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Welcome to the Soul Streaker podcast! Im your host Jena Jake.
If you are sick and tired and are ready to break-up with yourself or you find yourself in the midst of a life changing event and feel lost . You have come to the right place!
Are you ready to change? I know how scary it can be. The good news is that small changes have a big impact and not only add up but gives you confidence when the opportunity for bigger changes come along! You have everything inside of you to have the life that you have dreamed of you. You just need to trust yourself and me to get you there. I have had a ton of heartache in my life. I have have learned that playing victim is not going to get me what I want or a remedy for anything. There truly is a better way!  Thank you for joining me on this journey.  This podcast is a gift you give to yourself. What are you waiting for?
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Have you ever wanted a do over? If so stay right here! Executive Coach Caroline Dowd Higgins stops by to teach us to do just that! This conversation left me with so much to think about I am still digesting it. You can find out more about Caroline on her website located here. conversation changed me and I know it will change you too!Thanks for listening XO JJSupport the show
People to me are like bags. The good ones are real quality and the ones that leave something to be desired are fakes, knockoffs a wanna be. I have so much experience with the fake Fendi types. People that I thought were good then disappointed me in the end by being less than.  If you have been in a relationship with a fake Fendi and. you want the real deal catch this episode.Support the show
 Debbie Mirza is the author of three books with one on the way soon! The Covert Passive Aggressive Narcissist, Worthy of Love, and the Safest Place possible changed my life.  Debbie is a restorative coach as well as an author. Her interview with me is full of gems and ways for us to not only stand in our power but fall in love with ourselves using compassion and following our heart. Debbie inspired me to make a pact with myself to never betray myself again and my relationship with myself has never been better. If you are ready to fall in love with yourself this is the episode to listen to! The perfect way to kick off the place where single girls rise. If you want to learn more about Debbie her website is here you want to support the show you can do that here you want my FREE gift on How To Handle Your Break Up Like a Boss you can find that here leave me and comment and rating! Please share this podcast with your friendsXO JJSupport the show
Single Girl Rising

Single Girl Rising


I am a single girl rising. I never thought I would be single again after I got married. I guess nobody does.  Here I am.  What lessons have I learned and where do I go from here? What does it mean to rise?  These questions and more will be addressed in the podcast starting with this episode.  In this episode I address what it means to rise and assure that this is a process. We are looking for progress not perfection. Join me on this journey of self discovery and together we will rise!XO JJ
Hi I am doing a thought this week something to chew on While you go through your week. I hope you take sometime to be present in your body. Your presence is your greatest gift. The thing we can only give away. We don't we are never truly present unless we choose to do  it with intention.This passage from famous poet Thich Nat Hahn from is bookYour True Home The everyday Wisdom of Thich Nat Hahn I hope will inspire you to slow down and be present. It will change your whole life XO JJ  
What is your Soul Goal

What is your Soul Goal


Let's talk honestly about that thought that keeps you away in the middle of the night. because your are not spending your days doing X.  Instead you are doing YWhat is the math on that? That equals you wasting time not living out your soul goal.Thanks for visiting the Soul Streaker Podcast. If you are not doing the thing that is calling you then this episode is a must listen.Here you will realize all the fears and excuses you are using to avoid your sacred contract. You will be inspired and take action today!  Is what you are doing really worth giving your life for?This is your sign to make one small change toward the life that is waiting for you!LINK TO SUPPORT THE SHOW WANT MERCH? MY FREE GIFT the show
Divorced? Now What

Divorced? Now What


Thank you for listening to this episodethis episode is full motivation realization and steps for your post divorce journey. It is meant to inspire you and set you on a course for success! Please leave me a comment a rating or ideas for content Have a great day! PS please share this podcast with anyone you think might benefitIf you want to join the waiting list for the shirt click here you want my FREE gift use this link you want to support the  show use this link JJ
Hard Yet Growth

Hard Yet Growth


Hi Soul Streakers This episode is about growth. Change is hard but as I'm learning is necessary. If we don't grow and stay in our comfort zones we don't like ourselves.  Growth is the pathway to  a new life to the life imagined.  You can't see past your current view. If you are ready to move on and grow pop into this episode. My goal is to serve you better I am learning how to do that. If you would like to support me on my journey leave a comment or a rating . If you want to support this podcast you put this link in your browser you want to handle your break up like a boss it does not have to be a romantic one this FREE guide will help you with any kind of change find it here. you for listening Sending you love and light
Hi Soul Streakers,Welcome to this episode of the Soul Streaker Podcast In this episode I talk about how my divorce has been one of my greatest teachers.  If we can open our hearts and minds and be committed to learning something from everything and everyone our circumstances can be our greatest teachers.  I am committed to having my divorce be one of the best things that has happened to me. That starts with me and a clear intention.  We can't always control our relationships but we can control how much we suffer.I have a created a free guide just for you! My guide to Painless Romance. Can it be true?  Click the link here to find out have completed 50 episodes! Thank you for listening and being my loyal followers If you want to leave a tip you can do it here hope you enjoy this episode and take advantage of this free guide!Love you XO JJ
Hi Soul Streakers Thank you for joining me here! I have been changed by this idea of Bodichitta.  Bodichitta can free us and heal us. Bodichitta is the place in us that softens in hard times.  We all need to engage in Bodichitta to feel forgiveness or compassion. If you are intrigued and want to learn more about how to free yourself check out this episode.  This episode was inspired by Pema Chodron and her book the Places that Scare You. Its a great read and I highly recommend it.  I hope you enjoy this episode and recommend it to a friend.  I have started a tip jar. If you would like to leave me a tip please do so here. appreciate you all so much! Send you love and light! XO JJ
Hi Soul StreakersHow was the no complaint challenge?Yelling is effecting you as negatively as complaining was!In this episode we dive into the rewards of no yelling. My relationships have improved 10 fold because I have chosen to stop yelling. My teen daughter has taught me that yelling does not work.If you want to harness peace this episode is for you!Cant wait for you to join meXOJJLike what you heard? Wanna leave me a tip? the show
Hello Soul StreakersHave you ever thought that you might be addicted to complaining?Has complaining ever solved anything really? If so at what cost?What kind of karmic dust does it leave on you? It puts you in a frustrated and low vibe state. It takes away from your ability to manifest.  Join me in this episode to see the remedy to complaining and what you can to start manifesting the life you want.The 7 day no complaint challenge starts now.XO JJLike what you heard? Wanna leave me a tip?
Hi Soul Streakers,Can you truly say that you love yourself?Would you like to learn more about this?  This episode is piggyback to last weekwhen I talked about good people, ie people that love themselves.  How do we do this?This episode gives quick tips and tricks on how to be a better you.Thanks for listening XOEnjoy!'JJ 
Hi Soul Streakers I had an experience that blew my mind. I will never look at the love the same way again. This is a must listen. It will free you and change the way you act in a relationship and what you tolerate.Peace be with youXO JJSupport the show
Happy Valentines Day Valentines Day is my favorite holiday!!Thank you for listening I love all of my loyal listeners!Are you single today on Valentines Day? Feeling sad?No need love comes from you keeping your heart openListen here there is still timeXO JJSupport the show
Jena and Meghan are back!!! I had the honor of visiting Meghan on the her podcast Megafest! It was so amazing and full of nuggets that I brought it to you here! We are in full force with love, light and lots of laughter!Talking about falling down on the ice  and getting back up in life  I share a personal divorce recovery story of rebirth and rejuvenation.This is episode is meant to inspire and delight you.We don't disappoint! Thanks for listening! Before you go, I am doing a special coaching session offer for my listeners 3 sessions for 214 a Valentines Day special for the month of February.  What better Valentines gift is there then to improve your relationship!  Hit me up at Jenajake@gmail.comCant wait to get started!Stay warmJJ XO
Are you recovering from loss of any kind or trying to get beyond yourself? My interview with Frank Ortega is filled with tips and tricks on to to move the needle in your own life! Time will only do so much the rest is up to you!What are you waiting for! Lets go!
The Sweet Surrender

The Sweet Surrender


Happy New Year Soul Streakers!What does surrender mean to you?  Do you think of it as giving up?Do you think of it as giving in?  What if it was one the highest most spiritual things you can do?If you are interested in having more peace in your life and manifesting what you want you are going to have to surrender.Surrender your negativity worry over the outcome.If this sounds charming to you, then this episode is a must listenEnjoyJJ XO



Are ready to feel peace and joy? All you have to do is relax.Check out this episode where I talk about reaching higher states by letting go. Not to be missed if you are ready to embrace life!Don't forget to do your homework!XOJJ
Letting Go VS Loss

Letting Go VS Loss


Hello Soul Streakers!Divorce is full of loss. How can we transform that loss into a letting go for our highest good. If we use our divorce as our teacher we can transmute our loss and be free to accept the blessings the universe has in store for us. If you have been struggling with this or you want to make strides in this area stay and listen. I too am on this journey with you and I am your head learner.Thank you for walking by my sideXO JJ
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