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Bill Kaitz survives a random act of violence, a knife attack that almost took his life.  A few years later he learns he has cancer. Brian is Boston Strong and survives two life-threatening and life changers moments in his life which makes him stronger to build a multi-million dollar business. Bill explains that fear is not an option but fear can also make you stronger, Just as it did for him. Learn how Bill's self-talk mindset and his perspective on life is the number one reason he is alive today.Join Scott Proposki and Bill Kaitz's conversations at the 3 Oclock Coffee Podcast 
Meet Renee Vidor Author - Measuring Up: How to WIN in a World of ComparisonYou are more than just a parent, a spouse, an entrepreneur, or an employee–you want your life to matter.  You’ve been taught to make money, live with purpose, and make a difference…but it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?I know how you feel. Been there, done that, and have learned so much.Maybe you can relate with looking for your ‘passion’, putting it into a box, and calling it your purpose, your career, or your way to have an impact in the world–but still struggling and feeling like you couldn’t quite measure up.Years ago I was a young wife and mom doing the ‘work from home thing, striving to find meaning. While I was blessed to stay home with our two children, I felt alone and frustrated as I tried to figure out what I should do with my life.That was me. But not anymore!After years of research, coaching, trials, and failures, I finally realized that I was doing it all wrong–I was looking for what I was created to do before knowing who I was created to be.When you learn who you were created to be, you are then empowered to grow into what you are created to do. Life becomes a journey full of adventure and excitement as you discover your way to implement impact, influence, and income.I’m no longer just a wife, mom of two teens, and a business owner; I know who I’m created to be–more than just roles–and I’m doing what I’m created to do, like inviting you into this rewarding process so that you, too, can be who you were created to be and do what you’re created to do!
Daniel Flanagan, Financial Advisor and Partner at Canby Financial Advisors in Framingham, MA, shares his wisdom and lessons working with a business coach along with his unique strategy of getting the most enjoyable free time with his family. Dan shares his one secret to wealth and many other great tidbits in this episode of the 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast.
Scott Proposki, the host of the 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast welcomes a special magical guy Mitch Allen – Mitch Allen is a serial entrepreneur he has created and sold multiple businesses and was on the NBC Television show Shark Tank and made a deal with one of the Sharks!.Mitch is the founder and CEO of Hire His company provides Santa Claus for big brand retail stores nationwide and somehow, he can provide. "The Real Santa Claus" anywhere in the world! from one Santa to 2,000 or even 3,000 Santa’s during the holiday season. Mitch shares some inside secrets that happen backstage on the television show Shark Tank and how facing a mirror every day to be accountable for your business and life.TheThe 3 O'clock Coffee Podcast a place where extraordinary people network together to share meaningful stories. Listen and Learn; simple coffee conversations from successful people in business and in life that will inspire you. This podcast is sponsored by
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