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Dr. Rachel Vann discusses her new role with the Plant Science Initiative.  She talks about how this initiative differs from historic Extension Research, how it will help the farmers, and how farmers can help the researchers at the NC Plant Sciences Initiative.Here is an article discussing the PSI.Website to keep up with everything PSI.  
Today, Award Winning Area Specialized Agent Jenny Carleo and I discuss on-farm research.  We answer some common questions, talk about the short and long term benefits and discuss an exciting opportunity to host research on your farm!  
Dr. Collins stopped by and I asked him his favorite question!  We also talk about the cotton crop so far and how to manage this drought stressed crop now that we have some moisture.NCSU Cotton InformationPlant Growth Regulator Information
Listen in as Dr. Vann discusses the tobacco season so far and what to look out for going forward. Tobacco Field Day Registration- hereTobacco Production information can be found here 
Dr. Vann Stopped by to discuss where this soybean crop is at and where it is going!Hope you enjoy!
Dr. Anders Huseth and Dr. Dominic Reisig stop by to talk about all things cotton insects.
Dr. Guy Collins, NCSU Extension Cotton Specialist, calls in for a discussion on getting Cotton 2022 off on the right foot.  We discuss environmental conditions, seeding rate, planting depth and a few other things!Cotton Planting Conditions CalculatorNCSU Cotton Portal  
Listen in as Dr. Rachel Vann and I discuss topics such as: Planting early, the Best Maturity groups, plant populations, planting with planter vs. drill, nitrogen applications.   Lots of great information and answers to your questions you have always wanted to ask. 
Dr. Matthew Vann stopped by to talk about getting tobacco transplants into the ground and off to the best start possible.  We discuss transplanting, transplant water, disease, insect and fertility management!Thrip Flight Tool
Dr. Everman and Dr. Cahoon talk about weed control in conventional or Non-Traited row crops or if Glyphosate, 2,4-D, Dicamba or glufosinate aren't available.Listen in to hear Dr. Everman's tried and true for controlling sicklepod sticking up above the canopy.  
Hessian Fly in Wheat

Hessian Fly in Wheat


Talking about bugs with Dr. Dominic Reisig.  We talk about Hessian Fly, how to scout and what to do about them!  You aren't going to want to miss this one!
Dr. Suchoff stopped by to answer the question everyone wants to know,  when will Marijuana be legalized in North Carolina?  We also talk about changes in hemp regulations, production recommendations, and markets.  
"What to do with limited glyphosate supplies?"  Dr.  Cahoon and Dr. Everman stop by to discuss burn down considerations for our spring planted crops.  We address the elephant in the room...
Dr. Matthew Vann, N.C. State Tobacco Specialist, stopped by to discuss tobacco greenhouse management.  We discuss water samples, tray sanitation, and fertility recommendations.  You aren't going to want to miss this one!
Dr. Wes Everman stopped by to discuss weed control in wheat.  We discuss ID, scouting, and herbicide application timing.These two videos include the most recent recommendations: video is good for weed identification even though it is a little dated: 
Jenny Carleo stops by to talk about a big issue for soybean growers.  The good news is, now is the time to take care of it!  Please tell a friend about the podcast and if you have any topics send them to
This week Dr. Everman and Dr. Cahoon discuss weed control in winter wheat.  And basically the Superman of cool season weeds... Winter Weed ID Video here
Dr. Everman and Dr. Cahoon  stop by to talk about late season weed control and planning for potential weed problems in the coming wheat crop.  
Soybean Update

Soybean Update


Dr. Rachel Vann stopped by to discuss the soybean crop so far, the importance of timely harvest, and what to look out for to make and protect yield going forward.
Scott Tilley stops by to talk about his research with Twin Row planters.  We talk about positives, negatives, and things to lookout for.
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