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Mason Dorner is the co-founder and chief ads officer at Ascenditt, and he helps e-commerce and SAAS founders build billion dollar brands. He's worked at all kinds of companies from unicorns startups, valued at over a billion to large brands, such as Disney.
Ken Laroe is an award-winning sustainability, professional and eco-entrepreneur. Ken has dedicated his life to environmental activism and building businesses as he actively works to address the existential threat to humanity, the climate crisis.
The Missing Link Book on Amazon Edge Company Website - At Gallaher Edge, we work with busy executives to help you get your arms around the challenges in your organization. We work with you from the inside out, helping your executive team have conversations you didn’t even know you needed to have.https://www.gallaheredge.comThe Evolve Leader Podcast
Marc Statz3D Artist - Photographer - Creative Director at Second Wave can check my personal youtube here if you'd like! well as the team I lead for a couple years:
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Sometimes getting things done faster means doing it at a different time. Here are seven ways that you can change the time you do things for a better result.
Today, we're going to be walking through three stoic practices that will help you take control of your life and your time. Don't spend another minute wasting your time on negative emotions.
In today's episode, we're going to get extremely tactical and talk about how to achieve inbox zero, an empty inbox, which is a concept first pioneered by Merlin Mann. Welcome to the taking your time podcast. Hello time hackers today, we're going to get tactical and practical with our inboxes. And there is a term for this it's called inbox zero. And it was this idea that came about the mid two thousands by this. Guy named Merlin Mann. And back in the mid two thousands, it was a problem, but it wasn't nearly as much of a problem as it is today. There's really no traffic cop when it comes to email. So there's no cost for spammers or marketers or anyone to really send as much email as they can to achieve their goals. There's really nothing. You know, Prevent chain emails. There's some spam technology. Out there, but of course. Spammers get more sophisticated. What we're going to do today is really talk about four different ways that you can tackle this problem of getting to inbox zero. And it's really about making sure that this becomes a daily practice. It's actually very reasonable to do. It seems really hard. And you might need to do a little bit of what I call email bankruptcy. And I'll talk about that, but it is manageable. You have to set aside time every single day, but there's four things. That you can do, and we'll go over each of those four things here in the podcast today. Before we go into that, I think it's important to understand that. The ability to have a high velocity with your email. And that means in and out doesn't necessarily correlate to greater productivity. In fact, slack did some research and it showed that 53% of what they call hyper connectors that are those that are receiving 50 to a hundred emails a day. They find access to information. Challenging. But here's the crazy part. They find it challenging at a 10% higher rate. Than moderate email users. That means they get more email than their counterparts, but they find it more difficult to get information. This correlation is not always causation, but I think there is some logic here in that getting more email doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to make it easier for you to get access to the communication that you want. It may not even be an email. You may need to find some other channel to get that piece of information you're looking for.
Today, we're going to talk to Anna Eskamani, State Representative for District 47 of the Florida legislature and learn what it means to run a campaign while keeping a full-time job and how your government can save time for its citizens at scale. Anna is a bold fighter for Florida families and every day people. Born and raised in Orlando, she’s the daughter of working class immigrants who came to this country in search of the American Dream. Anna went to public schools in Orange County and then to the University of Central Florida where she earned dual degrees as an undergrad and graduate student. She is now getting her PhD in Public Affairs, works in the nonprofit sector, and is proud to be the State House Representative for District 47 in the Florida Legislature. A bridge builder, Anna ran for office for the first time in 2018, flipping her legislative seat and making history as the first Iranian-American elected to any public office in Florida. In 2020 she won her re-election by an overwhelming majority and has been championing critical issues like economic justice, environmental protection, equality for all, funding for public schools and support of arts and culture. She's been a leading voice in carrying Florida through the COVID19 pandemic too, using her own salary to help families in need. A track record of kind sacrifice, endless hard work, and iron-clad values, Anna is known across the state and nation as a leader who is unbothered, unbossed, and committed to the people of Florida.
Today, we sit with Jenell Pizarro, a pioneer in software engineering diversity, as she breaks down how she went from bartender to coder in the male-dominated tech industry that often lacked inclusiveness. In this episode you'll learn tips on how to make time for the extras in life and other aspects of time management.
Time is not the enemy but it can be your ally. Discover a new perspective of time and how you can take control of it.
Chris Brown graduated from Yale University with a Master of Fine Arts in technical design and production and has spent the last 11 years as the production manager, general manager, and now executive director at the Orlando Repertory theater, a theater for young audiences. He has worked on numerous festivals and theaters throughout his journey including a detour building the permanent Times Square Ball installation.
 HumanIPO - Turn your fans into shareholders
Today is bring your kid to work day at the podcast where I interview my son Kristof to get his perspective on time.
Every week, there are a few key phrases that really helped me get by get through the week in a way that helps me avoid distractions and really get to the heart of what matters.
My guest Jason Byrne, Chief Technology Officer at Echelon Fitness teaches us how to get a faster smarter workout and how to prioritize what matters.
Today I'll be interviewing Rajiv Menon, CEO and founder of Informulate. Listen in to hear about why you should have a win book and how to game-ify your time-tracking to take it to the next level. Welcome to the taking your time podcast.
My favorite Maxim is that done is better than perfect. What do I mean by that? That getting things done is better than trying to achieve something, perfectly, that you don't get done. Looking at the outcomes of New Year's resolutions is a great case study for seeing how successful the general public is at being able to execute and accomplish many of their goals.
Today, we're going to do an interview with Dennis Mortensen. He is the CEO and founder of a company called that builds a artificially intelligent virtual assistant by the name of Amy saving people time all over the world.
It's hard to avoid in this demanding lifestyle that we have in the modern age, that sleep is this thing that sort of always comes up. We never have enough of it at the same time we wished we could get by with much less of it. We talk about it every day. We talk about the importance of getting a good night's rest and yet we don't. And yet we get less time than our ancestors did over a, a typical night doctors recommend eight hours of sleep a day, but that ends up equating to one third of your life. So for many people, there's this temptation. To maybe push a little bit on how late we can stay up or how early we can wake up and, and get a little bit more out of our days.
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