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Emeran Mayer, MD, Gastroenterologist, Neuroscientist, and distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, generously shares his insight and experience in this relaxing conversation. As a clinician and researcher, Dr. Mayer brings a unique perspective in helping simplify the connection between the gut microbiome, immunity, and the brain. This podcast will inspire you in some surprising areas related to health and vitality.  Dr. Mayer’s most recent books, The Mind-Gut Connection (2016) and the Gut-Immune Connection (2021) are excellent reads.  Connect with his wisdom and upcoming projects via Instagram @emeranmayer or via his website . He is currently working on a MasterClass and a PBS documentary about the Mind-Gut-Immune connection.  Dr. Mayer is the recipient of numerous awards, including the 2016 David McLean Award from the American Psychosomatic Society and the 2017 Ismar Boas Medal from the German Society of Gastroenterology and Metabolic Disease.  Be sure to sign up for his weekly newsletter to receive reputable research, delicious recipes, and sustainable strategies to enhance your wellness journey.  This is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy! 
Is Aging a Disease?

Is Aging a Disease?


Aging is not a disease to be feared; it is an adventure to be enjoyed.  In some medical arenas, however, the definition of aging is being redefined as a chronic disease rather than a natural process that we all experience.  In today’s podcast, I have somewhat of a “rant” to explain the irrationality of this new definition.
Unfortunately, sub-optimal Vitamin D3 levels and Insulin Resistance are “normal” in our current society.  However, Vitality Made Simple listeners do not want to be normal!  We know that normal is only what is typical at a certain time in history.  In our world, normal is dehydrated, irritated, constipated, frustrated, overscheduled, overstimulated, under rested, under nourished, and totally stressed out.  In today’s episode, we are exploring how to optimize Vitamin D3, improve Insulin Resistance, and decrease your chances of ever developing Type 2 Diabetes. This is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy! To order the tasty Cod Liver Oil that I mentioned, please go to and click on the SHOP tab. Then under the Wholescripts tab, you will find Carlson’s wild Norwegian-sourced Cod Liver Oil, with Natural Lemon.  This delicious food supplement contains Vitamin D, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and Vitamin A. I enjoy taking it every day. Thank you for supporting the podcast!
Change is tough!  We humans tend to move toward “Lesser Pain” even if that lesser pain is not good for us in the long run. In Episode 119, I’m talking about five simple ways to help someone who is “finally ready” to make health improvements. Because new habits can be overwhelming, I have devised the “Five R’s of Vitality” which help simplify moving into new healthy habit formation. These five strategies will also improve all medical outcomes.  How good do you want to feel? This is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy! 
Carolyn Dean, MD, NP, is the world expert on Magnesium and author of The Magnesium Miracle, the authority on Magnesium’s influence on health, fitness and chronic disease. With unique dual qualifications as medical doctor AND a naturopath, Dr. Dean is truly a world expert in Integrative Medicine.  I pray that Dr. Dean’s curiosity, experience, and youthful energy will be an inspiration to you as she is to me.  You can find her at for her weekly radio show and to access her excellent formulations.  Use the promo code VITALITY10 to save 10% off your first order and to support the podcast. You can also donate to relief efforts in Maui via
In today’s podcast, I’m doing a short book review on The Biology of Belief, an incredible book by Bruce Lipton, PhD, that looks scientifically at how our beliefs impact our physiology. His studies are absolutely amazing! Additionally, I’m talking about how “God said it first” in the Bible.   This is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy! 
Heart health champion, Dr. Royce Bargas, shares insight into her world of Integrative Cardiology, where the focus is on prevention and total body vitality rather than just managing disease. Dr. Bargas is board-certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular disease, and Cardiac Electrophysiology, and is certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine.  She utilizes the roots of Osteopath and the fundamentals of Functional Medicine to get to the root causes of chronic disease.  Curious, brave, and energetic, Dr. Bargas is a certified RECODE provider for the Dale Bredesen, MD, protocol- designed to reverse Alzheimer’s Disease.  Here’s the link to Dr. Bredesen’s 2021 study that we discussed in today’s podcast - “ReCODE:  A Personalized, Targeted, Multi-Factorial Therapeutic Program for Reversal of Cognitive Decline  Dr. Bargas is founder of Bargas Wellness in Edmond, Oklahoma. 
A pioneer in the field of “Microbial Ecology,” Dr. Raul Cano generously  shares the latest research in the world of probiotics, gut health and soil health.  Microbial Ecology, the study of how microorganisms interact with their environment, with each other, and with other plant species, is an exciting field that impacts the future of each and every one of us.  Dr. Cano has had an incredible career spanning more than 50 years and is still learning and growing.  He is the Chief Scientific Officer - the microbiologist - for BiotiQuest, producer of high quality probiotic strains that work together in consortiums for synergistic effectiveness.  Dr. Cano is also the Chief Executive Officer of Ancient Organics, an agriculture biotechnology company that develops proprietary plant and soil probiotics.  Ancient Organics recently launched “PaleoPower,” the only product known to organically break down glyphosate contamination in the soil.  Learn more about Dr. Cano and his incredible work at and .
Renowned cardiologist, New York Times bestselling author of the Wheat Belly series, and tireless health crusader, William Davis, MD, is an absolute master at connecting the dots between modern ailments and the gut microbiome. Enjoy today’s episode as he clearly presents new research on safe sweeteners, the real dangers of common emulsifiers, and the benefits of Astaxanthin.  We had a lively discussion on actionable strategies that will empower you to look and feel younger.  Check out Dr. Davis’ fascinating podcast entitled “Defiant Health” and explore his informative website  Be sure to read Super Gut - the authority on vitality from the inside out!
Everybody knows someone battling cancer. Fusobacterium nucleatum is an oral anaerobe that trans-locates to other areas of the body. It negatively impacts gut health in a number of ways including contributing to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Initially it was found to be prevalent in human colorectal cancer (CRC) where it is associated with poor treatment outcomes. It is being widely studied and found to be associated with a growing number of cancers. Recent research is showing that this oral pathogen may induce resistance to several chemotherapy drugs.  The good news is that we can test for it and treat it relatively simply. This is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy!References:Fusobacterium nucleatum confers chemoresistance by modulating autophagy in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (December, 2020) Fusobacterium nucleatum:  a new player in regulation of cancer development and therapeutic response (May, 2022)  Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes chemoresistance to 5-fluorouracil by upregulation of BIRC3 expression in colorectal cancer (January, 2019) Breast cancer colonization by Fusobacterium nucleatum accelerates tumor growth and metastatic progression (June, 2020) Fusobacterium nucleatum, a key pathogenic factor and microbial biomarker for colorectal cancer (February, 2023) The dysbiosis signature of Fusobacterium nucleatum in colorectal cancer-cause or consequences?  A systematic review  (April, 2021) Could Periodontal Disease through Periopathogen Fusobacterium nucleatum Be an Aggravating Factor for Gastric Cancer?  (December, 2020) More Than Just a Periodontal Pathogen – the Research Progress on Fusobacterium nucleatum (February, 2022) 
The research is clear!  A happy marriage boosts health, vitality, and lifespan.  Married men have lower levels of stress hormones and married women experience less anxiety and conflict than do their single counterparts.  Today’s guest and cofounder of Awesome Marriage Podcast, Dr. Kim Kimberling, is a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to marriage and healthy relationships.  He has been on the firing line with thousands of couples - both engaged and married - and shares his wisdom with us.You can find Dr. Kimberling's work at the following sites:AwesomeMarriage.comAwesome Marriage
Keith Bishop, creator of Prevail Over Cancer, shares evidence-based, integrative food, lifestyle, and supplement information that is actionable today.  A pharmacist and nutritionist with a commitment to helping as many people as possible, Keith is widely known as the Cancer Cowboy.  His Instagram is fascinating and he has a wealth of free information on his website
This is a podcast that you will want to share far and wide!  Holistic Cancer Coach, Karla Mans Giroux, talks about key factors that have been proven to help people survive cancer.  We are not talking about the typical areas such as diet and exercise!  Surviving cancer is much more than “eat greens and take vitamins”; emotions play a key role and are too often overlooked.  Coach Karla works closely with Kelly Turner, PhD, author of Radical Remission and has an uplifting journey of her own.
David Minkoff, MD, truly practices what he preaches! Youthful still although in his mid 70’s, he has completed 47 Iron Man competitions - most recent one in Kona, Hawaii. This episode will help you understand the underlying deficiencies that are likely responsible for your body’s inability to repair injuries.  Dr. Minkoff gives sustainable strategies and real-life examples.  You can find Dr. Minkoff’s clinical website at .  Additionally, you can get a free download of his book “The Search for the Perfect Protein” at . The sign up is at the bottom of the home page.
The oil from the liver of the Cod fish has helped humankind for centuries.  Its many benefits are just as sensational today as they were back in the 1700’s. A food source for Vitamins A and D, as well as Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Cod Liver Oil is accessible, inexpensive, and tasty.  Today’s episode will inspire you to incorporate this medical food into your day to increase your Vitality by decreasing chronic inflammation and improving cell membrane fluidity. Here an interesting reference regarding the impact of Cod Liver Oil on Rheumatoid Arthritis:   “Cod Liver oil (n-3 fatty acids) as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug sparing agent in rheumatoid arthritis: Our affiliate link to get the highest purity Cod Liver Oil is: referral code is: DRDEBBIE
Thomas Levy, MD, JD, shares specific protocols to overcome colds and viruses - no prescription necessary.  Curious and brave, Dr. Levy graduated with honors from Tulane Medical School in 1976, and then from Denver College of Law in 1998.  A board-certified cardiologist and a bar-certified attorney, Dr. Levy is now focusing his energy on educating both physicians and the public on the life saving benefits of nebulized hydrogen peroxide, vitamin C, and magnesium - just to name a few strategies.  He has authored 13 books on health-related issues to help people restore and maintain vibrant health in the face of the many different forms of toxicity that we face in our world.  Dr. Levy has generously allowed us to give several of his current books to Vitality Made Simple listeners free of charge.  You can access this life-saving information on  via the Free Resources tab.  An Integrative Medicine expert, Dr. Levy champions decentralized medicine to empower the common everyday person to take charge of his or her healthspan.
Having traveled around the world searching for effective and less toxic ways to heal people, Dr. Thomas Lodi is a pioneer in the field of Integrative Cancer Therapy.  Before graduating from the Hawaii School of Medicine in 1985, Dr. Lodi worked for a decade as a clinical psychologist. He truly treats people from the perspective of body, mind, and spirit.  His healing approach is truly revolutionary!
It is a pleasure to welcome Cass Nelson-Dooley to Vitality Made Simple!  An expert in Medicinal Plants via her research in Panama, Cass is the author of an intriguing book entitled Heal Your Oral Microbiome.  Her perspective is especially fascinating to me because she is NOT a dentist!  Writer, researcher, and speaker, Cass helps people understand the impact that the mouth exerts on total body wellness and vitality.  Learn more about Cass and access her wide variety of health resources at 
What in the world is Colon Hygiene?  Although Colonic Hydrotherapy has been used globally for years, it is certainly new to me.  An expert in this area, Dirk Yow, a curious and humble expert in colon health, is my guest today and explains this traditional detoxification therapy.  In this interview, we also get to the bottom of several interesting detoxification methods, including Coffee Enemas. Dirk kindly offered his email address for any of you that have further questions; you can contact him at Here is the link that Dirk mentioned entitled “Biological Basis for the Coffee Enema”: 
There is much in the news about the recent increase in the number of people who are experiencing blood clots.  In today’s episode, I’ll be telling you about an enzyme from food that could revolutionize blood clot careThis is information that can increase your vitality, improve your relationships, and take the stress out of being healthy!  
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