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Author: Helen Perry

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The #justbloodypostit podcast is for creative businesses promoting their work on the internet. For anyone who wants to do marketing that gets results (sales, bookings and opportunities!). Every week, our guest shares what they’ve learnt about growing an online audience that powers their income.
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**Mind your ears for mild some swearing** What a bloody treat! I got to record a real life on-the-sofa-next-to-me show with some favourite work pals at The Podcast Show London 2023. And here it is for you to wrap your ears and thoughts around. Nic Redman (voice coach), Suzi Dale (podcast producer), Hilary Salzman (copywriting storyteller) and I all have our own podcast. And in this special edition of #JustBloodyPostIt we talk about what makes it possible to start a podcast why you'd bother doing something so slightly tricky why more women aren't doing it  and whether podcasts and video mix (argument!) This is Nic's previous #JustBloodyPostIt about how to love your voice: DISCOVER THE GIRL'S PODCASTS Suzi's Podcasting in 3 Easy Steps: Hilary's The Everyday Storyteller: and Nic's Voice Coach `podcast: 
**Mind your ears for a couple of swears** This time, abstract artist Alice Sheridan @alicesheridanstudio and online shop mentor Jo McCarthy @jo_at_firain share what they've learnt from decades long (between them!) experience of marketing their work online.  We put the world to rights on  normalising small online audiences the biggest marketing mistakes we've made and the best decisions ever how work fits around life playing the long game scheduling (forrrrrget about it) and so much more! If you enjoy this episode pop over and give us a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ review on Apple podcasts. It means the world and helps others to find the show, click here and scroll down to Ratings & Reviews. Follow Helen on Instagram here: Suz at Story Publishing produces The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast.
**Just me this week, mind your ears for a couple of swears** This time, I want us to talk about the difference between being good and being known. Because how known you are - how many followers or subscribers you have - has nothing to with how good you are. But we can get the two muddled, too easily.  Listen for some thoughts on  wanting visibility whether the gloss is coming off the audience-building biz and Hannah f*ck&ing Waddingham 👑 Then come over to Instagram and tell me what you think: Click here for the other Post It Note I mention in this episode on knowing you know enough. The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
This week on the show, tech high-flyer turned burnout specialist Anish Hallan shares how to recognise and avoid burnout. Burnout's often associated with office workers and CEO's - but pursuing a passion project can leave us just as vulnerable to damaging our health through over work. Because getting to do what you've always wanted and are most interested in - and not having to answer to a boss, feels like a dream. But can turn into a nightmare of never-ending tasks and self-imposed pressure if we're not mindful of our own work-life balance. Anish and I chat about his experiences of burnout and, creating healthy boundaries (that actually create longevity) making the connection between healthy work-life and a healthy mind and body how we define success in our work I mention Josephine Brook's episode of #JustBloodyPostIt for anyone who's particularly interested in burnout, click here to catch up. CONNECT Click here to connect with Anish on LinkedIn. Click here for Helen's Instagram. Click here for Helen's (very useful) creative marketing email The Switch. This show's produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
***Mind your ears for a couple of swears*** Laura Belgray aka Talking Shrimp (listen to the episode, she explains 🦐) has made millions of dollars selling online courses that show people how to write like humans. She's a former copywriter for big brands turned internet-famous copywriter who tells us, the secret to writing words that sell which stories will elevate your marketing why she's a self-confessed lazy person how affiliate marketing's made her $$$$ and about her new memoir Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You're the F-ing Worst CONNECTIONS Laura's Instagram: Pre-order Laura's book Tough Titties here: Helen's Instagram: Want more of this fun marketing goodness? Sign up for The Switch, my weekly email newsletter, it's where I share all of my best work first: The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
This week, the story of an online subscription product that really, really works: London Writers Salon. In the early weeks of the pandemic (shudders) when the world had barely heard of Zoom (imagine) Matt Trinetti and Parul Bavishi started hosting free online accountability sessions for writers. Their popularity grew fast and organically and within weeks, a global community of writers was meeting daily - to keep one another company and get their work done.  Three years on, LWS is a thriving membership business (the end of the pandemic didn't dim it's popularity with lonely writers) and Matt joins us to discuss,  the loneliness of writing and the power of accountability subscription business and ambition (he wants a castle for writers!) CONNECT Find out more about London Writers Salon here: Follow Matt on Instagram here: Follow Helen on Instagram here: #JustBloodyPostIt is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
**mind your ears, just one incy wincy swear** Have I mentioned that I like (love) email newsletters? Full disclosure: I'm selling a newsletters course (a bloody bloody good one) at the moment, so this episode's part of my marketing for that. But because you're interested in marketing and solo biz shizzle, you'll be interested in what I have to say about the 9 big business benefits you can expect to get out of sending a newsletter. It's a no-brainer, whatever you're selling. You can read more about Newsletter Launchpad month here: If you have questions about whether it's the right course for you, message me on Instagram or email
Yvonne Telford launched her fashion brand when her online audience asked "where can I get your skirt?" The answer was you can't, it's a one-off and Kemi Telford was born to make more, creating clothes for women to take up space in. Yvonne has grown the brand to be stocked in John Lewis and featured in Vogue thanks to her masterful customer service. Her clients really are part of a community of people she celebrates on social media and invites to call her on the phone, anytime.  In this episode we discuss, finding yourself - after getting lost in motherhood putting yourself first why we must talk to our customers and not lose sight of who we are serving Instagram (don't we always)  and deciding how big to grow or small to stay I think you're going to love it. CONNECT Follow Yvonne on Instagram: Follow Helen on Instagram: Want more creative marketing help? Get my newsletter The Switch, it's read by thousands of people every week click to sign up here. And thanks always to Suz at @story_publishing for producing the show.
**Mind your ear for swears, there are a few in this one** HELLO it's just you and me this week for a solo episode covering some up-to-date-for-April-2023 content marketing thinking. Listen for thoughts on, what's resonating now the 'enshittification' of social media platforms - what it means and how it could be finding its way into your business niche (or not to niche) and the power of recommendation over maximum visibility This is the episode of The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast with food blogger Sarah Rossi that I talk about CONNECT:  To get my very useful marketing email The Switch click here. Follow me on Instagram at @_helen_perry_. I mention writer Nat Lue - who I know you'll like - click here: and another goodie, online shop mentor Jo McCarthy: This show is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.
**Watch out chicken, there are a few swears in this episode** What if you could run the business you love without relying on Instagram for sales? Our guest this week, funnels expert and sales strategist Josephine Brooks @josephinebrooks, says she can show you another way. Josephine was driven to burnout by selling business coaching programmes using a launch-and-repeat strategy that relied on social media marketing.  Now, she shows other creative business founders how to build evergreen, automated sales funnels. More sales and less burnout.  We discuss, 🔽funnels, are they gross and who can build one? 📱Instagram (don't we always end up chatting Instagram?) 🌱what sustainable marketing looks like ⏰ and how to spend our precious life minutes STAY CONNECTED: Follow Josephine on Instagram click here: Follow Helen: #JustBloodyPostit is produced by @story_publishing.
**watch out - there's one tiny little swear at the end** Had to talk to you about a big wake up call I had last week. About how low, virtually-undetected levels of imposter syndrome can continue to hold us back. How thinking in small numbers mean we'll never hit the big ones. And how a day out a new view is always always always a good idea. In this note, I talk about the Hiut denim and Do Lectures founder David Hieatt click here to listen to him on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast. You can check out his book about email newsletters here: CONNECT I also mention my Instagram pals, follow them - we can all be friends. The artist Alice Sheridan: Online shop mentor Jo McCarthy: Thanks always for listening, support the show by subscribing and sharing.
Could you give up instagram for a year? Coach, speaker and podcast host Tiffany Han decided to delete the app in 2022 to find out "what I am like when I'm not being influenced." She declared it her 'Year of No' and also quit shopping for new clothes. What's that like? In this episode we discuss  how it affected her business (Tiffany uses Insta to promote her programmes) the surprising things that happened when she stopped scrolling why she needed a social media break in the first place We also get into ADHD and Instagram online shopping rediscovering the fun and joy in content creation Find Tiffany (back!) on Instagram here: Follow Helen here: Like the podcast? You'll love my email The Switch. It's for creatives doing marketing online, sign up ➡️ CLICK HERE 🎧 Listen to the first time Tiffany was on The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is season one: The show's produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
*Mind your ears there's a tiny swear in this one and 😮 sex is mildly mentioned* Steph Douglas had the idea for her gifting business Don't Buy Her Flowers when she had her first child. She received more bouquets than she had vases for and thought, there must be a market for presents women really want? In this episode, you'll hear how Steph started a blog to talk to other mum's (and build an audience) before launching the business. Learn how it's gone from packing boxes in her front room to running team of workers turning over millions of pounds a year. We chat about how it's going, where it's going and she balances it all with a happy home life. You'll also learn about,  core brand values and how to apply them across everything you do understanding what you're really selling and how to market that CONNECT You can follow Steph on Instagram here: And check out the Don't Buy Her Flowers podcast here: And this is Helen's Instagram: The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at Story Publishing.
***Mind your ears, couple of swears in this one (couple of swears in most of them tbh!)*** This time we welcome back the gloriously brilliant and ultra-effective fast-growing food blogger, Instagrammer, TikToker and writer Sarah Rossi. Last time Sarah was on #JustBloodyPostIt (click here to catch the episode) she told us how she'd grown her @tamingtwins Instagram following by 30K in 90 days. Well now she has 300k followers on Insta, a similar number on TikTok a cookbook published and 17 million hits on her website last year. HOLY HECK how does she do it? Listen to find out.  We also discuss,  SEO Email marketing Book writing Work life balance Values and working with your best friend CONNECT Follow Sarah on Instagram here: Click for her new book What's for Dinner? Connect with Helen here: For more free marketing inspiration sign up for The Switch, my weekly email: Click here to get The Switch The show is produced by Suz at Story Publishing. 
***Mind your ears, there are a few swears in this one.*** Ok you are going to love Karen Arthur. The host of Menopause Whilst Black - which has been named one of the top five best midlife podcasts - Karen's a former teacher who's career was derailed by anxiety and depression brought on by the menopause.  But luckily for us, a new career's emerged butterfly like from her recovery. Listen to find out how she healed herself and became a spokesperson on the menopause in black women - as well as fashion creator, speaker, model and writer. She has featured in Vogue, The Telegraph and the Guardian and in for campaigns for brands including SpecSavers and E4. We discuss,  ageing in public finding your voice later in life what women should wear healthy happy social media sharing attracting your tribe Check out Menopause Whilst Black here: Follow Karen on Instagram here: Helen's Instagram: And BE THE FIRST TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING - get The Switch, a weekly marketing email for creatives promoting their work online: click here to sign up. This podcast is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
***Watch out, one or two swear words in this one.*** Hello hello! #JustBloodyPostIt is back for Season 6...almost. Consider this a preview to the 'big podcast' which will be back with you any minute bringing the life, work and marketing wisdom of another fabulous group of guests. Post it notes are my audio diary. Where I share my small-biz-building experiences and thoughts on social media issues of the day. This one's a catch up on the results of a content subscription product I launched (quel désastre!), the mood I've set for the year (minimal) and what to expect from the upcoming series of conversations. Gorgeous to be back, Hx Get more good marketing advice and get it first in my emails: sign up here This is my Instagram:
Well hi, how are you? Just a quickie. I want to talk to you about how chuffing much of a good ideas it is to send emails. It's not sexy talk, but the results are hot let me tell you. They transformed by business when I started to send them regularly.  And you can do it too. Because the next cohort of my most popular course, Lists Club starts next week (16th Jan 2023). It's an email marketing adventure that will show you how to send emails that sell. Because emails do sell. They have the best return on investment of any digital marketing you can do (£30 back for every £1 you spend on emails). And are undeniably the most straightforward way to reach the greatest number of people because we all have email addresses.  If you're ready to find out more, Click here to check out Lists Club 6.0: Email me if you have any questions about whether it's the right thing for you now at  Or DM me on Instagram: #JustBloodyPostIt Notes are produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
***Tiny warning: one swear 🤭*** Join me and a cast of Instagram specialists - Milla Richardson @pinkstormsocial, Lou Chudley @spark_social and Kirsty Raper @rebuildagram - to reflect on the 2022 (the maddest year on Instagram yet) and predict what marketing will be like on the platform in 2023 (less of a rollercoaster please Insta!). We discuss, tips for video Insta trends boundaries and mental health on social media and whether it's all still worth the effort! Here's the link to Reels Rockstar Kirsty's membership: Social media: Follow Helen: Get weekly creative biz marketing help in my email The Switch: The #JustBloodyPostIt Podcast is produced by Suz at @story_publishing.
Phil Pallen is an expert in lots of things - because when you're creating a personal brand that powers your work you need to be. He's a... social media marketing expert Pinterest king designer personal brand strategist speaker YouTuber influencer and more In this episode we talk about, how - more than 10 years ago - Phil spotted a niche for teaching people how to create brands just like corporates do. You'll learn about, how to make your passion profitable how to juggle social media platforms and decide which one's for you and which you don't need to spend time on  All with a dash of Big Canadian Energy. Connect with Phil on Instagram here: Follow Helen here: Like this episode? I think you'll also enjoy listening to  Belu Water CEO Natalie Campbell MBE on how to build a brand off social media: Hiut Denim founder David Hieatt on the super power of being a small brand: 💌 Do you get my email newsletter The Switch? I think you'll love it - it's for creatives who want to do marketing that WORKS - sign up today: ***CLICK HERE***. This show is produced by Suzi at @story_publishing.
***EXCITING THING - THIS IS OUR 100th EPISODE!*** As a birthday treat don't forget to share the show with your friends and subscribe wherever you listen so you don't miss an episode! 😮 Watch out, one or two moderate swear words in this one. Our centenary edition guest is Katie Tucker - a woman on a mission to get small businesses behaving more like big ones so they can create better products make fewer mistakes and more money! How? By asking better questions and listening more carefully to the answers. Katie is a Product Management & Customer Discovery consultant. Which translated means she helps people do brilliant market research. It's what big brands do to check customers want what they're making. But noone's told the little guy how, until now. Katie's first book Do Penguins Eat Peaches is out in 2023 and she also shares tons of tips in her newsletter Jungle Juice, get it here: We chat about where most of us go wrong when we talk to customers and clients realistic marketing goals for solo businesses! her book deal 🙌 Follow Helen on Instagram here: This show is produced by Suz at Story Publishing: *** ⭐️ FREE BONUS EPISODE ⭐️ *** There's a birthday special mini podcast available to listen to over on Patreon about all the things I've learnt about podcasting since the show launched in May 2021. ➡️ Click here to listen (just 8 mins) ⬅️ Thanks for supporting the show! Hx
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Fabulous podcast , with oodles of warmth and information on so many heart centred subjects 😊

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