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Author: Shonah Lee and Paula Ivy

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Conversations about how we don't do stuff normal. (Stuff) all the things building businesses, making money, navigating relationships + parenting, things we nerd out about AND running at our wildest dreams.
61 Episodes
One of our favourite humans from across the world , joined us to talk about Horse Medicine and the incredible healing that is experienced. Alyssa Sheffar, an unbridled and adventurous woman, has so much wisdom to share on all things nature, spiritually and physically.  Her work in this world includes sharing her Herd to reveal what is going on within.Emphasising the woman you are in your own herd, your family, your circle, your network and showing you what can happen when you are truly being yourself and experiencing your true emotions...or not. Either way you will feel what is happening and your path forward is revealed.Alyssa doesn't believe in coincidence, only synchronistic and divinely orchestrated happenings and we cannot agree more. Hence, we choose our Wild Roads.Come join us in this fascinating episode about the Horses and the harmony they seek. As natural guides and teachers, they are also animals of prey...therefore their gift is intuition. They are always reflecting what is going on with you. If you want answers... then this is a beautiful introduction to an incredible woman and her work. You don't even have to know or understand horses let Alyssa do the interpretation for you.Love Love LOVE this episode. Jump in!Want to connect?Alyssa Sheffar!Facebook: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Ohh this episode is a classic. We talk about current trends on Social Media that we find fascinating. Not talking jeans and heels etc, we are talking about POV's...yep Point of Views...including using the hashtag POV. It's tongue in cheek, it's entertaining but also, as always, we get deeper in the conversation on our perspectives and being open on others.Kindness, Healing, Self Talk, Policing others, Unpopular Opinions.... right down to Reel and Tik Tok trends...including the Tortilla Challenge that still cracks us up.It's fun...we give it context..we aren't just taking the p*ss. We are being open as ever and you may or may not agree with us on some subjects. But, we love a good yarn and our Personal Development and Entrepreneurial Voyage has given us sooo much to witness, explore and experience that we have come to realise we just may not be normal haha! AND... we kind of like it like that.Come join us and let us know what your favourite or non favourite trends are.Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
In this episode, we invited our FAVOURITE Functional Medicine Practitioner to speak about Menstrual Cycles and how it affects our girls and young women at Exam time. Welcome back to the 'studio', Elizabeth Sergeant!This conversation is one we need to have and although Liz is doing so much work and big changes are coming from her alone, we are beginning to see how our awareness and understanding AND campaigning can have a bigger impact.Liz gave us an incredible insight into what happens with cycles and young women, their cycles still finding their groove and the difficulties to perform that they face.  Should schools make allowances for this, specifically at crucial times like exams?Fascinatingly, Liz also shared that the US Women's Soccer team actually train and perform AROUND their cycles within the team and they have an advantage over their competitors because of this!OMG this is such an interesting episode. We learned so much about our bodies just from this one chat. Imagine if we are able to empower our young women to connect with their bodies and cycles and not just get on with it, what a difference it would make to them as individuals but also to society and success. Take control over your life.Come join us!Want to connect?Elizabeth Sergeant!Facebook: https://www.wellnourishedclub.comPaula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
In this episode we talk to the AMAZING Susanne Goldstein and dive deep into so many topics that one would think you couldn't quite possibly cover in one episode.In our world, Susanne is an the most beautiful way we say this. This woman is so in touch with the world and it's people and is here to make a massive difference. DARE HUMAN is the brand behind this powerhouse and in our chat we speak about how it came to be and the impact it has made already. We know, that once you listen to this episode, your way of thinking will be challenged and inspired. We talk about Politics, the Modern Pandemic, Roe Vs Wade, Medical privacy, sexual privacy, sovereignty...bringing beauty, grace, respect and openness to conversations that are really hard. As an entrepreneur, a coach, an all round incredible and intelligent human, Susanne also has a creative side and shares her time working in Film and working with and meeting some of the greatest in the industry... ahh Shirley McClaine anyone? Born with a knowing she was put on this planet to make a change, Susanne has not only felt it, but the things she has done are incredibly brave. To say we are fans, just doesn't cut it. We are in AWE!'It's time now to take our Alchemy and turn it into Advocacy'... swoon!Come join us!Want to connect?Susanne Goldstein!Facebook: https://www.susannegoldstein.comPaula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Bad Business Moves

Bad Business Moves


Tap in to our lessons of Online Entrepreneurship and Business Moves on this episode of vulnerability and wisdom. We have been around in the online world for more than a hot minute and we have some things to share. We talk about investing, not just money but whole self, creating from a whimsical place, or from an idea that was from someone else, marketing, formula's and the secret sauce mentality.  Sharing with humour and grace, our messy beginnings in the online space is just like most people and we realised that Success looks different for everyone therefore the steps to get there are never the same.  Our motto 'try stuff on!'So, what was our biggest lesson we had to learn? Come and join us on this weeks amazing episode.Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Creating Your Legacy!

Creating Your Legacy!


Come and meet Snooks and Snoots for this fabulous episode of Legacy discovery. Awkward Question Time reveals some funny sh*t. This episode is all about our legacies and how it comes about for people. Regardless of the scope of the impact we want to leave. We take a beautiful journey of zooming out from our micro goals and find what it is that our soul wants to do here in this lifetime, on this planet.As Entrepreneurs and Business Women, we are expanding our knowledge and awareness and therefore our legacies grow with that, however we believe that our legacies choose us.Paula shares her journal entry, revealing to herself and now to us, what her Legacy foundation is. It's incredible.Shonah shares her big goal Legacy and experience with children and young adults with Learning difficulties and what that means in the schooling system and the workforce and where the gaps need to be filled. We are all remarkable human beings and we all have amazingness to offer. To leave a legacy, is to go all in on your human experience, whatever that is for you.Come join us for this inspiring conversation. If you are a parent, this is a cool one to listen to. Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
In this 55th episode, our sole purpose was to update everyone on the evolution, the expansion and awesomeness of Paula's Selfography and how it has revolutionised the way people see themselves and their branding as well as how it's created a massive impact in one's message, energy and success. But it become more than that....A lot has changed in 2 years, yet the reasons for the work AND Paula's passion has stayed the same.Shonah interviews Paula, the photographer of the family, and asks the deep questions, the gritty questions and she is so glad she did because our Paula got sooo fired up! The gold nuggets that she dropped in were so epic that this episode has become one of THE most valuable episodes to date.Documenting your life, Energy, Entrepreneurial Branding, Self Worth, Self Discovery, Messaging and much was covered.Want a piece of why this woman, Paula The Ivy, is one of the best coaches, mentors and facilitators around? Hit download and hear for yourself. Dayyem this is good!Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Emma Louise Forrester and Ali Mortimer are the dynamic and absolutely gorgeous duo of The Limitless CEO. And get this...their Human Design charts when overlayed complete each other! You can tell!This conversation begins with how these empowering women come to be working together and building a multi 6 figure brand within a short 12 months. Their signature move is changing the stereotypes and redefining what a CEO is for a woman.Ali and Em talk about the dynamics of working together, marriage, business and their ups and downs as a duo as well as individuals, sharing the rough moments they have been through and their grit and determination to get to where they are now. This brilliant conversation, highlights their uniqueness, their beautiful hearts and fun souls which leads hem to lead women not only in the UK but world wide! They are the diamonds with all edges and their shiny sides are definitely beaming through.Wealth Creation, Right to be Rich and Playing to Win. If like the sound of these words, then dive in and join us for an epic hour of power.  'Follow your curiosity' - AliWant to join us?The Limitless CEO!Facebook: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Wild Roads!Instagram: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
This fabulous and empowering episode with Elizabeth had us really thinking! How are we disconnected from our bodies and what impact does it have on all aspects of our lives...including striving for greatness!This divine woman is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who admirably helps women leaders understand what is really going on with their body and health and empowers them to not only make the changes to optimise their health and vessel but also to find the clarity and the empowerment to master their hormones and energy.  So many light bulbs went on with this conversation, highlighting our programming of what is 'normal' vs what is 'common' - two different things completely!Oh it was soooo fun to speak with this most down to earth, knowledgeable, fun and beautiful woman. We talked cycles, gut health, blow your mind science stuff, physical manifestation...reverse ageing, um yeah please, and intuition, giving ourselves time and space to come back to who we are.It isn't just about great immune systems, this is about the ability to change our genetic expression on a daily cool is that? It totally fills our science cups. Listening to this episode could help you change one thing in your life that is holding you back!Come join us!Want to connect?Elizabeth Sergeant!Facebook: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Are there limitations on being limitless? Where are all the idea's coming from? Can we be the first to think of something? Does it even matter? An interesting conversation about copying vs being inspired. Here, we dive into the different perspectives and the lines crossed. It sucks to be copied and it sucks to be accused of copying. Let's unpack.We talk about content creation, articulation, visuals, messaging, how we connect and are drawn to certain people and why we don't even realise we are very similar. Is it the collective consciousness in the Entrepreneurial and artists world? Or are we just regurgitating other people's genius and trying to go viral on Social Media with their content? So many questions and beliefs... but when it all comes down to it, we believe we are here to make an impact on the world and therefore, we believe it is a gift for our content to be so inspiring that it is shared, not word for word copied, but shared, and we totally encourage people to put their own spin on it. It's the whole point.Hit the play button and join us for this cool episode.Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Creating and Mastering an Online Brand and Business can have a paradigm associated with it that every one is your competition.  Well, in this episode we are going to lift the lid on that and talk about our perspective and the shifts in mentality to blow the roof off your business. We discuss the energy, the pricing process, the offers and how competition all of a sudden creates rules. So how do we stand out? It's all in where we focus. Masterminds are a beautiful space to elevate your work, develop skills, relationships and to bring anything to the table, so find a good one! We know that there is rapid growth while being nurtured in a challenging world that is the entrepreneurial environment. What we know is that Masterminds are a place where you bring your tools and resources that you have learned, gathered, cultivated and embodied that is unique to you and team up with others that want the same outcome... for people to be seen and heard and to also see their own brilliance. To help others expand how they want to be expanded. There's no competition in that. We are coming together to change the experiences of the world.Join us for the epic conversation. If you would like to know more about our Mastermind we are currently offering for your Branding and Messaging elevation and expansion, message us for the details. 'Entourage' - We get it, We got you, We are your Entourage for you creative genius. Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
We are back on the Wild Roads with Jana Kingsford. If you want to know what it's like to be a Millionaire in the coaching space or you are already a Millionaire and you want to know how Jana does it...this episode is INCREDIBLE! This Entrepreneur has gold sitting right there at any given moment. Goosebump stuff.Jana speaks so raw and honest (as always) about the good and the bad of hitting this money milestone and what it is like now, what is different, what has stayed the same. Why people shutdown when success comes, bandwagoning, frustrations, Industry changing, regulation...all of the things.  AND! Paula asks the burning question...'How to make the Million?'This Big Dreams Genie is sunshine, fun, playful and one of the most amazing humans we know. You definitely get a taste of her brilliance and being, in this fun episode.  You would be crazy to miss this!Want to connect? Come over to our places.https://www.thewildroads.comPaula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: Kingsford!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Its All Risky!

Its All Risky!


Doing things that feel risky! This episode was inspired by a video that Paula watched where an older lady expressed her regrets about living her life fearful of doing things and that she hadn't taken enough risks.We speak about putting life into our living, thinking we have time and the loss of time, being stuck in stuck-ness and how we navigate our way through the processing of what to choose. We aren't guaranteed any time on the planet, therefore, are we fully experiencing life while we are on it, the emotions, the things versus trying to avoid it.Trusting ourselves and our intuition has given us a way of moving our needles and not stopping ourselves from doing what we desire based on someone else's perception.  The limitations exist on the inside and when we understand ourselves a little better, we can create a life working with our responsibilities and experience joy in this one wild life...This is a great episode to dive into and it may shift something inside and help you make a decision you have been wanting to make.PS Here's the link to Paula's vlog she mentioned on the episode. It's beautiful...go watch.. join us!Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Julie Tenner, Author of the Flowers and Honey, a book and work that has changed our lives, opened us up to the most magical way of living our best life with the person we love.Julie's work is about Tantric philosophies of two energetic polarities we all have with in us as humans beings and how harnessing which energy we want to use and how important if this in power pack the experience we want to love. Her motivation - 'I don't want monogamy to be a place where sex life and humans go to die!' 'Taking control and empower to create what we are seeking with the person we long to love have that with'. Wanting more doesn't mean what you have is sh*t. That statement hit us profoundly. We are learning to give what we think we are not getting and watching it come back to us tenfold. This work of understanding the Masculine and Feminine energies with our being and our work, relationships... how we do life, moves us to a place of self compassion, deeper understanding and connection of others and experiencing life liberated, free and moving in the direction we want to be moving in. If you aren't happy where you are you can change it.To know Julie Tenner is to love her! The woman who walks her walk and talks her talk to show us how completely blissful our life can be, in a world where we have lost our way a little and have a messy relationship with wanting more, digging our heels in places that do not serve us.Julie teaches us flow, feeling, receiving, all the things that can give feminine core beings their power back while truly healing and leading from our desires. This woman's voice and this conversation will have you wanting more. Her brilliance is a gift to this world and I know you will love this episode like we do.Check out the links to purchase the book 'Flowers and Honey' and to dive more into Julie's work.Come join us!Want to connect?Julie Tenner!Facebook: the links: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
In this episode we talk about one of our favourite topics...the masculine and feminine energies, we love diving into this. Disclaimer; we are still learning on this journey and on this episode we are talking about feminine core beings and masculine core beings. Two books we have both read changed our perspectives. The Queens Code by Allison Armstrong and Flowers and Honey by Julie Tenner were instrumental in showing us how we all have a sliding scale of both within all of us and in any dynamic of a relationship we all have polarities that can be just as misunderstood as it is supported.Fuelling life force energy, having deeper connection and magnetism, we actually go through alot in this episode and we have only touched the surface.Understanding it in our relationships has been life-changing!Come join us!Want to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Paula and Shonah are back after a break of a couple of weeks where Paula had no connections to the outside world on line...not even phone service in some moments, in the midst of the NSW Floods.After both reading 'You are a Badass at Making Money' by Jen Sincero, this episode explores the book and is based on our own entrepreneurial learnings and own money stories. This episode covered alot. From discussing helping people in survival mode, judging, permission, fighting for our limitations to changing our mindset, our thoughts and actions to become a money magnet.'Yeah but' doesnt live in our dreams - Paula Ivy. Changing our thoughts influences to grow rich. 'We are multidimensional beings, why do we believe money can only come to us in one way' - Shonah Lee'You can have your ego or you can have your dreams' - Jen Sincero.Come along and be empowered with us with this episode. It really is a great one.*Sending love and healing to all those affected by the Floods in NSW and QLD. If you wish to donate, here is our organisation of choice amongst many others...but here is a start. to connect?Paula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Aliesha Bannister joins us for an inspirational episode where we talk about Energetic Frequencies. Holy Moly, this woman is a leader in creating change. In individuals, is society, in the collective. Her magical words touch hearts and souls in a way that opens everything up to be revealed and old conditioning being torn down is no longer a question of should we? becomes let's do it!Aliesha (AB as we adoringly call her) has an ability in discovering the pure energetic frequency of what someone is. Energetic distortions V's Energetic Truths. Working with AB can sometimes look like supercharging what you already know...amplifying your expression, your work, your truth. Other times it is healing what needs to be acknowledged and rewritten or let go of.  An expert in cultivating rock solid boundaries while seeing how we can illicit change with genuine compassion and understanding of the blueprints in which people are working with through no fault of their own.Ahhh this woman is here to make an impact and already is by anchoring more deeply in humanity. AND THAT is her magnetism .  Come listen and see how this may connect you to your true self. Mind blowing.Want to connect?Aliesha Bannister!Facebook: Instagram: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
If any episode is going to inspire you to dig deep its this one.  Elle Steele joins us! The Phoenix Healer of Humans wanting to live their true potential. Rising ALWAYS! What a bio. It's the perfect summary yet only touches the surface all at once. This magnificent woman came into our world through the entrepreneurial space and it wasn't until we recorded this conversation that we really felt the magnitude of Elle's journey and where she is today.A Paralympian in the pool for 13 years representing Australia in the Sydney 2000 Games, a National level Rugby player, a successful multi business owner, speaker, a body positive inclusive ambassador....and an absolute beautiful person, Elle really will light your soul.Her strength, tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity sets this healer apart. The work she does now is so profound, that you just know that everything and every moment that led her to here was to make the world a better place.We love you Elle.Want to connect?Facebook: The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
This weeks episode we talk about something that seems crazy...what Shonah did many years ago when she travelled Australia in a small 1984 Ford Laser. No Camper or Caravan, no 4WD... just a buzz box (Aussie slang for small runaround car) that she lived in and yep there was off road adventures. Losing her wallet which meant back then, losing access to money. Listen to how she travelled from one end of Australia to the other with not much more than change.Going down memory lane and realising the skills we have now because of the era we adventured in.PS...the episode goes south... so funny.Want to connect?https://www.thewildroads.comPaula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
Sharing how far we've come in 12 months since our first episode was recorded. How we have shifted our perceptions, our mental clarity with how we do business, how we share our work with the world.We talk about not having enough value or being enough for people to have a transformation or have an impact and what changed that.We have learned to take the pressure off, we have surrendered to seeing the depth and embraced all the learnings we have explored.  We have insight  into our language, the words we avoided and how we now wear them as part of our identity.If you are feeling like you are stuck in how you feel your work impacts the world...this is a great episode to tap into.  The holding of the intention of the transformation and the HOW gets to reveal itself.'The journey's the whole point' - PaulaWant to connect?https://www.thewildroads.comPaula The Ivy!Facebook: Lee!Facebook: written and performed by Simon Virgona.
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