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Scholarly Wanderlust

Author: Dr. Erica Mongé-Greer

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My post-PhD journey to engage in exploratory conversations about religion, literature, film, and other sources of philosophical introspection. Particular interests in biblical ethics, mythopoeia, and resistance theory. My blog can be found at
4 Episodes
Science Fiction literature continues to press the matter of humanity's ability (and desire) to procreate in the future. Read alongside the Hebrew Bible book of Genesis, it seems that the desire to procreate is intrinsic to ancient Scripture. In this presentation, I read Genesis alongside a 19th Century sci-fi novel, Frankenstein, and a 21st Century sci-fi tv series, Battlestar Galactica. Read more a summary of this podcast in Anxiety about Reproduction in the Bible and Sci-Fi.Find out more about what I'm reading, watching, and researching by going to
Dr. Michael Wingert (Agora University) is my guest on this episode of Scholarly Wanderlust Podcast. We will speak about Christian traditions in the East and the West and Eastern Christianity in the West in terms of patriotism in church services. Also, hear Mike sing a little of "O, Canada" as we try to include our neighbors in the discussion. This podcast was born of a social media discussion prompt: "We sang "America, the Beautiful" in church on Sunday Morning. Is that a prayer? Or a Prophecy?". It sparked a lot of discussion on the page and a 50-minute conversation on this podcast. Read more about A Prayer for America the Beautiful.Find out more about what I'm reading, watching, and researching by going to
A Psalter for the Poor

A Psalter for the Poor


I have received a ton of requests for a description of the work I have been doing for my Ph.D. dissertation over the past five years. This podcast consists of a presentation that I gave a few years back at a national conference, in a session focused on scholarship around biblical ethics. The research included here was edited into two chapters of my dissertation, and will be again edited when I complete the manuscript for a book publication based on my dissertation research. I am happy for the opportunity to share my research with others, and I am very eager to take questions and comments regarding my research and implicit conclusions. Thank you for listening. Read more about Psalm 82 and the Psalter for the Poor.Find out more about what I'm reading, watching, and researching by going to
In 2020, I launched my blog,, starting with a 9-part series covering an assortment of interesting observations about the Twelve Monkeys Syfy series streaming on Hulu. This podcast introduces myself, my blog, my interests, and a summary of my reflections on the Twelve Monkeys Series, and [SPOILER ALERT] I am a huge fan. Read more about Religion in 12-Monkeys.Find out more about what I'm reading, watching, and researching by going to
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