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The Tigerlily Foundation’s My Life Matters series is dedicated to sharing the perspectives of and learning about the unique challenges facing young women living with metastatic breast cancer, the MBC community and what they are doing to change it.
21 Episodes
Join Guest Host Maimah Karmo and special guest, Keyla Nunny Reece, Tigerlily Foundation ANGEL Advocate as they discuss Nunny's life as a music loving baseball Mom to being diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Hear Nunny talk about her personal conviction of reaching women in under served communities to ensure they get behind the wheel in their own healthcare journey. 
You remember our recent MY LIFE Podcast guest, Emily Garrett? How could you not?  She's amazing, inspirational, lovable, and pretty much one of the toughest and most honest women we know. She stole our hearts, and is the WHY for MY LIFE Matters.  Her husband, Christian Garrett, shares with us his perspective as a Caregiver as we honor National Family Caregiver's Month. Although Christian doesn't quite identify with the traditional definition of that role. Or at least, he redefines it for himself and his family. And, that works, too. 
Emues Deacon-Smith joins us for our latest MY LIFE Podcast from the UK. She shares her experience and perspective going from a doctor to a patient, mothering with mets, and how she has taken an active approach towards managing her mindset and overall state of well being all while living with metastatic breast cancer.
Join Guest Host Lucy Santoro as she moderates the Tigerlily MBC Advocate Facebook Live Event. Along with Lucy, Tigerlily ANGEL Advocate and breast cancer survivor, Lauren Neuburger, and MBC Patient Advocate, Fabianna Marie speak openly and honestly about facing the hard truths about living with metastatic breast cancer beyond fear and anger. 
Emily Garnett is a powerhouse who shares her journey as a lawyer, wife, and mother who was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 32 years old. She shares her journey from diagnosis to treatment through her blog Beyond the Pink Ribbon.  She chooses to get back up each and every day to fight through the pitfalls, fears, and daily challenges of living with metastatic breast cancer. She wants to create a community where others with metastatic breast cancer feel connected and can speak honestly about their experiences no matter how tough it is. She is blazing a trail to encourage others so that their lives with metastatic breast cancer is not defined by loneliness, but a shared connection through the highs and lows of living with metastatic breast cancer. 
Guest Host Maimah Karmo, Founder and President of Tigerlily Foundation, engages in real talk about MBC with the Founder of Angel in Disguise, Angela Baker.  This is a Charlotte-based organization providing transportation needs for breast cancer patients in treatment.  Angela is living with metastatic breast cancer and shares her story about creating purpose in her life.  Visit her website at  
Join us to hear how Brandy Chase, MBC Thriver, Lifecoach and Founder of Serenimity, faced the highs and lows of her son's cancer treatment while being diagnosed herself with metastatic breast cancer in the midst of his bone marrow transplant.  She has a powerful message saying that she wasn't ready to give up.  
Fabianna Marie, Metastatic Breast Cancer Thriver, Author, Blogger, Motivational Speaker and Nutritionist shares how the mind shifts once diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  Being treated for both lupus and metastatic breast cancer left her wondering, "Where is the book that tells me how to put one foot in front of the other?" Learn more about how choosing a positive mindset has guided her as a 13 year MBC thriver.
Darla Stevenson, MBC Advocate and Leadership Team Member of the Survivor Soul Project shares her message of hope and how she found permission to live while living with metastatic breast cancer.
Episode 13 - Christine Hodgdon, MBC Survivor & Advocate, How My Father's Metastatic Diagnosis Prepared Me for My Own
Erica Griffiths joins us for our latest MY LIFE Podcast. She shares her experience and perspective on getting back into the workforce after metastatic breast cancer. Life as she knew it wasn't going to stop just because of her diagnosis. This podcast tackles the challenges of being a young women with MBC in the workplace, how to develop and maintain a career identity and maintain a work-life balance.
Episode 12 - Caryn Sullivan, Founder and Executive Director, Pretty Wellness - How to Take Control of Your Wellness During and After Breast Cancer
Rebecca Timlin-Scalera, Founder & CEO, The Cancer Couch Foundation shares her breast cancer diagnosis experience and why she is passionate about funding research to find a cure for metastatic breast cancer.
Shonte Drakeford: Nurse to MBC Patient and Advocate
Get Busy Living

Get Busy Living


Join us on the latest podcast episode of Tigerlily Foundation​'s MY LIFE Matters as Host, Erin, chats with Lisa Quinn about how to get busy living after a stage 4 cancer diagnosis.
Kelli Parker

Kelli Parker


Available on iTunes Join us on the latest podcast episode of the Tigerlily Foundation​'s MY LIFE Matters as Host, Erin McCarthy Azuse​ chats with Kelli Parker, a fierce advocate, loving mother, and beloved member of the MBC community. #MBC #MYLIFE #MYLIFEMATTERS #TIGERLILYFOUNDATION #MBC #METS #METASTATIC #PODCAST #CANCERPODCAST #CONNECT #TLF #METSMONDAY #IAMSUSAN #STAGE4 #STAGEIV #DONTIGNORESTAGE4 #INSPIRATION #KELLI
Host Erin Azuse chats with Jennifer Campisano about how to be your best advocate and overcoming the hurdles of parenting after a cancer diagnosis.
Bald Ballerina

Bald Ballerina


23 years young, Maggie Kudirka was a member of the Joffrey Concert Group in NYC when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in June 2014.
Renee in Cancerland

Renee in Cancerland


Tigerlily chats with Renee Sendelbach, author and a Stage IV breast cancer thriver, mommy, wife, and artist, learning to enjoy and appreciate life despite having a terminal disease.
Cancer and Comedy

Cancer and Comedy


Annie Bond, diagnosed with MBC discusses cancer and comedy, pursuing your dreams even after a diagnosis.
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