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Author: Jenny Ryce

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Winning with Wellness is a podcast about inspiring the Wellness Warrior in you!

If you are feeling lost or alone in your wellness journey or are looking for new ideas and inspiration you are in the right place. A place you can learn about all things wellness in business, life and living. This is a podcast that connects and unites people from all walks of life to learn from shared experiences through storytelling and conversation.

Your host Jenny Ryce will be bringing you inspiring stories and practical tools to improve your overall wellness personally and professionally.

Ignite the Wellness Warrior in you!
78 Episodes
“It’s about wherever my attention goes, my energy flows. It’s about how am I being with myself at this moment.“ — Anna Beaumont Such a beautiful topic to talk about with Winning with Wellness Episode 79 guest Anna Beaumont as she shares with us a deeper meaning to the power of our voices. Looking back, as children, we have always felt like singing is a talent that is passed from one generation to the next. And so if we do not have the capabilities, eventually, it led to that sense of protecting ourselves from shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. So as a child, when people call us out, those words wound the essence of that flowing energy in the body and it gives birth to the perfectionists' side of us. The voice is not the problem, it is only being confined to a small room. It is about alignment and feeling safe to make mistakes.
“Accepting where we are at that moment, but not being okay to be in that unhealthy place for the rest of your life.” — Dee Mago Dee Mago’s expertise is all about transforming people’s life by focusing on mind, body and soul through exercise, nutrition, emotional healing, and so much more. It is one of her greatest advocacies that people need to fall in love with their own bodies being naked. This says a lot about vulnerability and authenticity.
“Wellness is setting the bar of living where you not only don’t have an illness but you’re moving in the direction of better health.” — Sherri Danzig Sherri Danzig, a self-care mentor and owner of Choosing Vibrancy, shares with us exactly why choosing vibrancy is so important. No matter who we are, we can make changes, especially in how we look at something.
“You need to put yourself first; learn to receive and ask for help.” — Nola Peacock This episode focuses on a topic that most people tend to avoid and some even see it as a swear word — cancer. No matter how hard it is to talk about it, Nola Peacock, a cancer survivor of her own, will shed light on how she conquered this battle.
“Wellness is the combined sum of whether a person is doing everything they can do in their life and whether they can do so.“ —Mihai Andrei Mihai Andrei brings engineering, management, angel empowerment and healing all together because he says that they were never really apart. True success, both personally and in business, was always a factor of both those sides being together. He believes that we all have a mission and purpose in our lives and so, wellness can only be achieved if we’re doing everything that we’re capable of in life.
“Wellness needs to be this beautiful pairing and connection between all parts of yourself. “ — Theresa Stone Theresa Stone, being an angel that she is, vulnerably shares that she experienced anorexia before her pregnancy with her daughter. What pushed her to be better through her journey was the idea of wanting her child to be healthy. Her love for her child was by far overpowering and much more a greater pull to start her wellness journey.
“When we start to heal from a holistic perspective, we create abundance from the inside out.“ — Andrea Leigh Austin Finance is a topic not everyone is comfortable to talk about but the truth is it has a massive impact on our wellness. That is why Andrea Leigh Austin would love to put love back into business. For her, finance can affect our wellness in terms of our feelings, thoughts, emotions and most importantly, energetics.
“We can take our comfort zone with us” — Lorraine Ellen As an introvert, Lorraine Ellen believes that she has the flavour of an empath. With that, she is adamant about sharing and changing the perspective of what it means to have introversion. Lorraine shares that introverts need to recharge their energy differently than extroverts. A big misconception is you have to be shy and quiet to be an introvert. It is emphasized that introverts can show up in a big way when they have the time to properly manage their energy.
“The key to happiness is to live your truth, and you will find that truth and you will live in that truth place. ” — Janet Key In this comprehensive and practical discussion about financial wellness, Janet Key, a soulful money coach, provides us with the information we need. It is how we feel about money that dictates our results because our emotions are our energy.
“Wellness is to have that concurrency in alignment with all aspects of me and to accept myself wherever I am in that flow.” — Tammy Cho Being a nurse in the medical field and venturing into the spiritual side of things, Tammy’s life’s work focused on the connection of spirituality with science. The long-lasting transformation was brought into life by connecting the body in a way that brings emotional freedom and flows in life.
“Wellness means sustaining yourself in a manner that you are healthy and in a position to thrive.” — Elaine Sugar Elaine Sugar defines wellness as a position to thrive and thriving starts with self-confidence. Ultimately, it is about maintaining wellness rather than just achieving healthiness. The work she does now comes from the root cause of her family’s experiences; having a family member struggling with addiction, a grandmother diagnosed with schizophrenia and a mother diagnosed with dementia. Elaine was dissatisfied with the resources, conditions, cleanliness, safety, and overall environment that the system had provided.
“Wellness is a well-rounded approach to really a holistic being.” — Elise Cochran Elise experienced severe adrenal insufficiency and was not able to get the support that she needed. This opened the door to trying naturopaths as she describes root-based healing and nutrition. As she has been part of the mainstream or traditional medicine, it is amazing to know that we also have access to other resources and tools beyond what we already know and have.
“Wellness means actively doing or making choices that benefit your mind, body, and soul.” — Sam Kirouac 9 years ago, Sam Kirouac went through a difficult family matter that led to her hitting rock bottom. However, she did not want this to take over her life so she quickly had to find a solution to fight it. She discovered the benefits of Reiki and from there, she could feel the energy and noticed that she was able to find gratitude more easily.
“One of the most important decisions I made was to choose me and start looking at things that made me happy things that I wanted to do.” — Marcie Mazurenko A very heartfelt episode with Marcie Mazurenko as she talks about loss, grief, healing and more. Marcie lost both of her parents just 11 months apart and she was in a deep state of depression that she stayed in for quite a long time. Eventually, with the help of her lovely children, she was pushed out of it to heal.
“You’ve got to slow down to speed up sometimes.” — Connie Whitman Connie Whitman strongly believes that her family, business and basically loving what she does every day is the center stone of living a healthy and productive lifestyle. One of the things she realized over time is that her success could have been amplified if she had slowed down and rested more in her younger years, possibly resulting in higher energy levels as she aged. It is important to find something that works for you that you can perform “mindlessly” so it does not entirely deplete your energy or affect your mood negatively.
“To be able to have a little space in your day and in your world, to allow those little whispers to surface is a great gift that we can give ourselves. ” — Jane Frey Jane Frey describes WonderZone as the most fabulous place that all of us have the ability to engage with. We all have this WonderZone within us; where there is this stillness within us. She also gave us a glimpse of what working with energy looks like for her and provided some instances of how we can encounter energy on a day-to-day basis.
“I’m there, standing my ground, and making a difference in the people’s lives that I love.” — Becca MacLean Becca MacLean has already joined us for episode 60 where she talked about her son. In this episode, she opens up about what it’s like to be a parent with a child facing mental illness. Becca describes parenting as a competitive sport. One of the main reasons why she wants to rip the bandaid off and let people hear her story is, that she felt alone during the process and did not find a lot of people talking about it, from a parent’s point of view.
“A great way to process any difficult time in life is to always ask, what am I learning?” — Sensei Victoria Whitfield Sensei Victoria Whitfield is a Reiki Master who shared with us a very fascinating story of her capabilities being an empath and energy healer. Her story starts with her mom dropping to the ground with her ankle swollen but instead of her mom asking her to get help, she was asked to heal her mom herself. She illustrates it like she felt a slash in her mind, a bolt of clear energy come down through the top of her head which hit her with force, come down into her spine and out of her hands and the next thing she knew the ankle is healed. It was at that moment that everything else changed for her.
“We don't always see the value in what we do and that makes it really difficult sometimes for us to move forward, so we just have to know that we are making a difference. ” — Kelly Falardeau Topics ranging from having tragedies in life like being burned when she was two years old, losing a baby, being diagnosed with precancer, witnessing and having a divorce to her many successes in life. Kelly Falardeau created a path to go from a near-death experience to her huge success in life.
“There are times when I did not think I could... Like how are we going to take another step forward? But we did and it kind of feels amazing. ” — Becca MacLean Before her various careers, Becca MacLean is a mother first to her four amazing children. She considers her children's mental health to be one of her greatest concerns as a mom. Becca is one of our Heal Volume 4 authors and she shares in greater detail her journey through mental illness with a child.
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