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Author: Jason Wright

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With inspiring guest interviews and Jason’s unique lens on life, this is your place to see good in the world, to lift and be lifted, and no matter your starting point, to make a difference that matters. And we’ll do it all together — Wright Where You Are.
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Brad Wilcox is a world-renowned speaker, writer, and teacher. Above all, he has a gift for uniting people of different faiths and his teachings have impacted countless around the world. In this episode of Wright Where You Are, Brad shares poignant insights on the enabling power of grace. Then with his trademark humor and heart, Brad shares stories and lessons learned from his unique life of service.This discussion proves once again that few can teach quite like Bradley R. Wilcox.LINKS:Brad's website.Brad's popular talk at BYU: His Grace Is SufficientBrad's books on Amazon. 
Curtis Nielsen got the early morning call everyone dreads. "Come quick."His sweetheart, Missy, had just been hit by a car while on her morning walk with her best friend. Within minutes Curtis was saying goodbye to his wife on the side of the road, then embracing — literally and figuratively — the man who hit her.This true story of overcoming tragedy and finding love again will hug your soul and not let go.
Brianna Merrill is a wife, mother of five, and the owner/operator of a sacred spot of land called Shoofly Farm in Chester, Virginia. But what makes her story so inspiring, so fascinating, and so totally unique is how she's navigated her faith in the midst of adversity.What would you do if four of your five children struggled with rare, chronic, painful health conditions?Bri's candor and raw honesty, especially about her relationship with God, will stay with you long after our interview ends.For more information about Brianna, her family, and their farm, visit
Evie Clair isn't just an America's Got Talent Finalist,  a singer, a viral YouTube sensation, and a popular speaker, she's also one of the most articulate and spiritually grounded teenagers you'll ever meet.In this week's episode, you'll meet the girl who wowed the world in Season 12 by singing for her dying father and shared her faith, love, and light with millions of fans.She'll dish about AGT, the judges, the lifelong friendships she made on the show, her faith, and dealing with the death of her father. It's a discussion you won't want to miss!For more information about Evie, visit her website and stream her music on Apple and Spotify.
Jeff Olsen is a best-selling author who inspires audiences internationally with his intriguing story of perseverance and strength. On a road trip in 1997, a horrific automobile accident took the lives of his wife and youngest son. Jeff survived, but his injuries left him lifeless and separated, for a time, from his body.His many injuries led to the loss of his left leg and nearly 20 surgeries to heal both physically and emotionally. At the time of his accident, Olsen had incredible and rare out-of-body and near-death experiences that brought insights not common in today’s world. Jeff appears on many national and international television and radio programs sharing what he has learned and how death perhaps gives far more meaning to everyday life. Olsen’s latest book, KNOWING is a compilation of his earlier books with even deeper insights and extended chapters. KNOWING can be found on Amazon in all formats. Among Jeff’s many accomplishments, he is most fulfilled by simply being a husband, father and friend.For more information about Jeff, visit 
Jenny Oaks Baker's journey from toddler to virtuoso violinist is inspiring at every level. She's played around the world, topped the Billboard charts, and millions have watched her YouTube channel.Yes, she's worked hard at being the best, but always put family first. She's trusted her talents, but never more than she's leaned on the Lord.For more information about Jenny's music and events, visit
A 31-year-old widow and a 31-year-old widower meet online and fall in love. He moves his gaggle across the country and they blend their 11 children into a family large enough to field two basketball teams with three baby cheerleaders.Then before they know it, they're starring in a hit show on TLC — The Blended Bunch.Catch my emotional conversation with Spencer Shemwell and Erica Means Shemwell about losing their spouses and finding new love.
Hear from the man who discovered and published Christmas Jars — Chris Schoebinger.Chris is a publishing industry veteran and has published numerous award-winning and New York Times best-selling authors. He is the Publishing Director at Shadow Mountain Publishing and discovered such authors as Brandon Mull, Ally Condie, Julianne Donaldson and Jason Wright. Chris grew up in Southern California and later lived in Argentina where he learned to speak Spanish fluently. He and his wife, Jennifer, are the parents of five children and a spoiled Rhodesian ridgeback.   
Why is Kodi my first guest? Because every good thing in my life and career is possible because of her. And because the podcast is launching on her 50th birthday! In the debut of Wright Where You Are, Kodi shares what it's like being married to a writer and man on the road. She'll also talk about how we met, who her best friend is (not me!) and I'll pay tribute to her in a way I never publicly have.As we say goodbye, Kodi will tell us the single most important thing she wants you to remember about her. Download Episode 1 and meet Kodi Erekson Wright. You won't be disappointed.
Introducing the new podcast, Wright Where You Are, hosted by New York Times bestselling author Jason Wright. Get to know Jason and catch a glimpse of what's to come. Then whatever you do, do it Wright Where You Are.For more information about Jason and his projects, find him on his website, Facebook, and Instagram. 
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