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Labeled Charleston's Most Sarcastic Podcast for a reason, Pardon My Sarcasm! The Podcast is a Podcast about Life and how to navigate thru it sarcastically. Recording from the Lowcountry in Charleston, South Carolina, "Danger Doll" Ashley D (@ItsMe_AshleyD) will take you on a comedic audio journey thru life and the nuances we are dealt. Featuring table talk, bedroom talk, sports, music, sex, culture, personal stories, comedy, partying, relationships, politics, current events and more. No subject is off limits. Listen in and join the conversation.
24 Episodes
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 22:  Who is AP? & His Brutally Honest Opinions of Me!Ashley D brings on a VIP guest, previously referred to as AP (Ashley's Person), and challenges him to bring his A-Game and answer questions about their relationship, his opinion of being her boyfriend, and more of his beliefs about life and social issues.  He is definitely opinionated and does not hold back.  AP reveals some intimate details about Ashley D which makes for some great conversation and friendly banter between these new lovers!Segment 1 Topics include :Ashley D check-inBringing your A-Game or not?Who is AP and why do they call him AP (Ashley's Person)?AP is Ashley's new boyfriend & partner in their new photo studioHow does AP feel about her and their relationship?Do you listen to my podcast?  NOThe full explanation of why he doesn't listen is very outspoken and honestHe describes what he thinks about Ashley's personality and it gets a little friskyPardon My Sarcasm episode 22 Music Creds : L.L. Cool J ~ Going Back To Cali (Instrumental) Less Than Zero SoundtrackSupport the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 21:  "Good to Great" (Season 2 Opener Episode)Ashley D. opens up the season with a return to "WHY?" she is podcasting and what to look forward to in the next season.Flying solo this seasonFew hiccups and things to learn going on my ownGood to Great!!Building my team of people behind the scenesPatreon is a platform to help support Pardon My Sarcasm as we grow!ShoutOuts and Thanks to all of those who supported and listened in Season 1What does it mean when i say GOOD TO GREAT?Going live on YouTube and Instagram this season!How can you be  a part of the show and support?Support the show ( the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 20:  Flying Solo with Blessing(s)(Last Episode of Season 1)Ashley D.  has invited back in the studio, second time guest, Jason Blessing for just some good old-fashioned friendly conversation.  No real topics today just hanging out with new friends and discussing some rebuttals and updates from his last appearance.Segment 1 Topics include :My Blooper Reel Intro Intro Try AgainMy Mental Health Check-InVery excited to Be Celebrating 20 Episodes! Thank you to Everyone who made Flying Solo Host This Week (Let's see how it goes...) or Riding Dirty?Last Week's (Find ways To Feel Good) Feedback!!!Me and Mom Going to LunchIntroduction of Guest - Jason BlessingSinging "When you are going through hell, keep on going!"See yourself through the hard times, sit , smell and stew through it!Mental Health Pandemic - Tough Times in Our DaysTrivial Pursuit is a fun game to take you mind off of shit!!Game Night Coming SOON!!  Who is in??FREE Halloween Week Photo Session Drop In @ the StudioSegment 2 topics include:Rebuttals & Feedback from Jason Blessing's last episode on relationships & reputationPuerto Rico trip recap Recap of our new friendship!Have You Listened to our first episode posted?  My Why?Plugging the Number 2 ..................... (episode 2 that is)Shout out to Jared Andrews for Happy Birthday Gatsby Gala Coming February 12th at the Charleston AquariumBlue Steel Promotions hosting Bridge Run CrawlJason's therapy plan and getting betterStop, Drop and Roll off of Scooter in Puerto RicoMy Podcast is Helping Jason Be A Better Person.  AwwwwwwwwYou are a Blessing!  Awwww so are you!20 Episodes and Growing!!Healing Energy Out to All of Those in Need!!Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 20 Mixtape clips : New Level (feat. Future) - A$AP FergSavage - Megan Thee StallionGood To Be Alive Today - Michael Franti and SpearheadFour to Five Seconds - Rihanna, Kanye West, Paul McCartneyGatsby Gala II Event page (Click Here for More Details)Blue Steel Promotions (Jared Andrew)Pardon My Sarcasm Facebook PageHost Ashley D Personal FB Page (Private Message Me Here w/ Questions & To Be A Guest) Support the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 19:  Find Ways To Feel GoodAshley D. and Fuze B. take an episode to tackle mental health and things that cause stress. Segment 1 Topics include :Mental Health ChecksSuperman took off his CapePray or Worry, but don't do bothOwn Your Own Shit RebuttalsEverybody Loves Coach IssacEverybody Knows FuzeThis Guy JaredBirthday LoveFinding Balance thru the StressMotivation through SarcasmFun while being SoberStarting Your Day On TimeEat That Frog?SexSegment 2 topics include:Unhealthy LifestyleTaking On Too MuchKnow Your LimitationsConflicts in RelationshipsAccept things As They AreTake Time Out and RelaxRecharge Your BatteriesFind Humor in Every SituationThe Power of LaughterSegment 3 topics include:Gas PricesAttitude or GratitudeAshley Talks about HerGardening is an ExperimentKale is the WorstAnimal Pain Awareness MonthBaby Safety MonthGet Health Checks on the BodiesSTD and STI checksPost PiratesPumpkin Spice is Not That Good  Carving PumpkinsHappy HourPardon My Sarcasm episode 19 Mixtape : Stressed Out - Tribe Called Quest feat. Faith EvansResolution - Aaliyah, TimberlandKarma Chameleon - Culture Club Slippin’ - DMX.Put It On Me - Ja RuleTake Care - Drake feat RihannaSupport the show
Episode 18 - Own Your S#*t with Isaac B. Boxing coach and Budget Lock Solutions owner Issac B (@IBBoxing) stops by to have a conversation with the PMS2.Segment 1 Topics include :Mental Health ChecksAshley loves TrainsPersonality vs CharacterOwning your own ShitLiving your TruthFreedom of Speech vs Freedom of ConsequenceStarting problems and hidingPeople getting offended over silly thingsLast week RebuttalsFacts vs TruthIsaac getting ViolentJake and Logan PaulIsaac’s BackgroundThrowing HandsCoaching is SelflessPugilist PoetryBoxing politics are ShadySegment 2 topics include:Kids getting BulliedBullies taking up BoxingBeating up BulliesEverybody needs a TherapistQuiet StormBuilding confidenceGirls BoxingTik Tok TwerkingThinkboxing.coBrain RegulationBoxing with Autism Coaching and running a small businessCompetitionsSegment 3 topics include:Mental aspects of boxingZoom Coaching Doing Something NewDickwad is in the dictionaryIssac’s future plans on a community gymOff the Streets into the RingGood GradesCommon SenseDuel InspirationThe Tequila to your VodkaAge ShamingWomen in Jiu jitSuRIP Michael K Williams Be careful with your drugsStop Stealing Our Hoodies!!Happy HourPardon My Sarcasm episode 18 Mixtape : You Only Live Twice -  Drake feat Rick Ross, Lil WanyeThrough the Fire - Chaka KhanEbonics - Big L Unbelievable - B.I.G.Girls Dem Sugar - Beanie Man, MyaOne Man Can Change The World - Big Sean feat Kanye West, John LegendSupport the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 17 : Vacation “Friends” With Jason Blessing(S) and Jared Andrew | Segment 1: Welcome Back || We are back off vacation | Mental Health Check | Ashley had a mental Breakdown | RIPs to Charlie McKinney & DonYell “Yell” Coley | There's never a good time for anything | Ashley & Fuze detail their Vacations to PA and PR | Hurricane Ida Prayers | Hurricanes vs Blizzards | Rich People don't do resorts, they do private villas | West Chester girls don't need make-up | Xfinity live and PBR bar | “Making out” underneath Waterfalls | | Segment 2 :  Still Smelling like vacation || Ashley breaks down how going on vacation with 7 people is like Herding Cats | Going on your 1st Vacation with a significant other | Decision makers on group vacations | Gasolina | Arguing on Vacation | Forced Make-up | WTF is a Dickwad? | Reactions cause you to go sideways | Adaptability | Always have a Plan B | Drugs on Vacations | Was there Drama in PR? ||Segment 3: Drama in PR | | Instajets and fronting for the Gram | Fuze surprisingly calls Jason Blessing to discuss if there was drama on the PR trip that Ashley didn’t mention | Jason explains his side of the “drama” he had with a fellow vacationer | Aura and Bill have a past? | Do you have the privilege to know her past? | Did this trip help or hurt his reputation? | What would Aura say about Jason? | PMS reaches out to Friend of the Show Jared for a check in | 80s Bar Crawl on Sunday | Drinking Nati Lights | Do’s and Don'ts of Vacation | Vacation Friends | Happy Hour!! | Episode 17 Mixtape:Welcome Back - MaseDespacito - Luis Fonsi, Daddy YankeeJunya - Kanye West Jail - Kanye WestInstajets - Rudimental, The Game, D Double E, Backroad ECrew Love - Drake, The WeekndSupport the show
Episode 16.5 - Pardon My VacationAshley D leaves Fuze alone before they go separate ways on Vacation to PR and Philly.Fuze gives a quick rundown on the first season's highlights. Go back and listen to some of your favs or catch up on the episodes you missed. Back in a week guys with a Season 2 kickoff. EnjoyEpisode 16.5 Mixtape : Vacation - Dirty Heads 100 % - Big Pun, Tony SunshinePhilly, Philly - Eve, Beanie SigelVacation - JeezyVacation - The Go-Go’sSupport the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 16 : I Am Not My Reputation With Jason Blessing(S)"Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent."| Segment 1: Jason Blessing has a conversation with Us | |Pardon My Sarcasm Studio Opened | Mental Health Check | Last week Stuff | PMS going on Vacation | Fuze got in an altercation? | A slap is more disrespectful than a punch | Keep your hands to yourself | Puerto Rican vs Philly | Last Weeks Rebuttals | Jason Introduces Himself | Shark Teeth and Kickball | Are you a clingy/needy person? | Run and Gun Dating in Charleston | | Segment 2: Dating “Jelly” and Green Flags || Jason speaks of his reputation of sending D*ck Pics | Group chats sharing nudes | Her whole crew has seen you naked | Pay Money for D*ck ratings? | Jason details dating “Jelly” | Fighting a bad reputation | Be the Asshole I heard you were | Searching for Green Flags instead of just Red Flags | Competitive Dating | She’s Just Not That Into You | Jelly made the wrong choice? | Waiting to have Sex | Friends with Benefits | Playing the Long Game | Would you get back with Jelly? | Adding to the Reparations | He flirts with everybody | Personality Flirting | Jelly Blocked Jason |  Jelly Unblocked Jason | Jelly will Block Jason Again | Changing Behaviors | jason just wants to have fun | No More Kickball Girls!!! |  | Segment 3 :   Dating “Janeen”, and Catching a charge after dating “Red” | | I am not a womanizer | Kickball Pimp | Twice Married, Twice Cheated On | Women prejudging | Love at first Flipcup | Dating “Janeen” | Competitive Flirt | That Reputation Again | Casual Situationship | When does Age matter amongst Adults? | Can We Date? | Dating Someone Emotionally Closed Off | I Almost Love You | Recreational Hobbies | Dating Apps | You're on a date? | Jason posted shit on Facebook | Don’t post things on Facebook when Angry | Didn't Help the Womanizer Reputation at all | Character vs Reputation | Jason then breaks down how he got arrested after dating “Red” | Prayers for Haiti | Prayers for Afghanistan | Happy HourEpisode 16 Mixtape:Frank Ocean - Novacane Dan + Shay - Good ThingsHeartless - Morgan WallenBig Sean - Don't tell me you Love meJoell Ortez - Call meWale - Down South Support the show
Pardon My Sarcasm Episode 15:  For Better or For Worse includes Cheating with Lee Thain Archer| Segment 1: Meet Archer|| RIP Chucky Thompson | Mental Health Check | Last week Stuff and Rebuttals |  Archer introduces himself | Charleston Bar Scene | Best bars to Perform | Cucumbers in Skinny Jeans | No More Live Music in Shem Creek? | School of Rock | Nothing is Hard | Free time vs Availability | | Segment 2: Do We Care? ||Mistaken Identity lands man in Jail for 2 years | Medicare for All | Mom kills hubby, makes kids clean it up |Electric Chair vs Firing Squad | Cuomo resigns | Forgot about Dre’s Daughter | Are you giving your kids money to improve Themselves? | | Segment 3: Does for Better or for Worse include Cheating? || For Worse | Serial Cheaters | Uber to the Sneaky Link | Cheat before you get Married | Hate the Stone | Cheating is more than sex | What's “worse” anyway? | Cheating for Fulfillment | Cheaters feel guilty only when they are caught |  Don’t Cheat on your pets | Happy Hour | Pardon My Sarcasm episode 15 mixtape:  Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G. |Mary Jane - Mary J. Blige |Flavor in Your Ear remix - Craig Mack |A Story to Tell - Notorious B.I.G. |We didn’t start the fire - Billy Joel |Get Away - Lenny Kravitz | Guns & Roses - Jay-z | Support the show
Episode 14 - Your Drinking Buddies Aren’t Your Friends with Tyler Newton | Segment 1 - The Intro |  Mental Health Check Last week StuffFuze loses a Good Friend (RIP Kayla)  Sydney McLaughlin LOX vs Dipset Mental Health in Podcasting Charlie Kirk is still an Idiot Introducing Tyler Newton Endorphins and DopamineExercising helps DepressionMen are Angry and need an outlet Authenticity vs Audacity What are your stress levels? Stress for Stress Is Alcohol controlling your Life Charleston Food and Bev Group Tyler’s Wife is an amazing cook Kicks in the Dick | Segment 2 -  Do We Care |Alen Hadzic is a LoserWTF is a safety plan for accused Sex Offenders?Simone Biles Had the TwistiesJoe said Cuo gotta goCuomo Be TouchyWhere there’s smoke, there's fireHugs lead to HR?She Hulk with the XFInding common groundSuicide in the Racist’s Attic “I’m not Racist, I just share Racist memes”| Segment 3 - Make time for your HealthTwo alpha people datingSet goals for your Health Lack of PreparednessExcuses, Excuses, ExcusesHealthy MentalityWealth is HealthCoaches need CoachesCalories IntakeAlcohol is a DrugWill meal plans fix us? Love for the Beer BelliesGardening relieves StressTyler offers discount for our listeners Pardon My Sarcasm 14 playlist:  | 8 out of 10 - Drake || Bad Habits - Ed Sheeran || Ready or Not - The Fugees | |Honey - Mariah Carey feat the LOX | | Raise Hell - Sir the Baptist | |Say It Ain't So - Weezer | Support the show
Episode 13 - Charlie Kirk is an Idiot and Check Relationship Lights| Segment 1:  Charlie Kirk is an Idiot |Intro | What did you do last week? |  Mental Health Check |  Positive Stress can equal Negative Stress | Simone Biles withdraws from Olympic All Around Finals for Mental Health | She was 100 percent Right |CHARLIE KIRK IS AN IDIOT --- Fuze breaks down why Charlie Kirk is a racist Idiot | | Segment 2: Do We Care? (16:37) | Don’t Call me Bon Quisha | Amazon got the Keys: is this a good thing? | DA BABY said a NO NO: is he homophobic?| Elton John responds |  Walmart out here paying Tuition: Love to see it | Employee discount in the self checkout line | Low Country Food Banks get 75K | Who is Ashley mad at? | Systematic Depression plays a part in |Segment 3: Mental Breakdowns in Relationships (39:46) | Emotional Abuse | Dealing with someone else’s Baggage | Signs of a Dysfunctional Relationship | Avoidance & Denial | Who has Influence over our Perception | Relationships are like Bank Accounts | Check Relationship Light is on |  Defensive Stances | Gaslighting | Externalizing your Insecurities | The Blame Game | How do we Make it Better? | Last Words | Happy Hour |  | Episode 13  Mixtape: |Beethoven - Kenndog |Fuck You - Yo Gotti |Stay High - Childish Gambino Overrated - Blxst |Walking - Mary Mary |Escape - Chevy Woods |Support the show
Episode 12 -  Guy Codes, Pogo Heaux and Eskimo Bros with Jared Andrew. Segment 1RIP Biz Markie | Mental Health Check and Rebuttals | Jared Andrew of Blue Steel stops by to have a conversation with us | Scavenger Hunts and Banana Suits | Bar Crawls and the Great Gatsby | Shirts and Boob sizes | Jared breaks down the good and bad of throwing Bar Crawls | Segment 2 (24:38): Shady Bar Crawls | Richard Sherman 911 Operator needs to be fired | Was this a call for mental health help? | Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin case gets dismissed cause the cop quit | Was he paid off or forced out? | Why does the city council? | Bucks would not be champs if the Nets were Healthy | Belt welding white man attacks black teen for cursing | Dylan Redwine father convicted of his murder | Why was the dad wearing a wig and diaper while eating shit |  Dad killed by 17 year old who dated his 14 year oldSegment 3 (59:09)Are your friend’s exes off limits?  | Is there a time limit | Do you need permission? | Dating Supply and Demand | Value of Friendship | Sneaky Links with Friends | Eskimo Brothers | Ashley doesn’t know what an Eskimo brother is | Pogo Sisters | The Dibs system | The Girl Code | Don’t Lick Fuze in Public | Does being 100 percent open reciprocal a must | Girl Code vs Guy Code | Charleston has no guy code | The Glass is broken | Run and Gun dating in Charleston | White people be hiking | Going back to your ex |  Episode Mixtape:Biz Markie - Make the Music with your Mouth Biz, Nobody Beats the Biz, Vapors, Just A Friend |Mo Money, Mo Problems - Notorious BIG, Mase, DiddyH.E.R. - Damage |Jazmine Sullivan - Pick Up your Feelings |Mario - Break Up Support the show
Episode 11 - Integrity, Secret Contact Names, and You're Addicted To Your Phone With Patrick Hill Segment 1:  Intro and the RebuttalAshley is making power movesIt’s Fuze’s daughter’s birthday week (Happy Birthday Ariana)People are angry at the HOA feds killing geese but on the Brightside geese are actually a great food to give to the homeless. Fuze and Ashley joined the E2M cult Mental Health CheckPatrick introduces himself Smokus Focus JarEverybody EatsSegment 2 (19:46): Integrity Hibiscus Flower BombEveryone should have IntegrityWhat is Integrity?My Balls and My WordAshley tells a story about lack of integrity in businessWho’s fault is it the world lacks integrity?Entertainers and Athletes are not Role ModelsSocial Media is a double edged swordThey built you up to tear you downThat's so “Rapen” Kyle MasseyTeasing Cops a Hate Crime?The Big WhopperSmoking JoeThe Fish got no TeethSegment 3 (51:21) Phone AddictionImprovement with Phone UseMental Health Illness linked to Phone UseFOMOLearning TriggersNo Phone ZonesFuze Teaches His Contact Profile SecretNo Real Emergencies In Real EstateSocial Media is the Death of RelationshipsInterpretations and Perspectives Secret Contact NamesPrioritize Your Mental HealthEpisode 11 Mixtape: Galipette - Lolo ZouaiLiquor Store Confessions - General WoodsVenus Fly Trap - MarinaLeave The Door Open - Bruno Mars and Anderson.PaakVibration - Sarkodie, Vic MensaMa, I Don't Love Her - ClipseSupport the show
Episode 10 - Bestie "Sleepovers" and Couples Going Dutch with Anthony ConstantineSegment 1 : Ashley D and Fuze B are joined by Anthony Constantine to speak about Minority Mental Health Month, Rebuttals from last week, Is E2M a cult?, Pill Cosby, circumcised at 25, and Anthony's Life Segment 2: The conversation starts with Dad Goggles, daughters dating, being a parent against a prodigy child, and what kids would you save on the Titanic. It then gets juicy as the topic comes up of what would you do if your significant other of 4 years stayed by a best friend's house whom you have not met yet. What does it mean if the significant other has anger and does it boil down to communication? Also they touch on Communication being key if its good, Joey Chestnut is a meat mouth, what comes in must come out, showing up early for holidays in black families means you will be put to work, HOA Feds killing geese then feeding it to the homeless.   Segment 3:The conversation starts with a real life story of a man who took his girlfriend of 2 years on a vacation with his family. She didn't have as much money as the family and he still went Dutch with her for meals. Was he in the wrong? Is this a form of abuse? Does she deserve some blame? Will a rich woman date a broke man? The convo then switches to blended families, separate or together spreadsheets, showing affection to women around their children, family counseling, being introverts, the best part of being in a blended family, and letting someone look at your phone.  Lastly Fuze speaks on the recent controversy where an employee at Mynt quit due to racial messages from the owner. He also references Mika Gadsen for more info concerning that. Episode 10 Mixtape:Life is like a dice game -  Nas, Cordae, and Freddie GibbsDope House - Chinx feat. JadakissDon't Disturb this Groove - The SystemVictory - P Diddy and Notorious BIGWUSYANAME - Tyler, The Creator  Ballad of a dead soldier - 2pac Support the show
Segment 1 : Mental Health Check | Do teenagers have goals? |Is Happiness a goal? | Why don't you have goals? | Drug Dealers make great businessmen |I don't want you to die to celebrate our wealth | Happily Frustrated | Refill Your cup | It's none of your business why I need help|Attention Whores | Misery Loves Company | You woke up breathing | Find reasons to feel good | Don't overwork yourself | Segment 2 Happiness is not a goal, its a byproduct | Weed is not a drug, it's a plant | Dammit Sha'Carri | We all make mistakes | Having sympathy but acknowledge she fumbled the opportunity | She broke the rules, but the rules are stupid | Ashley tried Delta 8 "accidently" | Sha'Carri vs Michael Phelps | Heros are people | Let the girl run! | Do We Care? | 25 year old man circumcised | Intact is a bullying word | Juul paying 40 mil in a lawsuit | No more social media for Juul | E Cigs are not healthier than Cigs | RideShare driver shoots passenger | Negative energy begets negative energy | Mental Health crisis flares amongst young children | Covid caused the increase | Check on your children |Kids don't know how to deal with depression | Friends check up | Segment 3 Eddie Murphy | Bill Cosby is a Scumbag | Quaaludes | False accusers are scumbags as well | The Prosecutors got it wrong | The supreme court got it right | The victims are the losers | Picture pages, picture pages | Bill was a hero | Using power to abuse women | Buyers remorse | He was cheating on his wife |Shame on the system | The News cycle switches so fast | R. Kelly is guilty. MJ aint touch those kids. OJ innocent. | Fuck Bill CosbyFavorite Richard Pryor movie | The recap | Happy HourSupport the show
Episode 8 - Drama, Mental Health, and Bro-Zone BehaviorChris P and Janelli Have a conversation with the PMS2Segment 1 Men's Mental Health Week | Speak up not Man Up | The Rebuttal | Strong people need a shoulder to lean on too | Fuze discusses a negative post about him on Facebook |Juneteenth And Fathers Day | Chris P introduces himself and what he does | Janelli introduces herself | Figure Skating | Has technology transformed our ethnics? |The Power of Platforms | Facebook is not the place to make a point | Are podcasts a Safe place? | Technology Accountability | Fight videos are funny | Digital Drama | You are being filmed everywhere | Bae is never in the picture | Ethical Exercises | Stop being Racist | Skydaddy is watching | Segment 2 Can I take your Picture? | Do we care? | Christian fired for refusing to work on Sundays | 21 million is a lot of money |Go find another job | Methodist hospital employees fired or resigned for refusing Vaccine | Slippery Slope | NFL player comes out gay | Was it a gimmick or real? | Monster Gays and Jersey sales | Donating to the Trevor Project | Was coming out job security? | A South Carolina Scumbag | 20 years isn't enough | Are ring doorbells an invasion of Privacy? | Unsportsmanlike advantage |Don't have cameras in your bathroom | 40 cows escaped a slaughterhouse | eat more chickenSegment 3 What keeps people stuck in a situation when they know they should leave? | Comfortability | Benefits be banging | Fear of Failure | Leaving is a process | Step out on your imagination | Ashley speaks on accountability | Love over security | Self Sabotage | The fear of the unknown | Are you ready to be Happy? | The grass is greener due to more sh*t | You are not doing as great as you think you are | Don't talk to me the way I talk to myself | Are friend dates a real thing? | Dutch on Friend dates? | Don't Bro zone me | Are we on a group date? | Don't feed into Toxic Positivity | Dating isn't hard for Janelli | Competitive Dating | Taking trips | 'Merica Bar Crawl in Charleston | Happy HourSupport the show
Episode 7 - Food Bev Sex and Kissing Dogs in the MouthSpecial Guest: Miller/Coors Account Rep John "JJ" Grindstaff stops by to have a conversation with The PMS2Segment 1: The Rebuttal and Here's JohnnyThe Intro |The Rebuttal | Ashley went to Atlanta | Fuze went to Savannah | PBR the bar? | Mental Health Check | Vacation is needed | Here's Johnny | After Liquor comes Beer | JJ brought the Swag | What does a beer rep do? | Hardships in Food & Bev during Covid | Adult Summer was great |Some got healthy, some partied | Adaptability in Restaurants | Spaghetti vs Lasagna |  Restaurants weren't prepared for Covid | Stop being on cell phones in Bars | A bar owner lets a customer face the music | You still go in Gas stations? |Live in the moment! | Fuze has FOMO | Brand ambassadors vs Salesmen | Lets go to St. Thomas|Why is there a chicken Wing Shortage???Segment 2: BBQ and ChineseGoing Hiked Naked | Garbagemen receive their flowers | Eat your Veggies | Fuze Koozies |The diet coke of nursing | Palmetto isn't a craft brewery anymore | Sam Adams playing Big Bank | Charleston Breweries | Whale sperm swallows a man | A Florida town sold thier Water Tower by mistake | Is Cheating a natural instinct? | Don't Cheat, Be single | Wife fires her husband for being racist | Top BBQ restaurants City | Virginia Beach has good BBQ? | WTF is Columbus Ohio doing on this list? | Coffee and BBQ | Newark is a melting pot city, we get it | Baltimore has better seafood than Charleston | Kansas City didn't make it? | Minnesota doesn't know good BBQ | Americans love their Chinese |Why are there so many Chinese Restaurants? | What's your favorite craft beer? |House of Brews is closing | Segment 3: Stop Kissing your dog in the mouthNo really stop kissing your dog in the mouth | Sounds like white people | Be wary of Girls with dogs and Peanut Butter in the bedroom | Sex in front of Pets | Get that dog off the bed during sex | Ashley tells a story about a dog with a roaming tongue in the no no zone |JJ tells his nosy dog story | Dogs eat condoms | Animals with Judgey eyes | Panties with the crouch out |JJ's sister Katy is going to kill him after hearing him tell this story | That's not a bone | We hate thieves |Someone who stole from Ashley paid her back | Last Words | Sorry Katy | Support the show
Episode 6 - Women aren't taught how to treat men Guest: Therapist, Veteran, Mom and recovering Asshole Alma Leigh Mohr stops by to have a conversationSegment 1: Fuze starts the convo by speaking about National Sex Day | the Rebuttal: Your friends still don't owe you money but they do owe you support | Supporting your friend's doesn't mean money |  | Don't take yourself or life serious | Healthy confrontation and pushing boundaries | Charleston is not Oneonta |We all have trauma | Carrying around bags of Shit | Make peace with your Past | Self Medicating with Alcohol | Fuze hates the TSA | Don't focus on the Bag of shit | Pain doesn't go away, we grow around it |Ashley turns her pains into a win | Alma is good at what she does | Male Sexual Assault Victims | We need to learn how to be vulnerable |Secret Keeping is a Trauma | Afraid of Journaling | GibberishSegment 2: Bullying vs Teasing- what's the difference? There's no Love in Bullying | The Fun Assholes aren't Bullies | Online Bullying is a myth | Lurking and Trolling | Celebrities looking up their name on Twitter | Nobody likes a bully | Bullies with Charisma | We all have narcissistic characteristics | Teasing is with Love | Do we care? |  Black students picking cotton | Simone Biles exhibits Black Girl Power | Can Blind people be Racist? | Harry, Harry, Harry - Charleston City Councilman Harry Griffin gets pulled over for a DUI | Was it entrapment or a setup? | Don't drink and drive | Nancy Mace house vandalized | Release the Ring Doorbell Football Nancy! | Jeff Bezos going to space, He too rich? | An HBCU cuts it's tuition by 50% | Navy won't let an Ensign play in the NFL Segment 3: Why are men taught how to treat women, but women aren't taught to treat me? The topic you've been waiting for | Men are taught to romanticize | Women are taught to be subservient | Know your space and place | Compliments vs Actions | Can we blame Western Culture for men Specifically | Boys are told their worth is what they can do for others |Men cannot show weakness? | Competitive Toxic Masculinity | Men are not allowed to be human beings | Hugs vs Horseplay | oversexed a thing? |Men are not allowed to feel |Human beings are flawed | Narcissist vs Sociopaths' | Are all serial Killers Sociopaths? | Crime Podcasts | Ashley discovered a pattern with Alma's Facebook friends |If you sending dick pics, make 'em good ones | Mental Health and Happiness | Contact and Follow Alma Leigh: PMS: www.pardonmysarcasm.comSupport the show
Episode 5 - Your Friends Don't Owe You MoneySegment 1: The Show kicks off with Music and Memorial Day Weekend Recaps |The Rebuttal|  Ashley got into an argument after stealing a float | There's Nothing happy about Memorial | PMS friends Andre Hinds and Katie Blomquist stop by to have a conversation with us | What's that aboot? |  The guest get introduced|  Weddings are awful | The more free work you do, the more paid work you get| Putting out fires at jobs you don't like | What's your favorite superhero? | Some kids don't have beds| Find a purpose in what you do | Bikes represent Joy Segment 2: Why you doing that for free? | Be a resource and a connection | Your friends will not hire you at first | Are your friends obligated to support you? |Don't mix business with friendship | Nice ways of telling you no | Do you lower prices for your friends? | Friends expect more as a client |Would you ask Walmart for a discount? | Support businesses who help the community | Time is as important as money support | Run charities as a business |"I don't want to pay anybody for anything" | It cost you nothing to reshare | Fuze doesn't not post on Facebook | Who was banging who on Myspace |The last time you logged in Myspace /Aim | Don't call me, Text me | Your car is not soundproof! Segment 3: Andre got left by a girl for a meth head | Giving back to the community is important | Bunk Bed fetishes? | Future plans, Life, and Such| How can you help? |Learn something new everyday | Andre doesn't say no to anything | Katie explains how it has to work for Entrepreneurs | Spending you own money is the best motivation |Going Places! | Families don't know how to be a family | Some can't afford artificial Christmas trees | WOW factor | There's no crying in podcasting |Canada's Friends and Family day vs Labor Day | Blame Ford Motor Company and Hallmark | Katie is changing the world one bike at a time | Andre and Katie make a positive connectionBe Kind, Spread Joy, and Imagine  Contact Andre IG: @andre_hinds , Web: , Facebook: Katie Email:  Web: goingplacesnonprofit.orgIG: going_places_nonprofit  Facebook: of Joy: Pardon My Sarcasm:  Pardonmysarcasm.comSupport the show
Episode 4: The A-hole AlgorithmFuze Kicks off the podcast with a reaction to recent violence in Charleston and if the person who made the flyer bares any blame. The Rebuttal: The PMS 2 discuss feedback from last week. | Is this only entertainment? | Fuze and Ash respond to hate from last weeks show about saving ex's nudes |The internet never forgets! | Is it better to ask for forgiveness than permission?Fuze had some out of town visitors | Happy birthday Fuze, Its Fuze Week. |  Segment 1: People are assholes Why are people assholes? | Friends are fun assholes | Some people thrive in toxic environments | A-type personalities vs A-hole personalities | Who is to blame for A-holes? |Do you project what you don't like? | Fuze apologizes to all the bitter women for what men have done | It's a cycle that's broke, not a broke cycle | Ashley discusses a former friend who exhibits A-hole energy|How do you break the cycle? | Stop shooting people idiots! Segment 2: They are still Assholes?Don't let them ruin your day | Defense mechanisms | What to say when your girlfriend is wrong at work | Women just want to vent | Aggressive BehaviorHealth Awareness Month | A-holes need Therapy | The black community shuns Therapy | Stop doing drugs, you need your teeth | I shouldn't be your punching bag |Bring back Naps | Does Ashley's Spa give Happy Endings? | Extraverted Introverts | What are Askholes? | All racists are Assholes | It's like Kickball | Road rage is bad | Sweeping it under the rug leads to a mountain they will trip onSegment 3: How do we break the cycle?Does killing them with kindness work? | Should assholes be called out? | Start with love | Let that bitterness go ladies | Self Love starts with Self Care |Be 20 percent nicer | Women don't like women | Is Asshole a bad word | Fuze wants Birthday shoutouts via Venmo and Cashapp (@fuzeb / $fuzeb) |Shoutouts to our early supporters | Shoutout to the AssholesSupport the show
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