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Author: Erin Joy

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Managing your emotional & physical health, life, relationships, and self care can seem overwhelming at times. Join Erin Joy, owner of The Barre Dance & Fitness, every Friday for some girl talk as she interviews some of the most inspirational women who have mastered their niche. Each episode will talk about nutrition, healthy eating, exercise and body movement, along with time management and self care routines that work for you!
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Who else finds it hard to believe that September is next month already?!Listen in on todays episode as I chat with a special guest, Becca Phelps. Becca is the owner and instructor of Gracious Dance and shares her mission for the business along with exciting news for this coming school year. If you are a parent with kids looking for a new hobby or have always thought about signing your kids up for dance, listen up! Becca has a wonderful kids program that involves a variety of dance classes right here inside our studio at The Barre Dance & Fitness!Get your kids registered for dance classes starting this September and find out more information by clicking the links below. If you have any questions at all or have a child with special needs, Becca is ready and happy to chat with you!Website: dancegracious@gmail.comInstagram: the show (
Let's chat about the difference between mental health and mental wellbeing. Jennalyn shares with us some tips for encouraging self care along with some resources for dealing with a wide scale of mental illnesses and emotions. Links & Resources- Jennalyn Long IG App - Meditating Insight Timer App Psychology Today Warmlines Support the show (
In this episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with a local health coach Kim Della Porta about managing our time and looking into a more productive routine. Kim works with clients 100% virtually to help provide consistent accountability and help  achieve health goals whether it's nutrition based, physical activity, stress management, overall wellbeing.Listen to find out some tips on what a good example of planned out and productive week looks like and some take aways to help better manage your time. You can find Kim online at for more.Thank you for listening and supporting this show, until next time!Support the show (
Today I have the pleasure of chatting with Lora Catalino, a functional nutritionist from Rochester NY. We talk about how the relationship we have with food relates to your relationship with your body, how the food that comes into our body makes either a positive or negative effect, how to understand the confusion of what is "good for you" Vs. what is not, and much more!After listening to todays episode be sure to check out Lora's website for more information, link to website and more: Website : the show (
Today's episode is very special because my guest on the show today is my very own Mother, Wendy Dunham! Get to know my mom a little bit as I celebrate her and her accomplishments in this episode.I brought her on to chat about what it's like to be a mom, what challenges she faced as a new mom and how she overcame those with her faith in God. We also talk about her biggest joys of motherhood and some of her favorite (and slightly embarrassing for me) memories of my brother and I when we were little. Check out some of Wendys most recent book publishings here : the show (
Today I'm talking with Stella Jones from Stellas Bridal Boutique about body image and encouraging women to start talking positive to themselves! During this episode she shares her personal story and journey to get where she is today in order to boost up and inspire other women around her. Let's start being confident and comfortable in the skin we are in, I want you to look yourself in the mirror and say "I've got this" in a world that tells you otherwise. Link to find more information about our guest today!https://www.stellasbridalboutique.com for listening!Lots of love, Erin JoySupport the show (
Listen in as I talk with Jennie Marie (Aka Star of Mama Medium) about her decision to get stronger and healthier everyday this year in 2021.  Jennie reached out to me several months ago about wanting to start yoga with her and her son Anthony for the very first time, she shares with us how its going and what has changed since we started our sessions together! Find more information about the wonderful Jennie Marie at her website :https://jenniethemedium.comThanks for tuning in!Support the show (
In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with exercise scientist Omega Zumpano about how us woman can hack our hormones by syncing our cycles with what we eat and how we exercise! She shares her personal story about body building, weight gain, weight loss,  her fitness flow method, along with simple ways to reduce bloating and inflammation. LINKSIG - @omegafitlifeofficialLink to Omega’s Webinar How to Get Fit, Reduce PMS & Understand your hormones - - Gut Sensitivity Test - hormone guide - the show (
Listen in as I chat with Ashley Casacelli, author of the blog “Life’s Craziest Blessings”. She shares about her journey through endometriosis, being a role model for her daughter in a challenging world, staying healthy and motivated, and also her tips on making fitness a priority even with a busy schedule.Find Ashley on Instagram at for listening in and stay tuned for more each week!Peace & Love, Erin JoySupport the show (
Hey there, I’m Erin Joy and you’re listening to The Barre Life!This podcast is created for The Barre Dance & Fitness studio and we will be talking about topics like health, nutrition, fitness, dance, staying active, and everything in-between.Make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast player to get notified of new episodes every week!Thanks for listening to The Barre Life!Support the show (
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