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The Voice of Opportunity Youth

Author: Project REBUILD

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The Voice Of Opportunity Youth podcast serves as a platform to elevate the voices of young people involved with YouthBuild and shine a light on the positive change being made in their lives. Aged 16-24, YouthBuild students work to reclaim ownership of their lives, their education, and their futures through grit and growth. We look to share the stories of these young people and to prove to them that their voices deserve to be heard and can change the world. This podcast has been funded in part by ArtsinStark.
5 Episodes
YouthBuild students go on to find success down many avenues, but sometimes they decide to follow the path that they're already on. A testament to both the long-term impact YouthBuild has on lives and the power that comes from following your passion, Matt Clerico joins The Voice of Opportunity Youth Podcast. 
We take a trip to the west coast to check in with Compton YouthBuild participant, Eladio Cruz. Eladio tells us about his life before YouthBuild, what he plans on doing when he finishes and talks about if Compton lives up to the reputation it's gotten in rap music.
While nobody can tell the story of YouthBuild better than the students that we serve, CEO John Valverde joined The Voice of Opportunity Youth podcast to share his story, his perspective, and his vision for the future of YouthBuild.  YouthBuild.orgProjectREBUILD.orgOur Podcast music was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker app.
Defined as young people who have disconnected from school or employment, there is an estimated 6.7 million opportunity youth in the United States of America.  This is the story of one of them.  Dakota Ferguson shares his story from the basement as a high school dropout to a graduate with a full-time job, what his future plans are and what he wants people to know about YouthBuild.YouthBuild.orgProjectREBUILD.orgOur Podcast music was provided by The Podcast Host and Alitu: The Podcast Maker app.
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