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Just about every business is in the social media game now and most are failing to use their social media channels even in a moderately successful way.Instagram is one of the top social channels you can incorporate into your marketing mix. Yet, it’s much different than Facebook, so stop treating it that way. It’s time to throw away the excuses and re-energize your staff and your perspective. It’s time to unlock your Instagram Lifestyle!
Shane O'Neill is joined by Daniel Gordon, one of independent jewelry retail's biggest, and longest-running, proponents of digital marketing The discussion: Social and digital marketing has changed more than just how retail jewelers market themselves, it’s changed how we communicate. So, why then are so many salespeople still selling the way they always have? Gordon's passion for digital and social marketing changed not only how he marketed as a jeweler, but how he connects to his customers.
In the debut episode of his new podcast, Shane O'Neill of Fruchtman Marketing asks one of the most important, and overlooked, questions about digital marketing for jewelry stores. For the past decade we’ve been talking about how digital marketing and the move to online has changed how businesses market themselves … but what about how this technology should be changing the jewelry salesperson?Marketing, specifically digital marketing, is very sophisticated and unless you have in-house people who are well trained, even certified, in things like paid search, SEO, Facebook Advertising, etc., you should leave those efforts to professionals. However, any agency you work with should or will need various assets to help them do their job more effectively and the people you hire can and should be the go-to source.
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