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The most popular radio show on QWRP FM from scenic nsburg, Qwerpline is full of curious characters and local interests.
39 Episodes
For the Season 2 finale, we sent Michael to a pub crawl, and it’s finally time to re-dedicate Lake Indianname!
QWRP brings you an update on the weather, we look at the newest fitness craze zapping into Nsburg, and Derek talks to some... enactors. Support LRR:
The NSE is finally open in A Mall, Edith is feeling a little out of it, and there’s a man in a van on our frequency. Additional Music: Support LRR:
Derek’s going to the air show to get into a van, and for whatever reason, Montgomery Kone is also going. Support LRR:
A new, terrible parade is rolling through Nsburg and it’s probably doing something to the traffic. Support LRR:
Derick goes on location to try some tasty brews. Don’t worry he’s nineteen. Support LRR:
Sadie's back from vacation and Montgomery Kone is here to tell the QWRP listeners about an under-appreciated local sport. Support LRR:
The students of Raster Heights Academy are going on strike, and Derek has been begrudgingly located. Support LRR:
Local inventors Darren Von Spront and Raphael Crinklestouf have large, airborne plans, and Nsburg Birthday Season is rapidly approaching. Support LRR:
QWRP (and Derek) bring you live coverage of the explosive Burpwinter trial.
Derek takes to the streets gauge public opinion on the upcoming electoral reform referendum. Support LRR:
Derek is on location for the grand opening of Father Bumper's new and improved corn maze, and the Nsburg History Museum has a racy new exhibit. Support LRR:
An in-studio interview with Ball Hinkley, Richter's new flight, on-location arts reporting, and Derek interviews Bertha Burpwinter.
Edith fills in on sports, Richter is inexplicably okay, and Derek interviews a local heiress.
Derek interviews tabletop game creator Klaus D'Abrucio, Richter has strong opinions, and Edith interviews Nsburg's Poet Laureate.
An interview with the Nsburg OmniUnion, the latest exhibits at the history museum, and Derek checks out a new restaurant.
Derek is on location with some statuesque legs, Monty Cone talks sideball, and Richter makes some new friends.
Featuring news, traffic, arts, and a live report from the Sideball Winter Classic!
The Pipesmen have a new--if similar--plan, Richter is despondant, and Derek is on location at the Dog's Ball.
It's an Nsburg Tradition! And Richter, Sadie, and Derek are here too.
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Same here!

Aug 19th
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Finally! I'm really glad this returned at last!

Aug 18th


I really thought this perfectly balanced goofiness was one and gone but SEASON TWO??? This is the best news I've had in months.

Aug 18th

A wheel with teeth

this is by far, my favorite show(?) by loadingreadyrun! it's a hilarious on take small town news and drama with both elements of a marvelous script and fun, well executed improv. quirky characters, funny quips, absurd place and event names, and amusing plot lines, qwerpline gives you many reasons laugh and I recommend enjoying it with friends! a little note though, the show is a marginally slow at first. I recommend following the 3 episode rule on this. if you're not enjoying yourself after episode 3, this may not be for you. I absolutely recommend qwerpline to anyone that is interested!

Dec 10th

Nick Stirling

Is this show finished?

Jun 15th

The First Elicorn Brony

hay are you going to make new episodes

Mar 27th
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