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The podcast you are looking for if you want to be informed about the Media and Broadcast Industry in a relaxed atmosphere.
9 Episodes
Reflecting on 2022!

Reflecting on 2022!


🚗 2022 has been a year full of exciting projects for 3SS, one of them was successfully establishing position on the in-car-entertainment field!👇 Find out about 3SS‘ full 2022 story in our new episode of "The Entertainment Offsite"👉Don't miss our year wrap up, but also what you can expect of 3SS in 2023, with Kai Borchers, Managing director at 3SS, and Emilia Kasper, COO at 3SS, moderated by Susana Hidalgo Fernández.#ExperiencesPeopleLove #Podcast #Automotive
💥 What were your biggest highlights of IBC 2022? what about the challenges and opportunities?👉 Tune into a new episode of "The Entertainment Offsite" to explore all the insights from Brigita Brjuhhanov (Elisa), Pierre Donath (3SS) and Adnan Ertural (3SS) about IBC 2022: in-car entertainment, interesting showcases, learnings and human interaction, moderated by Susana Hidalgo Fernández.
Do you want to know how 3SS supports operators in Agile Transformation with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) by Scaled Agile, Inc. 💡?👉 Tune into a new episode of "The Entertainment Offsite" where Sascha Kasper (CHRO at 3SS) and Nicoleta Morar (Project Manager at 3SS) explore the benefits and challenges of working with SAFe and how customers react to it!
👓 👬 From experiencing immersive sports events and live concerts with friends thousands miles away from each other, what are the possibilities of the metaverse?👉 Find them out in a new episode of "The Entertainment Offsite". Paul Bojarski (CEO of Sceenic) Rob Koenen (Founder of Tiledmedia) and Pierre Donath (CMO/CPO of 3SS) reflect on the prospects that the metaverse will bring to video consumption and the Entertainment Industry.
In the last episode of the year, Kai Borchers, Managing director at 3SS, and Emilia Kasper, COO at 3SS, moderated by Susana Hidalgo Fernández, take a moment to reflect on the challenges and success of 3SS in 2021:🌏 Expanding to new territories!🏆 Recognized by the industry!👩‍💻👨‍💻 Growing our 3SS family!💬 And much more in the conversation...
 Christian Heinkele (Christian Heinkele Management Consulting), Ulrich Rath (3SS) and Susana Hidalgo Fernández (3SS), explore the next screens of entertainment, but also how operators can leverage the rise of in-car entertainment.
Pablo Flores Guridi (TCC Uruguay), Facundo Lezama (TCC Uruguay) y Juan Casaravilla (TCC Uruguay) se unieron a "The Entertainment Offsite" para conversar con Susana Hidalgo Fernández (3SS) sobre los desafíos y las recompensas de las relaciones intercontinentales en la industria del entretenimiento, y específicamente sobre el transcurso de una exitosa colaboración entre TCC y 3SS, y el lanzamiento de TCC Vivo One.
A chat between Xavier Leclercq (Broadpeak) , Adam Nightingale (3SS), and Susana Hidalgo (3SS) about how the future of media events will look like, and the chances that covid-19 might have changed events like MWC forever. 
Together with Stefan and Pierre, we dig into the Smart TV's world, and address all the topics related to their latest rise.
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