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This world is full of knowledge to be explored. In this podcast I talk with fascinating people about emotional and intellectual intelligence as well as business, consciousness and existential topics.
21 Episodes
Today we have Nick Reineman in the podcast. Nick is currently working as a Partner at WBSO Software Specialist where he helps entrepreneurs to accelerate their companies' growth by helping them accessing subsidies and funding initiatives, like WBSO, MIT and SIDN fonds. Nick is also the creator of Start Boot, an initiative that aims at connecting founders, startup CEOs and entrepreneurs to share ideas, visions, problems and consequently learn from each other.  Apart from that, Nick is the father of two amazing kids, and in this episode, he reveals how he met his fiancée at a festival and how important is for him to have a good work-life balance. If you would like to get more information about Nick please reach out via LinkedIn or visit Startup Boot and WBSO Software Specialist.
Here's my talk with Joël Meyer, Artificial Intelligence Specialist, Entrepreneur and Founder of Ajar A.I. Consulting. During our conversation, we talked about his professional path, his studies and his passion for AI and how he become the AI specialist for the Master Challenge platform. Finally, Joël shared the importance of  Systema (Russian martial art) and mediation has in his life.
In this episode I talk about an interesting perspective on the social revolution phenomenon.
Here's my talk with a long time friend and mentor Hugo Gonçalo Oliveira. Currently, Hugo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Informatics Engineering, at the University of Coimbra, in Portugal. Our conversation covers his professional journey from his master's studies until today, where he teaches, supervises students, looks for funding and works on the development of cutting-edge Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and resources for Portuguese. If you want to know more about Hugo and the tools we discussed during this episode, please visit his home page, Twitter, Co-PoeTryMe, PoeTryMe, Poeta Artificial and TeCO.
Here's my conversation with a long time friend Anna Zaretskaya. She currently works for TansPerfect as Director of Machine Translation Strategy and Implementation where she creates machine translation solutions for businesses. During our conversation, we went back in time and talked about how she fell in love with Linguistics during her high-school education and her pursuit of academic knowledge in the field of Linguistics. On a professional level, we talked about the different types of translations (aka service levels), current limitations, the future of languages and possible future developments in Automated Translations. We also talked about how our personalities change, adapt and evolve as we set up goals for ourselves and how people from different settings have more in common than we have foreseen. Finally, she shared her desire to own and possibly retire in a winery in Spain. If you want to know more about Anna, please visit her LinkedIn profile.
In this episode, you can listen to the conversation I had with George Azzopardi, a well-known researcher in the field of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Machine Learning. He has been working in the field for more than 10 years and has published more than 80 articles and has more than 1600 citations. Our conversation covers his professional journey from his under-graduated studies until nowadays, where he supervises several PhD students, which work on cutting-edge applied research, such as assisted-technologies, Computer Vision, AI, etc. Moreover, we also talked about his passion for science, the people that inspired him throughout his life journey and his plans for the future. If you want to know more about George, please visit his LinkedIn and his university page or follow @azzopardi_g on Twitter.
In today's episode, I interviewed a long-time colleague Madan Raj Rajagopal. Madan is the Founder and CEO of Ludimos, the world’s first AI powered video analysis platform for cricketers. If you like to hear about inspirational stories, this episode is for you! Madan, shares with us his consultant’s and entrepreneurial's journey, his achievements, struggles and sacrifices. He also shared several tips for young consultants and founders, such as the importance of partnering  with a good accountant, the importance of involving customers in an early stage of the MVP and the concept of Lean development. Apart from that, we talked about how Ludimos started, how COVID affected the initial plans and the company’s plans for the future. If you want to know more about Madan, have a look at his LinkedIn profile and at Ludimos’ website.
Thought of the day, the easy route never pays well, the truth is that the only route in life that pays well is the hard route.
Despite all the negative effects of COVID, Paul saw an opportunity to slow down and truly reflect on what he wanted to do next with his career. In this episode, we talked about his academic and professional journey, his passion for AI and, how his family core values and behaviour towards others inspire him.If you want to know more about Paul, please visit his LinkedIn profile.
Are you struggling with understanding why everyone is talking about cryptocurrencies?In today's episode, I will share with you important historical facts that led us to the promising decentralised world of cryptocurrencies.  
If you struggle with your sleep mode journey, this episode is for you. When it comes to sleep, we underestimate its importance and its impact on our emotional and rational sanity. Accordingly, Hernani shares his personal insights on the importance of sleep in his life and its impact on his daily routine. Sleep is the mini-vacations place for our brain. Just relax and have fun during and on the way there with this episode. 
In today's episode, we have Ádám Horváth-Repárszky. Currently, Ádám is pursuing his Master Data Science degree at the University of Amsterdam.In this episode, Ádám explains how he decided to go abroad for his studies. Then he confesses that he did not have one single offline lecture during his Masters and how challenge it was. Accordingly, he shares tips to stay motivated during these hard times and explains what he is currently working on as well as his plans for the near future.If you want to know more about Ádám and his work, please visit his LinkedIn page and GitHub repository.
Neste episódio temos como convidado especial Júlio Aires.  Júlio partilha connosco recordações de como conheceu o amor da sua vida à 17 anos atrás e como superou vários desafios para conquistar o coração de Beatriz. Não perca esta conversa repleta de memórias únicas.
Directly from the "Revolutionizing and decoding Fashion with AI - H&M and" -event hosted by Worksuite  on the 25th of May 2021, Hernani Costa talks about how AI can be used to decode Fashion. In detail, he presents various AI methods that can be used to understand the fashion industry as well as potential tech trends.
In this episode, we talk about what a brain reboot moment looks like and how enlightening it can be.
In this episode, we talk about how important persistence and consistency are for reaching long-term goals.
In today's episode, we have Alessandro Zonta, an Italian raising star in the AI field. He is close to receiving the highest degree in the academic system. He will share with us what his research is about and what does it take to pursue a PhD degree. Moreover, he will share several tips for younger researchers looking to pursue a similar career and how did he got inspired by his Master's supervisor to follow this academic path. If you want to know more about Alessandro and his work, please visit his website
Como convidados especiais, um casal muito amigo meu e da minha esposa.Eles vão-nos contar como se conheceram e como a vida os levou à Holanda.Não percam esta entrevista, pois está repleta de momentos únicos entre estes dois seres humanos maravilhosos.
In this episode the host of the show, Hernani Costa introduces himself and explains the motivation for the podcast as well as the different podcast's segments that he plans to nourish (Kids are Fantastic, People are Amazing and Reflexion Moments). 
In this episode Júlia Aires shares her love for tekening (in English drawing) amounts other topics.  Please note that this episode is in Portuguese. Check out the interview with video here. 
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