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Women Agenda Provides Women Talent A platform so they can get more exposure in there areas with Live Artist Interviews & Women Programming join us now in promoting Women Talent , we are a community podcast
38 Episodes
lydia canaan Chats About Her Rock Music career and how hard it was to be a singer when she was growing up in lebanon.Support the show
Ontario Apricity chats to the women agenda about her music , what inspires her and how unique is her music and so much more check it out , don't for get to subscribe to our channel for all video interviews and so much more the show
Laura Aston a country music Singer talks about he music career including how Patsy Cline Inspired her check it out now & don't forget to subscribe to our channel on youtube the show
Sheel Ohri  who is a author &  Entrepreneur  talks to the women agenda For all advertising or if u would like to be featured on the podcast : talentspotlight309@gmail.comcheck out the live video interview & subscribe to our women agenda channel as we feature live interviews with leading women artists & emerging artists every week website for the latest podcast news: out sheetal ohri website for latest information on her book etc the show
the women agenda which is the new home of country music female artists chats to the talented country singer Mikki Evans check it out, live video interview is on website and on our channel below:our channel : website for all the latest news : https://thewomenagendapodcast.comfor all media, advertising and artist interview requests please email: Talentspotlight309@gmail.comSupport the show
Sarah Louise Country Singer chats to the women agenda host raj about her music, latest new single and so much more check it out now , live video of this chat is on our youtube channel check it out and please subscribe we support new female music artistsour channel : all media requests, advertising or if u are an artist and want to be featured on the podcast please contact: talentspotlight309@gmail.comSupport the show
rachel Sellick Founder Of Scarlet RIver Pr who we also Partner with  chats to raj from women agenda check it out !For all our Latest Podcast News check out : to our Youtube Women Agenda Channel now as we have Live Interviews with leading music artists and authors etc all advertising queries & wanting to be featured on the podcast please emailTalentspotlight309@gmail.comSupport the show
Erika Wolf chats about her new book , being a role model for women and so much more.Our website: subscribe to our Youtube channel for all video interviews: the show
Country Music Singer who is rising in country Music Olivia Lynn talks to the women agenda about her music , her inspiration and so much more , please subscribe to the women agenda, we are the new home of country music female artists and we will bring u amazing new artists in country music in april as well and also other female talent, visit olivia lynn official website here : website for all the latest podcast news and so much more,https://thewomenagendapodcast.comour official youtube channel for all latest videos the show
mollie leivars  who is a uk film maker talks about her films, how she started becoming a uk film director and so much more see here links below:website: with us or if u like to be featured on : Talentspotlight309@gmail.comour website for all latest Podcast News, video and audio episodes : the show
we chat to country singer taylor hughes about her music , living in nashville and so much moreSupport the show
Interview with Danielle Hanusek  a very talented Photographer talks about her photography how she is helping would be photographers and helping Brands and so much more check it out, her website links are below for sponsoring or advertising we will help u expand your brand get in touch : Talentspotlight309@gmail.comDanielle Hanusek LinksHer Business link : https://www.livewonderful.comher own website:https://www.daniellehanusek.comour official Podcast website where u will see all the latest podcast news, audio and video interviews and so much more https://thewomenagendapodcast.comsubscribe  to the women agenda channel on: the show
Real Stories is a New Series About Real Women who have made a difference to society and helped women in different ways.In this Episode we talk about the amazing story of malala yousafzai  and how she is fighting for girls rights in Pakistanvisit the new look and excisiting website of the women agenda now below u can also view all latest Interview upcoming information , videos and so much more:https://thewomenagendapodcast.comsubscribe to the community women agenda channel below: can support the women agenda podcast in expanding and get special programming on: Support the show
Interview with Book Author Myesha Oliver on how she fought through difficult times in her live, her book and why she wrote it and so much more , subscribe to the community channel on : are Links for myesha Oliver : u would like to advertise and promote your brand or podcast get in touch with us on : Talentspotlight309@gmail.comsupport the podcast so we can expand and provide more women a platform they deserve also u will get premium extra programming and a  special shout out on the podcast audio and video version link to support podcast is below the show
Book Author barbara Briggs talks Spiritual Journey , her books and how she started living in india etc, check out the episode now a must listen , video episode is on  our channel, us in promoting women talent and get also extra premium programming on : the show
grammy Award Winner Angelina Chang talks about how she became a Pianist, winning the Grammy Award and so much more.advertise with us now and promote your brand: Talentspotlight309@gmail.comFor extra premium content which features amazing special women programming for our subscribers click link below , cheap rates and u also will be supporting the podcast so we can become bigger for the community and support more women talent , thanks the show
Subscriber-only episodeexclusive to the premium section First Episode of Nashville talking about the musical city and nashville female artists
Actress Preity Upala talks acting & Travelling  only on women agenda podcast check it out now!Support the show
Interview with Talented pianist  Liz Davinci  check it out now as she talks about her love of the piano , how she started and so much more.This is Liz Davinci official links belowwebsite: links:Instagram: official women agenda links below:website:https://thewomenagendapodcast.comtwitter:The Women Agenda Podcast (@FemaleSpotlight) facebook : advertising wth us or if u are a talented female artist contact us on:Talentspotlight309@gmail.comget special premium programming by supporting the podcast & by doing this u are helping us grow so we can support more women artists etc the show
We on the Women Agenda Talk to Natalie Stavola who is a hollywood actress & Dating Coach among other things check it out now not to be missed!Check out links below to contact her for coaching:Natalie website is : Social Link: Agenda Links:Subscribe to our Youtube Channel for all Latest Video Interviews and programming out all updates On Interviews , coming soon Interviews and programming on:website: us on our Social links BelowTwitter:FemaleSpotlightFacebook:WomentalentPodcastsupportm the podcast which will help us support more women talent and expand the podcast and get access to premium extra content while doing this the show
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