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THE LEGEND Sid Chavers

THE LEGEND Sid Chavers


How do you combine traditional and innovative? These two words describe today's guest, legendary hot rod interior guru Sid Chavers. Sid has been in the Custom Upholstery business since February 1976 and has his roots in the traditional school of first-generation interior customizers. However, unlike some people who reach a certain level and are content to stay there, Sid has used this foundation to achieve a higher level, raising the standards of design excellence and craftsmanship. The Sid Chavers Company was founded on these same principles: innovation combined with tradition, a desire to honor the classic while bringing new refinements and style to these same traditional designs. Discover more about this fascinating guy in today's episode of NC Shop Talk. “Many times, we try a specific way to do something and it doesn't work. Go on the trash can, start again.” Sid Chavers In This Episode:Here's a quick background on Sid ChaversHow did Sid's parents influence his work ethic?After years of being on top, is there anything else that drives Sid to aspire for more?What are some of Sid's favorite cars? If he's on the road, would he choose a car or a bike?How does Sid feel about the overwhelming response to his instructional videos?How has Sid's trimming process evolved over time? Is there anyone else in the industry that Sid relies on?What advice does Sid have for guys who don't enjoy working on convertible tops?Mal puts Sid on the Rapid Fire Hot SeatDoes Sid still make mistakes? How does he fix them?Where does Sid get his raw materials?Sid's advice for young trimmers who aspire to be relevant in the industryAnd more! Connect with Sid Chavers:Website - - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
There's no challenge so great for a master craftsman. He always gives his best at whatever task is at hand. That is the mindset of Brent Parker, winner of the 2020 NC Auto Interior of the Year award. He is an elite international trimmer based in Central Coast NSW, Australia. Brent won over other talented and skilled trimmers with his incredibly stunning design and unique leather color. Get ready to meet this man from the Land Down Under and learn more about the thought process behind a winning design. “When you try your best, good things happen.” (23:19)“If I stop thinking about how I can be better, then it's game over.” (23:57)Brent Parker In This Episode:The real reason Mal is so “pissed” with Brent winning the 2020 NC Auto Interior of the Year award!How Brent chose the colors he used for his designs and why he sent two different entriesGet to know more about Brent Parker and his journey from childhood to becoming an elite trimmer (and how Hog Ring paved the way for Brent's name to be recognized in the industry)Here's what makes Brent's (Green Hides) leather unique Fun facts about Brent (fortunately, he has not had a close encounter with a kangaroo!)Brent talks about the challenges in the auto interior industry, especially for trimmers based in AustraliaWhat would Brent want to be his final project, just before he bid his “last hurrah!”And more! Connect with Brent Parker:Facebook - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
As machines take over production and manual work for many industries, the auto industry still treasures handcrafted interiors. After all, no machine can equal the craftsmanship of a man as skilled as Shannon Walters. NC Shop Talk had him as the featured guest in the June 23, 2021 episode. Today, Mal welcomes back Shannon Walters, owner of Interiors by Shannon, a one-person shop based in Alabama. Shannon does not need much of an introduction. His custom upholstery has won Best Interior Awards at shows like GoodGuys, NSRA, and World of Wheels. Interiors by Shannon has also been featured online, in magazines (Auto Trim & Restyling News, March 1999 issue and Southern Rodder, March 2000 issue), and in two "how-to" books ("Standard Guide to Build Street Rods" and "Building Street Rods"). So if you're a fan of the good old way of crafting and designing interiors by hand and learning from a master artisan, you don't want to miss this informative and fun conversation!“I think it's a great idea to have the younger people flex their muscles a little bit.”Shannon Walters In This Episode:A huge change in the 2022 NC Auto Interior of the Year Contest which will showcase the younger talents in the auto industryWhy is Shannon so inclined to help the industry?What's going on with SEMA and other car shows? Let's hear what Mal and Shannon have to say about them. Shannon answers some questions the audience sent in, such as how he learned his craft, what he thinks about electric vehicles, how long it takes him to finish a complete interior, etc. Industry trends and predictions from ShannonWhat can we expect from Interiors By Shannon five or ten years from now?Conversations about life and unusual experiencesAnd more! Connect with Shannon:Website - - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
In today's episode, Mal speaks with Gil and Linda of Gillin Custom Design, the go-to shop and Orange County's pride in auto and home builds. What makes this shop famous? Let's find out from the owners. Gil is one of the original owners of Gillin Custom Design and opened it with Linda in 2006. Thirteen years later, the vision of opening a shop that completed high-end builds from start to finish came to fruition with GCD Auto Studio. Linda grew up with a love for muscle cars, with the 1967 Camaro as her favorite. She is currently in charge of client relations, operations, and social media and assists with design. NC Shop Talk welcomes the power couple behind Gillin Custom Design into the show!“We're not building a car for just today. We want it to age well.”- Gil Monge In This Episode:Gil takes us through the first time he came across Mal's companyHow important work dynamics and choosing the right team member in running a successful business? How does it feel to lose valued team members?What does Gil have to say about the Orange County Choppers team?Services, car types, and scope of work by GCD Auto StudioFun facts about Gil and Linda and how they ended up togetherHow Gil leveraged social media to connect with people and grow their brandLinda talks about her background before teaming up with Gil The BIG News–this shop makes it to Discovery Channel!And much more! Connect with Gil and Linda:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
The title of this episode sums up exactly who we have on the show today. Revo Reeves is one of the original big-ticket interior builders in the nation. He was featured in dozens of auto-themed shows and hundreds of magazine covers. This guy has also worked with big-name celebrities. In addition, he is a world-class designer and creator of show-quality automotive interiors. Revo established Stitchcraft Interiors in 1978, and it quickly became known for its innovative and award-winning custom interiors.NC Shop Talk welcomes Television Royalty & Industry OG Revo Reeves!“The key word, especially in this world, is knowing how and when to pivot. ”- Revo Reeves In This Episode:The beginning of Revo and Mal’s friendshipRevo shares some details about his childhood and how he got into the businessDiscover the many lives of Revo (model, drummer, inventor, etc.)Revo talks about how he got the Rockstar Energy drink sponsorship, designing interiors for Ford, fun shows, awards, working with big names in the industry, and other inspiring stories.Why is it difficult to find people who are willing to learn the custom interior trade?What else is in store for Revo Reeves? Goals, dreams, and aspirations for the next 10 years…Mal puts Revo on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!And much more!  Connect with Revo Reeves:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
Centrum Force & The Cobra

Centrum Force & The Cobra


This episode is a real treat as Mal does a back-to-back interview with two legends in the industry. The first guest is Tom Monahan of Centrum Force, a shop which provides the best equipment, chemistry, and personalized service in the rug cleaning industry. Tom has been in business since 2007. Centrum Force is committed to building machines and furnishing accessories to last the life of your business. The next guest is Doug Heiferman, also known as The Cobra. Doug is one of the most sought after instructors in the textile maintenance and restoration industry. He has a unique ability to relay information to students of all skill and experience levels and has been teaching students for more than 20 years.Tom and Doug works together to facilitate workshops to students who want to learn from the best. And with these two, you will not only learn the skills of the trade, but also get inspired by their excellent work ethics. NC Shop Talk welcomes Centrum Force & The Cobra in today’s episode.“Mechanizing or getting equipment helps one to scale. ”- Tom Monahan“The industry is dying for new things. Let’s take the shot at it.”- Doug Heiferman In This Episode:Let’s hear what other people have to say about Tom MonahanThe benefits of using mechanical equipment for low skillset tasks Tom walks us through the inspiration behind Centrum Force What skills does Tom have that help him succeed in the industry?Are we hearing plans for the next rug summit in 2022?Tom talks about how automation can help a business save time and moneyWhy should you choose Centrum Force products over other brands?Tom narrates an interesting story when Ron Moore chose him as the person to continue the Moore Company legacy.Discover the relationship between Tom and Doug “The Cobra” Heiferman and why they work well togetherDoug lets us in on some personal stories about the many hats he wears, in business and in lifeHow does Doug solve problems and thrive over the years?What is the level of Doug’s expertise in rug identification?Doug and Mal exchange stories that capture their “proud dad moments”And much more! Connect with Tom Monahan:Website - - - - Connect with Doug Heiferman:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - -
How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes people think of you when competing with a dozen other people who are doing the same thing? Our guest has managed to do both! Even when people don't always remember his name, they surely remember the guy with the green mohawk, the man behind Kentucky's premier hot rod shop, Sewn Tight Custom Interiors!Shane Lile owns and operates Sewn Tight Custom Interiors. He worked for ten years in corporate America before quitting to open his custom auto shop and grow that mohawk that has become a part of his identity. His wife, Jessica, helps him run the shop. They work hard but do fun things together, like drag racing! Can you believe it?The couple has turned Sewn Tight Custom Interiors into one of Kentucky’s premier hot rod interior shops in just a few years. Auto enthusiasts come from all over to have Shane and Jessica design and build their custom car interiors and motorcycle seats. What’s more, their team is famous for superior customer service. That's the perfect way to stand out!NC Shop Talk welcomes The Man & Woman Behind The Mohawk – Shane and Jessica Lile!“Social media is a big player in getting people's attention, but word of mouth is still the biggest driver to get people to your shop. ”- Shane Lile In This Episode:How long did it take for the couple to build their reputation as a prominent auto shop?What's so special about Shane (aside from his mohawk, of course)?The couple talks about the type of cars they work on, their design process (who gets to do what around the shop), and the events they love joining.Would Shane recommend any vendors, and why?Shane and Jessica also talk about their drag car and their love for car racing. Watch out as the couple races against each other. Who do you think will win?The couple shares their vision and aspirations for the future of their son, Tucker (who will inherit both the drag car and the shop at the right time).Fun time with Shane and Jessica (no one escapes the Burning House and Rapid Fire Hot Seat!)And much more! Connect with Shane and Jessica:Website Facebook Instagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram



No singular entity, brand, or product is more vital to the auto interior trade than The Hog Ring (THR). It is the central hub for industry news. More than just a source for jobs or a breeding ground for vendors, THR is the galvanizing force to the auto interior industry. The driving force behind this fantastic community is the dynamic Muaddi Brothers – Nadeem and Naseem. Naseem owns and operates the Delaware County Auto Upholstery, while Nadeem spearheads THR, owing from his 15 years of online media experience, including managing teams of editors, reporters, and producers at CNN Digital’s award-winning national news team.NC Shop Talk welcomes the Muaddi Brothers for an informative and entertaining conversation. “The whole point about The Hog Ring is not about making ad dollars or money. We can't talk about someone's products or services genuinely and with authority unless we like their products or were using them ourselves in our shop.”- Nadeem Muaddi“To keep getting better, I enjoy looking at what's going on in other parts of the world.”- Naseem MuaddiIn This Episode:Nadeem talks about the idea behind THR.How to effectively run a machine shop and THR at the same time.  Trimmers are exceptional artisans, but they don't usually earn enough money from their craft. Let's hear Nadeem's thoughts about this. Is there anything about THR that frustrates the brothers?Naseem talks about their work,  where his passion comes from, and how he hones his craft.Naseem names which craftsmen he would choose as inspiration for his “robotrimmer.” The Muaddi Brothers share their vision for THR (it would be really cool to have a TV show!)Fun time with the Muaddi Brothers (no one escapes the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!)And much more!Connect with The Hog Ring:Website Facebook Instagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram
The NC Shop Talk podcast has taken you behind the scenes with some of the auto industry's most well-known names and brands. The past 17 episodes brought in elite trimmers and car builders from across the world to talk about their unique craft. In this episode, we're flipping the script as Mal gets on the hot seat for his interview on The Hog Ring.You know him as the CEO of NC Carpet Binding & Equipment and host of NC Shop Talk. Today, you will learn more about Mal as he talks about relationships, family, business, and life in general. It's your chance to get a backstage pass with Mal Maher in this special episode of NC Shop Talk. “Life is about competition.”“Sometimes, even when you know you can't win, you just go for it.”- Mal MaherIn This Episode:Mal talks about how he started working in the auto industry, his relationship with his family, and the things that inspire him to do more.Driving technological innovation for NC sewing machinesDiscover the fantastic things Mal has done behind the scenes. Mal is shaking up the NC Auto Interior of the Year Award – what can we expect?Mal talks about a missed opportunity to interview Alex Anderson (and now it's too late)The best thing about being in the auto industry.And much more! Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram  
RMD Garage

RMD Garage


“Don't dream it. Build it.” Ralph Holguin, the owner of RMD Garage, a multi-awarded automotive restoration and customization shop in California, dreamed of making the 1953 Ford F-100 the coolest car ever. And that was the beginning. Ralph's Mobile Detailing (RMD) opened in 1993. When Ralph became so passionate about the styling of the 1953 Ford F-100, it gave him the skills and connections needed to go bigger. In 2012 he won Truck of the Year at the Grand National Roadster show. Since then, Ralph and the RMD Garage team have modified and modernized their favorite cars, landing them a show on Discovery’s Velocity Network. Fresh from winning the 2021 NC Auto Interior of the Year award with a show-stopping interior built for a 1956-F100 they call “Louie,” Ralph Holguin and RMD lead designer Juan Estrada join Mal for an inspiring, fun, and power-packed conversation in today's episode of NC Shop Talk. “We're not afraid to start over.”- Ralph HolguinIn This Episode:What is the driving force behind RMD's continuous excellenceRalph and Juan's favorite build and other builds they plan to achieveWhat's in store for RMD in 2022, and plans to return on TVThe gripping story and tears shed to build “Louie” Get inside the minds of Ralph and Juan as they walk us through their design processAnd much more!Connect with RMD Garage:Website Facebook Instagram TikTok  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram
Many people are drawn to the exterior design first when choosing a car. But customer expectations are changing, and people are willing to pay more for higher quality car interiors. Hence, the demand for custom automotive interior design is also increasing. To talk about the importance of automotive interiors, Mal interviews Tracy Weaver, owner of Recovery Room Interiors. Tracy is a master of automotive upholstery. His innovation and creativity are inspirational. He has worked on some of the best cars in the country. With about 30 years of industry experience, Tracy shows no signs of slowing down. Just when you think he has done the most fantastic interior job you have ever seen, he goes on to set a higher standard. Tune in to the conversation between Mal and Tracy in today's episode of NC Shop Talk. “If you can sew, you can always make a living.”- Tracy WeaverIn This Episode:Tracy talks about how he started in the automotive industry How does it feel when people come to you for advice?With 30 years of industry experience, is there something else Tracy has not done?What more can we expect from Recovery Room Interiors and the automotive interior industry?Mal puts Tracy in the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!And more! Connect with Tracy and Recovery Room Interiors:Facebook Instagram Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram  
We all know that fathers play a unique role in their son’s aspirations. This week, Mal interviews Bill Carlton, a major player in the custom fabrication industry. He grew up on a property that his father bought in 1976. Growing up, Bill got accustomed to seeing his dad working on trucks and cars and transforming them into beautiful and powerful vehicles. Soon, he started working in the family business while transforming vehicles for fun. In 1998, Bill finally decided to turn his passion into a business and established Ekstensive Metal Works, one of the most respected custom fabrication and automotive design shops in Houston, Texas. The shop delivers the most reliable and highest quality vehicles to customers. Bill's business rose to fame in 2017 with the show Texas Metal. The show features Bill and his team while designing and building creatively outrageous cars and trucks. Let's meet the man behind Texas Metal in another fun episode of NC Shop Talk. “It’s not easy any day in any business that I know of. 99% of the time, I figure it out the hard way.”- Bill CarltonIn This Episode:A business built on a solid foundation and fueled by a highly talented teamWould you like to go on a test drive from Houston to Nevada Get to know Bill’s  trusted vendors (because great designs need amazing spare parts)What can we expect from the next season of Texas Metal ShowBill answers questions from Dalton LovejoyOf course, no guest has ever escaped the Rapid Fire Hot Seat and other fun questions from MalBill’s bucket list and some fun and crazy storiesAnd more! Connect with Bill:WebsiteInstagramTexas Metal TV ShowConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
In today’s episode, Mal Maher welcomes Oksana Ignatova of Stitch Girl Inc., a fast-rising talent in custom interiors. Oksana tried her hand at upholstery at the age of 23 and fell in love with it. Originally from Belarus, she moved to the US with her husband to pursue the American Dream. Fueled by her passion for sewing and making creative ideas come to life, Oksana has developed her craft to the level of an expert in just six years. Her love for her art drives her to learn new techniques and employ state-of-the-art tools. She enjoys working on unique projects that bring out her creativity and keen attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch counts. As you listen to this episode, you can hear and feel Oksana's determination to be the best she can be and her appreciation for being here. “I’m so glad that my family’s here; Our son has the opportunity to grow in a great country.”- Oksana IgnatovaIn This Episode:The move from Belarus to the USA (and what it's like living the American Dream)Oksana's 3D printers, custom-built laser engraver, and other tools of the trade What new and exciting projects can we expect from The Stitch Girl Oksana's favorite movie and other interesting facts about herWhat is the first thing Oksana would do with 1 million dollars  Connect with Oksana:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
It is not uncommon for someone to have diverse interests. But what does a pizza shop have in common with a custom upholstery shop? This week, Mal interviews Chris McClintock about his journey from working in his family’s pizza shop to establishing Bux Customs in a small town in Pennsylvania. Today, Bux Customs is known for custom high-end automotive interiors. Chris’s story is inspiring because he succeeded in an industry that is very different from what he knew. His stunning designs and detail-oriented craftsmanship have won him awards, making him one of the most sought-after hotrod trimmers in the United States. Let's hear about how Chris learned the craft, his design inspirations, and his goals for the future. And of course, the episode will not be complete without Mal putting his guest on to the Rapid Fire Hot Seat. “No matter what project I’m doing, I’m diving full into it.”- Chris McClintockIn This Episode:How Bux Customs started from the ground upWhat can we learn from Chris about learning the custom upholstery craftA proud moment for Chris (which has nothing to do with custom upholstery)Bux Customs is growing (do you have what it takes to join the team)What does the future look like for Bux Customs Connect with Chris and Bux Customs:WebsiteFacebookInstagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Are you a fan of bespoke leather products? A good quality leather product is a work of art. It is something you’ll cherish for a long time. It can also be a good conversation piece. There are a few reliable companies that create sustainable leather to supply the needs of the leather industry. In today’s episode, Mal talks to Randy Maggard, Automotive Division Manager who also handles several aviation accounts for Moore & Giles. Founded in 1933 in Lynchburg, Virginia, Moore & Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation, automotive, and residential interior design industries. With over 200 types of leather and more than 3000 color choices, Moore & Giles has something for everyone. Tune in to this episode to know more about the trends in the leather industry and have fun while Randy goes through the Movie Line Quiz and sits for the Rapid Fire Hot Seat. “We want to be the very best partner to our customers and help them grow their business in the way they want to grow it.”- Randy Maggard In This Episode:How Moore & Giles decided to get involved in the automotive leather industryCommitment to source the best raw materials for sustainable organic leatherA walkthrough of the Moore & Giles leather tanning and quality control processIndustry trends and new product lines from Moore & GilesPROMO ALERT for podcast listeners! Take advantage of the free standard shipping when you order from the Apollo line Connect with Moore & Giles:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitter  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive, and successful. It is also known for supporting philanthropic organizations like the Corporate Angel Network, Air Charity Network, and Veterans Airlift Command. In addition, NBAA hosts the most prominent annual aviation trade show. Founded in 1947 and based in Washington, DC, the organization is led by a team of experienced senior executives. Today, Mal interviews NBAA Vice President for Exhibits Linda Peters to share what’s happening in this year's conference. Linda is responsible for exhibitor relations for the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention, EBACE, LABACE, and ABACE. So, if you're excited about fresh, innovative ideas, tune in to this episode to know more about the  2021 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE). “We're in such a family community in the aviation industry. Our goal is always to make sure everybody has the best experience possible.”- Linda Peters In This Episode:99% SOLD OUT and other details that will make you attend this year's eventThe exciting future of emerging technologies and unmanned aircraft systemsPhilanthropic organizations and initiatives that use general aviation airplanes for humanitarian purposesThe perfect day, Pilatus PC-12, and other interesting facts about Linda Peters Connect with Linda and NBAA:WebsiteFacebookConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
When decorating your space, would you go for bare floors or designer rugs? Rugs definitely add a layer of warmth to a room with their luxurious materials and textures. Rugs transform an interior with different colors, textures, and patterns and reflect your style. But where do you get the exact carpet you need? Fret no more. Nourison doesn’t like bare floors as much as you do. So they would love to help you craft a custom rug for your space. For more than 40 years, Nourison has built a reputation as a leading resource in today’s floor covering market, working with designers and retailers to provide beautiful, top-quality rugs, carpets, and home accessories for homes around the world. The company offers a comprehensive range of products across styles and price ranges in commercial and residential spaces. Nourison is committed to ethical business practices and sustainable production using renewable, natural fibers in most products. They also give back to the community through the 40 Acts of Kindness. To talk more about what’s happening in the Custom Carpet Industry, Mal interviews Don Karlin, Director of Broadloom Sales and National Sales Manager at Noursion. You’re also in for some new segments premiering in today’s episode of NC Shop Talk!“The reason Nourison got into the manufacturing business was to better address the North American Market and the North American taste.”- Don Karlin In This Episode:Get to know the colorful history and culture of Nourison and the relationship between NC Carpet and Nourison IndustriesWhere to get Mina Victory home accents, pillows, and accessoriesNourison’s prestigious designer lines featuring top brands in the home décor marketWhat sets Nourison apart from other carpet manufacturersDon takes us through how Nourison fabricates each custom carpet Watch out for Nourison’s new ideas...  Connect with Nourison:WebsiteFacebookInstagramTwitterYoutubeConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
How would you like to have beautifully designed interiors done efficiently? Better yet, how would you like to learn the craft? If your answer is yes, you're going to love this episode with today's guest Bryan Schmitt, founder and CEO of Mobile Solutions. Bryan has extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket. He designed and constructed award-winning car audio systems bringing him worldwide recognition as a leader in the design and fabrication industry.Since founding Mobile Solutions in 2005, Bryan has revolutionized how many fabricators approach custom installation. His sought-after fabrication seminars focus on time-saving installation techniques that industry professionals and enthusiasts have adopted in over 30 countries worldwide. In addition, Bryan is actively involved with leading industry training and education objectives through trade associations such as MEA, CTA, and SEMA.  So if you want to dive deeper into design elements and process-driven methodologies, tune in to this episode and be among the first to catch the HUGE announcement and new product launch from Mobile Solutions. “When it comes to interiors, the sky's the limit! You can design any material, any shape, anything you want; it’s an open canvas.”- Bryan Schmitt In This Episode:Discover how Bryan came up with solution-driven tools with a high-value proposition THESE are the products that put Mobile Solutions on the map as an industry leaderFind out how Bryan addresses sourcing challenges and how he prepares his contingency planWhat can you expect from the 2022 MasterTech Expo, and why should you join (Here’s one reason: See  famous designer Dave Kindig of Bitchin' Rides do live sketches!) Resources:Register for the March 2022 MasterTech Expo, a unique event where professionals come to learn with highly focused and exclusive training  Connect with Bryan:WebsiteFacebookInstagramConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
What does it take to become a master trimmer? Aside from getting formal training, nothing beats years of hands-on experience and a love of the craft. After years of being known as “the owner's son,” his ambition to create something on his own drove Steve Kurzman to open The Custom Stitching Co. (CSC) in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Custom Stitching Co. is not your average upholstery shop. Founded in 2013, the shop quickly gained a reputation for thinking outside of the box and applying design-forward creativity to all projects. CSC prides itself on delivering cutting-edge designs, no matter if it's a large-scale bespoke interior or one of CSC's signature Harley-Davidson® restyled seats. Let’s hear more about Steve’s story in today’s episode of NC Shop Talk. “It's a great day and age that we live in to do upholstery work.”- Steve Kurzman In This Episode:Steve's great heritage and early exposure to the industryWhat a good website can do for your businessHow Steve deals with copycats says a lot about his characterYou can't do without these indispensable tools of the tradeWhat's in your backpack The future is bright for CSC -- and everyone else in the custom upholstery industry Connect with Steve:WebsiteFacebookInstagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram
Dude’s Fab Shop is a fabrication shop specializing in custom vehicles, specifically custom trucks. They have a fully equipped shop to meet all your fabrication needs, including CNC plasma cutting, MIG, TIG, Flux Core, stick welding, and oxy fuel cutting. The shop is owned and operated by young couple Dalton Lovejoy and Maddie Heater. Dalton bought his first truck when he was 15. He wanted to build a “mega mud truck” and be the only kid his age with one. That was the starting point for everything. Soon he was building custom trucks and winning awards at trade shows like Daytona Truck Meet and SEMA Shows. Now Maddie helps run the business and has also built her first custom jeep. Dalton and Maddie’s story proves that you’re never too young to chase a dream. Let’s hear more about what this power couple has in store for you in today’s episode of NC Shop Talk. “Never one or two trucks that I build is ever going to be the same. I’m not a cookie-cutter builder.”- Dalton LovejoyIn This Episode:Where does Dalton get his motivation to give his bestWhat does the future look like for Dude’s Fab ShopDalton shares his unique design processHow do Maddie and Dalton divide business responsibilitiesWhich vendors do they use and recommendWhat exciting things are coming up from this couple  Connect with Dalton & Maddie:WebsiteInstagramMaddie & Dude YouTubeConnect with Mal and NC Carpet:WebsiteFacebookInstagram 
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