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1. JOHN CARPENTER-Weeping Ghost2. FOREST SWORDS-Crow3. ZOVIET FRANCE-Pyroclastic Flow4. MANUAL-Keeps Coming Back5. CRISTOBAL TAPIA DE VEER-Synthetic Humans: Genesis (HUMANS OST)6. HANS ZIMMER-Sea Wall (BLADE RUNNER 2049 OST)7. NINE INCH NAILS -Out In The Open8.  THOMAS NEWMAN-Ghosts9. HAMMOCK-Circular As Our Ways10. HAZY-Miracle11. CATERINA BARBIERI-Knot Of Spirit (Synth Version)12. LUCIFER-Black Mass13. KLAN MIKLA-Svrt Augu14. SQRLCORE-Athena15. BLACK WING-OMINOUS 8016. VOWWS-Structure Of Love (RENHOLDER Mix)17. FEVER RAY-When I Grow Up18. GOLDFRAPP-Zodiac Black19. AUTHOR & PUNISHER-Incinerator 20. HANS ZIMMER-Hijack (BLADE RUNNER 2049 OST)
1. BALATRO-Demon Arrived2. ALESSANDRO NERO-Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death3. PROSPERO-The World I See4. JOYHAUSER-Crawler5. CATERINA BARBIERI-Canticle Of Cryo6. BORIS BREJCHA-Gehorschadengeneraor7. ANTIGONE-Lolitrance8. THOMAS KLIPPS-Under The Gun9. BRIAN ENO-There Were Bells
1. I SPEAK MACHINE-The Metal Of My Hell2. IN VERRUF-Let Out3. COPPERPLATE-Exclipsect4. SABLED SUN-Abandonded5. PLACEBO-Running Up That Hill (KATE BUSH Cover)6. ANTIGONE-Lolytrance (PLUCK Version)7. DEPECHE MODE-Clean8. LEBANON HANOVER-Come Cali Come9. OHGR-Water10. KILL YOUR IDOLS-Corrupt Systems and Open Minds11. DELICATE APPARATUS-Rachels Last Request
1. VANGELIS-Blade Runner Main Titles2. VANGELIS-Spotkanie Z Matka3. GREY CODE-Opal4. REID WILLIS-Eco, My Friend5. RAIME-Exist In The Repeat Of Practice6. TELEFON TEL AVIV-What Is It Without The Hand That Wields It ?7. BEN CHATWIN-Transistor8. ROLY PORTER-In System9. THYS & AMON TOBIN-House Of Mirrors10. OCOEUR-Glow11. SUBHEIM-Daughter (Feat; HECQ)12. VANGELIS-Le Petit Fille De La Mer13. VANGELIS-Blade Runner End Titles14. VANGELIS-Tears In Rain
1. DEATHSOMNIA & SELOFAN-Self Sabotage (Apocalypse Remix)2. LINGUA IGNOTA-Faithful Servant Friend Of Christ3. MARK KORVEN-What Went We (The Witch OST)4. SEXWITCH Featuring NATASHA KHAN-Ha Howa Ha Howa5. DOMONIQUE GUIOT-La Danse Des Meduses6. JOHN CARPENTER-Weeping Ghost7. BALTICA-Lycia8. BOY HARSHER-Tower9. SATIN PUPPETS- Sulky Eyed Creatures10. AZAM ALI-Endless Reverie11. FOIE GRAS-Sisyphus12. EMERALD WEB-Valley Of The Birds13. PESSI LEVANTO-The Innocents End Credits (The Innocents OST)
1. Entering The Temple (The Northman OST)-ROBIN CAROLAN & SEBASTIAN GAINSBOROUGH2. The Encoded Cloister-SOPOR AETURNUS3. Crushing Your Dreams-UVB4. Daichi No Musuko  Atatori Musuko-NIN KUJI5. Ravens Omen-(The Northman OST)-ROBIN CAROLAN & SREBASTIAN GAINSBOROUGH6. Go Get Your Knife-RAR7. Ich Steh Im Regen-DEUTSCH NEPAL8. Copperplate-EXLISECT9. Break The Tension-ROMMEK10. Algo Ou Alguem Entre As Arvores-NINOS DE BRASIL11. Acid-GAGA & MATEO12. The Call Of The Serpent-SEPHIROTH
1. VESSELL-Red Sex (Re-Strung) {Featuring RAKHI SINGH}2. SIDEWALKS AND SKELETONS-Excorcism3. LOUISAHHH-Chaos4. D3FAI-Ecleptic5. ELLE LEXXA-Lucifer6. LORN-Yesterdays Rain7. SIERRA-Gone8. NINOS DU BRASIL- Aromobates NDB9. CREMATION LILY-Don't Drown10. VATICAN SHADOW-He Held The Victims Responsible11. ZOLA JESUS-Lost
1. SAMUEL KERRIDGE-Surrender To The Void2. NAKED-Autosadism3. LANA DEL RABIES-Disgrace4. PAN DAIJING-Act Of The Empress5. ZARYAH-Deep Dive6. DOS MONOS & RXM REALITY-April 117. HERMETH-Mandelectroeiv8. BELIEF DEFECT & SURACHAI-No Hope, No Fear 9. STONES TARO-Intergration10. NOVEM VIVIT-It's Been A Long Time11. JUNO REACTOR-Komit (3 Of Life Remix)12. BRIAN ENO-Becalmed
1. CLINT MANSELL-Welcome To Lunar Industries 2. ADAM FREELAND-Burn The Clock3. UNDERWORLD-Kittens4. JUNO REACTOR-Conga Fury5. EVIL NINE-We Have The Energy6. BASSWELL-Sudden Death (BEN TECHY REMIX)7. FLUKE-Atom Bomb8. KILLA-Way Out West9. LUSTMORD & ZOLA JESUS-Prime10. HANS ZIMMER-Fremen 
PLEASE JOIN US NEXT WEEK FOR AN EXTENDED 25th EPISODE1. IMAGINARY SOFTWOODS-Cloud Damage2. DELICATE APPARATUS-Warszawa (BOWIE-ENO Cover)3. DREW MCDOWALL & HIRO KONE-Violence's Detour4. ANDREW WASYLYK-In Balgay Silhouettes5. TENNGER-Water6. VANGELIS-Rachel's Song7. HINAKO OMORI-The Richest Garden In Your Memory8. ATRIUM CARCERI & CITIES LAST BROADCAST-Chaos Unmade9. INTERTIDAL WATERS-One10. BRIAN ENO-Medley 8M1 (Extended), The Big Ship, Beach Sequence, Becalmed
1. DARK SKY BURIAL-Decay Is The Matrix Of Fertility2. Sidewalks and Skeletons - CYBERCRIMES3. DYEN - Biblical4. XOPLYSM - Ropeburn5. FARWARMTH -Shadows in the Air6. WALLIS - Apt 12457. NTBR - Warped Sense8. Öspiel - In The Name Of The Night9. Skinny Puppy - Morpheus Laughing (Demo Mix 1990)10. Matt Morra - Salted Bomb (Lukas Freymuth Remix)
1. Vascylla - Oasis2. Mobiius - Choke3. Black Dresses-Heaven4. BEHEĀDER - I Keep My Friends In The Basement5. Regal - Before I Die (Ft. Pau Castro)6. Dreckig-A Good Human Animal7. Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen8. Boy Harsher – Pain 9. Mobiius - Pariah10. ILLNURSE - Befriedigung11. HVOB - Bruise12. Purity Ring - Lofticries13. Max Brhon - Humanity14. skeler. ╺╸ Falling Apart
1. IN/JXRX - Zero 2. OHIN - TheBangorHouseParty3. Sian - Are You Ready? (Original Mix)4. TEKNOIZE-Shuffle Agent5. I Hate Models - Daydream6. Goldfrapp - Ride A White Horse7. Zeltak - Sleep Well8. Aerone "93 Million Miles" 
1. Nico Moreno - Don't Call Your Dad2. End Train & ILLNURSE - Household Freedom (Illnurse End Of The Curse Remix)3. The Horrorist - RIOT4. JK Flesh - One Mans Poison5. MAEDON-Sick Society6. AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Incinerator7. ABSL - Le Perçant Arcus8. GAS - Narkopop 10
1. Hyper - Push It2. TOM And His Computer: Puzzle (feat. Roxy Jules) (Trentemøller Remix)3. Rabbeat-What Is Happiness4. Iggy Pop with Freedom feat.Peaches - Motor Inn (Felix Da Housecat's High Octane Mix)5. 1200 Micrograms - Mescaline (Astrix Remix)6. D.N.P - Nyctophilia 7. Boris S. feat. Miss JK - Thrill Of The Chase8. Why Mona - Rabbit Hole 9. Fairground Of Tears - God Bless Your Rotten Soul 10. Xerox & Illumination - Ghost In The Machine (U-Recken Remix)
1. Faders & Melicia. Feat Raja Ram - Oasis - Official2. Out Of Body Experience (Original) | Rabbit In The Moon3. Boris Brejcha - Lieblingsmensch 4. Sara Landry - Queen Of The Banshees5. Takako Minekawa - Spin Spider Spin6. Ann Clue -TRIP 7. Outlander - Don't Recall Using Teletransportation8. Teknoise & Felo Rueda-Shuffle Agent (The Second Wave Remix)9. Cluster - In Ewigkeit
1. Lustmord & Godflesh - Ashen2. Dark Sky Burial 'The Vertical Labyrinth'3. Rival Consoles - Odyssey4. SIERRA - UNBROKEN (The Neon Demon)5. AUTHOR & PUNISHER - Nihil Strength6. Tim Tama - Complacency7. Smash Stereo - E.M.P.eror (Aim To Head RMX)8. Ayarcana - Euronymous9. CAIVA - Take Me Higher10. Navras - Juno Reactor - Reaky Reakson Remix
1. Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage2. Santigold - Disparate Youth 3. Four Tet - You Are Loved4. Röyksopp - The Ladder5. Mønic - Deep Summer - Burial Remix6. Kid Francescoli - "Moon"7. SEVDALIZA - THAT OTHER GIRL8. DWIG - Orange Evening 9. Radiohead-Bloom - Jamie xx Rework Part 310. Aphex Twin - #3
1. Mobilgazer - My House2. Ferry Corsten - Rock Your Body, Rock (Original Edit)3. Marscruiser vs Andy Page Feat. George Clinton - Elementalelectrofunk4. Bentley Rhythm Ace - Bentley's Gonna Sort You Out5. Papua New Guinea (Translation 1 - 12" Original)6.  Shiny Toy Guns - "If I Lost You"7. CAIVA - Take Me Higher8.  Plump DJ's - Pray For You (Feat. Gary Numan)9. The Thrillseekers - The Last Time (feat. Fisher)10. Nine Inch Nails - Hand Cover Bruise
1. Imminent Starvation - Tentack One2. C-Lekktor- Wrecked3.  Sabes - Melophobia4. Imminent • Synapscape :: Virtual Retaliation5. Caustic Window - The Garden Of Linmiri (1993)6. Caterina Barbieri - Fantas7. Jerome-Leela8. Maksim Dark - Never Look Down (Original Mix)
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