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Author: Pascal Finette

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be radical's cofounder Pascal Finette in conversation with thought leaders and practitioners on all things innovation and disruption. Together we explore disruption from a first principles basis, identify the real drivers behind disruption and develop practical, hands-on advice on how to "disrupt".
11 Episodes
Alvaro is the co-founder, CEO and Chief Innovation Officer at BREIN, Grupo BRECA's innovation hub. Grupo BRECA is one of the largest companies in Peru – a conglomerate spanning primary industries such as fishing and mining all the way to healthcare and financial services. Alvaro is also the director of the BAFTA-nominated feature film Retablo (streaming on Netflix).
Christina is the former cofounder of the Innovation Lab of ViiV Healthcare, a joint venture between GSK, Pfizer and Shionogi and focused entirely on HIV therapies. Previously she held leadership positions at GSK and has spent her career at the forefront of healthcare innovation.
Kyle Nel is the President of Singularity Labs and formerly headed up innovation at DIY retail giant Lowe's. Under his leadership Lowe's launched the first 3D printer into space, developed Augmented Reality experiences and in-store robots.
Maurice is the CEO of Applied Intelligence and formerly led Telefonica's moonshot factory Alpha as their Head of New Moonshots. Alpha has been described as the only European moonshot factory and the European Google [X].
Learn about George's approach to first principles thinking and how to apply it to innovation, why disruption could be considered a negative force and how to structure innovation efforts inside of large incumbents operating in regulated industries.
Wing is the former COO at Factory and Pilot44 Labs, two of the most innovative innovation labs in Silicon Valley, where he worked with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, creating innovative (and often disruptive) new products, services and business models.
Here is our latest conversation with Ryan Merkley, Chief of Staff at the Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit organization behind Wikipedia. We discuss all things disruption, demonetization and, of course, open licenses, open source, Wikipedia, the motivation of volunteer communities and what companies can learn from this.
Andy currently serves as Head of Profitable Creativity at Electronic Arts, having helped the company thrive through two massively disruptive transformations. Andy stresses the vital importance of leadership development as a force for transformational change. Known for developing highly-effective simulations, games, and other creative means that result in learning and change, Andy develops key change agents who ensure ongoing profitability by overcoming “impossible” challenges. In addition to product innovation, quality and future planning, Andy hosts an award-winning, global leadership accelerator program with a 20+ year track record. As a transformation leader, he draws on his experiences as scientist, management consultant, mentor and decades long Fortune 500 exec in Silicon Valley. We were thrilled to interview Andy on the topic of innovation and disruption (and learn why disruption might be overrated).
We spoke with radical Expert John O’Duinn. John is a self-proclaimed ‘computer guy’ — having written code and led teams in organizations ranging from four person startups to nonprofits to multinationals — including in the US Government as part of the U.S. Digital Service in the Obama White House.We were honored to interview John on the topic of Distributed Teams. It’s a subject we are all lately having to get to grips with; but one John started documenting and synthesizing his experience more than a decade ago. John’s 2018 book “Distributed Teams: The Art and Practice of Working Together While Physically Apart” has become the de-facto remote work practical management book. It deals with immediate tactical issues, more complex human dynamics as well as wider social, diversity and environmental aspects.In 2018, John also helped write the State of Vermont’s “Remote Worker” law — a very different approach to Economic Development which has been so wildly successful that John is now helping draft bills and write policies for multiple other jurisdictions world-wide.In my conversation with John we discuss all things distributed teams (and why we should not call it “remote work”), how to tactically as well as strategically set yourself and your organization up for success and why distributed teams can out-innovate in-person organizations.
Currently Designer in Residence at the Stanford d. school, Lisa focuses on bridging the disciplines of futures and design thinking, creating experiences like The Future’s Happening to help students learn and practice the skills they don’t yet know they need. At the, she teaches classes such as Inventing the Future with creativity guru Tina Seelig, where students imagine, debate and analyze the 50-year futures of emerging tech. A bestselling author, educator, and speaker, Lisa has dedicated her career to making design a more accessible, learnable, and expansive set of everyday leadership practices. You can follow Lisa on Twitter @lisakaysolomon.In my conversation with Lisa we discuss what it takes for leaders to navigate the complexities of our new world, asking better questions and the continued importance of actively creating the future.Just hit play!
Welcome to our inaugural be radical Podcast. The first of many interviews with amazing thought leaders on our key 2020-‘21 focus "Disrupt Disruption". We are delighted to kick off our interview series with radical Expert Chris Yeh, co-author of the bestselling book ”Blitzscaling: The Lighting-fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies“, which he wrote along with Reid Hoffman. Chris is a serial entrepreneur and venture capital investor. In my conversation with Chris we explore how the concepts of Blitzscaling translate into incumbent organizations, what it takes for leaders to really make innovation and disruption work and stick within an organization. Chris has a wealth of knowledge and experience – you will like the conversation.Just hit play!
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