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If you are looking to learn about a person who has done it all, then you’ve come to the right place. My guest today, Barbara Daoust, has a resume large enough to fill up a book. She is an acclaimed success coach, an inspirational speaker, creator of the program The Confidence Code and Your Genius Unlocked, and to top it all off; she is the author of the book True Love True Self: A Journey To Self-Love.  Barbara has spent much of her career in the arts, wearing every hat from director to actor to producer. Now she dedicates her life to helping people become the best version of themselves.In this episode, Barbara educates us on the power behind recognizing your truth, connecting with yourself, and embracing the death of the ego. She shares her story of always feeling the need to be a perfectionist, born from past criticisms of not being enough. Barbara is a true testament to what can be achieved when you dismiss your outer (and inner) critic and evolve into an emotionally intelligent and resilient human being.“You’ll never know who you really are until you’ve discovered the parts of yourself you haven’t yet met.” Timestamps:[00:10] Introduction to Barbara Daoust[03:01] Pursuing your heart[04:59] Did leading come naturally?[12:37] Maintaining joy after trauma[15:32] Working with people to help recognize their truth[18:37] Acting coach for the Olsen Twins[20:56] The dying of the old self [22:08] Connecting with self-love[27:01] Igniting the spark[28:08] How do you work with women with are overstudied?[31:06] Addicted to adrenaline[32:32] Reaching emotional intelligence [35:27] Have accountability towards your reality[37:50] Fake it till’ you make it[42:43] Almost getting kicked out of UCLA[45:24] Barbara 10.0 Quotes:-      “So many of us have become so serious in life, that we forgotten that the only way to raise our vibration is through joy.”-      “The perfectionist in me was killing me”-      “It’s not about being attached to the outcomes, it’s about finding the spark”-      “The art of acting is really about standing up and feeling, and giving permission to feeling.” Connect with Barbara:-      Website-      LinkedIn-      Twitter-      Buy her Book: True Love True Self: A Journey To Self-Love Connect with HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
The legal system can be an incredibly cold and impersonal place. People usually think of the best way to defend themselves or withdraw from a lawsuit, but they're not really considering their opponents. With mindfulness, people can focus on the other person's pain and make the legal system more human. Shiobhan Olivero, however, brings new hope to the legal world.Shiobhan is a trial lawyer practicing family law and divorce, and high-level criminal defense, in Florida. She is also a certified divorce coach, an experienced trial lawyer, business owner, adjunct professor, mentor, coach, speaker, and mother. In addition to delivering persuasive arguments to juries, she has given presentations at schools, business conferences, leadership conferences, legal seminars, classrooms, and workshops. With the powerful tools delivered through her presentations and coaching, Shiobhan wants to help and inspire her audiences and clients to be the best people they can be to lead a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled life.  She coaches and helps people find their three personal “P’s” – personal peace, power, and pride- while coming out of painful and challenging times.She has been featured on national and local television and local news publications in the Tampa area.Tune in!In This Episode, You Will Learn: [01:20] Today’s focus; The feminine and law[01:38] A bit about our today’s guest; Shiobhan Olivero[02:51] How Shiobhan brings feminism into law[07:40] How emotional approach brings more love to the legal world[10:57] Common triggers in the society that lead to poor decisions [12:57] At what point do we need to step back and be conscious with our decisions[17:13] Why we need to understand that every decision has consequences[20:08] Children are not affected by your divorce, but how you handle it[26:59] Importance of your truthful expressions[31:00] Why there are very few mindful and compassionate lawyers [35:00] Understanding your anger triggers[37:38] Acts of kindness you can show to people in your daily activities[41:04] Shiobhan’s projects for 2022[42:27] Episode wrap up and calls to actionNotable Quotes●      You should not judge someone based on their records of bad decisions in life.●      Differences among people make them great. ●      Every decision we make has consequences.●      Children are not affected mainly by the parents' divorce, but how they choose to behave after divorce.Connect With Us! Shiobhan OliveroWebsite: Hum, The LoveHackerWebsite: https://www.susanhum.comLinkedIn:
We’re all susceptible to a certain amount of influence that can negatively shift our self-perspective and our perspective of similar cultures and people both near and far. Whether those influences come from our own community, popular culture, or machine learning artificial intelligence online, there’s little we can do to avoid it. Join me in this episode with Shari Foos. Shari’s passion and mission with The Narrative Method is to help peel away participants’ false assumptions and beliefs to help them refocus their perspectives and understanding. Through the modality of storytelling and a practice called “relational mindfulness,” participants are able to develop radical empathy, compassion, and understanding for those around them.Learn more on how to be yourself as a woman in a world that seems to be throwing too much information at us.Tune in!In This Episode, You Will Learn: [02:31] Today’s focus; becoming yourself by taming the inner dialogue[04:26] A bit about our today’s guest; Shari Foos[06:09] What does it mean to tame the inner dialogue?[09:27] Where do you begin integrating inner dialogues in your situations[14:46] How women can express themselves without bribing people[19:22] Women and goal setting[29:43] With Shari’s Narrative method, what outcomes can one expect?[38:38] Block your ears and focus on becoming the best version of yourself[43:08] A key takeaway lesson you can pick from this episode[50:06] Spot opportunities and lessons you can learn from adversities [51:13] Shari’s first love encounter[52:30] Episode wrap up and calls to actionNotable QuotesThere’s a solution to every problem and challenge. Finding it requires a new mindset.Body language and facial expressions make up about 90% of our communications. Everyone has a purpose. Finding it is one of the critical human responsibilities.Sometimes, trying to be appropriate masks us.Being solution-based rather than problem-based will open you to many doors of success.Connect With Us! Shari FoosWebsite: Hum, The LoveHackerWebsite: https://www.susanhum.comLinkedIn:
Empowerment is the act of being able to make choices in your life and taking control of your own destiny. It is an empowering feeling when you know that you have options and can make a difference in your world. People want to feel empowered because it makes them feel better about themselves, more confident, and more like they can make their own successes happen.In today’s episode, we are joined by Martha Aguilar to help us encourage women to take control of their own lives through communities. As a young teen growing up, Martha Aguilar began in the Childcare industry at the young age of 14. For nearly a decade, Martha went from being a recreation counselor to a teacher’s assistant and later a babysitter for over 15 families, and it was clear that her life purpose was to Serve. At 20 years old, Martha would outgrow the childcare industry and had a calling to serve at a larger scale. Through the power of choice, she recreated her identity.Martha is a proud Latina woman living in Northern Jersey Native with diverse surroundings. Throughout the last three years of working in childcare, she committed to working on her self-development and self-teaching many skills that she later monetized down the road. Martha assisted the Leaders of Tomorrow, our children. In October of 2020, Martha transitioned to assist our leaders of Today via Virtual Assisting.Tune in!In This Episode, You Will Learn: [02:10] A bit about our guest, Martha Aguilar, and what she does in her space[03:35] Why’s community service so dear and important to Martha[06:56] Attributes to have before building a strong and healthy community[12:40] Tips on how to create communities that will attract many people[15:04] How freedom of expression can make brevity from timidity[19:44] How can women nurture their boundaries and avoid being victims [29:55] Women need to understand the dynamics of how men process things[33:45] Emotional intelligence and decision making[45:41] Be loud in your actions, bet very quiet in your promises[50:19] Master your emotions by mastering your thoughts first[52:59] You need to join a community near you[54:07] Episode wrap up and calls to actionNotable QuotesThe more we attract and receive in our lives, the more we can give.We all have emotions. It all depends on how you process them and show them. Who you are and how you process information shows your conscious choices to learn particular things.In any relationship, always under promise but overdeliver.If you can master your thoughts, you’ll have mastered your emotions.Connect With Us! Martha AguilarWebsite: AIM Community Website: VA Website: Susan Hum, The LoveHackerWebsite: https://www.susanhum.comLinkedIn:
Every parent wants their children to speak their minds. However, the world can be a difficult place for kids, and it's sometimes easier to curb their opinions in order to protect them. So, how can parents create a safe environment for kids that encourages them to use their voice? Our guest today Dana Kaplan spills the beans in this episode. Dana is an award-winning Gifted and Early Childhood and Social-Emotional Intelligence expert, pioneering DEIAB in action from the womb throughout life’s journey. Her niche approach with children and adults purposefully propels rich self-awareness by empowering all participants to confidently use their positively powerful voice in order to communicate and create the world they crave masterfully. She believes Emotional Intelligence is the driving force behind self-awareness, compassion, inclusivity, and bridging all of humanity. By embracing, understanding, and allowing our emotions to flow, we model healthy platforms for all humans to express themselves safely and without judgment. Tune in!In This Episode, You Will Learn: [05:25] Kids who grow in restrained environments have their souls destructed[12:31] How to develop empathetic parenting for your child’s growth[16:48] The lack of parenting consciousness in the society[23:04] How parents can become role models and impact their kids' voice[26:43] Why self-awareness and honesty to self is critical to parents[34:06] Don’t always be negative to your child whenever they voice their opinions[41:10] Our brains cannot exist with curiosity and judgment at the same time[43:06] Episode key nugget. “Learn to listen. Your child needs to be heard.”[46:37] You can’t perfectly do parenting on your own, so network a lot[47:13] What’s next for Dana, and how can you connect with her[48:16] Episode wrap up and calls to actionNotable Quotes●      No one has a right to dictate where your freedom is limited.●      You don’t have to be old to be experienced. ●      If you don't provide a safe environment for your kids to use their voice now, they probably will never be heard.●      The ability to express yourself verbally is the only super-power that will propel you in life.●      Where there’s judgment, there’s no listening.●      How you operate in life is how your children will operate. Be the role model of what you want to see in your children.Connect With Us! Dana KaplanWebsite: Hum, The LoveHackerWebsite: https://www.susanhum.comLinkedIn:  https://www.youtu
You can overcome whatever trauma you think you have gone through. It can be as bad as sexual abuse, but you have to come out of it to thrive. People often get stuck trying to justify their experiences. What happened is not important. What matters is how you respond to it, and healing is key. Healing from trauma is letting go of anything that is not you and evolving back to your highest and best self. Join the conversion with Catherine Ann Wilson, as she shares masterpiece lessons from her life experiences to provide you with practical tools to help you heal, move on and thrive in life. Catherine is a survivor of sex trafficking, a “thriver’ and the founder of Stop Trafficking US, a non-profit whose mission is to eliminate sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in Maine. In 2019, she was awarded the distinguished honor of Maine’s top 20 Most Outstanding Women for her tireless work in Keep Maine Kids Safe. Her mission has been to share and have the difficult conversation that shines a bright light on the dark secretive realities of abuse in homes, schools, and churches. In This Episode, You Will Learn: [01:02] Catherine’s career backstory [07:30] How to heal from traumatic experiences[14:04] Self-awareness and practicing compassion for self and others [18:03] Some of the work that Catherine not to completely heal from her trauma [27:51] The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people in your journey [36:17] Letting go and evolving to your highest and best self [43:47] Knowing your why, having hope, and reframing your story [50:57] Outgrowing people in your life and making room for the new ones[54:09] The power of believing and how it has enabled Catherine to make her life better [01:01:53] The importance of relationships and creating experiences [01:04:57] Understanding yourself and establishing your value without judgment [01:10:24} How to reach out and connect with CatherineNotable Quotes“How we treat other people is exponentially how we treat ourselves.”“Healing is a journey, and it’s not a straight line.”“Every human being is a beautiful soul.”“We have a story about everything, and when reality meets our story, we’re happy.”.“You can change your mind, your story, and your thinking.”“As you grow, you’ll have less and less in common with some people in your life.”“Your intention is all that matters.” Connect With Us! Catherine Ann WilsonWebsite: Catherine@catherinehelps.orgContact: 2077524226Susan Hum, aka The LoveHackerWebsite:  https://susanhum.comLinkedIn:  SUSAN HUM TALKS
Most of us have goals that we want to achieve in our lives, but we stumble when it comes to taking inspired action. Clarity builds confidence, and confidence cultivates empowerment towards action. Goal accomplishing is one of those things that are sexy. It gets your adrenaline up and makes you want to keep going. Join my conversion with Darleen Whitehurst, as she shares great takeaways on sexy goal setting and achievements to provide you with tools to thrive and become the best version of yourself.Darlene is the President of Adsource Media and the founder and the Director of the GoalFriends Global Foundation. She has built and currently leads an international community of over 1,000+ female members. Her programs are designed to inspire life transformations by teaching dream-making strategies, goal setting, and purposeful living. Darlene’s mission is to serve marginalized communities through the GoalFriends foundation efforts. In This Episode, You Will Learn: [00:28] What’s in for you in today’s episode[02:03] Darlene career backstory[03:48] Why goals are so important in a purpose-driven mission[05:14] Why most of us fear setting goals and achieving them[06:38] Goal setting and how it’s attached to your dopamine and reward system[08:47] Overcoming the guilt of wanting and cerebrating yourself [10:08] The important of celebratory brag and what Darleen teaches in her programs[13:49] How to identify your feelings and set boundaries as a higher achiever [17:49] How to overcome emotional rabbit holes and move forward[20:41] Goal setting is a tool, and there’s no science attached to it[23:17] The importance of accountability in goal setting and achievement[27:37] Knowing your audience and dealing with disempowering people[35:02] How Darlene prioritize self-time within her push speed life[41:17] How Darlene discovered her call and her journey to set up GoalFriends[46:40] GFS, having that person you can share your goals with to help you achieve them[48:06] Getting clear on what you want to build your confidence towards action[51:16] Action and clarity, taking inspired action, and investing yourself[52:42] What next for Darlene and the transition she desires in the next seasonNotable QuotesWhat you think about and talk about comes about.Getting addicted to goal setting is taking charge of your happiness Brag teaches you to own your creativity, accomplishment and to be more empowered.Something that you can do today to move you forward is not a to-do list; it’s a goal.Clarity is confidence, and confidence is sexy and empowering There’s nothing sexier and empowering than when you know your own youConnect With Us! Darlene WhitehurstWebsite: Hum aka The LovehackerWebsite:  https://susanhum.comLinkedIn:  https://susanhum.comFacebook:   
Meet our guest in this episode, “Townsend” who has been in the music industry scene for many years, opening for chart-topping artists, and has recently released a new single named, ‘Stay’ which tells the story of a narrator coming to terms with the end of a relationship while still secretly hoping her partner will change. She also created a video raising awareness for mental health titled "You're Not Alone." The video made a profound impact, with countless fans reaching out to share their mental health stories, interest from community organizations, Only Human and National Alliance on Mental Health Arkansas, and local media coverage in her home state of ArkansasEpisode Highlights:[00:38] Meet today's guest, Townsend. [03:58] When did you realize your purpose is tied to music? [07:19] Advice to women who compare themselves with other women doing well in their purpose.[11:18] As someone who had not experienced loss, how did you pull through it? [15:30] What song would you write for women who have never experienced love? [18:14] The benefits of having people around who contribute to your wellbeing. [21:25] How did you respond to rejection? [24:20] What is true friendship to you? [26:45] How do you self-care?[33:00] Staying focused and looking forward consistently.[44:15] What should someone expect from the "you are not alone" community?[47:25] About Townsend's song, "Stay".[52:51] What's next for you?Quotes:  "The only time we hit our purpose really is when we hit hardship" - [Susan]"There's enough pie for everybody to get a piece, it's not a competition where we're each trying to get the entire pie" - [Townsend]"We don't ever know what loss is until we lose what we really love" - [Susan]"There are really only two types of people; solutions-oriented people or victims" - [Susan]"It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going" - [Townsend]"You teach others how to love you the way you love you" - [Susan]"You are not broken" - [Susan]"Growth hurts" - [Townsend]"So many of us use too many words when all we need is a hug" - [Townsend]Connect With Us! TownsendWebsite: Facebook: Susan Hum, aka The LoveHackerWebsite:  https://susanhum.comLinkedIn:  SUSAN HUM TALKS
If you were to look up the phrase female entrepreneur in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Charu Mehrotra. She is the founder of Womenlines, an online magazine that promotes women’s excellence through leadership, business, and health. Womenlines has earned its place in the Top 50 Women’s online magazines by Feedspot and has been presented across 8 different social media platforms. Charu has also been awarded Global Goodwill Ambassador, LinkedIn Wonder Woman recognition in 2019, GEC Asia Pacific Award for Social Entrepreneurship in 2019, and REX Karamveer Fellowship and Bronze award in 2019. These are only a few of the accolades she has received over the years, earning the recognition she deserves. In addition to that, she is a co-founder of Events & Networking Company Udaan, Clothing Company NC Styles, and software start-up Earngo. In this episode, Charu shares her experience in finding a work-life balance as a business owner and a mother. She highlights the principles to keep in mind when managing your time, starting with mindfulness and ending with consistency, all while emphasizing the power of choice. Charu continues by honing in on the importance of being present with your children and building positive habits of gratitude through journaling.             “What I changed about myself was I stopped running after perfection.”  Timestamps: [00:33] Introduction to Charu Mehrotra[03:00] Background on Charu            [03:44] Finding balance as an entrepreneur[05:40] Getting mindful of managing your time           [06:32] Consistency and mindfulness[10:46] Losing your sense of self as a working woman[14:24] What self-care looks like to Charu[20:04] Prioritizing what is important to you[23:43] Staying present with your children           [27:51] The 4 hour workday [32:47] WomenLIne[35:56] Influence and sales            [37:28] Building relationships in business as a woman [39:44] Giving vs over giving[41:31] Memberships for Women Lines          [45:03] Advice for new entrepreneurs  Connect with Charu:●      LinkedIn●      TwitterLearn more about Womenlines:●      Website:●      YouTube●      Facebook●      Twitter ●      Instagram●      Pinterest Connect with HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
Rene Byrd is an artist who has captured thousands of people's hearts through her music. She is a UK soul-pop singer, songwriter, and purpose-driven artist. Her mission is to impact people globally through her music. Still, she has continued to extend that same principle by partaking in charities like Teens Unite and as an ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Children Fund. Rene was named a finalist for The Online Influence Awards in 2020 and an International Women of Empowerment Finalist in 2021. Rene is also the host of the Who am I Talk talk show, and today on Heart of Truth, she is here to share her journey!In this episode, Rene gives us a peek behind the curtain of a person who grew up with relatives in the spotlight. Her father was signed to RCA Records as a producer in her early years, and her uncle was a prominent gospel singer. Seeing her father and uncle on television growing up ignited her passion for performing and spreading happiness through music. Rene shares with us the pivotal moment where she realized the stage is where she belonged, and the joy music brings her. Conversely, she also describes moments of feeling sequestered and unable to turn off her on-stage persona. Through it all, Rene’s story is one of vulnerability, awakening, metamorphoses, and most notably, love! “When you are an artist, you’re very much a loner.”Timestamps:[01:01] Introduction to Rene Byrd[03:28] Getting started in music[06:31] Performing to make everyone happy[08:33] Separating the onstage and offstage persona[11:16] How important is having healthy love to hold you accountable? [15:24] Overcoming other people’s judgments[19:41] Remembering your individualism [22:40] Always on the quest for love[27:20] Embracing your fear[31:10] The magnetism of love[39:28] What’s next for your career?[43:01] Leave yourself open to the signs that are guiding you [46:34] Your bliss is your gift[52:48] Growth pains for a reason [56:18] Outro  Quotes: “Any relationship should challenge so that you can evolve, if you’re not evolving you dissolve.” “The more real we are the more people appreciate it.”“I’m a strong believer that everything comes through giving.”Connect with Rene:-      Website-      Instagram-      Twitter-      Facebook-      YouTube: Who am I Talk Connect with HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
Welcome back to another episode of Heart of Truth, and today I am thrilled to have Alexia Melocchi on the show. Alexia is a titan in the entertainment industry in her own right, she is on the advisory board for the Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, she’s produced to profit several films and documentaries, and she is a Consultant for the Development of Marketing Distribution and Creative Content for film and television. In addition to that, Alexia recently joined Eden Magazine as a Communication Director and is now also President of Le D.I.V.E.; a non-profit organization focused on helping Italian women living abroad. In this episode, Alexia brings us on her journey of getting into show business. She reveals that although she aspired to be a person who enhances and champions the arts, the entrainment industry is not something she initially wanted to pursue. Ultimately, she orchestrated a way to be both a leader and help the arts through her consultancy business. Alexia gathers her wisdom and coaches us on the power of helping others rise while staying true to themselves, celebrating your friends and family, and defines what it means to be an authentic influencer. “If you cannot celebrate another person’s success, you’re not going to get that success.”Timestamps:[00:28] Introduction to Alexia Melocchi[05:18] Going into show business[08:01] Starting a business in consultancy[10:57] Evolving through the process  [16:11] Achieving purpose through manifestation[19:57] Supporting one another [20:17] Sustaining and holding on to your personal truth[24:11] What does it mean to be a true influencer?[28:17] Needing to be everyone’s friend is your worst demon[32:00] Celebrating your friends and clients [36:51] Dressing the part[38:43] How to self-care in the world of show business[42:04] Staying real as much as you can[45:45] Writing a book[50:35] Last pieces of wisdom    [51:34] Connect with Alexia Quotes:-      “Do we want to be important or do we want to be seen?”-      “You can be an artist even if you’re not in show business.” Connect with Alexia:-      Website: Alexia Melocchi-      Website: Little Studio Films-      Twitter-      LinkedIn-      InstagramConnect with HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
In this episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with the uber dynamic Megan Johnson-Zucaro. Megan is the cohost of the Sports and Shopping podcast and the host of the Soaring Summit ( She is working on developing a show to be released in 2022 that highlights miracles that have saved people’s lives. Starting from a humble beginning on a farm in Minnesota, Megan’s philosophy of living fearlessly has allowed her to achieve success in multiple areas of life. Megan has done everything between being Mrs. Texas, working for ABC right after college, and creating the Soaring Summit. Megan has also worked for other TV networks and worked in financial planning, mortgage brokerage, and as a realtor. Today Megan lives with her wonderful partner and three children in Beverly Hills. Join us as Megan and I discuss living fearlessly, her upcoming Transformational event, The Soaring Summit, and relationships.  Chapter Markers:0:27 Living fearlessly leads to opportunity6:18 Megan’s different roles on TV7:36 Why Megan is creating “In-depth interviews w/ Megan Johnson-Zucaro”9:10 Being a single mom12:15 The Soaring Summit18:42 Projecting positivity19:53 Second chances, finding the love of her life23:07 Don’t take relationships for granted26:15 How Megan met her husband32:27 Being fearless35:00 Navigating divorce then finding herself again as a mom37:04 Setting boundaries between your personal and professional life39:00 You don’t need a partner40:57 Don’t be afraid to ask for help44:39 Details about the Soaring Summit 47:59 Megan’s 2022 project, “In-depth interviews w/ Megan Johnson-Zucaro”52:06 Megan shouts out SusanNotable Quotes: “You have to try because if you don’t try you never really know” -Megan“Once you believe in yourself and know you’re spectacular and can offer something positive to somebody it changes the whole aura of everything you're doing” -Megan“People have great stories but they have to have the confidence to share them” -Megan“With love, sometimes it does not work out and that’s okay” -Megan“You can learn anything you want for free on the internet but you have to take action” -Megan“Don’t beat yourself up [about the past], stay focused on your ultimate goal” -Megan“Never give up on love” -Susan“Making mistakes and learning is okay, as long as you're growing and not continuing to make those same mistakes” -Megan“There’s no time to overthink something” -Susan“Sometimes you have to explore a little bit more, it’s not [just] about first impressions” -Megan“If you like somebody and they text you, text them right back!” -Megan“Don’t give up yourself because you’re a mom with kids” -MeganLet’s Connect!Connect with Megan Johnson ZucaroHOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda O'Reilly, the “Subconscious Surgeon” and creator of Worthy Wands.   She has a degree in psychology and a master's in Neuro-linguistic programming. Her mission is to help people untangle themselves from their stories so they can unapologetically embody new levels of leadership and evolution. As a sexual assault survivor and someone who experienced feeling unworthy,  Amanda has conquered her demons and now strives to help other women do the same.  Amanda created Worthy Wands after failing to find self-worth through the personal development community. Rather than ignoring negative thoughts and emotions, Amanda’s philosophy of trusting herself with her emotions has allowed her to achieve fulfillment. Amanda and I discussed her story, the Worthy Wands community, neuroscience, and how we create our own reality.  Chapter markers:01:30 Amanda O'Reilly Introduction02:51 What led Amanda on her current mission09:50 We are not our thoughts11:08 Trusting ourselves15:29 The importance of self awareness 19:05 How Amanda achieved success 22:22 The Worthy Wands community24:25 Ideal love 25:05 Leading with love27:18 Why we question our feelings28:18 We create our reality31:20 Recognising where you’re at emotionally34:38 Dating39:30 The power of Worthy WandsNotable quotes: “I did not recognize the girl in the mirror anymore” -Amanda → Referring to how she put on metaphorical masks for other people“We’re powerful creators but we’re equally powerful destroyers” -Amanda“Self-worth is what you think and feel about yourself; It doesn’t matter what other people think about you; -Amanda“Other people’s opinion of you is a projection of what they think about themselves” -Amanda“Your only competition is who you were yesterday” -Amanda“We can’t do everything alone” -Susan“Trust comes from self-trust first; Can you trust yourself with all your emotions?” -Amanda“We abandon ourselves first before anyone else will ever abandon us because we’re abandoning our authentic selves” -Amanda“I attached my worth to succeeding because then that validated my work” -Amanda“If we can't look at our untruths and judge them we can’t find a solution” -Susan“When we put expectations on something [lasting] forever, [...] we have to chameleon in order to keep it” -Amanda“Our brains are wired to keep us safe, not keep us happy” -Amanda“We are not complicated it’s the stories we drag through life that complicate things” -Susan“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional” -Amanda“In the world of love, opposites attract” -Susan“Nobody gets to tell you that you’re worthy; That’s something you need to embody” -AmandaConnect with Amanda O'ReillyInstagramBuy your Worthy Wand :  Connect with HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram WebsiteFacebookLinkedin
I had the pleasure of interviewing Mary Pagano, a longtime technology industry executive. In her two-decade career in the industry, Mary broke gender barriers to rise to be an executive in a heavily male-dominated field.Mary left the technology industry, not due to a lack of success, but because she wanted to achieve greater fulfillment. Today, she is a board advisor and angel investor to several female-founded companies;   HERA, a building project for a smart green city for the future of humanity in honor of women, and FEM FOUNDRY, a new safe & secure social mobile platform for women around the world to unite on all subjects with a focus on female empowerment.In this episode, we talk about Mary’s career, the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated field, the need for female leaders, and her newest project HERA. Mary’s life experiences and passion make her inspiring for both men and women. Chapter markers:03:36 Mary Pagano answers how she accomplished what she accomplished05:06 Mary’s early career 06:05 The challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry08:19 How did Mary respect her boundaries in the corporate world?10:40 The power of saying no11:38 I don’t need a man in my life14:27 People want other people to be like them16:17 Mary’s career transition from tech to investing19:25 We need more female leaders21:06 The development of Hera City - A city celebrating women26:57 What Susan’s project Steel Rose is all about27:35 How being trained in sales influences your worldview32:47 Mary’s closing thoughtsNotable quotes:“If I had a family and kids [my career] would have all been dead; there wouldn’t have been anyone to take care of them” -Mary“When women mentor other women, and they help and support them, it’s actually a gift to themselves because you learn from the giving” -Mary“I never got fired for saying no” -Mary“It always comes back to haunt us when we don’t have integrity” -Susan“I’ve always been looking for adventure; I’ve always been that way” -Mary“You don’t need to be married if you don't want to be” -Susan“It’s human nature that whatever works for you or me, we want to try to make everyone else like that, but there’s no point in it” -Mary“Culture can kill a company overnight” -Mary“Women need to support each other to move forward” -Mary“Women can't say no without guilt” -Susan“Sales is problem-solving” -Mary“When you’re not heard [in a conversation] you cut off” -Mary“The cardinal rule in sales is know your audience” -Susan“If you give service [for others] the universe will open up for you” -MaryConnect with Mary PaganoHERA:  https://www.heracity.orgFEM FOUNDRY:  https://www.fem-foundry.comLinkedin:    HOST:  Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram @thelovehacker Website:  www.steelrosemovement.comFacebook:
Taking Back My Power

Taking Back My Power


In this episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna “the real deal” Smith, a life coach who preaches unconditional confidence.Jenna is a “Human Being Expert”. She has trained in Spiritual Psychotherapy at the Transformational Arts College and Integrated Psychotherapy at Lifespace. She is a certified Ontological Coach, Reiki Master, as well as a health and fitness trainer. She has also studied Oneness, Shamanism, and Intuitive healing work with mentors from Peru, India, Africa, Ireland, and North America. As an international speaker, professional singer, retreat leader, workshop facilitator, author, and coach, Jenna has truly done it all.In this Episode we discussed being worthy, staying true to yourself while experiencing success, Jenna’s story, the concrete tools necessary for physical and spiritual alignment, and what’s next for Jenna. Notable quotes“Shame is feeling like you are not worthy ” -Jenna“Feeling inherently unworthy is the worst emotion you can feel because it is the exact opposite of your truth” -Jenna“Being a people pleaser is exhausting” -Jenna“To become yourself is to trust that on the other side of becoming yourself you’ll be okay” -Jenna“You don’t have to give up success for peace” -Jenna“I had a temper tantrum with god when I was 28” -Jenna“We let negative noise run our life” -Jenna“Nature is where we find peace within ourselves to hear ourselves” -Jenna“I’m like spirituality in a suit” -Susan“Once you have peace within yourself, then you can go to the next level to learn how to translate love into money” -Susan“Don’t outsource your truth to someone else just because they know something” -Jenna“Your human and spiritual worlds aren’t separate”“I don’t want clients to depend on me for the rest of their lives” -Susan“The laws of the earth and the laws of the universe are the two toolboxes required to tie in the spiritual and physical side of who you are” -Susan“Pain happens when you don't exercise your spiritual side” -Suan“Me being me is not only enough but better than that identity I created for myself” -Jenna“Without the journey that you came through, you would not be here” -SusanLet’s Connect!Jenna SmithInstagram.  @adventuresinjennalandWebsite HOST:   Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram @thelovehacker Website:  www.steelrosemovement.comFacebook: 
In today’s episode I had the pleasure of interviewing Pinky Ghadiali, a transformational life and business coach who works with ambitious women and entrepreneurs across the globe. Pinky is the founder of Pinky started her professional career as an optometrist, but found herself yearning to help people on an emotional rather than physical level. She left her business, and marriage, to pursue her dream and founded, an online community that supports ambitious women who feel alone, isolated, or stuck in their career. Pinky is also a master practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming, and she helps women overcome personal and professional struggles to become the best version of themselves. In this episode, Pinky and I discuss her own inspiring transformational story, being a mom, setting boundaries and how to overcome imposter syndrome. We also talk about how she positioned herself for success and helped others do the same by living their purpose and monetizing their purpose-driven mission through deeper heart-centered connections.Notable Quotes“I don't feel old enough to have been through all I’ve been through” -Pinky“Instead of saying why is this happening to me, say what am I learning from this?” -Pinky“At the end of the day [life] is about self belief” -Pinky“Whether it’s in business or love, boundaries are a part of us” -Susan“As women it’s almost like we aren’t supposed to have boundaries; we’re supposed to be over-giving” -Susan“[My son] is the best thing that happened to me, because without him I don't think I would have made the changes I needed to make” -Pinky“Love is a guiding force for every business I’ve started” -Pinky“Investing in yourself starts with reading a book that changes how you think” -Susan“If you don't have a coach you're going to take at least 10 more years to get to where you need to be” -Pinky“Don’t be hard on yourself; no one is perfect; we are all liable to fail before we succeed” -Pinky“If you haven’t failed, then you haven’t bothered trying” -Pinky“We can’t control what comes at us but we can certainly control how we pivot and navigate through circumstances that are thrown at us” -Susan“Remove the negativity from your life and then work on yourself” -Pinky“You can’t fake self love” -Susan “Believe in yourself and open your heart to love” -Pinky“Live in the moment and stop thinking what if all the time” -PinkyLet’s Connect!Pinky GhadialiWebsites:www.netwomen.cowww.bypinky.comFacebook: @pinky GhadialiInstagram:@pinky GhadialiLinkin:       
Power in Sex Positivity

Power in Sex Positivity


In this episode, I am thrilled to sit down with Heather Montgomery, Founder/CEO of, one of America's largest sex-positive platforms soon to hit the global space, as we have a no holds barred conversation around the importance of sexual expression for women and the controversy we face in society behind this subject.Heather is also the host of Face-to-Face intimate interviews with innovators and educators of sexual wellness. She is bold in her mission to free women from sexual shame and challenge the status quo as it relates to the way people treat sex in life and society, especially for women, to enhance inclusion of all, liberation, and support to health and well-being.We talk about sex and sexuality during this episode and the contributions made by Heather's platform "" in sexual education, sexual health, and intimacy in nurturing a positive mindset that enhances freedom of expression. Notable Quotes Sexual wellness begins in the mind, and sex education is the key.You deserve self-love, and you have to stop driving to smell the flower (which is you), tend the garden, and show yourself some love; it's all you need!The only thing we have the power to change in our sexuality is our perception, feeling, and how we act towards love and sex.Let’s Connect!Heather MontgomeryJoin Pleazeme: pleazeMeSusan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram @thelovehackerWebsite:  www.steelrosemovement.comFacebook:
In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Jacquelyn Mackenzie, a dear friend and successful life/business coach, speaker, best selling author and serial entrepreneur. Today, we talk about business, entrepreneurship, and how to remain profitable. We also dive into how she built a highly successful and profitable business within a short period of time while staying true to herself and what is important to her. Jacquelyn began her business career in the construction industry in marketing. She then became a stay-at-home mom with her 3 wonderful boys until her life crumbled with her divorce.  Suddenly becoming a single mom and hitting rock bottom, she had to quickly reinvent herself and her life. That was when she discovered the world of personal development.  She started investing in herself which quickly lead to her journey of self-discovery and was mentored by top leaders of business and wealth building including Bob Proctor. Within only a few years, she became one of the top coaches in the world helping people level up in their life and get profitable.  In This Episode, You will learn:·      Never compare your dream with others; stay focused, create your own path and turn up every day to make it happen.·      Success is individualized, and it comes from consistent execution and commitment to achieving your vision.·      Time kills all deals; the longer you wait, the more your enthusiasm and passion depletes and the more you drift from your success.Let’s Connect!Jacqueline MackenzieFacebook: @Jacquelyn MackenzieInstagram: @Jacquelyn Mackenzie Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram @thelovehackerWebsite:  www.steelrosemovement.comFacebook: 
In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Adrianne Ross, Stylist and Founder of Stylebystudio 33.  Adrianne is a retired pro basketball athlete and avid philanthropist. We dive into the details of how she transitioned into a new life and career and the challenges that came with embarking into massive change.  Adrianne lost her mother in 2019 during her initial transition, but that has not hindered her from letting her true passion in style and fashion shine. In fact, this inspired her to propel into her mission to help everyone in the world shine from the heart then translated into a unique beauty through individual style. And through Stylebystudio 33, she has created beautiful designs and styles that have empowered women in southwest Texas, New Mexico and throughout the US, where she is arguably one of the most loved females in the style space emerging from her state.During this episode, we talk about Adrianne’s signature style brand, "You’re gonna love yourself," as the true path to happiness and fulfillment in life through self-love, loving others, and healthy boundaries, which is what Stylebystudio 33 stands for.Notable QuotesThe more we become grounded in ourselves, the less we judge others, and life gets more relaxing.We are not created equal; let other people be themselves.It's hard to choose right when you're not feeling good.Denial of personal truth will only leave us sitting in our challenges without an intention of coming out with triumph. Let’s Connect!Adrianne RossInstagram: @ Adrianne RossTwitter:  @ Adrianne Ross Susan Hum, The LoveHackerInstagram: @The LoveHacker Website:  www.steelrosemovement.comFacebook:
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