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Author: Kamran Yaraei

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Kamran is a former Shiite Muslim from Iran who has an incredible story of faith and perseverance that led him to America. He shares his heart-to-heart conversations with God through his speaking and writing to help others find peace and receive God's love. Despite growing up under the Iranian Islamic regime, Kamran's love for Jesus has led many to the Father's heart. He is widely recognized for his popular TV shows on Christian Satellite 24/7 programming, which draws thousands of viewers in the Middle East daily. His viewers affectionately refer to him as 'The Apostle of Love' and 'The Leader of the Sweet Tongue.'

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Description: Join writer Kamran as he explores the power and significance of hearing the voices of our loved ones in this thought-provoking podcast. Reflecting on the joy we experience when reconnecting with friends and reminiscing about their voices, Kamran delves deeper into the idea that our voices carry a piece of our identity, our essence. Drawing parallels to our relationship with God, Kamran ponders whether God, too, longs to hear our voices and engage in meaningful conversations with us. Through introspection and spiritual exploration, this podcast encourages listeners to embrace the gift of communication with the divine. Join us as we delve into the importance of speaking to God, fostering a deeper connection, and discovering the profound impact that our voices can have in strengthening our bond with the divine. Tune in to "The Gift of Voice: Conversations with God" and embark on a journey of spiritual reflection and renewal.Support the show
In this inspiring and empowering podcast episode, Kamran highlights the uniqueness and significance of each individual's life story. He begins by acknowledging how we often find inspiration in the stories of others, whether it's someone who became a missionary or the life of a renowned figure like Mother Teresa. However, Kamran reminds listeners that the story of their own lives is unlike any other.He emphasizes that the story of our lives is one that has never been heard before, just like our fingerprints. Kamran encourages listeners not to compare their stories to others or feel bound by the narratives of those around them. Instead, he urges them to honor and embrace their own story, from their past experiences to their present circumstances and future aspirations.Kamran reminds listeners that every person's life is a part of the grand narrative that God is weaving. He describes God as the ultimate storyteller, and each newborn baby as a new chapter in this ongoing story. As such, he encourages listeners to embrace the unfolding of their own unique story, even if it may not be widely known or heard.With a gentle and affirming tone, Kamran reminds listeners to focus on their own journey and not compare themselves to others. He emphasizes the importance of blessing and honoring the story of their own lives, embracing their individuality, and staying true to who they are.Through his heartfelt words, Kamran inspires listeners to appreciate the beauty and significance of their own stories. He encourages them to embrace their uniqueness and trust that their lives have a purpose and a role to play in the greater narrative of God's story.Support the show
In this candid and introspective podcast episode, Kamran opens up about his desire to be treated in an amazing way by everyone in his life. He acknowledges that he craves love, fair treatment, and even sacrificial acts from others. However, he questions the fairness of this expectation and compares it to the way God has treated him.Reflecting on God's immense sacrifice in sending His Son to die for humanity, Kamran realizes that God did not demand fairness in return. This realization prompts him to question why he puts so much pressure on himself and others to meet his expectations. He recognizes that this mindset can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, and a sense of constant rejection.Yearning for freedom from these burdens, Kamran explores the concept of following the higher ways of Jesus and God. He recognizes that true freedom lies in serving others and finding honor in doing so, rather than expecting to be served. He also emphasizes the importance of laying down one's life for others, as Jesus did.Through his heartfelt musings, Kamran encourages listeners to embrace these higher ways and experience the freedom that comes with them. He invites them to let go of the need for fair treatment and instead find joy and fulfillment in serving others selflessly.With his honest and vulnerable approach, Kamran's words resonate with listeners who may also struggle with similar expectations and feelings of disappointment. By sharing his journey towards freedom and a deeper understanding of God's ways, Kamran offers hope and a fresh perspective on love, service, and finding true fulfillment.Support the show
In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Kamran delves into the concept of where our hearts are truly focused and the implications it has on our lives. Drawing from biblical wisdom, he emphasizes that our hearts are intimately connected to our treasures. If our hearts are filled with worry, anxiety, and a desire for success, then our treasures become centered around worldly achievements and personal security.However, Kamran challenges listeners to consider redirecting their hearts towards love. By sending their hearts after love, they can make love their ultimate treasure. This shift in focus allows for a deeper connection with God and an alignment with His heart for humanity.Kamran encourages listeners to actively take back their hearts from the distractions and idols of the world. He suggests that by reclaiming their hearts and surrendering them to the work of the Holy Spirit, they can give more of their hearts to the Lord. This daily practice of giving and taking back their hearts fosters a continuous transformation and reorientation towards love.Throughout the episode, Kamran's message resonates with listeners and prompts them to reflect on their own hearts' desires and where their treasures lie. By embracing the call to redirect their hearts towards love, they can experience a profound shift in their priorities and a deeper connection with God and others.With his warm and encouraging tone, Kamran leaves listeners with a heartfelt message of love and a reminder to continually give their hearts to the Lord, allowing love to be their ultimate treasure.Support the show
132 "Why do I love"?

132 "Why do I love"?


open your heart to everyone and love them unconditionally. But Kamran challenges this notion and explores the idea that love is not something that can be forced or manufactured. He reflects on his own experiences of love, particularly towards his family and friends, and acknowledges that love is often reciprocated and built on mutual affection.However, Kamran also grapples with the commandment of Jesus to love our enemies. He admits his struggle to truly love those who do not love him back or who have hurt him in some way. He recognizes that it is not enough to simply act kindly towards them or pretend to love them. Instead, Kamran believes that love must come from a genuine place within our hearts.He shares his understanding of how love can be cultivated in our hearts, drawing from his own relationship with God. Kamran describes how God has continually asked him to give his heart fully and completely, allowing God to fill it with love. He sees this as an ongoing process, where we constantly surrender more of our hearts to God and receive more of God's heart in return.Through this podcast episode, Kamran invites listeners to examine their own hearts and consider how they can open themselves up to love more deeply. He encourages them to let go of any preconceived notions or limitations on who they can love and instead embrace the idea that love is an endless well that can always expand to include more people. Ultimately, Kamran suggests that by continually giving their hearts to God and receiving more of God's heart, listeners can experience a fuller and more authentic love for others, including their enemies.Support the show
In this thought-provoking podcast episode, Kamran delves into the meaning behind the biblical statement, "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." He ponders the significance of this statement, suggesting that being poor in spirit does not equate to feeling blessed or connected to God. Kamran draws inspiration from the example of Mother Teresa, who experienced spiritual agony despite dedicating her life to helping others. He encourages listeners to embrace their own moments of being poor in spirit, recognizing that blessings can be found even in times of brokenness and separation from God. Kamran emphasizes the importance of continuing to move forward and be a blessing to others, even when personal discouragement persists. Ultimately, he reminds listeners that death and poverty of spirit can lead to new life and become a source of inspiration for others.Support the show
130  "Our Crowns"

130 "Our Crowns"


In this podcast episode, Kamran explores the concept of crowns mentioned in the Bible. He discusses various types of earthly crowns, such as success, humanitarianism, spirituality, and monetary achievements. Kamran emphasizes the importance of placing these crowns at the feet of Jesus, being proud of Him and His accomplishments rather than our own achievements. He encourages listeners to find their crowns and acknowledge Jesus as the ultimate King, ruling and reigning with Him. The episode concludes with Kamran expressing his love for Jesus.Support the show
In this thought-provoking podcast, Kamran, a writer and believer from a Muslim background, reflects on his personal journey with Jesus. He discusses how he has often been hard on himself and tried to transform his image to match those he admires. Kamran shares his realization that while it's natural to be inspired by others, our ultimate inspiration should be Christ. He emphasizes the importance of imitating Christ rather than trying to become like other people, even those we admire.Kamran explores the danger of placing too much pressure on ourselves to live up to certain standards, such as those set by Mother Teresa or other well-known figures. He encourages listeners to be true to themselves and to remember that they are called to be like Jesus, not like anyone else. Kamran highlights the uniqueness that each individual possesses, as they are created with their own fingerprints, heart prints, and mind prints by Jesus.He reminds us to keep our focus on Jesus and to see others through His eyes. While it's fine to be inspired by others, Kamran urges listeners not to lose themselves in the process. He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a personal relationship with Jesus and recognizing Him in others, without sacrificing our own identity.Overall, this podcast challenges listeners to rediscover the essence of the gospel by placing Jesus at the center of their lives and inspirations. It encourages them to embrace their individuality while remaining connected to Christ and His teachings. Kamran's personal insights and observations provide a thought-provoking perspective on living out the gospel in a world where comparison and pressure to conform can be overwhelming.Support the show
Summary: In this thought-provoking podcast, join Kamran, a writer and believer from a Muslim background, as he reflects on his personal journey with Jesus. Kamran explores how our initial encounter with Jesus often fuels a passionate desire to share Him with others. However, he raises a crucial question: Have we unintentionally replaced the person of Jesus with the benefits and principles associated with Him? Through his experiences and observations, Kamran emphasizes the importance of focusing on the central figure of Christianity – Jesus Christ himself. Join him as he delves into the significance of cultivating a personal relationship and friendship with Jesus, rather than viewing Him solely as a tool for fixing various aspects of our lives. Prepare to be challenged and inspired to embrace the true essence of the gospel – Jesus Christ, the reason we live and the ultimate gift we can offer to others.Support the show
 Summary: Join Kamran in this thought-provoking podcast as he explores the concept of God's humility and his desire to walk on Earth through us. Kamran reflects on the profound act of humility demonstrated by God Himself, both during his time on Earth and in the present through the Holy Spirit. Delving into the contrasting expectations of a heroic Messiah and the reality of a humble God, Kamran invites listeners to consider the invitation to allow God to walk on Earth through their lives. With honesty and introspection, he contemplates the challenges, complaints, and confusion that may arise, yet emphasizes the unwavering love and addiction to God that drives his willingness. Ultimately, Kamran embraces the idea of a humble Messiah and the power found in weakness, urging listeners to cultivate a deep friendship with God and embrace His unique way of walking on Earth.Support the show
In this podcast, Kamran shares a conversation he had with a persecuted Christian leader from Iran who now lives in Turkey. The leader revealed that there is a tsunami of pain hitting Christians in Iran, and one of their biggest pains is that nobody knows about it. Kamran reflects on how unseen pain can be even harder to bear and emphasizes the importance of sharing our pain with others and having someone to bear it with us. He encourages listeners to be there for others in their pain and to not let them feel alone.Support the show
In this podcast, Kamran shares his thoughts on witnessing for Jesus. He used to think that being a witness meant being a missionary, but now he understands that forgiving someone who wronged you can also be a witness for Jesus. He talks about how reading the book "The Insanity of God" made him realize that persecution and turning the other cheek can also be ways to witness for Jesus. Kamran encourages everyone to be a witness for Jesus, even in difficult times, and to rely on the Holy Spirit for power and guidance.Support the show
In this podcast episode, Kamran talks about our tendency to anchor our lives in things like success, prosperity, education, and even our own faith. However, he reminds us that there is only one true anchor that we should hold onto, and that is Jesus Christ. He shares his personal frustration with not being able to build anything tangible, but realizes that this is a blessing because it keeps him anchored to Jesus instead of relying on his own success. Kamran emphasizes that our anchor should never be what we have built on earth, but instead, we should always allow Jesus to minister to us and be our constant anchor.Support the show
In this podcast episode, Kamran reflects on his need for Jesus and how he cannot rely on his own power and intentions to live out the teachings of Christ. He emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our need for Jesus and never separating love from that need. He compares our need for Jesus to our need for oxygen, stating that it is a constant necessity as long as we are in this world and the world after.Support the show
In this podcast episode, Kamran discusses the importance of aligning our hearts with our good works and how often we leave our hearts behind when doing humanitarian work or showing kindness to others. He emphasizes that our hearts are essential tools in building the Kingdom of God and that we must take them with us wherever we go. Kamran encourages listeners to acknowledge and bless their hearts, recognizing the eternity within them.Support the show
In this podcast episode, Kamran highlights the importance of recognizing the true treasure that lies within our hearts. He emphasizes that our hearts are our true accomplishments and encourages listeners to look deep within themselves to find God. Kamran compares the value of material possessions and accomplishments to the value of a humble and compassionate heart, like that of Mother Teresa or Gandhi. He reminds listeners that everything they ever wanted is already within them and encourages them to pursue it wholeheartedly. Ultimately, Kamran emphasizes that the true treasure is within us, and we must recognize and elevate it.Support the show
120 My heart my heart

120 My heart my heart


In this podcast episode, Kamran reflects on the importance of connecting with our hearts and the treasure that lies within. He compares the connection between our hearts and God's heart to the relationship between Jesus and the Father, emphasizing the importance of not losing that connection. Kamran reminds listeners that eternity was planted in the heart of man, making us all wealthy by default. He encourages listeners to dig up the treasure within their hearts and pursue it wholeheartedly, just as great composers and artists have done in the past. Ultimately, Kamran emphasizes that everything we ever wanted is already within us, in our hearts.Support the show
In this podcast, Kamran prays for God to restore sensitivity and humility in our hearts towards Him, our loved ones, and humanity. He shares how the pursuit of accomplishments and provision can cause us to lose connection with our hearts and loved ones, emphasizing the importance of staying connected as the highest form of provision. Kamran invites listeners to ponder the state of their hearts and the importance of heartfelt connections with God and loved ones.Support the show
118 When I had less

118 When I had less


In this podcast, Kamran reflects on how having less can make our hearts more generous and how having more can make our hearts grow cold. He shares that he has seen this in his own life and how he has lost friends who gained more and got lost in the land of more. Kamran suggests that it is our duty as friends to go after them, even if they are lost in finances or accomplishments, and we can do so through prayer and asking God to find us and our friends.Support the show
In this podcast, Kamran talks about how as humans, we all love accomplishment and how when we give our hearts to Jesus, we want to be his followers and do good in the world. However, Kamran explains that being a disciple of Jesus is not an easy task. He shares that he has accomplished many things in his life as a believer but realizes that it is far better for him to grasp hold of what was accomplished for him on the cross rather than his own accomplishments. Kamran explains that every good work, every sacrifice, and every drop of kindness that we do as followers of Jesus Christ was already accomplished on the cross by Christ and we are just participating in his finished work. He encourages listeners to drop their crowns of accomplishment at his feet and to grasp hold of the complete finished work of Jesus Christ as only that can truly satisfy us. Kamran expresses his love for Jesus and thanks him for sharing his whole finished work with us.Support the show
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