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Are you getting a little bored with DND Podcasts? Yeah, us too. Oops! We Broke The Multiverse! is a crew of guys and special guests that explore the wonderful world of table top gaming through entertaining role play and exciting storytelling. Unlike other podcasts, we play various games and teach you the mechanics on how to play them as well. With Oops! We Broke The Multiverse!, you're going to experience all kinds of games, not just those played in dungeons! The OWBTM team will smash through your favorite table top role playing games along with special guest actors! Special Thanks To; -Major Powers And The Lo-Fi Sypmhony (Intro & Outro Music) Find them on Spotify -Shane Ivers (In Episode Music)
4 Episodes
Playing Blades In The Dark:  We rejoin Silent But Deadly as they try to intercept the shipment of "furniture" from The Hive.  There's Whores, Ghosts, and Mutilation!  Oh My!  Will they secure the shipment, get past the ghost at Warehouse 13, and collect some booty?  Special Guest:  AnnMare CruzSupport the show (
Episode 1 - The Honey Pot

Episode 1 - The Honey Pot


Our very first episode!  Meet the Oops! We Broke The Multiverse! team:  Anthony Gabba, Shawn Cruz, Anthony O’Neall, and special guest AnnMare Cruz as we begin the Blades in the Dark campaign.  We learn about Duskvol:  the Victorian era city in eternal darkness, haunted by ghosts, and run by gangs.  The cast will play scoundrels in a gang called Silent But Deadly, as they try to work their way up the food chain during their very first score.   
This is the first of many before campaign shorts where we talk about a game before we play!
Hello From The Gang!

Hello From The Gang!


We just wanted to say hi before we get into our oddball shenanigans!
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