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The New Nomad is not just a podcast, it’s a community of people, ideas and spirit. We share that Nomad spirit as Insured Nomads and I have lived the nomad existence; with cohosts that have lived in locations like Brazil, Ghana, Australia, South Korea and the Netherlands and my travels to more than 70 countries ranging from Estonia, Croatia and Costa Rica and interesting destinations in between. We will be sharing discussions that will help you take full advantage of the cross-border lifestyle. Weekly, we will interview leaders in the cross border, remote worker movement – thought leaders like you. Ranging from people who have packed up and moved; to those who support the movement.

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Experience the world from work-ready homes.Insured Nomads partners with Noad Exchange to allow for easy global travel. Imagine using your work flexibility to travel the world, enjoying unique remote work-ready homes without paying rental rates and with a peace of mind.Noad Exchange was created by Jonah & Austin, two ex-engineers, who leapt off the corporate ladder 5 years ago and hit the road, seeking more.Since then, they have started and scaled businesses and sailed all over the world. Jonah designed & built a tiny house and Austin wrote a Best Selling book. All while living out of 172 Airbnbs and counting.
In this episode, we explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work and its implications for businesses. The guest, Q Hamirani, shares insights and experiences from working in various organizations, including Airbnb and Paper, focusing on the challenges and opportunities of remote work. Q emphasizes the importance of flexibility and empowering employees to choose their preferred work environment, whether it's remote, hybrid, or in-person. They discuss the need for organizations to be intentional in developing people programs that support remote work, such as providing the right benefits, compensation, and learning opportunities.Maintaining a strong corporate culture in a fully distributed business is another key topic discussed. Q and the host, Alan, delve into the strategies required to preserve and nurture a positive culture in remote settings. They highlight the need for intentional in-person connections and collaboration, suggesting regular meetings or gatherings throughout the year. Q emphasizes the importance of leaders leading by example and being open to iterating and adapting based on feedback from employees.The conversation also touches on asynchronous work and best practices for supporting an async work environment. Q shares their insights on the value of dedicated focus time for individual work and the need to streamline communication channels to avoid information overload and distractions. They stress the continuous learning journey in finding the right balance for asynchronous work and exploring methods to improve productivity and reduce excessive meeting times.What you will learn:1. AI as the future of work, and digital nomadism.2. The traction made by AI in content generation and support in marketing departments.3. Embracing AI while maintaining human connections.4. Q Hamirani as a thought leader in the field of human resources, people management, and people leadership.5. The pendulum shift between remote, hybrid, and all-in work models.6. The challenges of maintaining an effective corporate culture in a fully remote business.GUEST BIO:Q is a business-minded people and operations leader, advisor and executive coach. He is currently the Chief People Office at Paper where he oversees all aspects of the people team, including talent acquisition, people ops, total rewards, and internal communications for 3000+ employees.Prior to Paper, he joined Airbnb in 2018 as its first global people ops leader, and was responsible for the strategic vision, build-out and execution of Airbnb’s people & talent operations function from the ground up. Additionally, he was responsible for leading Airbnb through numerous pivotal milestones including hyper growth, pandemic responses, workforce restructuring, IPO and the future of work.Most notably, Q ideated and incubated Airbnb’s Digital Nomad program globally in 2020 that eventually became Airbnb's formal Live & Work Anywhere program in 2022. GUEST LINKS: Website: NOMADS LINKS:Interested in getting insured with Insured Nomads? Check us out here:◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️Instagram:
Sales is a fundamental aspect of any business, and it involves promoting and selling products or services to customers. In today's digital age, digital sales channels such as e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and social media have become increasingly popular. These channels allow companies to reach a wider audience and make it easier for customers to purchase products from anywhere in the world. Digital nomads are people who use technology to work remotely, and they often rely on digital sales channels to make a living.On this week's episode of The New Nomad, Desmond Dixon delves into the topic of sales in the digital nomad world and provides valuable tips for success. He also emphasizes the importance of a mindset in which curiosity trumps fear, encouraging people to embrace new experiences and opportunities, even if they may be uncomfortable or unfamiliar. As a digital nomad or someone interested in becoming one, having a sense of curiosity is essential. Tune in to this week's episode and be inspired by the experiences of our seasoned nomads.[2:03] Curiosity should always trump fear[6:29] Gaining priceless knowledge by connecting with other digital nomads[9:20] Empathy is the key to a successful sales career[12:14] How to thrive in the digital nomad world[15:34] Discipline is the secret to success[21:28] Kotor, Montenegro: the unbeaten pathGUEST BIO:Desmond Dixon started his career as a chemical engineer and quickly realized he needed to experience fulfillment in this line of work. Instead, he decided to follow his dream of being in sales, despite having zero experience and failing at his first door-to-door sales job. Desmond didn’t give up on his sales career, ultimately closing millions of dollars in revenue. Desmond now trains and leads sales teams for small businesses that want to go from 6 figures and get to 7 figures in sales. Desmond is traveling the world right now and building an 8-figure sales agency. He has started his podcast, Campfire Capitalism, to connect the dots between sales growth, stages of business, and new tech that can support other entrepreneurs like himself. He enjoys rifting on NFTs, real estate investing, day trading, and business development.LINKS:LinkedIn: Sales: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
When choosing a destination as a digital nomad in the Balkans, it's important to consider factors such as cost of living, internet connectivity, local cuisine, and leisure activities that align with your interests. It can also be helpful to research whether there is already a strong community of digital nomads in the area, as this can provide support and make it easier to connect with others who are also living and working remotely.In this episode of The New Nomad podcast, Anna Maria Kochanska joins Allen Koski and Chris Nam to discuss the beauty of the Balkan region and the benefits of the digital nomad lifestyle. They share their own experiences traveling and living as digital nomads, and emphasize the importance of helping others and using travel as a means of personal growth. Tune in to learn more about the unique insights and perspectives that can be gained through the digital nomad experience, and be inspired to travel and pay it forward.[5:54] Know what you want when traveling[10:29] Connect with the locals and get the full digital nomad experience[15:19] Going through a bad breakup? Try traveling[17:44] Make yourself happy by helping others[21:04] Travel teaches you things that no classroom can[24:47] Travel is much better if you feel welcome where you're going toGUEST BIO:Anna Maria Kochanska is a multilingual public speaker and Digital Nomadism and Remote Work consultant. She has been a digital Nomad since 2018 and Digital Nomad Ambassador. She helps brands and organizations with Digital Nomadism, Remote Workers' strategy, and the Future of Work. Her background is in the IT industry, working with big pharmaceutical companies and helping them with digital transformation.Anna Maria is a self-taught polyglot (+7) and consults on cross-cultural competence & business communication.LINKS:Website: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Stories and traveling really go well together. Traveling would be so much better if we experience a place or a culture instead of just skimming through every country and ticking checklists. Imagine doing a deep dive into a place, living with the locals, and getting to experience their culture in a more genuine way. This new way of traveling is the reason why came to be.In this episode of The New Nomad, Amit Jaipuria, founder of, joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in educating and entertaining the audience with their take on storytelling and traveling. They talked about how being open to new experiences would make your journey a lot more enjoyable and unique. Join us this week for another gold-nugget-peppered episode and hopefully, this will help you get the most out of your next travel adventure.[6:10] Traveling for the stories[9:32] Travel to learn[16:55] Having an open mind when connecting with other people[18:30] The importance of stories in traveling[20:18] India - what an interesting country![23:34] a new way for people to see the worldGUEST BIO:As a serial entrepreneur for the last 22 years, Amit has started multiple companies across industries such as consumer tech, retail, Agri tech, fine art, and travel. He is passionate about creating technology that empowers communities to bring about changes in the status quo. Postcard officially launched on Sep 1, 2022. Amit started Postcard Travel because he found it difficult to find boutique hotels and tours that offered immersive experiences, uplifted local communities, and were authentic voices for responsible tourism.Amit has also authored multiple patents on social media platforms and is a Media Herald and Ally Partner at the Transformational Travel Council.LINKS:LinkedIn: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Across cultures and centuries, people of varied means have made homes for themselves and those they care about. The people who live with us and the material possessions with which we furnish our home space are essential aspects of the place where we dwell. Complex interactions with all these elements give a definition to home as we see it. And as we define home, we also define ourselves in relation to it. Cliche as it seems but home is where the heart is.Lea Misan, Director of the mental health charity, Act for Change, joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in this episode of The New Nomad. They discussed how we as humans crave connection more than anything and the same thing makes us thrive in this world. They also talked about building relationships impacts digital nomads the most, given their mobility, and creating meaningful connections would benefit their mobile lifestyle. So tune in this week and get ready to learn a lot about relationships, connections, and why no man should be an island.[2:45] We don’t always have to choose sides[7:50] How digital nomads deal with uncertainty[10:07] Supporting each other as a team[20:39] Travel to become more fluid[22:33] We're built for community, we're built for connection[26:57] Healing generations of woundsGUEST BIO:Lea Misan is an accomplished consultant in systemic psychotherapy and process-oriented psychology who is passionate and dedicated to helping people involved in a conflict, abuse, trauma, and leadership. She is also a Facilitator, Trainer, Coach, Founder, and Director of the mental health charity, Act for Change.A firm believer in continuous learning and development, Lea holds an LLB in Law from the London School of Economics and is a Fellow in Holocaust Education with the Imperial War Museum and a Fellow with the School of Social Enterprise. Lea is the author of two books, ‘A Body’s Call to Presence’ and ‘Emerging Figures’ (publication due in early 2023).LINKS:Lea’s Website: For Change: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
The transition from a full-time job to a digital nomad or location-independent work can be extremely exciting. But as with any lifestyle change, you’ll need to plan and make some adjustments to avoid unnecessary stress and overwhelm. You’ll need to be flexible about where and how you work. Not having unrealistic expectations can save you some frustration. You have a perfect opportunity to reduce your overall expenses by analyzing the cost of living in different countries and moving to a place with lower costs.Ali Pruitt of Fully Remote with Ali joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in this week’s episode of The New Nomad. They talked about the importance of work-life balance in the digital nomad lifestyle and the challenges one may encounter in living the life that is coveted by many. They also discussed health, natural medicine, and its benefits. You are most likely choosing to be a digital nomad because you love many aspects of this lifestyle, including freedom and flexibility. So, don’t let the challenges overwhelm you.[5:25] The freedom that digital nomads enjoy[12:01] Medicine for the body and for the soul[16:26] The secrets of destressing[20:55] Traveling creates an open mind[23:09] The digital nomad lifestyle is all about balance[31:56] Simplify lifeGUEST BIO:Ali Pruitt is a seasoned digital nomad, she has over 10 years of process and workflow improvement experience and she’s the woman behind Fully Remote with Ali. She’s been featured in We Work Remotely, the Association of Virtual Assistants, and The Creative Startup Academy. Ali is passionate about helping others transition into remote work, so they can fully embrace the remote lifestyle in the way that works best for them. LINKS:Website:
As we emerge on the other side of the Covid crisis, one thing is clear: remote work is here to stay. Employers were finally awakened to the advantages of enabling work-from-anywhere for knowledge workers, which includes access to a global talent pool without the hassles of relocation; the flexibility afforded employees directly translates to productivity and job satisfaction, and the reduced need for corporate real estate. Technology has made it easier for employees and employers to interact, and there are also many benefits for both parties.In this episode of The New Nomad, Ixo Szapar, Co-founder of Remote-how, joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in discussing remote and hybrid work and why it's here to stay. They also talked about why businesses need to listen up and look beyond today to build more progressive workplace policies that will help employees thrive. Given that so much of the working population is now acclimated to remote work, it seems unlikely that we’ll ever return to the way things used to be. Tune in to this week’s episode and pick up useful tips for adapting to this not-so-new work set up.[3:03] Change is inevitable[6:10] The advantage of having a globally-located team[15:49] Transparency leads to accountability[18:38] The four-day workweek[21:46] Setting your boundaries to prevent burnout[24:26] Northern Vietnam: a biker’s paradiseGUEST BIO:Iwo Szapar is a Remote Work Advocate & Co-founder of Remote-how, the world’s leading platform for distributed management powered by and for the community from 128 countries.Iwo is a relentless doer – the kind of self-proclaimed workaholic every team needs. Driven by a love for travel and a desire to be as productive as possible, anytime, anywhere, Iwo is passionate about helping companies everywhere successfully implement remote workforces. In his downtime, Iwo is a football and dog lover.LINKS:Iwo Szapar: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Telling stories is one of humankind’s abiding, defining impulses. So when you become a travel storyteller, you’re tapping into one of the deepest and richest veins of the human experience. Truly great stories succeed in extracting meaning from the everyday. They are also the record of two corresponding journeys: a journey in the outer world and a journey in the inner world. And the travel writer’s story is built upon the interplay between these worlds and journeys.Tony Carne, Chief Operating Officer of Airguides, takes us to another mesmerizing episode of The New Nomad with Allen Koski. They talked about understated yet spectacular places all over the world and the people they meet on their travels. Our two nomads regaled the audience with their experiences and challenges they encountered. The ultimate potential of great travel storytelling and the sacred mission we storytellers share is to make us all think about how big the world is and to give us all a kind of hope. So tune in to this week’s episode and prepare to be intrigued by the place we call home: Earth.TIMESTAMPS:[1:28] Travel bridges the generation gap[8:30] How Airguides support artists[11:05] Travel is a learning experience[18:58] Bonding over beer[21:27] Food is the universal comforter[31:07] Swimming with whales: an experience of a lifetimeGUEST BIO:Tony Carne is a serial entrepreneur/Intrapreneur within the travel and food sectors. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Airguides and a C-level tourism executive with a passion for innovation that drives all-win outcomes for all stakeholders, including (and especially) the locals where tourism takes place.Once a proud employee of a BCorp. Member of the Intrepid Hall of Fame (1 of only 11 across a 30+ year history). Public speaker and thought leader in the field of Tour Operators, Tours and Activities, and Sustainable Travel.LINKS:LinkedIn: Follow Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Don’t spend all your effort and time planning for the perfect vacation then overlook the importance of adding a travel insurance policy to that plan. As a traveler, you are vulnerable to accidents, diseases, and other issues which is why you need to take up travel insurance. We know travel insurance can seem like just one more expense, but you'll never know when it will come in handy. Planning for your dream vacation is stressful, let travel insurance take some of it away.Bret Estep, Chief Operating Officer, and Chris Nam, Director of Engagement, both at Insured Nomads, join Allen Jernigan in a very important episode of The New Nomad. They talked about the horrors you might encounter in traveling and how easily they could be prevented. They also talked about travel insurance features that travelers can take advantage of. Travel insurance is definitely worth it. the small cost of purchasing insurance cannot be compared to the massive costs it will cover in case you are faced with any emergencies during your trip.  [1:37] Global uncertainty is here to stay[5:37] Accidents do happen when traveling[13:41] Travelers need mental health support too[22:15] Know that Insured Nomads has your back[26:36] Why you need travel insurance whenever you travel[31:21] Always Keep your documents safeGUEST BIO:Brett Estep is Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Insured Nomads, spearheading a global work revolution underway during a time of significant uncertainty around the world - from health, safety, security, natural disaster, mental health, and beyond. Chris (Minwoo) Nam is the Director of Engagement at Insured Nomads and is a motivated leader and creative thinker. Aspiring to pursue a career in the biotech/medtech business and to ultimately contribute to the advancement of health, wellness, medicine, and tech - all in one.LINKS:Follow Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Copywriting is super overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Most remote jobs either require years of experience. But not copywriting. With copywriting, you don’t need to have ANY experience to get started. You don’t even need to have a college degree. All you need is a love of words and a desire to learn. And the best part? Once you get good at it, you can charge BIG bucks.Steve Tsentserensky of SBT Productions joins Allen Koski, regaling the audience in this episode of The New Nomad. Steve shares his experience in transitioning from video to the wonderful world of words, all while traveling to 65+ countries. He also talked about his life in the Balkans and how it shaped him into what he is now. Becoming a freelance copywriter is a great career choice for a digital nomad, as it offers a location-independent lifestyle, where you can work from home, or travel full-time while working from the road. So tune in this week to know more about the lifestyle. Who knows? It might be for you.[4:31] Writing is a skill, not a talent[7:54] Life in the Balkans[14:07] Time brings people together[17:10] Getting to know new people while traveling[21:53] Georgia, a hotpot of cultures[26:07] People make places more interestingGUEST BIO:Steve Tsentserensky is a freelance copywriter, video producer, and photographer with a knack for making complex consumables. A passion for travel has led him to the digital nomad lifestyle and an ever-changing office from which he creates content for companies large and small through his production company, SBT Productions.He’s been on the move for over a decade, traveling to 65+ countries and becoming a passionate advocate for the digital nomad lifestyle. LINKS:LinkedIn: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Have you ever gone sailing? How about living on a boat? Well, it’s not for everyone. While many people think sailing is all smooth seas, sunshine, sunsets, and beautiful beaches, it’s also a lot of hard work and can be incredibly challenging. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration or some friendly reminders about why we continue to battle the seasickness and the fear and the storms to reach that personal nirvana and freedom that comes from being one with the sea.In this episode of The New Nomad with Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski, Erin Carey, founder of Roam Generation, regales the audience with her exciting adventures in their boat life. She also talks about why her unique sailor lifestyle makes her PR business thrive. If you think that this lifestyle of sun, sea, and waves is for you, tune in to this week’s episode and get the best tips from our three nomads. Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, and drink the wild air.[3:20] Anything is possible with research and determination[9:49] Want to live on a boat? Be prepared to be cramped[14:50] Getting firsthand experience by living the lifestyle[17:27] Giving up is the worst thing to do in the Laptop Lifestyle[21:54] Raising a family on a boat[27:00] Music brings people togetherGUEST BIO:Erin Carey is the founder of Roam Generation, a PR agency focused on helping travel, leisure, and luxury brands share their unique and inspiring story with the world. Erin has over 20 years of communications experience in the corporate environment and has interviewed in excess of 1000 people throughout her career. She has an inquisitive nature and loves to ask big questions, to get to the real heart of the story. Roam Generation came about while Erin and her family lived on a yacht and sailed the world’s oceans. However, they weren’t sailors when they came up with the idea of leaving the rat race and sailing away. Without letting that minor detail get in the way, Erin and her husband bought a yacht on the opposite side of the world and went on to cross the Atlantic Ocean a mere 18 months later. LINKS:Website: https://www.roamgeneration.comTwitter: FB: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
When you are a digital nomad, meeting your peers is an essential component of advancing your career as well as maintaining a healthy remote work-life balance. One of the biggest downsides of being a remote worker is the loneliness that can accompany traveling alone. Especially for newly transitioned nomads, a helping hand goes a long way. Digital Nomads Daily aims to help digital nomads by gathering vital information and sharing them with other digital nomads. This week, Nienke Nina Keizer (founder of Digital Nomads Daily) joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in another gold-nugget filled episode of The New Nomad. Our three nomads shared their experiences living the nomadic lifestyle and talked about how Digital Nomads Daily helps other digital nomads by being their “cheat sheet”. The best thing about being in the digital nomad community is your fellow nomads have your back. So tune in and get ready to learn a lot from The New Nomad podcast this week.[5:34] The challenges of the Laptop Lifestyle[14:40] Learning through other people’s experiences[18:33] Be open to learning a new language[19:02] Sit and just be[21:15] Want to learn a new language? Live with someone who speaks it[24:06] Combat loneliness by meeting new like-minded peopleGUEST BIO:Nienke Nina Keizer has lived abroad for over 7 years and 4+ years as a digital nomad. She is a creative entrepreneur who talks about the digital nomad lifestyle, remote work, and transformation. Throughout her journey, she experienced the digital nomad lifestyle as a freelancer, remote worker in several companies, and creative entrepreneur.She is the founder of the digital nomad platform ''Digital Nomads Daily'' which covers daily topics about traveling, remote working, and personal developments. Nina is the podcast host of The Digital Nomads Daily Podcast and interviews digital nomads and entrepreneurs about how they plan, create, solve, celebrate and sustain a successful digital nomad lifestyle. LINKS:Digital Nomads Daily: Instagram: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Short-term vacation rentals have created a good deal of controversy since the start of their existence about ten years ago and have been growing at an incredible speed ever since. Besides the financial aspect, they broaden the local community's involvement in tourism and offer travelers a different and sometimes unique option. While staying in a hotel feels more like visiting, short-term rentals give you something closer to the experience of actually being a local citizen of that area.Chris Cerra, the founder of Remote Base, joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in this week’s episode of The New Nomad. Chris talks about how Remote Base helps the modern traveler in finding the best deals in accommodations and in the same way, allows them to immerse in the local scene. If you’re thinking of traveling but need to stay within a budget, tune in as tips and tricks are peppered throughout this episode. Travel well and travel safely![4:37] Saving money on accommodation[11:01] Looking for the best deals[14:55] The factors affecting the choice of accommodation[18:13] Getting away from the cities[24:22] You can’t go wrong with Hawaii[26:30] Just go and just beGUEST BIO:Chris Cerra is the founder, creator, and Head Deal-Hunter of Remote Base, a website dedicated to helping travelers, remote workers, and digital nomads in terms of accommodation and immersion with the local community. Since 2017, Chris has been living the remote work lifestyle in countless countries across four continents with his company, Remote Base. He is helping other people access this way of living. He is sharing ideal locations to work from remotely in his newsletter.LINKS:Remote Base: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Being a digital nomad means having the freedom to pursue a career without being tied down to a desk. Digital nomads include freelancers, independent contractors, and employees who prefer remote work to an office cubicle. When you're living on the road full-time or close to it, there are some important financial considerations to weigh in the balance. Keeping your finances under control as a digital nomad may seem daunting. However, taking the time to manage your money well is definitely worth the effort. Ashley Murphy, the founder of Arete Wealth Strategists Australia, joins Allen Koski in another gold-nugget-filled episode of the New Nomad as they talked about finances and how important it is for us, travelers or not, to understand our finances and how to make it grow. They also discussed the difference between countries when it comes to taxes. There isn’t a single blueprint for creating a financial budget or plan ahead of your trip, tune in to this week’s episode and prepare to gather tips and tricks from our seasoned nomads.[4:17] Education for sale[8:44] Taxes are a small price to pay in a civilized world[13:22] The complexities of financial planning[15:45] Suitability versus fiduciary[22:33] How the United States is unique when it comes to taxes[26:37] Talk to the experts: Financial AdvisersGUEST BIO:​Ashley Murphy, GFP (USA) CFP® AIF®, is a tri-citizen of the USA, Australia, and the UK. Ashley is the founder and Principal of Arete Wealth Strategists Australia, a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm for Australian/American expatriates in the United States and Australia. ​From 2014 - 2017, Ashley taught in the CFP programs at UC Berkeley Extension and Golden Gate University. He served as a Knowledge Circle host for the Financial Planning Association's International and Cross-Border Knowledge Circle (2017 - 2019) and is a regular conference speaker. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in Australia making him one of the few financial advisors qualified in multiple countries. Ashley has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and profiled in Financial Advisor Magazine.​Ashley lives with his wife Eliza, and daughters Elise & Jasmine in Minneapolis, MN. He enjoys cycling, reading, and world travel. He is a futurist interested in architecture, renewable energy, and demographics.LINKS:Arete Wealth Strategists website: Financing Institute: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
When costly dental or medical procedures became unavoidable, many people from countries with a higher cost of living are willing to consider getting it done overseas. Cost is one of the main reasons why people travel overseas for medical procedures. In some countries, elective procedures can cost a fraction of the price of getting it done in the US or Europe. Medical tourism is not for everyone, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds.Taylor Wallace of The Fit Founder joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in talking about the realities of medical tourism in this week’s episode of The New Nomad. They talked about their own experiences and reasons why they preferred having a procedure done overseas and the risks it involves. Whether or not you choose overseas or have the procedure done locally, remember that you're financially responsible for costs incurred during and after treatment overseas. So tune in to The New Nomad for tips in your travels.[1:12] Medical tourism: Nay or Yay?[8:58] Knowing when to move forward or turn back[12:29] Why keeping yourself healthy is vital when traveling[17:28] Being honest with yourself and accepting your reality[21:54] Low-cost medical treatments make people travel abroad[26:38] Knowledge is what makes you feel confident in your decisionsGUEST BIO:Taylor Wallace is a millennial thought leader, Business Strategy Consultant, Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and founder of #thefitfounder global movement. Her mission is for every human to actualize their dreams of a lifestyle by design through Emotional Intelligence, Personal Development, Self Awareness, and Self Love. She moved to New York to join the evolving startup ecosystem, where she honed her product & team as part of the Founders Accelerator program. Since then, she's taken her passions on the road, embracing a work/life harmony philosophy as an international Digital Nomad. Taylor and her works have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, General Assembly, and Skyscanner. She regularly collaborates with Cowork/Co-living startups, lady boss bloggers, entrepreneurs, social innovators, and thought leaders from around the world.LINKS:The Fit Founder: Instagram: Fit Founder Instagram: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Being good with money is about more than just making ends meet. All of your financial decisions and activities have an effect on your financial health. It’s always important to consider what we should be doing to help improve our financial health and habits. Money management can help you have a better handle on your income and spending so you can make decisions that improve your financial status.In this week’s episode of The New Nomad, Paul Tyler, CMO of Nassau Financial Group, talks about financial planning and annuities with our hosts, Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski. They discussed why wisely planning your finances and having several streams of income is vital to a stress-free life. Life can be much more stable if you plan your finances wisely. Tune in to this episode to learn more about the strategies smart people do regarding their finances. Remember that just because the money is there doesn't mean you can make the purchase. [3:36] Effective financial planning to achieve financial independence[7:50] Planning is everything, seriously[11:10] Saving strategies: Start young[15:23] Health Insurance: Expense vs protection[19:08] Annuities 101[22:17] Why we need several streams of incomeGUEST BIO:Paul Tyler serves as Chief Marketing Officer for Nassau Re, leading the marketing strategy, direct-to-consumer channel, and innovation activity. Paul drives the branding of insurance companies and affiliated asset management companies. He built a direct-to-consumer channel for Nassau Re. In addition, he launched Nassau Re/Imagine, an Insurtech-focused incubator based in Hartford. Before his role at Nassau Re, he worked at Fidelity & Guaranty Life, and MetLife in various positions in strategy, marketing, operations, technology, sales, and compliance. He earned his A.B. from Princeton University and his J.D. from Cornell Law School.LINKS:LinkedIn: Annuity Show: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Have you ever felt that where you are now is not where you are supposed to be? Maybe you’re not sure about the right way forward, only that the path you’re on now isn’t it. You pondered and pondered and the only thing you could think of doing is travel. Traveling is one of the most effective ways to clear your mind off things and regain focus on what is most important in your life. Kristin Vierra, a seasoned nomad and career coach, can help you figure things out while having the time of your life visiting cool places and eating local food.In this week’s episode, Kristin joins Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in sharing their experiences finding out where they want to go. They talked about the challenges, the joy in traveling, and the emotions that came with those experiences. Traveling is so beneficial for the body, mind, and heart so tune in, and maybe this episode of The New Nomad might entice you to pack your bags and just go where your heart (or wallet) takes you.[5:02] Changing your environment is sometimes the best thing to do[10:12] The pros outweigh the cons of moving abroad[12:05] The beauty in spontaneity[18:21] Restart vs regret[21:07] Every person has different needs and wants[26:04] Slowmading: it takes time to get to know each placeGUEST BIO:Kristin Vierra is a Life and Career Coach at Ama La Vida and Digital Nomad. Career transitions and solo travel experiences inspired Kristin's journey to becoming a life coach. She has a passion for exploring foreign countries, broadening her mindset, and gaining wisdom through immersing in other cultures. Kristin enjoys supporting her clients through defining their unique version of success/fulfillment, navigating remote work, international job searches, navigating unconventional paths, and a favorite area...boundaries work.LINKS:LinkedIn: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
It’s a tale as old as time. You finally get to go on that fantastic vacation, and then you end up coming down with a terrible cold or gaining a few unwanted pounds. Whether you’re traveling for business or taking your family on a holiday vacation, the last thing you want is an injury or illness to derail your time away, especially if you’re traveling on foreign soil. YOLO can be excellent but living healthier is the best way to enjoy life longer.Dr. Deborah Smith, CEO of BodyPrime SPC, joins Allen Koski in reminding travelers that living a healthy lifestyle is not just limited to their usual everyday routine, it also applies whenever they travel. They talked about how pleasant travel will be if we all choose better food and practice an active lifestyle while on a business trip or a vacation. Living a rich life does not mean it should be at the expense of your health. Tune in this week to The New Nomad podcast and learn that there is a healthier way to YOLO.[2:59] Lifestyle is a major factor in our health[6:51] We are what we eat[13:29] How to safeguard yourself when traveling abroad[18:18] A cup of coffee a day, makes the nasties go away[25:00] Connect with the locals[33:00] Taking care of yourself holisticallyGUEST BIO:Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director for BodyPrime SPC, a new venture currently under construction to redefine health by offering a new service delivery model for significantly improving human health and performance. Prior experience includes Senior Manager, Global Occupational and Enterprise Health Services for The Boeing Company, faculty appointments at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and healthcare delivery experiences encompassing private and public healthcare delivery systems. Dr. Smith completed a Master's of Business Administration in Healthcare from George Washington University in 2010, with an interest in healthcare administration, the business of healthcare delivery, and health and productivity initiatives. LINKS:LinkedIn: Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
Exploring unknown terrain, hearing different languages, and experiencing different cultures, food, smells, sounds, sights, beliefs, and rituals have made people kinder, more adaptable, and more grateful. Rest and reflection are essential parts of a successful and happy life. Travel is a valuable opportunity to process challenges, including loss. Travel heals wounds, physical or not. And it's more enjoyable to meet new people when traveling, right?In this episode of The New Nomad, Mita Carriman of Adventurely joins our hosts Andrew Jernigan and Allen Koski in entertaining and enlightening our audience with the stories of their travel adventures. They talked about the ups and downs of traveling solo and the excitement that meeting new people, in person or virtually, brings. Travel may be tedious, but the benefits it brings to the picture trump all the cons. So tune in and maybe you’ll also find yourself in a situation where your soul screams for travel.[3:22] A whole new app for a new travel community[6:16] We have our own ways of dealing with loss[7:35] The beauty in traveling solo[13:20] Travel heals all wounds[18:28] People love variety, especially digital nomads[20:58] Every place has a rich historyGUEST BIO:Mita Carriman is the Founder & CEO of Adventurely – a meetup app for digital nomads. Originally a Business & IP attorney from New York City- she spent the past 4 years traveling the world full time while working remotely across 13 countries and creating digital nomad hubs in Barbados with Bajan Nomad Social, and in Playa Del Carmen Mexico with Playapreneurs Summit while growing Adventurely.She firmly believes that the future of work is the future of travel, and she was named 1 of 16 women inspiring international travel in 2021 by Buzzfeed.LINKS:LinkedIn: THESE LINKS BELOW THE SHOW NOTES:Follow Insured Nomads at:Instagram:
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