World by Andrea Wulf. This is what I learned from Alexander von Humboldt Amazing things about Humboldt: Humboldt was friends with Thomas Jefferson and Goethe and second in fame only to Napoleon in his dayHumboldt was the first person to describe many of the phenomenon of biology and ecology - it pervades out understanding of nature today He was the first person to climb over 20000 ftWas the first scientific explorer to do an expedition to South AmericaWas one of the first scientist to speak out against slavery by the East India companyInvited by the Czar of Russia to explore Siberia where he discovered diamondsRelated to the Prussian Royal familyHumboldt has more things named after him around the world than anyone else
Today's guest in The Derek Loudermilk Show is a good friend of mine, Antesa Jensen. In this episode, we talk about psychological safety and, for how for so many people, this is holding us back. We believe this is super important to the next step in humanity. I always get so much from talking with Antesa - she helps me see things in a new way. In this conversation, I wanted to talk about what we need to know to show up more powerfully, lovingly and productive in our lives, and what I discovered totally surprised me. The context of how we operate - our nervous systems, belief structures from society, how we think about certainty or problems and solution - everything is here for you to consider in a new way. How quickly you are able to grow and evolve as a person depends on how well you understand your own stress response and nervous system. What you’ll learn in this episode: How to be authentic, vulnerable, and compassionate in the work environmentHow to be confident charging high prices for your serviceHow your nervous systems keeps you from feeling safeHow to start to see the frame of reference you are operating inWhat is psychological safety and why it is so importantHow to show up resourced for everything you doWhy it is important to know your reactivity styleThe pitfalls of certainty Quotes "Most Americans don't even know what it is like to have psychological safety, they are in a constant state of reactivity" - Antesa Jensen "I charge for what my clients are capable of doing in our work together"- Antesa Jensen "One agreement we have in the west is that there are problems and solutions. But you can get lost in the tyranny of the How"- Antesa Jensen "Create a relationship where you see both the divinity and the humanity in a person"- Antesa Jensen "We have a responsibility to make sure that women don't just push men down as a means to pull ourselves up and create the opposite problem."- Antesa Jensen "In the professional world - people have been leaving their vulnerability and authenticity at the door"- Antesa Jensen "You experientially learn vulnerability by being seen and heard by someone" - Antesa Jensen "Be skeptical of certainty - If you have an idea of your path, its not your path, its someone else's path" - Antesa Jensen "Following a model too closely pulls you away from authenticity" - Antesa Jensen Continue the Adventure Antesa Jensen's website Antesa Jensen on Facebook Antesa Jensen on Instagram Antesa Jensen's YouTube Channel
Francis Tapon is an adventurer, author, and Harvard MBA who's been to all countries in Africa and also in Eastern Europe. He was on a quest to learn what ideas he could bring back to America from these different parts of the world Francis also climbed the highest mountain in every African continent during his trip and met his wife Rejoice in Western Africa. What you’ll learn in this episode: What happened on Francis' multi-year trip around AfricaLearn about the laws and borders in Africa What kind of vehicle do you need to drive all over Africa?The story of how Francis got lost with his wife and brother-in-law in the dessertHow Francis met his wife in Africa Quotes "We underestimate how hard it was for the explorers in the 19th Century who went to places." - Francis Tapon "Wealth is a relative thing. Africa doesn't feel wealthy to outsiders, but my wife felt rich growing up in Africa"- Francis Tapon "The thing that hurt Africa's self-esteem more than anything else is the media; the television."- Francis Tapon "You'll feel blessed [when you visit Africa] because it's a wonderful place to remind you [of your blessings]."- Francis Tapon "One thing we can learn from Africa - Africans are super good at forgiving." - Francis Tapon "In general, borders [in Africa] had never been easier to travel." - Francis Tapon Continue the Adventure Francis Tapon's website Francis Tapon on Facebook Francis' YouTube Channel
Dreamtime is one of the most powerful tools I teach my clients for growing their business. Using nightly dreamtime can be your secret weapon to making more money, having better relationships, creative problem solving, decision making, healing yourself, or faster manifestations. I've been using dreamtime for the last 5 years - initially to be able to go on adventures even while I couldn't travel (because I was about to be a new dad) The global pandemic has enhance the powers of dreamtime because so many more people are sharing the same experience - it amplifies the collective unconscious I've had some amazing insights from dreams - which house to buy, which employee to hire, even co- dreaming with my son I've even had friends go on dates after guidance I got in dreamtime You can benefit from using your intent before bedtime - even if you usually never remember your dreams or don't have lucid dreaming experience.
Today's guest is the founder of Casa Galactica, Michael Thornhill, a retreat center in the Peruvian Amazon. We're gonna hear how Michael went from substance addicted corporate headhunter to moving to founding this retreat center. This episode is significant because we get into the subject of childhood trauma and healing - Michael experienced ritual abuse as a child and Ayahuasca was a major part of his healing and recovery process form this. We talk about the widespread nature of trauma and what tools are available to help heal and move past such events. In the second part of the episode we get to experience Michael channeling the consciousness of a group of interdimensional beings - in this instance represented by the "Arcturian Collective" - I ask about Time, Dimensions, Densities, Pets, Love, and Astrology What you will learn in this episode: Michael's healing journey from trauma. How ritual abuse leads to power derived from fearAn introduction to sacred plant medicineComparing the nature of cannabis vs. ayahuascaAyahuasca as only one part of a much larger traditionThe nuts and bolts on how Michael runs his retreat center.Michael's interactions with the Shipibo shamansChannelling the Galactic Beings on the second part of the episode. Quotes "The plants have their own language which is transmitted through songs, and healing happens in these songs" - Michael Thornhill "You can hear the songs of the plants if you meditate with the plants." - Michael Thornhill "The purpose of time is to learn things in a specific way - without time, it is difficult to process learning"- The Galactic Beings "The healing of trauma will give us the space to feel feelings we haven't felt"- Michael Thornhill "What is important about healing trauma is that we don't turn away. Blocking Pain also blocks love" - Michael Thornhill "You are going to have an easier time when you ask for help"- Michael Thornhill Continue the Adventure Casa Galactica Michael Thornhill Living the Law of One Episodes You Will Love Jackie Van Campen | Channeling the Beings of Light Beth Weinstein | Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, and Business
Dylan Magaster Today's guest is the YouTuber Dylan Magaster, who lives on a sailboat he bought, and travel the Mediterranean. Previously Dylan spend 2 years living in a van he converted, and before that was a backpacker. He made a deal with his mom that if he didn't make it financially as a YouTuber in 5 years, he would quit and try something else. Before he hit it on the magic formula with his Florb YouTube Channel, Dylan had started 9 different YouTube channels - from Challenges, sketch comedy, travel vlogging to daily news and abandoned buildings. In one stretch he created a video each day for 70 days. When we connected for this interview Dylan and his boat the SV Arianrhod were in dry dock in Tunisia for repairs What you will learn in this episode: What it takes to make a successful YouTube video and channelThe challenges of living on a sailboat vs. van lifeDifferent cultures around the Mediterranean seaHow Dylan balances Youtube filming and production with sailing, travel and sailboat repairs Quotes "Living on the sea, you are constantly in an environment that wants to destroy you"- Dylan Magaster "When you understand how the wind works, you get to know a country's geography better" - Dylan Magaster "The most important skill for YouTube is how to tell a story"- Dylan Magaster "If you don't know where your limits are, you can't push past them and you don't grow"- Dylan Magaster "Having basic survival skills in important for everyone - it helps avoid existential angst" - Dylan Magaster "I love how so many countries have naps built into their work schedule"- Dylan Magaster "Dreaming and visioning is a skill...You can only dream to the limit of your imagination" - Dylan Magaster "You are way more capable than you think you are" - Dylan Magaster Continue The Adventure FLORB Youtube Channel Dylan Magaster YouTube Channel Dylan Magaster on Instagram
Today's guest on the Derek Loudermilk Show is a former breakdancer, who has curated a massive Instagram network with 220 million followers, Zach Benson. Zach is the founder of Assistagram and he helps influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities grow and interact with their business. In this episode, he talks to us about his life as an Instagram travel influencer and how he sets up his relationship with luxury hotels around the world. You will also hear how Zach became a breakdancer and made his way to be featured on TV multiple times on "So you think you can dance" What you’ll learn in this episode: How to connect with other influencers and celebrities to grow your business.What is working to grow in an Instagram right nowThe secret influencer ecosystem where everyone winsNew ways to over-deliver value to collaboratorsThe specific flow of new customers from Zach's Instagram to a Forbes article to a lead magnet to a chat to a Facebook groupHow to create a value stack of multiple offersIf you should buy an Instagram account with lots of followers Quotes "If you want a high growth business, you have to make people feel loved and respected" - Zach Benson "Giving gifts to people with big audiences saves money and makes money"- Zach Benson "I try to find other people that are way better than me"- Zach Benson "I work from 'How can I complete blow these hotels away and have them say WOW, you have done your homework?"- Zach Benson "Help people that are another level above you"- Zach Benson Continue the Adventure Assistagram Zach on Instagram Other Episodes You Will Love How Instagram is Changing the Way People Travel AOA 164 | Elise Darma | Driving Your Business With Instagram
It's easier to be epic than it is to be average. I want to tell you that it is easier to be world class, it's easier to do big, challenging, and amazing things than it is to simply be average. Look at people like Richard Branson. They jump out of an airplane before breakfast, and then they make a billion dollars. They make it look fun and easy- that could be what it would be like for you too! Because of our school system, we are all trained to simply know how it takes to pass. As a result, you think inside of the box- one that was set by other people for you. Until you start thinking outside the box, you'll never start thinking outside of the box. When you start thinking bigger and taking on much bigger challenges, you're going to get the fire and motivation inside your belly. You are going to get so much momentum. You will start seeing things happening, things that you never would have expected to happen if you stayed with the normal, average course. "The universe is conspiring to help you." - Paulo Coelho Take for example, Oliver White. He is a fishing guy who, all of a sudden, decided that he wanted to explore rivers and fish that have never been caught by fly fishing before. Not only that, he wanted to teach the local people how to create a sustainable lodge and a fishing industry for themselves. Nobody has ever thought of doing that before! But now, he is featured all over media. People are behind his mission, and he created so much momentum. There was a time I wanted to raise money for my birthday, so I approached the organizers of a local mansion party. I told them that I wanted them to host this party for me and raise money for charity. They said yes, and it was the biggest party that they had ever thrown, and the most successful for all of us. As soon as you start thinking unreasonably - outside the box - amazing things start happening for you. While everybody else is competing for the same average slice of pie. My friend Chase Boehringer just set the world record for highest motorcycle. He had more than 75 people and businesses who sponsored this expedition. He asked them for help, and they were on board. They were excited to support this big, world record project. How can you start thinking bigger? If you have been thinking average your whole life, start with this line of thinking: What would I do if I had the support of celebrities, or billionaires, or all my friends? What would I do if I knew that I couldn't fail? What would I do if somebody gave me a hundred million dollars to make this thing a reality? What would I do if I stopped being reasonable? It takes some time to change your thinking. It takes time asking the right questions to open your thinking. It's a creative process. Even then when you come up with a big, exciting, scary, audacious idea, your ego is going to tell you not to do it to try to keep you safe. The Australians have this thing called "tall poppy syndrome". It's going to tell you not to grow above the crowd or you will get chopped off. Keep your head down, work hard, and stay in your lane. This is backwards thinking - we all know people who work hard for a long time and have anything to show for it. And this used to be me. So, start changing the questions you are asking to yourself. What happens if you don't start taking big and bold actions? You are just going to be right where you are. More and more people are going to try and do the same thing competing for scarce resources, and trying to be average. You are going to lose momentum and run out of steam. Your business is going to hit these plateaus. How long will you be able to sustain that? You are going to be limited by the constraints of being average. Start being unreasonable. Start practicing thinking outside the box. Start changing the questions that you ask for yourself so that you can expand the challenges that you can take on. Go from zero to one,
“Really asking yourself 'what do I want?' is super important.” – Darcy Gaechter Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is the athlete, kayaker, author, and businesswoman, Darcy Gaechter. Darcy is the first woman to kayak the Amazon source to sea. She shares this great adventure in her book, Amazon Woman. In this episode, Darcy shares how she got into kayaking and where her constant “yes” to whatever she is offered has brought her. She tells us how she started- from her business, getting fired from it, and eventually getting back, to her taking the alternative path and finding true happiness in kayaking at the same time breaking free from the pressure of conformity. Darcy gets to share with us her the struggles and preparation leading to their 148-day epic adventure kayaking through Amazon with her boyfriend Don and their client, Midge, who himself has an interesting background. Darcy also tells us how writing the book was the hard part, and she gives us insights as to why this was so. What you’ll learn in this episode: What is it that allowed Darcy to keep choosing what she wants to do versus what other people are expecting.Where Darcy gets her drive from.What it was like for Darcy growing up.Whether Darcy’s identity changed the way she sees herself.What led Darcy to stick to kayaking and her relationship with this potentially lethal sport.What it was like writing her bookHow Darcy’s trip to the Amazon changed her life. Quotes: “Part of this whole process for me was trying to force myself to be comfortable with my life because I am happy about it and my only unhappiness from my life choices stems from what I perceive to be other people's judgments of it and so I have been making a real effort not to worry about them.” – Darcy Gaechter“I prioritize my own happiness.” – Darcy Gaechter“If you know what you want, you should consider yourself lucky.” – Darcy Gaechter“Really asking yourself what do I want is super important.” – Darcy Gaechter“Just really working hard on finding peace with what you want to do and chasing after it, is going to be the most fulfilling way to go through life because if you do everything you are supposed to do and at the end of the day realize that you didn't do one thing that you wanted, it's not going to make for a happier fulfilling life.” – Darcy Gaechter“At the end of the line, if I can say like I follow my true path even though I let others down because I didn't do what they expected I would do, I think I would be happier for it.” – Darcy Gaechter “I encourage you to figure out what it is that you want and chase after it at all costs” – Darcy Gaechter Continue the Adventure: Darcy Gaechter Facebook @darcygaechter Small World Adventures Facebook @smallworldadv Kayak the Amazon Other Episodes You Will Love: Paul Kuthe | Sea Kayak Surfing Pioneer Johan Ernst Nilson | The Activist Adventurer Sean Conway | Adventurer Extraordinaire | Adventure is a State of Mind
Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is the channel and medium, Jackie Van Campen. As a medium, Jackie can talk with those who have transitioned over, or who have passed on. As a channel, she gets information from beings from higher dimensions. Jackie also happens to be my cousin-in-law. We were sitting next to each other at a family reunion recently and I got really excited about her work as a channel and wanted to bring that experience to you! In this episode, we dig into the world of channeling. To those who are unfamiliar, the practice of channeling is when a person’s voice/mind/body is allowed to be a vehicle for another conscious being - in Jackie’s case, Beings of Light, for the purpose of communication. Here, Jackie takes us through an actual channeling and you to experience it with her. We get to listen to the message about stepping up, finding our purpose and doing our part, and the value of empathy towards others. If you haven’t experienced channeling, then this is going to open your eyes to a new world of possibility. This is a very fascinating episode. In the first half, Jackie will walk us through what it was like for her to start experiencing channeling and how she accepted that these other beings are able to interact with and speak through her. In the second half, we are going to hear Jackie go into her channeling state. What you’ll learn in this episode: How Jackie describes channeling.How Jackie began channeling and what her influences were that led to her channeling.The ways to learn channeling and how many people out there are also channeling.What happens when Jackie channels.What it is like to be the person who is channeling.A message and conversation with the Beings of Light that Jackie channels. Quotes: “I think we all have this ability, it’s just a matter of, are we open to allow our self to channel.” – Jackie Van Campen “Become curious about your role. What are you being asked to do at this time? Sit with this question every day.” - The Beings of Light“This is an opportune time to step up and to stand in your power.” - The Beings of Light“Let go of your small thinking. Let go of the fear that you are not enough to make a difference.” - The Beings of Light“The ultimate truth is that human beings are being called to dispel the cloak they’ve been wearing, the cloak that keeps them hidden from their own potentiality.” - The Beings of Light“It is important to be aware of what is to come so that you can position yourself in ways to help your fellow human beings.” - The Beings of Light Continue the Adventure: Jackie VanCampen Facebook Instagram Illuminating Souls – Laurel Bleadon-Maffie
“You have to think outside the box, you can’t think like everybody else.” – Debbie Arcangeles Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is the creator of The Offbeat Life, Debbie Arcangeles. Debbie has a podcast of the same name and is also a best selling author. In this episode, we will dig into how Debbie was able to achieve a rapid success as a travel influencer. She shares with how she was able to monetize her podcast really quickly, how she partners with brands, her collaborations and partnerships, and how she thinks outside the box. Debbie is persistent and she is good with finding opportunities where you normally wouldn’t see them. She is a constant learner. She goes for something that she is not good at and then she wants to be really good at it and then think how she can make herself be better. In the future, she sees herself creating more online products and giving people more information, not just podcasting but with their business. Debbie always tells people in remote work to go into different streams of income. She shares her experience with her work and how she got to work with different brands. She reveals to us her ninja skills for finding the right brands to partner with, including her strategy with Facebook ads. Debbie also lets us in to a story about that pivotal moment when she finally decided to be where she is right now. This is really a fun episode where you will learn a ton of things that you will be able to take and use directly in your business.   What you’ll learn in this episode: Debbie’s streams on income and how much, in terms of percentage, she earns from these.What Debbie realized when she started her remote lifestyle.Why Debbie is picky with accepting different work and who she collaborates with.How Debbie got to work with brands and how these brands reached out to her.How the marketing Debbie did for herself helped her extend her reach to different people.Debbie shares impressive details about her strategies, from her routine and her pitching.Debbie’s objectives for her business and her progression.How Debbie came up with the idea of turning free into money. Quotes: “Be super persistent. A no is not a no, it’s just maybe later. So, take those no’s and go with it, cause they’re awesome!” – Debbie Arcangeles“If you are not feeling productive, it’s okay. Give yourself space and time to do that.” – Debbie Arcangeles“Nothing in the beginning comes easy. We all go through our struggles, even the people who look super successful.” – Debbie Arcangeles“I had to turn something off in order to get everything I want.” – Debbie Arcangeles“Although my dreams were coming true, the other part of it, which was my relationship to the people I love, also had to come along with it in order for me to be truly happy. Without one or the other, it just wouldn’t make me complete as a person.” – Debbie Arcangeles “Always create a package for yourself.” – Debbie Arcangeles“You have to think outside the box, you can’t think like everybody else.” – Debbie Arcangeles“It’s about connecting. It’s about giving value to other people. It’s about win-win for everybody.” – Debbie Arcangeles“I always think about these No’s as a learning experience.” – Debbie Arcangeles Continue the Adventure: The Offbeat Life Instagram How to Create a Podcast
Sometime I can't believe Billionaires will go on a podcast with a shirtless guy on the cover... We are celebrating Episode 300! When I first started this podcast, I said I was going to make 300 episodes. Now, it has been about six years, and I can hardly believe that it's finally here! What I have Learned From 300 Episodes My identity and the identity of this podcast have been intertwined when I first came up with the name, The Art of Adventure. It started with the blog. I talked about it with people and they started associating me as "Mr. Adventure". That forced me to become more adventurous. This show has evolved and progressed. Back when I started, I was trying to learn how to travel the world, live abroad, and earn a living- basically live a life of adventure. The podcast started with me, interviewing my friends, and eventually developed a cohesive model and created a well-defined show with guests who talk about adventure, metaphysics, peak performance, and business. In the beginning, I did not really know how to interview, how to produce a podcast, and how to find the right guest. I had to learn as I went. If you track the changes in the world and the changes in my life, and you overlay that on the podcast, there are all these different phases of life that I experienced while we had this continuity of a podcast through 300 episodes. You might be able to see where I'm coming from as the host, in what questions I ask, and the kind of guests I'm bringing on the show. What is cool is that I don't really know what I'd get from these podcasts. I have taken so many ideas from guests. I am now a business coach, because of the influence I had from a guest. From a cycling coach, to a podcast coach, I finally decided on expanding to be a business coach. A guest also suggested that I turn the ideas I get from the podcast and turn them into a book, which, eventually became the Superconductors. Right now, I am working on a book with adventure stories, taking some of the greatest and wildest adventure stories from the podcast. I have grown my Instagram account from ideas I got from guests, too. I also learned to ask more and more audacious things and make "unreasonable requests" in asking for big things. These guests have brought so many ideas that I have incorporated in my life, travels, business, family, and relationships. It has been such an amazing access point, as the host. I hope it has been as well, for you, because when you apply these ideas, such big and dramatic things happen for you and your life. The really important part is that you don't have to get it perfect, but you do need to go and try it. You can learn these concepts, but until you go and try using them, you don't really know the knowledge, or understand how everything works. Right until you go through the experience, you can't ever know what it's like until you do it. Now I can say, I'm a podcaster and I’m not planning on stopping. This is one of the best parts of my business and of my life. I am motivated to continue improving the show and getting these guests on. I want to take this a step further and look at what kind of collaborations and win-win scenarios I can create with my guests. Most of my guests have some mission trying to make the world a better place in their own unique way. If we approach with the idea of how can we co-create together and look at creating win-win scenarios, then I think that is really what is going to help progress our planet, us as humanity, and really looking at how I can help and serve other people. The podcast shapes my identity, but my identity is what allows me to keep podcasting. The Original Podcast Cover Art When We Launched in 2014 When we started this show, what we discovered is the four pillars which I rely on when I coach entrepreneurs. The metaphysics, which is the spiritual side and the newest pillar. Then there's the business skills, where we dig
Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is a spiritual business coach, and my good friend, Beth Weinstein. Beth is of the leaders in the world of plant medicine and psychedelics - and how we can use these to anhance our lives and business. She is the founder of the groundbreaking conference, “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, and Purpose”, along with the world experts on the field. In this episode, Beth talks about the huge exploding potential and rebirth of psychedelics. She shares how she was able to start talking more publicly about her trips and experiences and get to freely share about the medicine path. She also dives into how she helps people utilize her spiritual knowledge and experiences for their business growth. Beth will also take us through her personal journey – how she first became an entrepreneur. She was in the design world, and her first business had nothing to do with coaching at all! Beth is a great storyteller and you are going to love her perspective on how her life and career progressed and evolved as she opened up and followed her spiritual path. What you’ll learn in this episode: How Beth started as an entrepreneur.How Beth knew that it was time to publicly speak about psychedelics and plant-based medicine in her business.How Beth helped other find their true purpose and thrive in their business.Beth’s experiences before she accidentally fell into coaching.Beth’s memorable travel experience on dieta in the jungles of South America Quotes: "If you don't change, the universe will do it for you""The way it works is that the medicine gives you what you need""There is no more reason to hide behind a mask" Continue the Adventure: Beth WeinsteinFacebookInstagramTwitter You Will Also Like: Ashley Wiegand | Using Neurofeedback for Peak Performance Robert Waggoner | The Wild World of Lucid Dreaming
Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is the founder of Nomad Cruise, Johannes Voelkner. Johannes started travelling when the term digital nomad did not even exist yet. He is the founder of the very first digital nomads Facebook group that still exists and grows at present. In this episode, Johannes shares what digital nomadism is and where it is going as movement or a trend, and how it has affected the planet and humanity as a whole. He then takes us to the Nomad Cruise, how it started, why it was created, the organization behind it, and what goes on inside the cruise. Johannes also opens our eyes as to the reality of being a digital nomad and the importance of having a community where you can run home to after all the travel. He tells us that if we want to try being a digital nomad, go ahead, but don’t overcomplicate and don’t change your entire life before going anywhere! On the Nomad Cruise What you’ll learn in this episode: What digital nomadism is and where it going as a movement or a trend. How Nomad Cruise started and why it was created.What happens inside the Nomad Cruise. Johannes’ other business aside from the Nomad Cruise.What digital nomads need.How Johannes spends his time in between cruises. The skills needed to rebuild a network quickly in a new place.The amazing possibilities when living a digital nomad life and the wild preparations involved.How he runs his businessHow digital nomadism is changing the way work gets done. Quotes:  "In the beginning, being a digital nomad felt very lonely because not many people were doing it"- Johannes Voelkner"Almost every person has benefitted economically from being on the Nomad Cruise"- Johannes Voelkner"Now, I believe it is important to have one base - to be a part-time digital nomad"- Johannes Voelkner"I predict people will leave the cities and move to smaller towns because they can work from anywhere"- Johannes Voelkner"Every day on the cruise, you notice how community builds"- Johannes Voelkner Continue the Adventure: Facebook Global Digital Nomad Network Nomad Cruise Nomad Cruise on Facebook Nomad Cruise on Instagram You will also love these episodes: Estela Kun | Creating Freedom X Fest – How To Organize a Major International Festival Eleven Rants and Lessons from Four Years as a Digital Nomad Five-Minute Friday | Digital Nomad Progression
"What better adventure could you possibly have than speaking WHO you want to BE into existence.” – Garrison Cohen Today’s guest on the Art of Adventure podcast is the amazing storyteller and master speaker, my friend and returning guest, Garrison Cohen. Speeches and stories can be judged by the impact they make on their audience. Garrison helps his clients stand on stage and feel the power of their truth - and speak in a way that other people can see and receive that powerful message. Garrison works with CEOs to craft speeches that really capture who they are, why they are doing what they are doing, how they see their work is impacting the world in a positive way. In this episode, Garrison takes me through part of his process - asking questions, as he digs into better ways that I could tell my origin story. Garrison creates stories with such depth and he also brings a team of so many experts who assist in this story-telling process, which is completely unique. Garrison has created a whole system which can be used not just for speaking but can also be applicable to many entrepreneurs, marketers, and thought leaders. What you’ll learn in this episode: Garrison’s first public speaking experience.How Garrison created his business. How Garrison's business is structured around helping people create better stories. How to tap into who you are to effectively convey your personal story.Garrison’s Rocketship system.The skills required and what it takes to be a good speaker Quotes: “I realized I had the ability to tell someone’s story far better than they ever could.” – Garrison Cohen “It takes all the stepping stones that we’ve traversed in our lives that brings us up to who we are now and illuminate them in a way that allows us to see what our path has been. It allows us to see where we came from, where we are, what got us there, and who life is designing us to be.” – Garrison Cohen“What better adventure could you possibly have than speaking who you want to BE into existence.” – Garrison Cohen“The answer is not to add more things to who you are, but it is about letting go of more things in the way of who you are.” – Garrison Cohen“It’s not about being the best, most proficient speaker in the world. It is about knowing how to speak from the deepest level of authenticity of yourself. And that’s actually what makes some of the best speeches ever.” – Garrison Cohen Continue the Adventure: Garrison Cohen Garrison on Facebook
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