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This week's guest on The Open Talent Report is Jan-Willem Weijers, Global Contractor Workforce Program Manager at Adevinta.  Jan-Willem is currently Global Contingent Workforce Program Manager a.i. for Adevinta (eClassifiedsgroup) to help the business taking on the right people, with the right quality, at the right time, with the best remuneration and feasible agreement.  He creates the link between Finance, Procurement, Legal and HR in Contingent Workforce and drives the Contingent Labor Program for Adevinta (eCG).  During this chat Connor and Jan-Willem discuss:The pace of labour law change in EuropeHow businesses engage freelancers in a regulated marketHow to protect low choice-no choice contract workersCan the labour market paradox be solved?The importance of Talent Demand Planning in a modern enterpriseHow can Direct Sourcing help businesses today and in the future?Connect with Connor: with Jan-Willem: CXC: Visit Adevinta: 
This week David Ballew from Nimble Global joined Connor on the Open Talent Report Podcast.David is a global contingent workforce & talent acquisition leader, published professional and dynamic public speaker. David and Nimble global help businesses optimise operating operations, helping MSP's staffing firms and hr departments who are struggling to source talent. In this podcast David discusses:What's wrong with the MSP model for the needs of fast moving companies?Is Direct Sourcing capable of helping businesses in an the war for talent?The importance of speed in sourcing and hiring talentEnterprise Resource Demand Planning How to effectively manage talent pools with an aim to achieve just in time hiringHow will automation effect job displacement David's thoughts on the future of workVisit Nimble Global: https://www.nimbleglobal.comConnect with Connor: CXC:
This week Connor is joined by esteemed author and founder of Ready Set Launch, Jason Levin. Jason's work as a Career, Business Development and Outplacement has given him unique insights into the world of work.On this episode Jason discusses the importance of relationship building for a successful career and highlights frameworks and actionable tips, to become better at keeping in touch with clients, colleagues, classmates and friends.Connor and Jason also take a look at:Finding time for yourself to ensure balance in your lifeHow to keep in touch in a more meaningful way The importance of sharing connection with peopleGreat Resignation is it real?Automation and it’s effect on the job market Get Jason's Book here: Relationships to Infinity: The Art and Science of Keeping in TouchVisit Jason's Website: Ready Set LaunchConnect with Connor: CXC:
This week Connor Heaney sat down with Bettina Schaller, President of World Employment Confederation. The World Employment Confederation is the voice of the private employment services industry at the global level, representing national federations as well as workforce solutions companies from across the world. During the podcast Connor and Bettina discuss:The Bettina StoryVolatility Uncertainty Complexity  Ambiguity  in the HR sectorThe proposed EU Directive on Platform workThe labour market paradox and what can be done about it Should governments do more to reskill/upskill people for the jobs of tomorrowAutomation & Jobs DisplacementRemote work legislationAfrica as a talent poolConnect with Connor: with Bettina: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit WEC:
*While Gareth is legal expert what he says on the this podcast is his opinion and should not be taken as legal advice*This week’s guest is Gareth Walls, is partner and head of the A&L Goodbody Employment and Incentives team in Northern Ireland. Gareth represents a number of local, national and international brands in business support, strategic workforce planning and high profile tribunal matters. He also has significant experience in corporate immigration, redundancy, re-structuring and TUPE issues. In this podcast Connor and Gareth talk about the current labour law landscape in the U.K, and how it has been impacted by the Taylor report and Brexit. They also discuss the recent supreme court decision on Uber drivers and the implementation of IR35, why it’s come in and the issues around it.. Connor and Gareth also spoke about the rise of remote work and what the future of work will look like.Connect with Connor on LinkedIn: with Gareth on Linkedin:
Mark Jones - AMS

Mark Jones - AMS


Host of the Open Talent Report, Connor Heaney is joined by Mark Jones - Executive Vice President at AMS, a global total workforce solutions firm. Mark has been at the heart of the staffing industry for 20+ years he has a wealth of experience in contingent workforce and RPO management.In this episode Connor and Mark discuss the contingent workforce landscape and how businesses can adapt to the changing talent environment. Topics Discussed:The US staffing landscapeWhat is RPO and how can it help businesses?Is Direct Sourcing a cure for talent scarcity?Is there a bubble in HR Tech?What can be done to solve the labour market paradox?Connect with Connor: with Mark: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit AMS:
Steve King from Emergent Research joined Connor Heaney on the podcast this week. Steve Leads Emergent Research's ongoing research identifying, analyzing and forecasting the trends and shifts impacting the future of work and the small business sector of the global economy.In this episode Connor and Steve discuss:Should more be done to protect freelancers?What can be done to solve the labour market paradox?Is the great resignation real? What will the impact of inflation be on jobs?Are we in the midst of a HR tech bubble?Connect with Connor: with Steve: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit emergent research:
Connor had the pleasure of chatting with Jon Younger, HR thought leader, Forbes contributor and independent consultant. Jon Younger is a leader in all things future of work and independent work. During the podcast Connor and Jon discuss an array of topics from:The Freelancer RevolutionThe importance of putting freelancers firstThe need for talent intelengence in businessThe need for a focus on community and talent benefitsConnect with Connor: with Jon: or jcyounger@mac.comVisit CXC: www.cxcglobal.comRead Jon's Article's here:
Marleen Deleu - Nextconomy

Marleen Deleu - Nextconomy


This week Connor was in conversation with the brilliant Marleen Deleu co-founder and director of trends & insights at Nextconomy. Nextconomy aims to freelancers and organisation and stimulate the debate between all parties involved. NextConomy facilitates the debate about the future of freelance work with government, trade unions, academia and other interested parties.During the pod Connor and Marleen discuss:The rise of freelancing in Europe and BelgiumAccess to banking for freelancersLabour market paradox and labour shortagesEnabling technology to improve recruitment processesThe EU directive on platform workThe future of workConnect with Connor: with Marleen: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Nextconomy:
This week Connor Heaney is joined by Stephen Holliday, Founder & CEO at Level Financial Technology. Level is the financial wellness platform for the enterprise. Level empower employers to help their workers improve their financial health by offering salary-linked services that address both short and long-term financial needs. Level provide on-demand pay, salary-linked savings, Open Banking-powered budgeting tools and financial education.During the podcast Connor and Stephen discuss:How level close the gap between work and payIs there an opportunity for fintech to help freelancers access banking servicesHow to bank unbanked workersIs salary inflation a problem that is here to stay?Is the Hr Tech bubble going to burst?The impact of automation on job displacement Is remote work creating a two tier society?Connect with Connor: with Stephen: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Level:
Recently Connor Heaney, MD at CXC EMEA was joined by legal experts Lucas Stuurop (Lexence) and Julie Van Kerckhoven (Van Havermaet) to discuss the recent proposed directive that aims to improve the working conditions of those working in the platform economy.Topics discussed:What is the goal of the directive?What impact will it have on workers?What impact will it have on platforms?What will it mean for the future of the platform economy?Disclaimer - While Lucas and Julie are legal professionals what they discuss on this webinar is their opinion and should not be taken as legal advice.Connect with Connor: with Lucas: with Julie: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Lexence: Van Havermaet:
Recently Connor Heaney was joined by Saleem Khaja and Christopher Dwyer to discuss Direct Sourcing 2.0 and whether businesses can use it to help overcome the war for talent and the great resignation.Direct Sourcing 2.0 is the next generation of direct sourcing strategies and is rooted in a renewed focus on the candidate experience, a seamless connection between talent pools and the projects and roles, and a retooled “hiring manager experience” that takes into account Future of Work-era innovation.During this podcast they discuss:What Direct sourcing 2.0 isTalent pool creation  - How to build and engage effectively?Why now for direct sourcing?How do you build a business case for direct sourcing 2.0?Connect with Connor: with Saleem: with Christopher: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Workllama: https://www.workllama.comVisit Ardent Partners:
Connor Heaney, Managing Director at CXC is joined by David Bloxham CEO at GCS Recruitment Specialists to discuss the current recruitment landscape and what the future holds for talent providers.David shares insights from his 25 years experience in the recruitment sector, working with the leaders of innovative technology customers and connecting them with the expert talent.In this episode Connor and David discuss:The challenges in the current labour landscapeThe role that talent platforms have to play in recruitmentThe impact of technology on recruitmentThe great resignationThe future of technology recruitment Connect with Connor: with David: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit GCS Recruitment Specialists:
Rich Wilson - Gigged.Ai

Rich Wilson - Gigged.Ai


This week's episode features an important conversation with Gigged.Ai CEO Rich Wilson about burnout and the importance of wellbeing and mental health in business. Rich tells Connor his story about entrepreneurship, struggle, and the significance of wellbeing in the workplace for all businesses.Rich also discusses the challenges that Gigged.Ai is looking to solve in the talent marketplace in addition to the future of RPO and the disintermediation of talent platforms in the recruitment and staffing sector.If you are affected by any of the topics talked about in this podcast you can access support at: UK: https://www.samaritans.orgUSA: with Connor: with Rich: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Gigged.Ai:
This week Connor is joined by Arco Elsman, Managing Director for Randstad RiseSmart Europe. Arco  is responsible for ensuring the successful and consistent delivery of Randstad RiseSmart’s services in Europe. In this episode, Arco and Connor discuss:What challenges Randstad RiseSmart solves for its clients?Why has the labour paradox occurred, and what can be done to solve it?Is the current education system geared towards the old economy?Can organisations do more to upskill their talent?What does outplacement work?The great resignation is it myth or fact?Do public talent marketplaces have a role in helping organisations win the war for talent?The impact of automation on job displacement Remote working - should it be legislated for Is there a HR technology bubble?Connect with Connor: with Arco: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Randstad RiseSmart:
On this episode of The Open Talent Report, Connor is joined by Pete A. Tiliakos.Pete is the Global Payroll Product Strategy Leader at Alight Solutions, a leading cloud-based provider of integrated digital human capital and business solutions.This is episode is full of some amazing insights into topics such as:How  we can increase veteran's participation in the workforceWhat can be done to bring rehabilitated non violent criminals into the workforce?How can we prepare people for the jobs of today and the jobs of the futureIs there a HR tech bubble?Is borderless hireless hiring here to stay?Can public talent marketplaces solve the talent shortages that large organisations are facing?Is remote work a cure or curse?Connect with Connor: with Pete: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit ISG:
We are delighted to have Anita Lettink on the podcast this week. Anita is a thought leader in hr tech and hr research. Recently Anita released a research paper titled "There is no great resignation Only a great return."In this episode, Anita discusses her findings from the paper with Connor as well as:What can be done to prepare people for the workplace of tomorrowCan talent platforms help large enterprises win the war for talentIs there a HR tech investment bubbleIs remote work good or bad?Connect with Connor: with Anita: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Strategic Management Centre:
Episode 38 of The Open Talent Report sees Connor Heaney in conversations with Mathias Linnemann, Co-Founder of Woksome. Worksome is the leading flexible workforce management system used by 1000s of enterprises globally. Worrisome allows businesses to find and hire freelancers within minutes, while supporting automatic worker classification and compliant payment.On the podcast Connor and Mathias discuss:Should large enterprises look at moving from a VMS/MSP to a more fluid model?Does resource demand planning or the lack of it make it difficult to manage talent on demand?How to solve the banking problems that freelancers face?Matthias gives his thoughts on the recent draft eu directive on digital labour platformsIs Universal Basic Income a good idea for governments to explore?Labour Market Paradox - what contributed to it - what can be done about it? How long before 10 giant staffing recruitment giants are replaced by 10 platforms?Why are staffing and recruitment companies continuing to grow?Automation and job displacement Remote working - is it a curse or a cure?Connect with Connor: with Mathias: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Worksome:
This week we are delighted to have Melanie Forbes, Managing Director at APSCo Outsource. Mel's work at APSCo Outsource focusses on developing and leading  the trade body representing the Outsource market. Providing a comprehensive, tailored trade association service working with members to continuously raise professional standards.We are thrilled to announce that CXC is now a trusted partner of APSCo Outsource.In this podcast, Connor and Mel discuss:Is there room in the market for a non-supplier funded model of recruitment The labour market paradoxHow education systems can improve to prepare people for jobs of the futureIs Direct Sourcing the be-all and end all for talent sourcingIs remote working a curse or a cureMel's prediction for the future of work Connect with Connor: with Melanie: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit APSCo Outsource:
Listen to Connor Heaney in conversation with Shib Matthew founder of Yuno Juno. Yuno Juno is a Freelance Management Platform that provides businesses with full oversight and control with sourcing, managing and working with freelancers. In the chat Shib gives his toughts on:The problem that Yuno Juno solves for businessesThe importance of compliance when engaging freelancersFreelancer bankingHow to solve the labour market paradoxIs a universal basic income the way forward for modern economiesThe need to reassess legislation and regulation around freelancers and gig workersBenefits and pitfalls with remote workingConnect with Connor: with Shib: CXC: www.cxcglobal.comVisit Yuno Juno:
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