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NC Shop Talk is a no limits interview show that shares never before heard tips, secrets, and hilarious conversations with today's biggest names in the auto, aircraft, & carpet industries.

Join Mal Maher, owner of NC Carpet Binding, as he interviews today's most talented craftsmen. You'll pick up some new vendors, how to grow your business, and he'll be asking some wild questions that you've never heard answered before.

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Finding Mal and Randy! Get a chance to win a bunch of cool stuff from NC Carpet Binding and Moore & Giles at the 2023 SEMA Show happening November 1-4, 2023. Plus, get discounts and an extended 5-year limited warranty when you buy machines from NC Carpet Binding. Hot Wheels are one of the most loved toy cars in the world. That's no exaggeration. The design and build of the cars are just simply spectacular! It takes superb craftsmanship to build a life-size Hot Wheels. And today's guest has exactly what it takes to make one. Mikey Brown is an inspired builder of Nostalgic Drag Cars and other weird gems based out of Deputy, IN. His unique style pairs with unbelievable talent to bring his ideas from Paper to Pavement. Mikey’s imagination was first sparked in childhood from collecting Hot Wheels. He was even customizing model cars! Before he could drive, he took up building Lowrider bicycles and took home several trophies. Follow Mikey's story in today's conversation with Mal at NC Shop Talk!“Whatever you guys see as trash, it can be turned into something cool.”– Mikey BrownIn This Episode:How Mal and Mikey metMikey shares his thought process when creating something out of nothingThe story of a tiny stove that Mikey bought online for his wifeA brief background on Mikey’s childhood and his passion for superior craftsmanshipThe idea behind Paper to Pavement The three paths Mikey was willing to take and how they led him to where he is nowWhat challenges did Mikey as he pursued his calling?What the Pickle Jar signifies for MikeyMikey proudly talks about his wife and kidsHot Wheels wants creativity, authenticity, and garage spirit, and Mikey has them!How to support Mikey's projectsAnd more!Support Mikey's Projects:Become a Sponsor - Materials - PO Box 57, Deputy, IN 47230Connect with Mikey Brown:Website - - - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
How does it feel to be doing something you love for a living? Sounds like fun, right? It must feel terrific to love what you do. Let's hear from someone who wakes up excited to create something truly amazing every day. Tavis Highlander is an automotive designer, illustrator, and artist who also plays in the garage making random stuff. His specialty is custom car rendering. While in college, Tavis completed his first professional work with Pure Vision owner Steve Strope. They worked together on several custom cars and began a friendship that introduced Tavis to the automotive industry. Soon after, he designed valve covers for Mopar, built a HEMI-powered Willys Wagon, and worked with Hot Rod magazine. The snowball was rolling, and it just kept getting bigger. Tavis started HCR (Highlander Concept Rendering) because he has always loved drawing, designing, and making things. After years of hard work, he now gets to do all that stuff for a living, which is a dream come true for this awesome guy. Join Mal and Tavis as they discuss how the design process works and what it feels like to turn design inspiration into reality.“I don't have real numbers or anything, an award or something like that. Just going forward, it's finetuning all the balance, you know. Push forward, expand, but continue to finetune everything to the point where it's manageable.”– Tavis HighlanderIn This Episode:What services does HCR do?Where did Tavis get his inclination for art?A brief background on Tavis and how he got into the automotive design industryHow does it feel to be entrusted with making someone's dream a reality?Tavis shares his design processOther than Tavis, who else is good at executing concepts into reality?How does Tavis adapt to the style of other builders and interior shops?Talented interior builders to watch out forWhen does color come into play?What is needed to begin rendering designs?Tavis talks about his go-to tools of the trade and his favorite podcastsFun facts about Tavis and his familyWhat other goals does Tavis have? And more!Connect with Tavis Highlander: Website - - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
When you're a small business owner, you do most of the work yourself. But as your business grows, you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Should you bring in another person? When is the right time to get help? There are many factors to consider, and it's a tough decision. In this episode, Mal chats with Corbin Boland of Florida Bay Customs regarding growing pains and tough decisions. Corbin shares what it's like doing most of the work in his shop and the struggles he had to contend with before deciding to hire help. Lucky for him, his wife stepped in and took over some of the tasks that ate up most of Corbin's time. Since then, Corbin has had time to focus on the things that need his attention. Corbin got started in the auto industry right out of high school. He went to school to be an auto technician and worked in a few shops for some time. After gaining experience and honing his skills, Corbin launched his own business. He bought an industrial non-walking foot Singer, found a warehouse close to his house, and started a shop. That's when he learned how to sew and when he truly started upholstery. When the business started growing, Corbin had to contend with growing pains and make tough decisions. If you're in the same situation and having a hard time letting go of some tasks or finding people who can help you, today's conversation offers valuable insights. “Time is my currency. When it comes to doing these interiors, money doesn't really matter. Time is the true currency because all these jobs, they take time.”– Corbin BolandIn This Episode:Why put yourself out there, especially on social media?Roles & responsibilities at Floriday Boy Customs Corbin describes how his typical day looked like and what it felt to be maxed out How to know when it's time to get help Pros & cons of getting help in the shop and the type of workers you should hireWhat writing down your goals and giving yourself a pat on the back can do for youFun time with Corbin as he plays the Rapid Fire Hot SeatWhy Corbin still does some custom work by hand instead of getting someone else to do it  And more!Resources: Goolsby Customs & Their Rise - NC Distributorship Announced - with Corbin Boland and Florida Boy Customs: Website - - - -
It's halfway through 2023, and you're probably in your busiest season. What plans do you have for the rest of the year? What are you doing that will make a big difference in your business? If you're focused, there are many things you can get into place to end the year strong. In this episode, Mal shares his exciting plans for the coming months, including the return to SEMA with fantastic giveaways, Bless A Soldier Project, a new sponsorship, and many more. Plus, you get to hear a debate on whether or not you should hire a helper. Joining Mal today in support of his plans is a 3-time guest, Industry Royalty Nadeem Muaddi, co-founder of The Hog Ring, an online community for auto upholstery professionals. If you're into custom upholstery and want to grow personally and professionally, being a member of The Hog Ring community can do wonders for you. Don't be left behind. Tune in to know what NC Carpet and The Hog Ring has in store for you. “If you are going to hire someone and you can only afford to hire one person, hire someone who can do social media and marketing.”– Nadeem MuaddiIn This Episode:Mal's plans and giveaways for SEMA 2023Watch out for the new carpet shears from Italy - Are they better than Kai scissors?What's on the horizon for The Hog Ring?Debate: To hire or not to hire a helper when growing your businessAre you a military veteran wanting to enter the custom auto industry? Mal is looking for you! Find out how you or someone you know can qualify for this projectWatch out for some more exciting ideas from MalHere's a bit of business advice from Nadeem that will make a huge impact on your business growthMal and Nadeem talk about podcast guest selection - Are you willing to get on the show?And more!Resources: Premax Scissors - with Nadeem Muaddi and The Hog Ring: Website - - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
How do you go from doing something simple to jumping into business ownership? What does it take to transform a small business into something bigger than yourself? Jonathan Goolsby has been customizing anything he could get his hands on for over twenty years, starting at home in the garage and then as the head painter for the local Chevrolet dealership for over twelve years. During that time, genuine friendships were born, and many custom cars were built for a growing customer base. At about the same time, Goolsby Customs was able to foster collaboration between many high-profile builds and supporting industry sponsors, resulting in numerous magazine features and covers and several SEMA show builds. In late 2004, the allure of owning a business and the vision to elevate the quality of custom car craftsmanship inspired Jonathan and Vonda Goolsby to take the leap and open Goolsby Customs. For the past fifteen years, they have worked with their talented family of employees to build a solid customer base that is growing every day, along with a level of excellence that is hard to find in this industry. Today you'll hear the story directly from the guy who knows it best. NC Shop Talk welcomes the man behind Goolsby Customs - Jonathan Goolsby!“If something's gonna happen to it, it can always be fixed.”– Jonathan GoolsbyIn This Episode:How Mal met JonathanWhat was Jonathan's childhood like, and how did he start working with cars?What led Jonathan to jump into the business of car dealerships?What drives Jonathan to push forward, and what does he look forward to every day?What do the day-to-day operations look like for Goolsby Customs? Jonathan gets on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat (discover some fun stuff about Jonathan)Details about The Goodguys “Next Generation” Award by Goolsby CustomsWhat was the tipping point behind Jonathan's move to scale their operations and grow the business?Jonathan shares his design process and how he collaborates with other artisans to get the desired look for a carWhere does Jonathan value the interior part of the build compared to the rest of the car?Who manages Goolsby's social media presence?Behind the scenes of some of Jonathan's most incredible buildsWhy competition is good for you (ditching the participation trophy mentality) And more!Connect with Jonathan Goolsby: Website - - - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
As the custom auto industry continue to evolve, it is critical for trimmers and designers to understand users’ needs and put them at the center of their day-to-day operations. If youre running a three-man team, how would you adapt to the changes in the industry while competing with bigger businesses and continue honing your craft? Thats what were about to hear from todays conversation with two awesome peopleNC Shop Talk welcomes power couple Chuck Hanna and Lisa Keatley of Hot Rod Interiors to the show! Chuck has been doing business with NC Carpet long before Mals time. His ability to adapt and take risks is what separates him from the rest. Accredited with countless awards, Chuck's best achievement by far is winning the SEMA 2022 TMI Automotive Products TRIM Awards for Best Custom Car Interior for a 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. This is a guy who knows what he's doing. If you want to know what it takes to excel in an industry that values innovation, excellent customer experience, and top of the line craftsmanship, this episode is for you. “Everything's going automation now. There's very few craftsman that do everything by hand anymore.”– Chuck HannaIn This Episode:How Chuck got into the custom auto industryHow Chuck found Mal and why he stuck with NC Carpet Binding & EquipmentChanges made by Chuck when he sold his company and started over (embracing change instead of battling it)Chuck's advice for young companies who want to take their business to the next levelThe work dynamics of working with a small team and what each person brings to the businessWhy would you want to keep adding technology to your business when you can do everything by hand?How do you nurture relationships with builders and other industry professionals?What does Lisa bring to the business and how do they complement each other?A fun story with Chuck, Lisa, and a runaway boatChuck and Lisa talk about their personal projects and share some inspiring experiences throughout their careers And more!Connect with Chuck Hanna: Facebook - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
Inspiration On Wheels

Inspiration On Wheels


People who don't get what they want often say life is unfair. Well, tell that to someone who lost the ability to use his legs at a prime age. Then, imagine waking up to an experience that would change your life forever. Today's guest is a wonderful human who can overcome life's toughest challenges. NC Shop Talk welcomes Mal's good friend, Scott Chesney, to the show!Scott is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and life coach, presenting to over 1.5 million people in 43 countries. His clients call him “The Commander in Change.” He has navigated life in a wheelchair for nearly 37 years after awakening to paralysis at the age of 15 from a sudden spinal stroke. Scott has amassed a resume of transformational experiences, powerful insights, and inspiring stories that cut to the core of the human spirit. And that's what you're going to hear in today's episode. Need some inspiration? There's plenty for you to hear. “Never allow what you see on the outside to dictate how you're going to treat someone on the inside.”– Scott ChesneyIn This Episode:A brief background about Scott Chesney and how he and Mal first metScott shared what it was like to wake up with a numbness that would forever change his life How to play basketball while strapped on a wheelchairThe only positive thing we can do with our pastMal narrates some emotional experiences from his past that are forever etched in his memoryHow Scott deals with people who give him a peculiar look or react differently towards himScott gives an inspirational message for kids and adults who may be having a difficult time accepting their disability Let's have some fun with Scott as he takes on the Rapid Fire Hot SeatScott talks about how he overcame one of the toughest challenges in his life–fatherhoodWhat's the most important part of being a motivational speaker?And more!Connect with Scott Chesney: Website - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
Growing your business and expanding your reach should be an ongoing endeavor, not a start-of-the-year plan. And it's impossible to do that without being creative and challenging yourself in new ways and even taking chances that could blow up in your face. But risk-taking is a natural part of growing your business. Today's guest agrees that one should always pursue excellence and strive to always be on top. NC Shop Talk welcomes Bryan Schmitt to the show!Bryan is the founder and CEO of Mobile Solutions, an innovation-driven company creating tools and delivering training that enables custom automotive electronics, audio, and interior professionals to fabricate and install with a level of efficiency and precision not often achieved in the aftermarket automotive business. Bryan has extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket. He has designed and constructed award-winning car audio systems bringing him worldwide recognition in the industry as one of the leaders in design and fabrication. His 29 years of experience in management, product development, technical training, and fabrication of world-class demo vehicles set a new precedence in the industry. Today Bryan leads a fantastic team of full-time professionals in their Tempe, AZ-based training center and fabrication facility for production, order fulfillment, client services, and continuing innovation to serve the Mobile Solutions audience.Time is Running Out! Register for the MasterTech Expo Now!“We need to go sharpen our ax before we go chop down more trees, and, you know, that's what furthering your education is.”– Bryan Schmitt (19:24 Polished Audio)In This Episode:How do Mobile Solutions and MasterTech Expo help companies diversify their revenue streams?Tapping into the power of online marketing and other avenues to build your brand and grow your business without breaking the bankHow to win and stay in the top 1% in whatever you do What you can expect from the MasterTech Expo 2023Discover how NC Carpet Binding & Equipment can help you improve your production and pad your bottom line with their state-of-the-art machinesStop missing out on growing your business; Invest in your mental tools And more!Connect with Bryan Schmitt: Website - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
Welcome to 2023! Starting the New Year with something fresh, this episode is entirely different from what NC Shop Talk had ever done. Today, Mal will interview one of the NC Interior of the Year Competition finalists! So don't miss out on this exciting episode. You've heard Mal talk about the “Young Guns Challenge,” which intends to highlight new talent by focusing on trimmers with five years or less of experience building complete interiors. This contest aims to encourage the next generation of trimmers to keep pushing the industry forward.The Hog Ring suggested that Mal interview all the contest finalists and then name a winner LIVE on Instagram. So today, we'll hear from the first of 3 finalists–a father and daughter team, Steve and LiAnn Budy of Budy Built-CA, whose shop is located in Southern California. Their contest entry displays superior craftsmanship, even better than the work done by some of the veterans in the industry. So it's not surprising that they caught the attention of the judges. How would you feel if you were picked as one of the Top 3 finalists in a reputable industry competition? Be among the first to hear about it as you listen to today's extra special episode of NC Shop Talk! This year’s finalists were selected by the following panel of elite shops, industry insiders, and previous years' winners:Stitchcraft InteriorsCato’s Custom UpholsterySewn Tight InteriorsInteriors by ShannonBux CustomsCustoms by VosThe Hog Ring DJ Designs - 2018 WinnerStitchwurx - 2019 WinnerBrent Parker Motor Trimming - 2020 WinnerRMD Garage - 2021 Winner“It's a lot of trial and error. I feel like everything we're doing is just brand new. We make mistakes, and I think that's okay.”– LiAnn Budy In This Episode:How did Budy Built-CA become so proficient quickly, surpassing the quality of output from some veterans in the industry?To produce quality work, you need the best materials. Discover Steve and LiAnn's go-to vendors for top quality raw materialsIf you could build your dream car, what would it be? Our father-and-daughter duo dreams of building a PanteraLet's hear about their custom-built entry to the NC Auto Interior Young Guns ChallengeWhat is it like being picked as one of the finalists of the prestigious NC Auto Interior Young Guns Challenge?And more!Connect with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
Fancy a Classic Ford Bronco or a vintage Camaro? Then this is the place to go; Velocity Restorations stretches out the limits of creativity in giving you the best vintage vehicle, fully restored and customized just the way you want it. The Velocity team breathes new life into vintage trucks of all kinds. Let's learn more about the shop and its award-winning restoration process. NC Shop Talk welcomes Cody Dabney, Director of Custom Vehicle Operations at Velocity Restorations LLC, a high-end, classic car restoration center in Pensacola, Florida. The shop specializes in modernizing 1966-1977 Classic Ford Broncos, International Scouts, and a wide range of vintage vehicles. Velocity Restoration has become internationally known for its superior restorations which have collected top awards at the industry’s most significant events.“If you're going to somebody that has the same passion that you do in the industry, you're going to get a great product. So it makes sense to work with those types of people in the industry. We don't want anything subpar.”– Cody Dabney In This Episode:How Cody went from being a truck painter to managing shop operations Why continuous learning is a philosophy embodied by Cody and the Velocity teamCody discusses how their operations run where everything is made by handWhat separates Velocity from everyone else in the industry?Cody proudly shares the quality of work they do and takes Mal on a test drive aboard a Ford BroncoCody plays the Rapid Fire Hot Seat (time to hear interestingly fun stuff about him!)Why Velocity employ Roadster Shop chassis for their custom buildsCody talks about their experience joining the 2022 SEMA Battle of the Builders The continuous quest for excellence is part of Cody's long-term plan for Velocity, so we can definitely expect more great things from this shopAnd more!Connect with Cody and Velocity Restorations: Website - - - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
Since Mal launched this podcast, he has interviewed the best of the best in the field of custom auto upholstery. But in today's episode, Mal flips the mic and allows his good friend Phil Cato to take over the podcast. So if you're interested in knowing more about Mal Maher, his family life, his passion, mission, vision for the future, and many more, this is your chance because Phil is interviewing Mal this time. Phil is a proud USAF Veteran and a well-known Custom Hotrod Interiors Expert based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mal is also encouraging everyone to participate in a worthy cause. In honor of the 75th Anniversary of Mal's family business, he wants to bless a returning Serviceman/ Servicewoman with a business and help them get a fresh start. You can help by sending your nominations to malmaher@nccarpet.comEnjoy the episode!“Relentless is a good thing to be. It'll drive you nuts, but it's good to be relentless.” (1:08:36, Polished audio)– Mal Maher In This Episode:What is Mal's morning routine?What are some of the things people don't know about Mal?What is Mal proud of that he is really good at?What inspires and motivates Mal to continue doing what he does?The sweet love story of Mal and his wifeMal is a Mama's Boy, and he's proud of itWhat's the story behind NC Carpet Binding and its very first owner?What sets NC Carpet apart from other shops like it?How was Mal chosen to take over the reins of his grandfather's company?How to be a part of Mal's mission to help a returning soldier have a fresh start What's the deal between Mal and Richard Rawlings?Why should you get your hand on CNC Machines if you're a  custom upholstery business owner?Why Mal has grown to hate NC Interior of the YearHere's your chance to win the NC Sticker Pack and The Hog Ring stickerDid you know that Phil Cato moved again? Here's the storyWhat's so special about the Bitchin Stitchin Class, and what does Cato get out of it? And more! Connect with Phil Cato: Website - - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
America is known as the land of opportunities. So no wonder many people want to take the chance to craft a good life in this land. Today's guest is someone who knows what it's like to live The Great American Dream. NC Shop Talk welcomes Antonio Junior Marquez, best known as Junior of Juniors Custom Upholstery and Golf Cart King in Texas. Junior shares his inspiring story and walks us through his path to success. Junior is one of the hardest-working people in the custom upholstery industry. He is also an uber-talented craftsman, a dedicated father, and an American Patriot who has elevated his game and now runs the production division of a multi-million company. Let's hear more about him in this episode of NC Shop Talk. “For those experienced trimmers, if one of these young guys reaches out asking questions wanting to pick your brain a little bit as far as how you do things, take the time to answer. I know everybody's busy, but it goes a long way.” – Antonio Junior Marquez. In This Episode:Junior talks about his most cherished possessions What was Junior like growing up, and how did he get his first taste of sewing?What inspires Junior to push forward and keep getting better at his craft?Junior proudly shares his plans for his newly acquired ranchWas there a BIG dream in Junior's heart as a kid, and did he achieve it? What is his big goal now?The fantastic story of how Junior became a prime mover of the Golf Cart King Why Junior has so much confidence in the ABM CNC Machine, and why he recommends it over other machinesWhat revolutionary things can we expect from Golf Cart King?Junior gets thrown into the Rapid Fire Hot Seat and plays the Burning House  And more! Connect with Antonio Junior MarquezInstagram - - with Mal and NC Carpet: Website - - -
THE LEGEND Sid Chavers

THE LEGEND Sid Chavers


How do you combine traditional and innovative? These two words describe today's guest, legendary hot rod interior guru Sid Chavers. Sid has been in the Custom Upholstery business since February 1976 and has his roots in the traditional school of first-generation interior customizers. However, unlike some people who reach a certain level and are content to stay there, Sid has used this foundation to achieve a higher level, raising the standards of design excellence and craftsmanship. The Sid Chavers Company was founded on these same principles: innovation combined with tradition, a desire to honor the classic while bringing new refinements and style to these same traditional designs. Discover more about this fascinating guy in today's episode of NC Shop Talk. “Many times, we try a specific way to do something and it doesn't work. Go on the trash can, start again.” Sid Chavers In This Episode:Here's a quick background on Sid ChaversHow did Sid's parents influence his work ethic?After years of being on top, is there anything else that drives Sid to aspire for more?What are some of Sid's favorite cars? If he's on the road, would he choose a car or a bike?How does Sid feel about the overwhelming response to his instructional videos?How has Sid's trimming process evolved over time? Is there anyone else in the industry that Sid relies on?What advice does Sid have for guys who don't enjoy working on convertible tops?Mal puts Sid on the Rapid Fire Hot SeatDoes Sid still make mistakes? How does he fix them?Where does Sid get his raw materials?Sid's advice for young trimmers who aspire to be relevant in the industryAnd more! Connect with Sid Chavers:Website - - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
There's no challenge so great for a master craftsman. He always gives his best at whatever task is at hand. That is the mindset of Brent Parker, winner of the 2020 NC Auto Interior of the Year award. He is an elite international trimmer based in Central Coast NSW, Australia. Brent won over other talented and skilled trimmers with his incredibly stunning design and unique leather color. Get ready to meet this man from the Land Down Under and learn more about the thought process behind a winning design. “When you try your best, good things happen.” (23:19)“If I stop thinking about how I can be better, then it's game over.” (23:57)Brent Parker In This Episode:The real reason Mal is so “pissed” with Brent winning the 2020 NC Auto Interior of the Year award!How Brent chose the colors he used for his designs and why he sent two different entriesGet to know more about Brent Parker and his journey from childhood to becoming an elite trimmer (and how Hog Ring paved the way for Brent's name to be recognized in the industry)Here's what makes Brent's (Green Hides) leather unique Fun facts about Brent (fortunately, he has not had a close encounter with a kangaroo!)Brent talks about the challenges in the auto interior industry, especially for trimmers based in AustraliaWhat would Brent want to be his final project, just before he bid his “last hurrah!”And more! Connect with Brent Parker:Facebook - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
As machines take over production and manual work for many industries, the auto industry still treasures handcrafted interiors. After all, no machine can equal the craftsmanship of a man as skilled as Shannon Walters. NC Shop Talk had him as the featured guest in the June 23, 2021 episode. Today, Mal welcomes back Shannon Walters, owner of Interiors by Shannon, a one-person shop based in Alabama. Shannon does not need much of an introduction. His custom upholstery has won Best Interior Awards at shows like GoodGuys, NSRA, and World of Wheels. Interiors by Shannon has also been featured online, in magazines (Auto Trim & Restyling News, March 1999 issue and Southern Rodder, March 2000 issue), and in two "how-to" books ("Standard Guide to Build Street Rods" and "Building Street Rods"). So if you're a fan of the good old way of crafting and designing interiors by hand and learning from a master artisan, you don't want to miss this informative and fun conversation!“I think it's a great idea to have the younger people flex their muscles a little bit.”Shannon Walters In This Episode:A huge change in the 2022 NC Auto Interior of the Year Contest which will showcase the younger talents in the auto industryWhy is Shannon so inclined to help the industry?What's going on with SEMA and other car shows? Let's hear what Mal and Shannon have to say about them. Shannon answers some questions the audience sent in, such as how he learned his craft, what he thinks about electric vehicles, how long it takes him to finish a complete interior, etc. Industry trends and predictions from ShannonWhat can we expect from Interiors By Shannon five or ten years from now?Conversations about life and unusual experiencesAnd more! Connect with Shannon:Website - - -  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
In today's episode, Mal speaks with Gil and Linda of Gillin Custom Design, the go-to shop and Orange County's pride in auto and home builds. What makes this shop famous? Let's find out from the owners. Gil is one of the original owners of Gillin Custom Design and opened it with Linda in 2006. Thirteen years later, the vision of opening a shop that completed high-end builds from start to finish came to fruition with GCD Auto Studio. Linda grew up with a love for muscle cars, with the 1967 Camaro as her favorite. She is currently in charge of client relations, operations, and social media and assists with design. NC Shop Talk welcomes the power couple behind Gillin Custom Design into the show!“We're not building a car for just today. We want it to age well.”- Gil Monge In This Episode:Gil takes us through the first time he came across Mal's companyHow important work dynamics and choosing the right team member in running a successful business? How does it feel to lose valued team members?What does Gil have to say about the Orange County Choppers team?Services, car types, and scope of work by GCD Auto StudioFun facts about Gil and Linda and how they ended up togetherHow Gil leveraged social media to connect with people and grow their brandLinda talks about her background before teaming up with Gil The BIG News–this shop makes it to Discovery Channel!And much more! Connect with Gil and Linda:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
The title of this episode sums up exactly who we have on the show today. Revo Reeves is one of the original big-ticket interior builders in the nation. He was featured in dozens of auto-themed shows and hundreds of magazine covers. This guy has also worked with big-name celebrities. In addition, he is a world-class designer and creator of show-quality automotive interiors. Revo established Stitchcraft Interiors in 1978, and it quickly became known for its innovative and award-winning custom interiors.NC Shop Talk welcomes Television Royalty & Industry OG Revo Reeves!“The key word, especially in this world, is knowing how and when to pivot. ”- Revo Reeves In This Episode:The beginning of Revo and Mal’s friendshipRevo shares some details about his childhood and how he got into the businessDiscover the many lives of Revo (model, drummer, inventor, etc.)Revo talks about how he got the Rockstar Energy drink sponsorship, designing interiors for Ford, fun shows, awards, working with big names in the industry, and other inspiring stories.Why is it difficult to find people who are willing to learn the custom interior trade?What else is in store for Revo Reeves? Goals, dreams, and aspirations for the next 10 years…Mal puts Revo on the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!And much more!  Connect with Revo Reeves:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - - -
Centrum Force & The Cobra

Centrum Force & The Cobra


This episode is a real treat as Mal does a back-to-back interview with two legends in the industry. The first guest is Tom Monahan of Centrum Force, a shop which provides the best equipment, chemistry, and personalized service in the rug cleaning industry. Tom has been in business since 2007. Centrum Force is committed to building machines and furnishing accessories to last the life of your business. The next guest is Doug Heiferman, also known as The Cobra. Doug is one of the most sought after instructors in the textile maintenance and restoration industry. He has a unique ability to relay information to students of all skill and experience levels and has been teaching students for more than 20 years.Tom and Doug works together to facilitate workshops to students who want to learn from the best. And with these two, you will not only learn the skills of the trade, but also get inspired by their excellent work ethics. NC Shop Talk welcomes Centrum Force & The Cobra in today’s episode.“Mechanizing or getting equipment helps one to scale. ”- Tom Monahan“The industry is dying for new things. Let’s take the shot at it.”- Doug Heiferman In This Episode:Let’s hear what other people have to say about Tom MonahanThe benefits of using mechanical equipment for low skillset tasks Tom walks us through the inspiration behind Centrum Force What skills does Tom have that help him succeed in the industry?Are we hearing plans for the next rug summit in 2022?Tom talks about how automation can help a business save time and moneyWhy should you choose Centrum Force products over other brands?Tom narrates an interesting story when Ron Moore chose him as the person to continue the Moore Company legacy.Discover the relationship between Tom and Doug “The Cobra” Heiferman and why they work well togetherDoug lets us in on some personal stories about the many hats he wears, in business and in lifeHow does Doug solve problems and thrive over the years?What is the level of Doug’s expertise in rug identification?Doug and Mal exchange stories that capture their “proud dad moments”And much more! Connect with Tom Monahan:Website - - - - Connect with Doug Heiferman:Website - - Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website - -
How do you stand out from the crowd? What makes people think of you when competing with a dozen other people who are doing the same thing? Our guest has managed to do both! Even when people don't always remember his name, they surely remember the guy with the green mohawk, the man behind Kentucky's premier hot rod shop, Sewn Tight Custom Interiors!Shane Lile owns and operates Sewn Tight Custom Interiors. He worked for ten years in corporate America before quitting to open his custom auto shop and grow that mohawk that has become a part of his identity. His wife, Jessica, helps him run the shop. They work hard but do fun things together, like drag racing! Can you believe it?The couple has turned Sewn Tight Custom Interiors into one of Kentucky’s premier hot rod interior shops in just a few years. Auto enthusiasts come from all over to have Shane and Jessica design and build their custom car interiors and motorcycle seats. What’s more, their team is famous for superior customer service. That's the perfect way to stand out!NC Shop Talk welcomes The Man & Woman Behind The Mohawk – Shane and Jessica Lile!“Social media is a big player in getting people's attention, but word of mouth is still the biggest driver to get people to your shop. ”- Shane Lile In This Episode:How long did it take for the couple to build their reputation as a prominent auto shop?What's so special about Shane (aside from his mohawk, of course)?The couple talks about the type of cars they work on, their design process (who gets to do what around the shop), and the events they love joining.Would Shane recommend any vendors, and why?Shane and Jessica also talk about their drag car and their love for car racing. Watch out as the couple races against each other. Who do you think will win?The couple shares their vision and aspirations for the future of their son, Tucker (who will inherit both the drag car and the shop at the right time).Fun time with Shane and Jessica (no one escapes the Burning House and Rapid Fire Hot Seat!)And much more! Connect with Shane and Jessica:Website Facebook Instagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram



No singular entity, brand, or product is more vital to the auto interior trade than The Hog Ring (THR). It is the central hub for industry news. More than just a source for jobs or a breeding ground for vendors, THR is the galvanizing force to the auto interior industry. The driving force behind this fantastic community is the dynamic Muaddi Brothers – Nadeem and Naseem. Naseem owns and operates the Delaware County Auto Upholstery, while Nadeem spearheads THR, owing from his 15 years of online media experience, including managing teams of editors, reporters, and producers at CNN Digital’s award-winning national news team.NC Shop Talk welcomes the Muaddi Brothers for an informative and entertaining conversation. “The whole point about The Hog Ring is not about making ad dollars or money. We can't talk about someone's products or services genuinely and with authority unless we like their products or were using them ourselves in our shop.”- Nadeem Muaddi“To keep getting better, I enjoy looking at what's going on in other parts of the world.”- Naseem MuaddiIn This Episode:Nadeem talks about the idea behind THR.How to effectively run a machine shop and THR at the same time.  Trimmers are exceptional artisans, but they don't usually earn enough money from their craft. Let's hear Nadeem's thoughts about this. Is there anything about THR that frustrates the brothers?Naseem talks about their work,  where his passion comes from, and how he hones his craft.Naseem names which craftsmen he would choose as inspiration for his “robotrimmer.” The Muaddi Brothers share their vision for THR (it would be really cool to have a TV show!)Fun time with the Muaddi Brothers (no one escapes the Rapid Fire Hot Seat!)And much more!Connect with The Hog Ring:Website Facebook Instagram  Connect with Mal and NC Carpet:Website Facebook Instagram
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